There are volumes of books and informational material that will enlighten anyone wishes to learn and who intends to visit the ancient Maya area. Here at Nine�we have a rich library. Going through our library today, we came up with a nice “6 pack” reading options for February on the ancient Maya. This is especially important if you are deciding to come visit an ancient Maya Site in Belize or somewhere in the Maya World.


The “6 pack stash” for February, 2015

Heather McKillop’s In Search Of Maya Sea Traders, literally searches for ancient Maya traders and posts which over time have been inundated below the surface of the sea. A lot of this work took place on and off two SOuthern Cayes in Belize – Wild Cane Caye and Frenchman’s Caye. From household archaeology to the status among the dead is covered in this gem. Grab one and go under the sea.


Then we want to guide you into checking out James D. Nations book �The Maya Tropical Forests: People, Parks and Ancient Cities. This takes you into the firsts of Central America and Mexico – an unforgiving place where the ancient Maya then and those today strive. Great information on the healing powers of the forests, and food; even some chants from indigenous Maya to help ward off illness such as the “Coati Mundi growling disease” (pg. 59-64).


Then we are suggesting June Nash’s Maya Visions: The quest for autonomy in an age of globalisation. This is a experience of the maya today. Like the plight of all indigenous people world-wide, this book discusses the struggles and the achievements and from the highland weavers and agriculturalists to the 1994 Zapatistas Chiapas revolution. Its intriguing and educational.


A Forest Of Kings: The Untold Story Of The Ancient Maya by Linda Schele and David Friedel, is a all-in-one reference book. This book we highly recommend for the novice and the professional Maya student or fan. It has everything. Most importantly, it has all faucets of the ancient Maya at its basic which makes i an easy, understandable and cooperative read. From the the mythological beginning of the civilisation to the story of the last King Can Ek of Mayapan – its all in here!

DSC05975A little worn, but its that good!

Linda Schele, David Friedel and Joy Parker write this awesome book – Maya Cosmos: Three Thousand years On The Shaman’s Path. This book is quite intriguing and riveting. It addresses the intense way the ancient Maya saw their world; their cosmovision. It discusses on the way the Maya centred their world and how both maya and Spaniard offered reverence to their spiritual leaders. On the one hand the ancient Maya gods (in effigy) and on the other, the Spaniards God (in the cross). This book is packed with imagery and art and descriptions of style and writing explanations. It truly brings some meaning into the fold of this great civilisation.


Lastly, we recommend Chronicles Of Maya Kings And Queens. A book by Simon Martin and Nicolai Grube. These guys walk into the ancient Maya past in the cities they built deep in ferocious jungle and read the writings on the wall. They then thread a story, albeit, in some situations in pieces. Their meticulous administration of every word string together a fluency in interpretation that brings to life names and dates of Kings and Queens who walked the land of cities like Tikal, Caracol, Copan, Naranjo and Palenque to name a few. �Kings such as Jasaw Chan K’awil of Tikal (aka “Lord Chocolate”). Lord �Yajaw Te’ K’inich 11, Lord Kan 1 of Caracol and Ix Chan Ajaw (Lady “6 Sky”) of Naranjo are brought to life in this massive collection of royalty. Oh yes, you need to check this out.


Happy reading!

Its time to come to Belize!

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