Need a small business? Have various options (Western Highway Santa Elena,Cayo)
1) Purchase business (Allen's H-ware) long term lease US $42K best offer
2) Purchase Business with shelving and racks etc (Minus inventory);US 25K
3) Lease the bare building that houses Allens H-ware: US $1000.00/mo.
4) Purchase the buildings (1 residence and +- 6000 sq. ft commercial building/ without business US$418K with business $438K negotiable. [email protected] Already has US $1300 per month rental income. If you work with us on option # 1 we will offer a very attractive rent/lease US $500/ 1st year: US $650.00/ 2nd year and US $800.00 for year 3-5. contact: [email protected] 501-824-2060 [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

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