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The San Pedro Sun

Under the Sun - Bella Quincea�era
Happy Birthday to Quincea�era Lisandra Novelo, daughter of Vicky Marin and Sandro Novelo. Lisandra celebrated her special day on Saturday January 17th in the presence of family and friends. The San Pedro Sun wishes Lisandra Novelo the very best entering this new chapter in life.

Community works to revive long abandoned San Pablo Roman Catholic Church.
Once again, community members and parishioners from the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church have breathed new life into the long abandoned church in the San Pablo area south of town. On Sunday, January 25th, with a good cleaning and a new coat of paint inside the room of worship, Father Scott Giuliani S.O.L.T. likened the renewal of the church to spiritual healing. "It has to begin from within the soul, and work its way out," he told the standing-room only congregation who attended the blessing of the revived church. "There is still much work to be done, but we begin with the inside, just like when we renew our commitment to God," he said. Neglected for years and at times vandalized, there remains many repairs for the small community church, both structurally and cosmetically. The new congregation hopes to continue with the resurrection of the church and appeals to the community for any assistance they can provide. For more information on how you can help please contact the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church.

Police Report
*At about 5:41PM on Friday, January 23rd, 40-year-old Martin Thomas, owner of Moncho's Golf Cart rental, visited the San Pedro Police Station. He reported that he rented a white 4-seat golf cart with license plate number SP-C-2540, V.I.N. TG1312353958 with markings 91 on both side of the cart on Wednesday, January 21st to Brian Clark. On Friday, January 23rd Clark reported to him that the golf cart was stolen from him on the day before while parked on Coconut Drive. The estimated value of the golf cart is $15,000BZ. Police investigations continue.

Brightening smiles at Smile Dental Clinic
Every year, the Smile Dental Clinic located at Holy Cross Anglican School hosts several groups of volunteer dentists. From January 26th to February 7th, the clinic will be hosting two different sets of dental professionals from the United States of America. The professionals' visit is coordinated through Dr. Mark Johnson, who has been the head of the dental clinic at the school since November of 2004. The first set of doctors are at the clinic from the 26th to 30th of January and included Dr. Ken Beading of Kalamazoo, Michigan; Dr. Paul Roggow of Jackson, Minnesota and Dental Assistant Rick Bigaouette of Prior Lake, Minnesota. The dentists attended to approximately 100 school children, conducting fillings, extraction, cleanings, applying sealants and giving fluoride treatments.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The health of Belize: An apologue
How do we measure a nation's success? How do we measure national happiness? We could look at Gross Domestic Product - in simple terms, the sum of everything produced in a country in a year. We could look at average per head income - in the case of Belize that's about US$8200 per year. We could look at things like safety, health services, education, environment, civic engagement, a whole list of things which affect our everyday life. What would a successful Belize look like? Let's contrast the life of a person living in Belize today, under the PUDP, with the life of that same person living under a proper alternative government. Let's say that person has the average income of around BZ$16,500 - maybe they are a clerk, or a junior teacher. Let's call our Belizean citizen Marie. Marie wakes up to another day of work. She didn't sleep too well last night, the gunshots were ringing out and her children were afraid. She turns on the radio to find that there was yet another death in her neighborhood. The two children have their breakfast, and remind her that they need money for lunch - and for that school trip that's coming up. Marie goes to the old coffee jar she uses for savings, and with a sigh, takes out the last few crumpled notes.

Merlin Arely Cruz Lopez Missing
Kindly be on the lookout for Merlin Arely Cruz Lopez 17yrs Dob 5.1.98 Honduran student of DFC Area, San Pedro Town was reported missing by her foster parent Glenda Nunez. Lopez was reported missing on Wednesday 28th January 2015 at the San Pedro Police Station who last saw her on Tuesday 27th January 2015 at 2:30pm wearing a pair of khaki short pants and a black blouse. Merlin Arely Cruz Lopez is of hispanic descent, curly black hair shoulder length, Black eyes, is about 5'4" in height, medium built. She is believed to be in the company of one Maximiliano Erazo 20yrs Guatemalan of DFC Area San Pedro Town.Below is a picture of Merlin Arely Cruz Lopez and the male she is believed to be with Maximiliano Erazo 20yrs of DFC Area in San Pedro Town. They were both seen on the surveillance camera footage from San Pedro Belize Express leaving the Island on the 6:00am vessel on Tuesday the 28.01.15. If seen kindly inform the police..

SAGA gives thanks
Saga would like to give a huge Thank You to Jerry Jeff Walker for inviting Saga to come "Pass the hat" again on his concert last night. The generous crowd donated $2247.00. Thanks to all our supporters. Jerry Jeff Walker knows "It's Hip to Snip"

Combating illegal logging in the Chiquibul National Park
Rafael Manzanero - Executive director of Friends of Conservation and Development (FCD),shared with TIDE terrestrial staff, the work that FCD does with combating illegal logging in the Chiquibul National Park. He shared information on their joint operations with the police and Belize Defense Force and the importance of collaboration with law enforcement officers. Manzanero emphasized the importance of base line information on resources in protected areas. TIDE's Executive Director - Celia Mahung highlighted the need to use innovative ways of creating awareness among Belizeans of the economic value of these resources. TIDE staff was also able to share their increased challenges with protected areas management and best practices utilized.

Chet and Q. Roo now on EST
At 2am on Sunday, 1 February 2015, Quintana Roo, M�xico, jumped to 3am, making Q. Roo on Eastern Standard Time. We understand they will STAY on EST, and will not change to Daylight Savings. So when it is 10am in Belize, it will be 11am in Chetumal, year round. Thanks to The Chetumal Connection for this tip.


Sitting member of Parliament posts bail for accused drug offender
Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia, has garnered some negative attention, after he posted bail for a man charged with drug possession on the island of San Pedro. Police Officers have been heavily engaged in the war against drug on the small island, which has seen a crime increase over the past few years. Most of those crimes are believed to be drug related. The matter of the Minister's bail for 43 year old Edwardo Jones came to light when the bail document was leaked to the media earlier this week, showing Manuel Heredia's signature as the surety. Edwardo Jones ,a resident of San Pedro Town, was arrested and charged by island police on January 17th. , when San Pedro police on patrol saw him at the corner of Almond and Tarpon Streets acting suspiciously.

Protestors want Hon. Marco Tulio Menedez to step down
As we have reported, PUP area representative Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez is in the middle of a nasty divorce that has found its way in the media spotlight. That is mainly because, reports have circulated that two minors have accused the Area Representative of inappropriate relations with them. Up to our news time, no report has been made to the police on the matter and no charges have been levied against Dr, Mendez and so, as it stands, the reports are only speculative at this point. But a group of Orange Walk residents are not waiting for any charges to be pressed. They are demanding that Doctor Mendez step down as Area Representative. On Friday, a small group of protestors made its way in front of the Orange Walk Town Hall, demanding that Marco Mendez resigns or is removed as Area Representative. As we have reported previously, long before the rumours of sexual indiscretions began circulating, Dr. Mendez had indicated that he would not be returning to run for elections due to health reasons.

Maim Victim says he didn't get justice
In April of last year, 30 year old Leon Humes, of Belmopan lost his left eye while trying to break up a fight. Since then no one has been arrested. According to reports, Leon Humes left the La Caba�a night club, in Las Flores Belmopan, and made his way to a nearby food stall at around 2 a.m on Saturday morning. But before he could even purchase his food, Mr Humes saw a group of men embroiled in a physical confrontation and reportedly intervened. Upon doing so, one of the men allegedly punched him in the face, but it didn't end there. Reports have it that the men pounced upon Leon Humes and started beating him up. In the midst of all the chaos, someone reportedly threw an object which caught Mr Humes in the left eye. He was rushed to the Karl Huesnor Memorial Hospital, but despite doctors' best efforts, leon Humes lost his left eye for good. The injury was classified as maim.

ATM Shakedown Case Comes to Nothing
The case of the ATM shake down involving 22 year old Thyrell Hyde came to nothing on Thursday when Magistrate Dale Cayetano received instructions that the accuser wanted no further action against the three police officers, namely Corporal Reymundo Reque�a, PC Edgar Teul, and Special Constable Joslyn Gill. In September 2013, it is alleged that Thyrell Hyde was arrested by the three police, taken to the ATM and forced to surrender his Pin number, after which the three officers withdrew money from his account.

Ombudsman's vehicle stolen and crashed
The office of Ombudsman, Lionel Arzu, is without a vehicle, after someone took the Nissan Xterra Trail SUV for a joy ride on Friday morning, and then crashed it on Glynn Street, behind Salvation Army Primary School and the Raymond Parks Night Shelter in Belize City. Senior Superintendent of Police Edward Broaster tells us more. "The vehicle of the Ombudsman was stolen this morning. The suspect who stole the vehicle, crashed the vehicle on Glenn Street. As we speak, police is on the scene and the vehicle is being recovered and taken to the police station."

Jasmine Alert ready to receive reports
On Friday, member of the Eastern Division's Community and Public Relations (CPR) Unit, Woman Corporal Hortence Hernandez, said the Department has the Jasmine Alert up and ready for use, specifically to address cases of child abduction. While not directly commenting on the alleged abduction incidents reported across the country, Corporal Hernandez explains the importance of the Alert, named for murder and abduction victim Jasmine Lowe, and how the community can help.

The Reporter

Agric Show dates changed
The dates for the annual National Agricultural and Trade Show (NATS) have been changed to the first, second and third of May, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture has announced. The original dates were scheduled for the 24th, 25th and 26th of April but the Ministry changed it after considering the business community's request for the show to be moved closer to a pay day so as to increase visitors' purchasing power. The theme of the show is "Stimulating Prosperity in Agriculture and Food Production through Renewed Public Private Partnership." Preparations are already being made for the upcoming show. Booths for the show will start being sold to concessionaires and food vendors on February 23rd.

Chile's President Bachelet proposes end to total abortion ban
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has announced plans to end a total ban on abortions in the predominantly Roman Catholic country. Ms Bachelet has tabled a bill in Congress to legalise abortion in cases of rape or when there mother's life to the mother's or the baby's life. Abortion is punishable in Chile by up to five years in jail. The absolute ban of abortion puts the lives of thousands of Chilean women at risk every year, said Ms Bachelet on national television. "Facts have shown that the absolute criminalization of abortion has not stopped the practice," she said. "This is a difficult situation and we must face it as a mature country." The draft law faces opposition from Chile's powerful Catholic Church, from conservatives in Congress and from some inside Ms Bachelet's own coalition, led by the Socialist Party.

BLACK March coming to Belize City
The Belize Police Department's Eastern Division announced the launch of its latest community outreach effort, a citizen's march entitled Be Loving and Cease Killing (BLACK) to be held on March 27th. According to Senior Superintendent, Edward Broaster, deputy OC Easter Division, the department will launch a sustained campaign as of next week to raise awareness and get exposure for the upcoming event. Broaster said the department will visit all media houses to ensure that the public knows about the march. Police personnel will also visit schools to spread the word about the march. Broaster said the department would like the participation of the entire City in the event, which he said is geared toward building community moral. According to Broaster, during the march participants will be dressed in black and white. The department produced and distributed t-shirts to be worn at the event, Broaster added.

Ombudsman's vehicle stolen and crashed
A white Nissan X-Trail belonging to the Office of the Ombudsman was stolen early Friday morning, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, deputy OC Easter Division confirmed. According to Broaster, the vehicle was stolen some time in the early hours of Friday and the person who stole the vehicle crashed it on Glenn Street. Police received reports about the crash and when they reached the scene, they were able to confirm that it was the stolen vehicle belonging to the Ombudsman's office. Broaster said, while he did not have all the details about exactly how the vehicle was stolen or where it was taken from, he could confirm that police have recovered the damaged vehicle and have taken it to the police station for examination for any clues.

Patrick JonesPJ

Man dies after tree falls on him
Mayor Anthony Fuentes said the day's activities celebrating the milestone portrayed deep appreciation for the beauty of Punta Gorda.

Punta Gorda celebrates 108th anniversary
Activities were held in Punta Gorda today marking the 108th anniversary of the declaration of PG as a town. Cultural presentations depicting the diversity of the town's development were on display today at the Central Park and watched by many of the town's folks as well as visitors to Punta Gorda. Mayor Anthony Fuentes said the day's activities celebrating the milestone portrayed deep appreciation for the beauty of Punta Gorda.


Taming the widow maker
The "Widow maker" has been tamed. That would be the left anterior descendant artery in my heart. The artery that has been giving me problems since - what? - last October? Last week, two talented doctors deployed a 33�3 mm stent right through what I imagine looked like a fairly long, ugly, and unwanted cheerio of calcium that was blocking 95 percent of this particular artery. Success! So, look, I feel as if I have dragged you through way way too much of this story already. And you have been so very patient. So this will be it. I promise. Let's wrap this thing up and get back to living the dream in Belize. Here's how it all went down: I was told to check-in at Buttonwood Bay Medical Center in Belize City at 4 p.m. last Friday by my cardiologist Dr. John Gough. Normally, Rose and I would take either the 90-minute water taxi or the 12-minute flight to Municipal Airport. This day held a better adventure. Our friend Rob Eykelbeysh was flying his own plane over to the mainland. Would we like a lift?

International Sourcesizz

Central America eyes optical information highway
A group of Central American countries have agreed to finish building and start operating an optical fibre network across the region. Co-ordinated by the El Salvador government, the project, Autopista Mesoamericana de la Informaci�n, was discussed at the Central American Forum of Telecom Authorities, held this week in El Salvador. Participating countries include Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and El Salvador. The information highway is based on the interconnected electrical system, which is already built from Panama to Guatemala. "In a digital era, our biggest challenge is to develop our countries towards information and communication technologies," pointed out Carlos Castaneda, vice-minister for economic development in El Salvador.


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