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The San Pedro Sun

Avian Adventures…on a Golf Cart!
Ambergris Caye is never short on surprises, and an afternoon golf cart ride can be one you may never forget. From breathtaking panoramas of the Caribbean Sea to lush and blooming flora, this is one of the best ways to explore and discover La Isla Bonita. A recent Sunday afternoon drive took us to the southern end of the island, where the less inhabited area lends lovely beachside views and its share of properties posted for sale which we fantasize about buying…SOMEDAY, sigh. While driving I’m always on the lookout for birds (who says you have to keep your eyes on the road?) and along the way we spot an enormous Osprey nest with a majestic parent standing sentinel nearby. Bonus!

Letter to the Editor: Garbage
Dear Editor: I thought I would share an observation with you. For the entire month in January I polled each visitor that came to our store. They were ALL asked the same two questions. I polled well over 100 TOURISTS. I was diligent in this. Question 1) What do you like best about Ambergris Caye? Question 2) What did you NOT like about your trip to Ambergris Caye? Two simple questions. The answers to question 1 varied as to their likes, but most stated they liked the friendly people here. BUT question 2 was the SAME answer from everyone! “The trash, the garbage everywhere” Some said they would not be back as we don’t seem to care about our island and how it leaves a bad impression for travelers. Some told me they had taken pictures of our garbage to post to TripAdvisor and to show friends so that others may want to choose another location to travel to. Others took pictures of the garbage along the beach and roads, the list went on, BUT it was the same answer from more than 100 travelers!!!

Wolfe’s Woofer: Wedding Prize
“This yard is starting to look terrible,” Sherry said. “We need to get it cut and raked.” “I like the way Mario takes care of it,” I said, “but he never answers his phone.” “Why don’t you go pick him up at home?” “O.K.” I said. “I’ll go over to see him after lunch.” When I reached Mario’s house he was on the porch with a small suitcase. “Hey, Mr. Dennis,” he said. “What’s up?” “Can you come chop the yard and rake it for me?” I asked. “Sure,” he said. “I just can’t do it today.” “How about tomorrow?” I asked.

Police Report
Possession of Controlled Drugs *On Monday, February 2nd at about 10:50AM, while San Pedro Police were conducting mobile patrol in the Boca Del Rio Area they stopped and searched one 19-year-old Henry Rodas. He was found in the possession of 26.11 grams of suspected cannabis. He was formally arrested and charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs. *On Wednesday, February 4th at about 7AM, San Pedro Criminal Investigation Branch and Special Branch personnel conducted a search at the residence of 31-year-old Nelson Acosta and 53-year-old Glenda Estrada in the San Mateo Area. The search led to the discovery of 1.8 grams of suspected cannabis. They were formally arrested and charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs

Doctor Love
Dear Doctor Love, We are having our first baby in three months. We have been planning a long time for this. We have everything we could possibly use in the first year. On this island baby showers are important to most people. We would like to get off without having a baby shower if we could but we know it would be very difficult. It’s just a fact that people are going to want to see the baby. It is traditional to bring a gift to a baby shower but we would like to avoid this if we can. Our apartment is tiny and we really don’t need anything. I thought maybe we could send out announcements for people to come see the baby and not say anything about a gift. Do you think that would be rude? Could it work for us? /s/ New Mom

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

SBDCBelize, Beltraide: DEVELOPING SALES SKILL WORKSHOP: Developing Your Sales Skills
Its no secret that selling has changes in recent years. This is an exciting and dynamic profession, yet it is one of the most underrated and misunderstood. This program is designed to help participants exhibit the traits of the new salesperson: competence, poise and honesty. Workshop location has been changed!! Workshops are now held at out BTEC Building on ITVet compound, Belize City. Includes a light snack and refreshment. PRICE: $30.00. Workshop Date: February 12th, 2015 Time: 9am to 12pm. You can find us at: University of Belize, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, West Landivar Telephone Number: 501-223-3195 Fax: 501-223-7427. Outline: The Art of Selling - Definitions, New Realities of Selling, Friendship and Salesmanship- Building Rapport, Benefits Sell- Features Help! Perfecting the Sales Pitch, Objections and Rebuttals, How to Handle Rejection/ Dealing with Sale rejection.

Universal Hardware Co. Ltd. is having its annual Friends & Family Sale Day in Spanish Lookout
On Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015 Universal Hardware Co. Ltd. is having its annual Friends & Family Sale Day in Spanish Lookout. Everything in the store will be on sale. Bigger discounts on Meilun Motorcycles, Sankey AC Units, Hunter Fans and much more. With every purchase you get tickets for fantastic raffles. Items that will be given away are: 100 Meilun Motorcycle, Sankey AC Unit, Generator, Trimmer and much more. Over $8000 in prizes. Food and drinks will be on sale. Opening hours for this Saturday Sale are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. if you are on central rd, at the big gas station, reimers, heading towards ferry, it is on way back to ferry about half mile on left, on hill. they also sell refurbished items.

Nuttall Ornithological Club
We were invited this past week by the Nuttall Ornithological Club ( ), the oldest Ornithological Club in the US, to present on our important work being done in Belize. We glady accepted. Here are some shots of our President, Roni Martinez, presenting at the lecture hall at Harvard University in Massachusetts to a very receptive and interested audience of club members.

Galen University Vehicle takes a wrong turn
It is not clear how this Galen University Wingle crashed into Officer Arzu's fence and yard. The incident took place in Benque Viejo Del Carmen in a yard adjacent to the BVO Polyclinic.

LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, February 8, 2015: First: 8954 Second: 5968 Third: 2763 Missing: 0, 1

Corozal Bay Sailing Club Feb 7-8 2015
Feb 8 - Happening Now! Corozal Bay Sailing Club Feb 7-8 2015 INVITATIONAL REGATTA. Today is a great day to bring the entire family out to Miami Beach in Corozal and enjoy this wonderful event. Lots and lots of fun!

Taking Place now at Miami Beach, Corozal Town. Corozal Bay Sailing Club Feb 7-8 2015 INVITATIONAL REGATTA.Come out and support. Remember tomorrow Sunday the regatta and fun continues.

Belizean Legends as a Belizean documentary series medium previewed some of the best films presented so far at the 25th. Annual Pan African Film Festival this year, picked the films Triangle: Going To America, on black immigration in the United States, Forward Ever, on the assasination of Caribbean political icon and the late Prime Minister of Grenada, Maurice Bishop, the Black Panthers, Vanguards of A Revolution, and Yureimei: Garifuna Homeland, as some of the best themes so far that finds a connection to the Belizean experience at home and abroad. The film Triangle: Going To America, that presents the theme of black immigration to many people who are more familiar with Latino immigration but have overlooked the plight of black immigrants to the shores of the United States. It features the struggle of Ethiopian Africans and their perilous journey to reach the United States in search of a better quality of life for their families at home. It immediately reflects on the theme of the Belizean immigrant, who are predominantly black, and who share the same stuggle with their African brothers and sisters who transgress acrooss many shores from Belize to reach a place of refuge to dry their tears so to speak.

Riverside cleanup campaign in Succotz Village by the FCD Environmental Youth Group
Youths are the future of Belize! Thank you guys for always being environmental stewards! Today's riverside cleanup was a success! Looking forward to a productive year; protecting our environment and most importantly keeping our rivers clean!

The Reporter

Ministry of Health to host field epidemiology training
The Ministry of Health, in the upcoming week, will hold a Field Epidemiology Training for its members who are responsible for surveillance of diseases and outbreaks. The training is the basic portion of a three-tier course which has an intermediate and advanced level. Those who complete the advanced level will receive a Master’s Degree in Field Epidemiology. The training will include topics such as Biostatistics, Laboratory and Epidemiological Methods, and Public Health Surveillance. It will also carry a management and leadership class. Lorna Perez, the training’s coordinator, explained that the intermediate and advanced levels are currently being conducted in Guatemala; and that currently she is the only one to have gone on to the advanced level.

Two knocked and killed near Belmopan
Two youths are dead and a Belomapn man has been charged with traffic-related offences that reportedly caused their deaths, including driving with an alcohol level above the prescribed limit. The accident happened at shortly before 2 a.m. on Saturday between miles 54 and 55 on the George Price Highway. Police say a black Mitsubishi Galant car, driven by Daniel Cunil, 24, of Nargusta Street, Belmopan, crashed head-on with a motorcycle on which Leonardo Ramos, 26, of Calle Las America Street, Salvapan Area, Belmopan City and Rigoberto Leon Cabrera, 17, of Saint Andrew’s Street, San Martin Area, Belmopan.

Guatemala volcano: Fuego eruption showers towns in ash
Scores of residents have been evacuated from their homes in southern Guatemala after the Fuego volcano erupted, the country’s president says. Clouds of black ash belched into the sky, while showers of rock and dust fell on to surrounding towns. The international airport in the capital Guatemala City was closed as result of the explosion, President Otto Perez said. It is expected to reopen later on Sunday, reports suggest. The Fuego volcano is about 25 miles south-west of the capital and stands 12,346 feet above sea level.

Patrick JonesPJ

Chabil Mar Resort Wins Outstanding Awards
Trip Advisor, the most widely used and highly respected travel site in the world has recognized Chabil Mar with some of the highest honors given to any resort. Chabil Mar is a resort located on the 26 mile coastline of Placencia Peninsula, not far from the village of Placencia, in the southern part of Belize. The resort has become a popular location for tourists because of its impeccable service, luxurious villas, and upscale amenities. Couples and families visit Chabil Mar for its romance, features, and activites. Chabil Mar’s awards include: • Top 10 Small Hotels in Belize • Top 10 Hotels for Romance in Belize • Top 10 Hotels for Best Service in Belize • Top 25 Hotels for Best Service in Central America • Top 25 Hotels for Romance in Central America • Top 25 Hotels in Central America


Garifuna Rhythm of Belize
Drumming on the beach, moving in time with junkanu dancers and eating heaping plates of mashed plantain soaked in coconut stew — more than likely these aren’t the experiences you imagine while planning a trip to Belize. In fact, you have to venture off the newbie trail, and head to the southern Stann Creek and Toledo Districts to experience Belize’s unique Afro-Caribbean Garifuna culture. November in the coastal towns and villages of southern Belize means one thing: the sound of Garifuna drums. But what do the rhythms of the drums mean and who are the people behind them? Though commonly referred to as “Garifuna”, these people are properly called “Garinagu” and the culture and language are “Garifuna”. The Garinagu are recent arrivals to Belize, settling the southern coast of Belize in the early 19th century. One of the smallest ethnic groups in the country, they make up just 4% of a total population of around 325,000. The epic story of the Garinagu begins in the early 1600’s on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

Belize’s 2nd Annual Harley-Davidson Rally: Bikers Parade in Belize City & Then Party in Caye Caulker
This one, the 2nd annual “Meet in the Middle” Rally, was organized even bigger and better. A whole weekend of parties and revving motorcycles. In Belize. A country where you can probably count the number of Harleys on your fingers and maybe one foot. I arrived in Belize City just as the parade around the city was getting started. This guy waved me over to sit on the back of his bike and I…moved too slowly. DANNNNNGGGGGG IT!

Star Wars
In every great story, whether of love or rebellion there are always 2 protagonists who need each other to make their story one with historical richness, infinite intrigue and timeless wonder. Such is the story of Tikal and Caracol – ancient Maya Cities that were massive in their size and power in the Central Maya Lowlands. The one great thing about these ancient American’s, among hundreds of awesome things, was the fact that their elite could write. Its as if there was a university where the children of all the nobility of the ancient Maya went to do graduate work. Some, perhaps, graduated with a doctorate by age 16 or 20 in their field – whether it was in astronomy, mathematics, logo graphic or logo syllabic writing, or even in the areas of trade and economics and war.

New Capacity-Building Project to provide support for CARIFORUM-EU EPA
Key partners involved in a new Capacity-building Project to support effective implementation of the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) met in Georgetown, Guyana on 19 January 2015, to chart the way forward. The Project, valued at €3,099,915, is financed from the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) Caribbean Regional Indicative Programme (CRIP). In part, the project will provide support to CARIFORUM States to implement commitments undertaken with respect to the CARIFORUM-EU EPA, and will help build capacity in all states. The areas identified for capacity building at the basic, intermediate and tertiary levels are Competition, Public Procurement and Customs and Trade Facilitation. The project’s overall objective is to support the beneficial integration of the CARIFORUM States into the world economy.

International Sourcesizz

1934, 1958, 1968, 1969, 1979 & 1995 Are Showing Up As Possible Analog Years For This Upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season
In reviewing the current data, including the overall weather pattern and the current/forecast ENSO state, there are a few past years that could be used to determine what this upcoming Atlantic hurricane season may or may not be like. As it is right now, we are locked in a pattern that consists of a large western US ridge of high pressure and a domineering trough of low pressure over the eastern United States. There are no signs of this pattern breaking anytime soon with plenty of cold and storminess expected across the eastern United States for at least the next 10 to 14 days, if not longer. In fact, the very, very long range guidance are pointing to a colder than average March in terms of temperatures across a good part of the eastern United States, as well as across the entire US Gulf Coast and the entire state of Texas. Bottom line is if you are in the eastern half of the United States, be prepared for at least another 5 to 6 weeks of cold and stormy weather.

Making a Difference: Buffalo doctor goes beyond healthcare for refugees
Dr. Myron Glick says his desire to go into medicine came from growing up a missionary kid in Belize, Central America. “So I, grew up as a missionary kid in Belize, in Central America, got the desire to be a doctor, thought that I would go back to a country like Belize someday after I got my training, but when I ended up in medical school in Buffalo, I realized that the poor weren’t treated that well here.” So nearly 20 years ago, Dr. Glick opened the Jericho Road Family Practice, aimed at improving the lives of the poor and refugee communities in Buffalo by giving them access to quality healthcare.


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