Counterfeit currency

The Belize Police Department today issued an advisory calling on business owners and vendors to be on the lookout for counterfeit currency.

This follows the discovery of fake twenty and fifty dollar notes.

Police say that on Friday morning they collected a total of seven counterfeit $20 notes from fruit vendors at the Michael Finnegan Market.

Police say that six of the notes all carried the same serial number: DL-28-76-55 and one had the serial number DL-18-31-56.

This afternoon, police say a teller at the Belize Bank on Albert Street handed over a counterfeit $50 note to them.

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Beware Counterfeit Bills

Business owners and vendors are being asked to exercise vigilance for counterfeit currency. According to the Belize City police, around eleven o’clock on Friday morning, they visited the Michael Finnegan Market where several fruit vendors handed over seven-twenty dollar bills with six notes having the same serial number: DL-two-eight-seven-six-five-five and one with serial number: DL-one-eight-three-one-five-six. And then again today at around one p.m., they were called out to the Belize Bank in downtown Albert Street, Belize City. There, a fifty dollar bill with serial number: DJ-seven-nine-two-four-three-four was also handed over to the police by a teller. All notes have since been confirmed to be counterfeit and business owners and vendors as well as residents are advised to be on the lookout for the fake money and to notify the police immediately when this occurs.

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