Lets face it, everyone gets sick sometime. The magic is trying to stay away from it as often as possible. Here at Nine, we were with a group of students with this awesome Study Abroad Company�and we intentionally went to the largest pharmacy in Belize. Yes, we know how these massive companies work. We understand their business; we think that they are here for a purpose; some of you maybe even work at one of these companies or at least know someone who works at one.

In the sleepy, misty Western Village of Bullet Tree Falls in Cayo, Belize, we went to see the doctor. Not any doctor, a natural medicine man, Lucas Medina. A little shy but, man, the knowledge of the plants and the spiritual guidance he received from his teacher, Don Eriberto Cocom who taught him a tremendous amount of his indigenous medicine knowledge, Lucas is a fountain to learn from.

Medicine Man Lucas Medina at his BIG PHARMA LAB

Doctor Lucas as we fondly call him proudly walks you through his 6 acre lab for natural medicine. Every single medicine Big Pharma has, he has too – just maybe safer and non-addictive. Natural medicine is slower but purer. It works slower but surer. Many people front the village and from around the country,+ come to Lucas for a prescription of leaves, roots, and shoots. They come back again and again – not because they don’t get well, but because they believe and they vouch for the magic of the natural healing of every malady. This day, Lucas decided to make the students work on some natural insect repellent.

The Lab Table, Rustic but certain!

Lime, honey, “Jackass Bitters”, yes, you guessed it – massively bitter, and the potent ingredient in the repellent for our jungle life. Fire and a prayer and the work starts. Lucas discusses, describes, explains and offers everyone to help; and they do.


Leaves in Pot on the Hearth

While the preparation continues, the story of the plants come to life. He remembers when he planted every small tree, orchid and vine. He recounts the amount of people that have visited over the past month. He also shares concern for the type of maladies that seemingly are “plaguing” women and children. He shows tremendous concern for the small things – even a happy face when working to make his pharmacy even more beautiful, as he says!


Student working the leaf for its “healing juice”

Somewhere in the background we can hear �“�and Georgie would make the fire light, log wood burning through the night�no woman no cry..” Bob Marley serenading plants and people alike. Its difficult not to get a whiff of two of the ingredients – honey and alcohol – in the lab. The juice is cooled down, bottled in a small container and ready.


Ready to use, Natural Insect Repellent

A little bottle like this can last you on your tours around the country. from Barton Creek to Caracol or the Mountain Pine Ridge, this natural remedy is guaranteed to keep the biting bugs away. Use as needed says the good Medicine man, Lucas Medina.


Lucas Medina, the Medicine Man

All you ailments can be solved in a forest. First we need to protect it. Then we need to find people who have given their lives to study the great remedies that come from the forests and jungles. Then we need to support them, so that in turn they too will take the younger generations under their wings and train them in the indigenous way. Everyone wins then.

From this plant comes the most important ingredient in Viagra!

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