Alexander Marin On The Closure of Belize's Lynam Agricultural College

The Belizean Garifuna Agriculturalist, Alexander Marin of Dangriga, Belize has become a quiet voice of reason in terms of Belize's failure as a country to feed its small population of 350,000 people though it sits on 8,867 square miles of land. His critical analysis on the closure of Belize's only agricultural college, Lynam College that produced some of the best leaders in Belize and Central America in the 1960's and 70's, points to the fact that there were powers at be that would not have allowed such progressive thinkers as Lynam College students as he to have become the leaders of Belize that time. A thought provoking and exclusive interview conducted by Belizean activist and farmer, Leonides Sanchez in March of 2014, in the city of Dangriga in the Southern District of Stann Creek, in Belize.