The KHMH opened its breast cancer diagnostic unit today. It's the product of a generous donation of mammography equipment and technical assistance from the Carolinas Healthcare System. We found out more at the handing over today:..

Dr. Lisa Johnson, DMS - KHMH
"The donation of the Lorad M-IV Series Mammography Unit, with workstation and storage capacity, a reader, the ultrasound machine and the Mammotome Biopsy System, is worth something in the neighborhood of one hundred thousand US dollars."

Kim Barrow, Cancer Survivor
"The need for this unit cannot be overstated. For the period 2007 to 2011, breast cancer accounted for 12% of cancer deaths among women. The introduction of mammography, ultrasound and an ultrasound guided treated biopsy system will support the early detection of breast cancer, which can saves lives. The availability of breast screening and diagnostic services at the national referral hospital, represents a major step by KHMH, the people's hospital. Women will have access to affordable screening and diagnostic services. I know that a cancer diagnosis is a very scary thing to face and it is the last news anyone would want to received, but I also know that the strength needed to fight cancer comes from acceptance of this diagnosis as well as knowing that services are available and accessible. The goal should be to reverse the trend of late diagnosis of breast cancer."

Patients will be referred to the unit as part of the KHMH's imaging department.

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