Another Municipal Development Project has been awarded to a relative of Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Gaspar Vega. A release from the Social Investment Fund in partnership with the World Bank issued today states that a Contract for the upgrading and rehabilitation of the Corozal Town Market and Sports Complex facilities is valued at $721,789.40. The contract for the two (2) facilities was signed by Mr. Liborio Vega of LV and SONS Construction, and Mr. William Lamb Jr. the Executive Director, Belize Social Investment Fund, at the Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF) headquarters in Belmopan on yesterday's date.

The market project is designed to upgrade a section of the existing market of 220 square meters particularly 15 market stalls which were in a dilapidated condition that poses serious health and security risks and natural disasters to both vendors and patrons. According to the release, the objective is to provide a safer and more pleasant environment for vendors and shoppers resulting in significant improvement in the quality of life for residents in Corozal Town and surrounding communities.

Additionally, residents of Corozal will also benefit from an upgraded Sports Complex project to facilitate, and promote the development of aspiring athletes to compete at national, regional, and international events. The existing grounds of the Sports Complex which sits on approximately 12,000 square meters will also provide sporting opportunities for men, women and children to engage in physical well-being activities and in this regard improve and promote healthy lifestyles for all Belizeans.