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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Sugar Industry Bill Signed by the Governor General
The Sugar Industry (Amendment) Bill which was passed by the House of Representatives on the 19th January 2015 and by the Senate on the 20th January, 2015, has been assented to by the Governor General, Sir Colville Young. The Act was published in the Gazette today, 21st January 2015, and copies are available at Print Belize, Belmopan. The main object of this Act is to secure to all cane farmers the freedom of association guaranteed by the Belize Constitution. It will no longer be compulsory for a cane farmer to belong to the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association or any other association. The membership of an association shall be entirely voluntary. The Act also provides that there may exist more than one association of cane farmers and the Sugar Industry Control Board shall have the power to register all associations. After registration by the Board, an association shall automatically become a legal entity and may hold property, open bank accounts in its own name, and do all other things which a corporate body may do.

Belize Host Stakeholder Consultation to Advance New Initiative to End AIDS by 2030
What will it take to end AIDS by 2030? This is the question that a new regional initiative is trying to answer. The Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) initiated a Justice for All (JFA) Programme to achieve goals for ending HIV and AIDS in the region. Specific objectives surround elements which include enhancing family life, increasing access to treatment, reducing gender inequality, promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights, and achieving legislative reforms for modifying HIV and AIDS laws. To this end, the Government of Belize hosted representatives from the Programme consultation team who were on a three-day visit to Belize last week at the Ministry of Health office in Belmopan. Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin and CEO Dr. Peter Allen, along with the Minister of Education Hon. Patrick Faber, Attorney General Hon. Wilfred Elrington, and CEO Lawrence Sylvester welcomed and met with the PANCAP Director Mr. Dereck Springer, JFA Consultant Dr. Paloma Mohamed, and the United Nations (UN) Special Envoy for HIV to the Caribbean Professor Edward Greene. The meeting ended with an initial compromise to start the development of a cabinet paper to be presented later this year to initiate our process. Representatives from the National AIDS Commission were also present at the consultation meeting.

San Pedro Police to enforce all Election Rules and Regulations
The San Pedro Police Department informs all 2015 Municipal Election candidates that all rules and regulations in reference to the election process will be strictly implemented. Officer in Charge of San Pedro Police, Superintendent Luis Castellanos has stated that extra measures will be taken to ensure that the Town Council Elections, scheduled for Wednesday, March 4th, run smoothly. The San Pedro Police will also be monitoring campaign efforts leading up to elections in an effort to avoid altercations. Superintendent Castellanos would like to take the opportunity to advise all island residents to try their best to make the 2015 Municipal Elections a peaceful one.

Heredia announces that a loan application for the island's hospital is finalized
While it is not a done deal just yet, the loan application process ensures that there are efforts being made to address the issue. According to Heredia, the Ministry of Health has done its due diligence and now the Government of Belize will lobby for the funding for the loan that will see two municipalities get a hospital, San Pedro Town being one. "All the necessary works have been done. I believe it is a project between $20 to $30 million, which will see the acquisition of land and construction of a state of the art hospital for the island," said Heredia. While he did not give any timeline, he said that Cabinet has been fully engaged in the process which has been in the pipeline for some time now. And while that hospital is a plan for the long term, Heredia said that for the short term, the plan is to work to get the Polyclinic opened for 24 hours. "For the mean time 24 hours service will be given at the Polyclinic commencing on February 1st. I can assure you that it will start on that date because we already got the two additional doctors and we already got housing for the four additional nurses."

Ambergris Today

Amazon Pilot of Mad Dogs Not Filmed in Belize
So we got to see the pilot episode of the New Amazon series and it is definitely not filmed in Belize. It is definitely based in Belize and all the script has it taking place in our beautiful country. Ironically it was filmed in Puerto Rico. BUT we saw the men drinking REAL Belikin Beer and Traveller's ONE BARREL RUM.

Ambergris Caye keeps seeing more progress
New billboard announces SanCas San Pedro Plaza is coming soon!! Wow!

Pic of the Week - Destination Weddings in San Pedro, Belize are Magical
Destination weddings in Belize are 90% of the time very intimate. Couples that decide to get married in Belize usually come by themselves or with very little family and/or friends. We believe that it is more of a romantic escape - an escape to paradise with your one true love whom you are ready to spend your entire life with. Most of them take place at a a private resort, a secluded beach, a sand bar in the middle of the sea, a private island or even on a sailing boat. As big or small that they are, one thing is for sure - THEY ARE MAGICAL!

Craft Markets Opened at Three Belize Archaeological Sites
For the first time craft vendors at three of the nine archaeological sites in Belize can display their products at designated areas. This as three new craft markets were opened last week at the archaeological sites of Nim Li Punit, Lubaantun and Blue Creek in the Toledo District. The infrastructural developments are the results of work being done under the Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeological Sites (M-T-B-CAAS) project. The project which is funded under the EU supported Belize Rural Development Program (BRDP) is being implemented by the Belize Tourism Board and the National Institute of Culture and History. The handover marks the completion of works at three of a total of nine sites which are being enhanced under the project.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The overall objective of this training is to equip our clients with knowledge, skills, and capabilities necessary to self-analyze their capacity as entrepreneurs, and be able to be innovative and develop the capacity to think outside of the box. The specific objectives of the training are to enable participants to: Better understand of entrepreneurship by analyzing themselves and determining what defines an entrepreneur. Acquire information about tools used to brainstorm on innovative ideas -business idea generation. Acquire information on how to develop tools and methods of marketing. Participate in hands-on activities that allows them to engage in the implementation of the tools being used. Acquire the skills and knowledge to develop their own business model as well as their business's using tools that are for visionaries, game changers, and challengers.

The San Pedro Town Updated Garbage pick up schedule
The San Pedro Town Council hereby announces it's new and updated Garbage pick up schedule starting as of Today, Monday, January 26th.

15 year old missing
15 year old Ana Villanueva is missing. According to her mother, Maud Villanueva, at some day in November 2014, the girl left the 4th Street, Corozal Towm address. The mother said Ana told her that she was staying in Orange Walk Town. However, on January 21st, she received a text message from her daughter which stated 'Help me I'm in trouble.' She has not heard from her daughter since that text message. According to the report given to the police, Ana Villanueva is slim built, has brown skin, has long black curly hair, is about 5'7" in height. She has a tattoo on her right foot with the marking 'Anastasia.' No photo has been provided of the missing teen.

Apply Permaculture: From Exhausted Farmland to Diverse Food Forest
Christopher Nesbitt explains how applying permaculture design to the hills of southern Belize, he has created a truly diverse food forest that feeds his family, his animals and the local community and also supplies timber and medicines. My partner, Celini Logan, and I manage a small NGO called Maya Mountain Research Farm in the hills of southern Belize. The farm is located 2 kilometers off road, up river from San Pedro Columbia, the largest Queq'chi Maya community in Belize, set amongst the ruins of a classic period Maya site. Everyday I walk beneath the shade of the trees, looking for food above me and food that has fallen to the ground. It is a forest that I know very intimately. I have been growing it for the last 25 years on an old citrus and cattle farm that I bought cheaply in 1988, when I was 22 years old. I took a PDC with Michael Pilarski, Rick Valley, Chuck Marsh, Mark Cohen and Jose Caballero in 1991, and started thinking about how best to apply permaculture principles to my land. I decided to replicate form and function of primary habitat, emulating rainforest in my farm. We now manage over 10 hectares of land out of 28 hectares.

Mo' Mojo: It has been real San Pedro!! Corozal here we come!!!
Mo' Mojo had a great time performing and exchanging with artists in San Pedro, but is excited now to head to Corozal for their concert tonight at the Civic Center! The concert is FREE and we hope to see everyone in Corozal and surrounds there!!!

Belize Reports Increased Real Estate Tourism in 2015
Belize is best known for its beauty and magnificent natural wonders such islands & beaches, the second largest barrier reef in the world, and its world famous fishing grounds. With a high concentration of Mayan temples, rivers, interconnected cave systems, exotic animals and plants, vistors have plenty to take in during their stay. It is this abundance of eco-resources that allows the country to proudly state that they are seeing an influx of Eco-Tourism in this start of the year. An integral part in travelling and tourism is reaching a rapid increase in wave of globalization. Economic growth is globally impacting the tourism activity worldwide. The amount of international travelers is expanding to reach a broader variety of countries with growing affluence in emerging economies.

Corozal: Preserving our Heritage and Culture
Coming in February...Look out for a great evening of tradition and entertainment as we showcase the lost cultural celebration of Juan Carnaval!

A resounding ....NO!!! to offshore drilling
Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia and Director of the Belize Tourism Board join Oceana Belize VP in a selfie to say "No!" to offshore drilling in Belize!

Channel 7

Hon. Marco Tulio Mendez, Precarious And Pressurized Predicament
The PUP Representative for Orange Walk East, Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez is in a precarious and pressurized situation tonight. That's because there are reports swirling, which suggest that he engaged in inappropriate behavior in the domestic setting. We stress that police tell us no official report or complaint has been made, but multiple, credible sources confirm that the Department Of Social Services is investigating a complaint made by his estranged wife. We did try to speak to Dr. Mendez today in Orange Walk - but when we checked his office at the Northern Medical Plaza - they told us he had gone home sick. When we checked at his home, we could not find him there.

Cane Season Opens (Finally!)
This morning at 10:00, the 2014-2015 sugar cane grinding season finally opened, allowing the country to breathe a collective sigh of relief, given that a month ago, the season and the future of this critical industry were in doubt. But after a fractious fortnight in cane country, which ultimately led to the splintering of the 55 year old Cane Farmers Association, today it was business as usual at the Tower Hill Sugar Factory. Our news team was in Orange Walk for a front-row seat. Daniel Ortiz reports:

How A Sugar Mill Works
While we were at the factory today, the staff allowed us to look around for ourselves and see the first few tonnes of cane being processed from the delivery phase to the grinding phase. The factory manager gave us a very brief explanation of how it works: John Gillett - Factory Manager, BSI "First thing that happens, the cane is weighed on the 100 tonnes scales that we have. After the cane is weighed, it's discharged into the cross carriers. The cross carriers feeds it into the feeder carrier. After the feeder carrier, we pass the cane through a set of cane knives and then through a set of shredders, which prepares the cane for milling. In other words, what it does, it shreds the cane and we referred to it as a perforation index and gets the cane condition, so that milling can start.

27 Year Old On Life Support
Tonight a 27 year old UB student is on life support at the KHMH after he was shot in his back on Saturday night. The shooting happened in Hattieville at a Birthday Party on Camal Street. 27 year old Eugene Pitts was on the dancefloor when the crowd of partygoers heard a loud bang coming from some bushes behind the yard. The young man's midsection was riddled with shotgun pellets. An eyewitness who asked to appear off camera told us what he saw: Voice of Friend of Eugene Pitts "My sister had a little birthday party and she invited a lot of friends and she told me to invite some of my friends and so I did, because we all are DJs. Everything was going nice, no one expect the worse to happen, so it was a night to free up. Lots of kids and women and fathers and all kinds of people were around - it was family event. After a little after the birthday song for my sister and cut the cake, everyone began to party and moved under the tent. About 5-10 minutes after we heard a bang. People said that the speaker exploded."

Social Security Workers Didn't Get Paid
Possibly for the first time in the Social Security Board's 33 year history - Social Security's 300 employees did not get paid as usual on the 26th today. As we reported on Friday, it's because of a mix-up between SSB management and the Christian Workers Union. Social Security went ahead with a plan to implement what's called a "Transitional increment." The management says it did so in consultation with the in-house union representatives. But everything changed on Thursday when the Union head office got involved. General secretary Floyd Neal wrote a letter saying that the workers would accept the increment, but also maintained their right to get their usual bonus at the end of March. Now, the increment was introduced to replace the bonus, so Social Security put everything in reverse, and withdrew the increment. The problem was that all the increments were already in motion - so those had to withdrawn, which we gather requires a lot of paperwork.

Funeral For A Soldier
22 year old BDF reservist, Denver Villafranco was buried this weekend in Belize City. The private from B Company of the volunteer unit received full military honours for his burial. Soldiers escorted his casket to the Ephesus 7th Day Adventist Church and then to the Lord Ridge Cemetery where he received a gun salute as the casket was being interred. Villafranco was savagely knifed to death 9 days ago. The alleged culprits are brothers Phil and Orlando Staine. They alleged struck him with a crowbar, cut him open with a four inch blade and then stabbed him in the chest - all reportedly because Villafranco had parted a fight the night before�

PM Met UNESCO, Gives Commitment
A week ago we reported on the meeting between the UNESCO World Heritage Center delegates and the NGO community. They gathered to discuss the much critiqued Draft Petroleum Exploration and Exploration Guidelines - and how changing and removing certain sections of the draft can move Belize a step closer to getting off the list of 'in danger' sites. Well, the NGO's weren't the only ones meeting the UNESCO group - so did the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister's office today sent out a press release assuring government's commitment to working along with UNESCO and the NGO community to protect the reef system. The release says quote "the Government of Belize agreed to start talks on critical conservation challenges related to the removal of the Belize Barrier Reef from the World Heritage List in Danger".

COLA Threatens
But, the COLA President didn't have that commitment on Saturday when he went off on the government, for, among other things, offshore drilling - although we doubt it would have made a difference. That's because COLA agitates first and foremost and at its AGM at the Bishop Sylvester Memorial Center on Saturday - he said the future holds confrontation:.. Geovannie Brackett, President - COLA "And I want to give you a little bit of activism forecast, there will be trouble in the next year, because this government has clearly shown how it wishes to victimize - how it wishes to polarized - how it wishes to take the very little that people have away and this organization, I promise you, will bring change and it will bring it soon and very soon."

Getting Women Into Politics
How can we get more women involved in politics? That was the overarching question at today's Justice and Gender forum at the Radisson. There is no straightforward response to that question because of the structural and cultural barriers women face as aspiring politicians. Costa Rican Legislator Maureen Clarke says women can make a difference in their future in politics but it will be a daunting task. Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, Participant "The conference will be what we make of it because you get out of something what you put into it and I am delighted that there are women across the political spectrum here, there are women activists, there are people who have been in this business for a good while and so I really feel that if we have a rich discussion and its usually rich when women come together, we can come up with some solid recommendations. Right now we are looking at the barriers to women getting into politics, what women can do to lobby for justice and human rights when you are within parliaments, what kind of changes we need to bring about in our country, not only to encourage more women to step forward, but also when are in the political process, to make a difference."

GSU: It's All About Weed
GSU found live rounds in - of all things - a baby wipes container on Saturday. At 10:30 on Saturday morning the Unit searched a lot on Victoria Street near Fabro's Glass Ltd. They found a black plastic bag with (15) .25mm live rounds of ammunition. A blue baby wipes plastic package with 32. 25mm live rounds was also found in the area for a grand total of (47) live ammunition of .25 mm rounds. No one was in the area and the ammunition was labeled as "Found Property". Also on Saturday the GSU found a black plastic bag with 103 grams or 3 ounces of cannabis in an abandoned house on Castle Street. No one was in the area at the time of the discovery and it was labeled as "Found Property".

Calla Creek Sickos
Police are looking for two Calla Creek residents in connection with an unlawful sexual intercourse case. A 13-year-old Belizean Student of San Ignacio Town reported that on 4th July, 2014 and 10th September, 2014, she had sexual intercourse with a man from Calla Creek Village. She also reported that in the month of September, 2014, she also had sexual intercourse with his brother. Based on a medical examination the minor is 23 weeks pregnant. Police are looking for both men of Calla Creek Village pending investigations.

Will They Be Legends
This weekend, the Belize Amateur Athletic Association, held its first national championships in 5 years. That's because, among other challenges, the Marion Jones Sporting Complex had been closed for renovations. 7News stopped by to see how the long break affected the top amateur athletes. Here's what the President told us about the level of participation, since the comeback: Deon Sutherland - President, BAAA "Today, we have the first day, day one of the national championships for athletics. This event is mandatory. Actually, this is supposed to be our 2014 national championships, but it was postponed in December because of the weather, so we are having it this weekend."

Indians Raise Their Flags
"A home away from home": That's what members of the Belize Indian Community call Belize and today they got to celebrate it right at the Battlefield Park. It's Indian Republic Day - the day that truly marks India's sovereignty and Independence from the British in 1950. Although they are over 9,000 miles away from India, the community is still celebrating that pivotal moment in Indian history. President of the Belize Indian Community, Dinesh Bhojwani told us why it matters so much to Indians living in Belize and in India. "Today is India Republic day. Although India got independence in 1947, in 1950, on January 26th, it was created a nation. We had our constitution formalized that year and so that was the day that really signify a true independent India where it was moved away from complete British rule. You can be Indian at heart and still be Belizean. It's not one or the other. We can coexist with you. Like I said India has given us Bollywood, but at the same time Belize has given us rice and beans and Punta, so we can't wrong that right. And nowadays you see it, with the fusion of the music, you see it with the fusion of the food, you see it with the fusion of everything. And that's part of globalization."

Specialists Provide Medical Care
The Gift of Life programme for medical assistance to children across the country has been around for 37 years and since then, international specialists have treated over 1,000 Belizean children. Presently, American Pediatric Cardiologist- Jeff Delaney and his team is in Belize to provide medical attention to children living with heart conditions. We caught up with them at the KHMH today and found out more. The team will be working in Dangriga on Wednesday.

The Magana Factor
One week ago in the House of Representatives, the Sugar Industry Amendment Act was passed into law. It allows for other growers groups to exist and do business with the factory owners. It's the realization of a long held dream which Wilfredo Magana and the members of the United Cane Farmers Association initiated back in 2009 when they went to the Supreme Court. And on Monday, 5 years after they were supposed to do it, the Government of Belize finally complied with the terms of the Court consent order and changed the law, allowing the 2 new associations to legally exist. And so, at today' official opening of the grinding season, Wilfredo Magana was present to witness the first season with more than one association delivering cane. The media took the opportunity to ask him why his association, the United Cane Farmers Association, didn't become the third group to sign independently.

Channel 5

2015 Sugar Cane Crop Opens
This morning, the 2015 sugar cane crop season opened with delivery of cane from the Orange Walk Branch. Its seven weeks late, but the fact that is happening at all [...]

Is G.O.B. Fixing Sugar Roads?
Exactly one week ago, Prime Minister Dean Barrow informed the nation that G.O.B. had allocated two million dollars for immediate work on sugar roads. But according to Orange Walk Branch [...]

ASR/B.S.I. on Amendments
For the first time in history, there are three associations delivering cane to B.S.I. That is now legally possible because of amendments to the Sugar Industry Act pushed through by [...]

UCFA Head Says B.S.C.F.A. Survival Uncertain
Those amendments would probably not have come to pass without a legal claim by cane-farmer Wilfredo Magana way back in 2010. He and others petitioned the court to open up [...]

P.U.P.'s Mendez Under Investigation?
  There are reports tonight of political trouble in the Orange Walk East constituency and it involves the current area representative. Reports to our newsroom are that Doctor Marco Tulio [...]

B.D.F. Investigation Into Missing Ammo Continues
Tonight, the B.D.F. is still trying to determine who stole two containers of ammunition being held for the U.S. army in training on the B.D.F. compound. On Friday, we reported [...]

Petrocaribe Future Uncertain
Caribbean Countries signed on to the Petrocaribe program some ten years ago. The program, which has provided social assistance, may very well see many countries cut off. While Belize's name [...]

Gunman Targets Hattieville Resident
Just after midnight on Saturday, a shot was fired as the Bowen family of Hattieville was celebrating the birthday of one of their own at their residence on Camal Street. [...]

Southern Ops Yield Drugs
In the south on Saturday night, a joint operation conducted by uniformed Police Officers and Special Branch Personnel from Placencia in Seine Bight Village led to the discovery of drugs [...]

GSU Finds Drugs and Ammo
The Gang Suppression Unit is also reporting on seizures of ammunition and drugs over the past few days.� On Saturday, during a search on Victoria Street, the Unit found a [...]

13 Year Old Pregnant…Police Seek Calla Creek Brothers
Last week, a well-known Belize City tattoo artist was sent to prison after he was accused of having a sex with a fifteen year old girl. Well, two brothers from [...]

Corozal Police Looking for Missing Minor
  And in the north, a mother of Fourth Street North in Corozal Town is reporting that her underage daughter has been missing since last November. Now you'd be asking [...]

B.D.F. Volunteer Buried With Military Honours
Over the weekend, a full Belize Defense Force military burial was held for twenty three year old B.D.F. Volunteer Denver Villafranco. Soldiers, along with the family, gave Villafranco a proper [...]

Mechanic Alleges Assault by Special Constable
A mechanic in Southern Belize is claiming that a special constable has been wrecking havoc in the south, but no one seems to care. Vincent Scott says that he was [...]

Brackett Retains Presidency of COLA
Over the weekend, COLA held its annual AGM and re-elected its executive. Geovanni Brackett was returned as President; Gilroy Usher Jr. Vice-President; Alton Humes Secretary; Edward Young treasurer; Ismay Williams [...]

Bacab Employees Launch Highway Cleanup
Can you name one thing you see along Belize's highways that you'll never see on any road in, say, neighbouring Chetumal? Give up? Well, we'll tell you. It's garbage. A [...]

A Look at Rotary's Gift of Life Program
The Rotary Club of Belize's Gift of Life Program is well received by families whose loved ones suffer from congenital disease. The program is the flagship initiative of the Club [...]

Sports Update with James Adderley
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The Belmopan Football Championship series got off to a fast start yesterday at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium where Alliance [...]

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BSI/ASR Says There Is No Reason To Go Back But Always Moving Forward
So, the crop has begun but this year marks a new beginning, so to speak, within the Sugar Industry. BSI is no longer working with one association but rather, three, and amendments have been made to the Sugar Act. This changes a few things in how the logistics for the crop is organized. Viewers may also keep in mind that some individuals still hold differing convictions about the way the entire negotiations played out and ended. But, the commercial agreement has been signed between the majority of cane farmers and the company. Mac McLachlan, International Relations for ASR, says from here, there is only one direction to head into and that is forward.

Election Season Is On And So The Political Campaign
Its election season and already the political fanfare of signs, banners and party flags decorate each and every street and periphery in Town. With only weeks away from the Municipal elections, you may have also observed the aspiring candidates going house to house in an effort to get to know the electorate and their needs as well asking for their support. And while much political machinery is being put out by both camps, over the weekend, road works were carried around the Marcus Canul Area. Heavy duty trucks and loads upon loads of white marl were thrown on the Streets and according to Mayor Kevin Bernard, it wasn't his doing but that of Denny Grijalva, aspiring candidate for the UDP in Orange Walk Central. But where are we getting at you may ask? We spoke to Mayor Kevin Bernard and asked for his reaction to the movement, where he welcomed the works being done but reminds residents that it is simply a political tactic.

O/W Mayor Dispells Rumors About Land In Little England Area
Back to politics, another issue brewing in the Orange Walk East constituency is regarding lands from the Little England area where according to Mayor Kevin Bernard the opposition is playing political mischief. We asked Mayor Bernard to dispel rumors and set the record straight regarding these subdivided lots. Kevin Bernard - Mayor, OWTC "I want to make it absolutely clear that we don't own any property in terms of Little England, we don't own much property any at all other than what we manage and so forth and so we recently wend to clear up Little England after many complains of the residents that we have sent clean I before but we decided to go in and we have other plans...

Corozal Resident Wanted By Police Finally Caught
A wanted resident of Corozal Town who has absconded from the police for over a year has finally been caught and arrested. According to the situation report, 30 year old Can Jin Chen of 5th Avenue reported that on July 25th 2014 about 9:00pm he secured his white in color Toyota Highlander SUV L/P CZL-C-03333 which he left parked in front of his business place and on 26th July, 2014 about 7:50am he discovered that his vehicle was broken into. The following items were stolen (1) MP3 player value $30.00bcy (1) USB flash drive value $30.00bcy and (1) Duralast brand vehicle battery value $300.00bcy all to a total value of $360.00bcy.

15 Year Old Minor Missing
A fifteen year old minor from Corozal Town was reported missing by her mother on Friday, January 23rd but we are happy to report tonight that great police work from authorities in orange Walk Town led them to the missing teen. Ana Villanueva was found in good health and the matter will be refereed to Social Services. In the report made by her mother, the teen left home in November of last year and did not return until today when her whereabouts were known.

OWTC Compactor Truck Involve In Traffic Accident
There was a disruption in the flow of traffic on the Belize Corozal Road, near the entrance to Orange Walk Town involving two heavy duty trucks, shortly after the lunch this afternoon. From what we have been able to gather, the Town Council's Compactor Truck experienced some mechanical problems with its brakes and collided with a truck from off Denny Grijalva's camp. According to Mayor Kevin Bernard the matter is been dealt with by the police and the insurance company. Kevin Bernard - Mayor, OWTC "One of our compactor trucks, the blue compactor truck had an incident with traffic where it collided with an incoming vehicle from the highway and I understand that the driver had attempted and it seems that it was a brake failure on our truck so and it so happen that unfortunately it hit the back of the dumper truck that was transporting materials that is been taken in the lower Marcus Canul Area where Mr. Grijalva is trying to put down some material there but he issue is being dealt with I mean our truck is insured an license and so the matter has been taken to the police and we are going to settle through the insurance."


Man Sentenced For False Documentation
Twenty-five year old Kenroy Young, who plead guilty to five counts of uttering upon a false document last week and was to be sentenced today, did not call any character witnesses, but he gave a lengthy plea for mitigation. Young told Justice Adolph Lucas that he intends to pursue a career as an attorney when he is released from prison. He added that he will not let any of his past mistakes be obstacles and prevent him from achieving his goal. Young said he comes from a prominent family and he has broken his family's honour because he was not brought up to lie, deceive and steal. He said that it was the habit of gambling at the age of 18 that led him to a life of crime. Young said he was Belize's Youth ambassador to the United Nations and he was the founding member the Belize Federation of Youth ambassadors. Young was not represented by any attorney. Crown counsel Portia Staine represented the prosecution. Justice Lucas has deferred sentencing until tomorrow.

PM Charts Course To Remove BBRRS From Endangered List
The Government of Belize has committed to start talks on critical conservation challenges in an effort to remove the Belize Barrier Reef from UNESCO'S world heritage list in danger. As we reported a technical team was in Belize to assist the Government in its efforts to prepare a road map to achieve this goal. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has reportedly expressed his willingness to chart a course forward on key management requirements for a sustainable future for the reef. Prime Minister Barrow confirmed the Government's policy position to prohibit oil exploitation within and adjacent to the protected areas in the Belize Barrier Reef System. In 2009 the Belize Barrier Reef was placed on the List of World Heritage in danger because of concerns on the sale, lease and development of mangrove islands and the absence of a solid regulatory framework aimed at ensuring its exceptional and unique values remain.

Minor Departs Belize For Cancer Treatment
Today eight year old Gabryella Barnett and her mother left Belize for a Bone and Joint Clinic in Amarillo Texas. As we have been reporting, the young girl was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, a bone cancer which spreads rapidly and can be deadly if left untreated. Gabryella's trip was funded by Amarillo Bone and Joint Clinic in Amarillo, Texas. At the clinic in Texas, she will undergo several staging work up for a significant malignancy in her thigh through surgery and post-surgical radiation and chemotherapy. The Gift of Life Belize, through the Rotary Club of Belize, also aided in the arrangements procedures for Gabyrella and her mother.

Construction of Youth Hostel Completed
Works have been completed at the Youth Hostel on the George Price Highway. Love News spoke with the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, Judith Alpuche, who told us that this project is a follow up to the Gateway Youth Centre on the compound of the Gwen Lizarraga High School in Belize City which was recently inaugurated in latter 2014. "On Thursday we will be very pleased to open both a new dormitory facility as well as a resource center at our Youth Hostel; it is a part of the community action for public safety project that the Ministry has been the executing agency. The project comes out of a $5 million dollar US loan facility with the IDB that the government had received to look at the reform of juvenile justice from the prevention as well as intervention perspective so people may recall that late last year we had the opening of the gateway youth center that situated on Gwen Liz and that is the prevention portion of the project that looked at how to provide programming for youth who are at risk of coming in conflict with the law or are just in situations.

Villager Shot While Socializing
Just after twelve thirty on Saturday night, a resident of rural Belize was shot whilst attending a birthday party on Carnal Street in Hattieville Village, Belize District. Love News visited the crime scene today and spoke to Lennox, who lived at the house where the shooting occurred. LENNOX "Everybody was dancing and socializing and having fun, nobody was really drinking a lot. Everybody here was people who knew each other and mostly family a lot of children were about, pregnant ladies, the area was very fragile and sensitive and then everyone was still dancing. The children were over to a side. We were just partying and having fun and then I was close to the speaker talking to my friend then I walked up and closer to my house to get a drink of water all I heard was a loud bang but then everybody hollered that it was the speaker and right away you could tell that that was not the speaker because I deal with speakers and I know what speakers sound and that bang far surpassed the bang of the speaker especially because we were not running any bass.

Belize Host Two Days Gender Conference
Several officials from Costa Rica are in Belize for a 2-day conference on Gender and Justice Issues via, what has been dubbed a Legislative Forum. Belize has been embraced as a part of this regional endeavour and today, several stakeholders from the Belize Police Department, the legislature, aspiring female politicians among others are attending this event. Pulcheria Teul of the National Women's Commission and Rodrigo Jimenez of the Gender Justice Foundation in Costa Rica were two of the collaborators for this event. We heard from them regarding the objective of the workshop and how the regional project came about. "The Legislative Form came about through the Fundacion de Justicia Ingenero which is based in Costa Rica. They came to Belize and they are presently implementing a regional project which is focused on improving the capacity of parliamentarians so this legislative forum speaks to increase the level of their understanding of gender issues as parliamentarians, whether their human rights whether human rights focus as well however in Belize there are very limited numbers of parliamentarians."

15-Year-Old Goes Missing After Sending a Text For Help
Over the weekend, we told you of a young girl, who has been reported missing from Corozal Town. Love News understands that the young girl's mother, 53-year-old, Maud Villanueva of a Fourth Street North address went to the authorities on January 23, 2015 asking their assistance in locating 15-year-old, Ana Villanueva. The mother told the police that Ana had left home in November last year and had not returned home since. Since her departure from home, she has been in contact with Ana, who had assured her that she is staying with good people in Orange Walk Town � but on Wednesday, January 21, she received a text from her daughter pleading to her for help and that she is in trouble. Since she received that text, the mother has been unable to reach Ana on her cell phone and now she fears that her daughter is in danger.

Man Charged For Theft and Damage
A man from the Corozal District has been charged with theft and damage to property. Last July 30-year-old businessman Can Jin Chen reported that his vehicle was broken into. The culprit made off with one MP3 player, USB flash drive and a battery. Video footage revealed that 50-year-old Magdaleonie Hortencio Tzul was the culprit. Police finally managed to apprehend last Friday. Tzul appeared before Magistrate Hurl Hamilton and was offered bail of two thousand five hundred dollars. He is to reappear in court in April.

Primary School Staff; Will Changes Be Made?
Education is said to be the key to success. It also roots from kindergarten to the furthest point that one wishes to pursue. Last week we heard from the Parents in Punta Gorda from Light of The Valley Baptist School, who is frustrated with the communication barrier between the principal of the school and the teachers. From the recent parent teachers meeting, it was understood that a protest has been planned to transpire if changed should not be made. Today Love News understands that an informed Riot has been planned to transpire in front of the school today. Francisco Sosa, President of the PTA, who spoke to us about the problems the school, has been faced with. "Yes we have a presentation for the management of the school and we don't have with the teachers or the principal and the families want to have that presentation here."


Man critical after hit to the head with baseball bat
Antonio Segura, a resident of Frank's Eddy Village in the Cayo district, is in critical condition at the KHMH, after he was hit in the head with a baseball bat. The incident occurred in Frank's Eddy village early Sunday morning. According to Julio Reyes, the owner of a bar in the village, he was about to close his bar sometime around 1 o'clock that morning, when Antonio Segura came up to him and started an argument with him, demanding a beer. Mr Segura then allegedly moved off and started an argument with two other men in the area. While that argument between the trio was ongoing, Julio closed up and moved off to go to his house which is in the same yard. He said that as he was about to go in the house when Segura ran behind him with a knife and Julio grabbed a bat and hit Segurao to the head.

Man shot at birthday party in Hattieville
There was a shooting incident in Hattieville on Saturday night. The victim, 27 year old Eugene Pitts, was shot to the back. According to police reports, Mr Pitts was at a party on Camal Street in Hattieville sometime after midnight. Eugene Pitts was reportedly near the front of the yard, when a shot came from somewhere near the back of the yard. The crowd scattered and Mr Pitts fell to the ground with a bullet in his lower back. He was taken to the KHMH where he remains in a stable condition.

15 year old missing two months, just reported
15 year old Anna Villanueva, a resident of Corozal Town, went missing from her home some two months ago in November of 2014. However, her mother just filed a missing person's report on Friday January 23, 2015. According to the police report, the mother told them that after Anna left home, she called her mother and told her not to worry as she was staying with some good people in Orange Walk Town. The mother apparently didn't know who the persons were but she did not report the matter to police because she had multiple times of communication with the minor over the two month period.

13 year old impregnated by one of two Calla Creek men
A 13-year-old Belizean Student of San Ignacio Town visited the police station in the company of her mother, and reported that on 4th July, 2014 and 10th September, 2014, she had sexual intercourse with a man known to her from Calla Creek Village. She also reported that in the month of September, 2014, she also had sexual intercourse with the man's brother. A medical examination was conducted on the minor where the doctor certified that she is 23 weeks pregnant. Police are looking for both men of Calla Creek Village pending investigations.

Man sought for theft since July 2014 apprehended by police
Magdaleaonie Hortencio Tzul was arrested and charged for theft and damage to a motor vehicle. Tzul's arrest came after aChinese Businessman of Corozal Town reported that someone broke into his Toyota Highlander, which he left parked in front of his business place. The thief made off with an MP3 player, USB flash drive, and the vehicle battery. A surveillance video in the area captured the incident and Magdaleonie Tzul, a 50 year old Belizean Laborer of Corozal Town, was identified as the culprit. This incident happened since July of last year but Tzul had managed to escape custody despite several police operations to capture him. He was finally apprehended on Friday January 23, by Corozal QRT. He was charged for the crimes of theft from motor vehicle and damage to property.

Patrick JonesPJ

Ammunition rounds taken from Belize Defence Force Post
The Belize Defence Force (BDF) is investigating the apparent theft of more than 2,500 rounds of military grade ammunition from a holding cell at its military compound in Lords' Bank village, Belize District. On Friday, BDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Shepherd confirmed the theft of 1,680 rounds of 5.56 ammunition used for M-16 and M4 carbine rifles, and 1,000 rounds of 7.62 ammunition used for the self-loading rifle (SLR). The ammunition was being used by visiting American forces in training and was kept separate from the BDF's own cache of weapons and ammunition, which has been raided twice in the last decade.

Teenage girl is pregnant, police look for men responsible
The sexual exploitation of underage girls continues and the latest incident is of a 13 year old from San Ignacio town who is five months pregnant. According to the minor, the sexual abuse happened in July and September of last year by two men who are brothers and from the village of Calla Creek, Cayo. Police say the girl, in the presence of her mother, reported that the first incident happened on July 4, 2014.


ABC's beach bar was rockin
Upon arrival at ABC's � about an hour into the popular beach bar Pickin' Party, it was easy to see (and hear) that the afternoon was turning out to be a pretty fun time. The Jerry Jeff Walker fans that arrived in San Pedro last week for "Camp Belize 2015" were out in full force, as well as some of the "new arrivals" that are here for pretty much a duplicate agenda as last week. See "Camp Belize is almost Upon Us" post for Jerry Jeff Walker picking party schedule. Folks came from all over (mostly from the US, but some from Canada) to join in on the fun. Sherry & Tull were gracious to share the stage during their regular Saturday gig at ABC beach bar. Everything was so smooth, there was hardly a lull in the music as each new set of pickers went on stage. I'd like to make special mention of a couple that were in San Pedro for Camp Belize, for their 8th time this year. Rodney and Tommie Smith. They celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary at this party - congratulations. I wonder if they'll have their 40th here next year�.

Black Bean Pineapple Avocado Dip
This is an easy dip for any party. It uses quite a few ingredients, but it is a dump recipe so it's very easy to make.

The 5 Most Incredible Private Islands in Belize
Belize has hundreds of islands that dot its coastline and many of them are underrated spots that are great destinations for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and beach combing. Here are some private islands in Belize that remain untapped by the masses. Water Foot Caye, South Water Caye, Tobacco Caye, St. George's Caye, Silk Caye

TripAdvisor Ranks Belize's Top 10 Hotels of 2015
This year's list of Belize's top 10 hotels is just out as ranked by the popular travel information site TripAdvisor. From North to South, East to West, here are the top 10 ten hotels in Belize: Victoria House Beach Resort in Ambergris Caye, Coco Beach Resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize, Grand Caribe Belize Resort and Condominiums in Ambergris Caye Belize, Las Terrazas Belize Resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize, Belize Ocean Club in Placencia Belize, Ramon's Village Resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize, Villas at Banyan Bay in Ambergris Caye, Belize, Hopkins Bay Resort in Hopkins Belize, Captain Morgan's Retreat in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Ummm�.THIS IS HUGE! The First Belize Electronic Music Festival in Placencia
So when I saw the information on the Belize Electronic Music Festival in Placencia this coming weekend, it didn't really strike me as all that important. Here is the facebook page. The Belize Ocean Club Party will go from 9 to 4 in the morning, Friday. Then we are doing an after party at Tipsy Tuna, starting at 3 and going until midnight, Saturday. The Sunday Pool party has really chilled beats and is a nice place to recover. After the pool party BOC will show the Super Bowl on big screens.

Mike Vestal - Child Predator in Belize
Each year, countless children around the world fall prey to sexual predators. These young victims are left with permanent psychological, physical, and emotional scars. When a recording of that sexual abuse is made or released onto the Internet, it lives on forever. It haunts the children depicted in it, who live daily with the knowledge that countless strangers use an image of their worst experiences for their own gratification. I do not comprehend the fact that anyone can come to Belize and just do as they please. In these crazy times where children are being hunted, we cannot continue to let anyone just parade into Belize as they please. When Belizeans want to go out for vacation they have to pay hundreds for a visa, get a full background check and a lot more but people can just fly or drive into Belize; mostly from the US. This is Michael Vestal, 37, Vallejo, Johnson Control technician that has been profiled not only on international TV but on a show specific to child predator (s), and he was allowed not only to come into Belize but work with children under the guise of Christianity. They have listed as now living in Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez

International Sourcesizz

Go Slow: My Soul Under the Full Belize Moon
01.02.15 Caye Caulker, 5pm: Last half of last cigarette smoked. I am done. 01.03.15 Ambergris Caye day trip. To say I didn't San Pedro would be kind. Concrete roads that were once dirt, golf carts jammed along the sidewalk; the antithesis of Madonna's La Isle Bonita. Later that day. Caye Caulker, 5pm. Licking the mint chocolate chip cone from the stand in front of our hotel by The Split after a quick dip in the aqua water, made dark in large splatter spots from the seaweed gently floating on the ocean floor. Baby oil slathered all over, coating every inch of my body, preventing the mosquitos from getting seconds on their first buffeted feast.

Biden: U.S. will help Caribbean nations revamp energy sector
Vice President Joe Biden met with leaders of Caribbean nations Monday, saying the U.S. would do what it could to help those countries revamp their energy sectors, a vital concern given the region's dependence on oil shipments from ailing Venezuela. Speaking at the Caribbean Energy Security Summit in Washington, Biden essentially gave the Caribbean leaders a pep talk, saying that now was the time to boost alternative sources of energy, such as solar, and to decrease reliance on oil. But he also cautioned them that - while it was poised to help - the United States wouldn't do so with its eyes closed. To expect aid and other financing from the United States, Biden said, would mean counties need to get a handle on corruption and pick the projects that make the most sense.

No Need To Probe Bain's Right To Fair Hearing - Litigation Expert
Director of litigation in the Attorney General's Department, Carlene Larmond, has submitted that the court does not have to embark on an enquiry as to whether the University of the West Indies (UWI) has infringed Professor Brendan Bain's right to a fair hearing within a reasonable time. Larmond said the university was a juristic entity and not a public authority and, therefore, the court would have to consider whether the UWI breached Bain's freedom of expression and freedom of thought and conscience. She argued that the university could not breach Bain's right to a fair hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial court or authority established by law. She said fair hearing could only be guaranteed by the State.


  • Belize Blue Hole Dive 2014, 4.5min. One off the bucket list. Belize Blue Hole scuba dive 2014. The Blue Hole is one of the largest sink holes in the ocean. One of the top dive sites in the world. The hole is over 300 feet deep. As a sport diver, we are only allowed to go to 130 feet for 7 minutes and then slowly ascend for a total dive of about 50 minutes. At 130 feet in an open water cave, it is really dark, so the video really doesn't show how massive the cave is with all its stalactites. We were on a 3 tank dive and went to other dive sites during the day. What you see is about 3 hours of video condensed down to 4 minutes. This video was made for friends and family to enjoy.
  • Mayan Cave Tubing & Zip Line in Belize City Belize - Paul Glasspoole & Kari Guthrie, 6min. 12/24/2014 Paul Glasspoole & Kari Guthrie Mayan Cave Tour on tubes in Belize City, Belize. It was "un-Belize-able!"
  • Suspension bridge,Belmopan,Capital of Belize,Center America, 1min.
  • Salbutes - Cooking with Flavors of Belize, 9min. Let Belizean street food make a debut in your kitchen with the delicious yet simple Salbutes recipe, found in the Flavors of Belize Cookbook. This dish makes for the perfect snack or appetizer if you're having friends over... for, let's say, the big game day coming up next weekend!
  • Caye Caulker, Belize, 10min.
  • Belize Report - Pete, Jenn, & Lyn, 15min. Pete Giesbrecht and Lyn & Jenn Dyck share about their trip to Belize and the work that they saw the EMMC/GoMission! conference doing there.
  • Belize 2014, 5min. Southside High School's first international tour.
  • Belize Scuba Diving 1, 5min. Scuba diving in Belize. Half moon Caye and aquarium dives site.
  • A Day in Belize (Zoo and City) 1-21/15, 20min. This is a 19-minute compilation video of my 5 hour private tour of Belize City with Kameesha from Splashwave Tours. There were eight of us in an 11 passenger van. Kameesha was great!
  • Belize; great diving and cave tubing., 9min. This is just a taste of our 8 days in Belize, I didn't bring my video camera for a lot of it. We also kayaked, fished, hiked in the rainforest, horseback rode, and much more.
  • Belize, 8min. Diving in Belize with Scuba Center Temecula group was a blast. Traveled with almost 30 divers and they saw a ton of wild life including sharks (Nurse Sharks).
  • Driving the golf cart through San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, from the north towards the south., 8.5min.

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