Lawrence Ellis was having lunch at Chon Saan Palace with a high-powered group of Mexican investors - led by Luis Carlos Urzua of the Merca Sol Group. His promoters say he is one of the first developers to get into Cancun and Cabo in the 80's and that he currently runs a human resources first which handles payroll for twenty thousand workers. And now he's interested in investing in tourism in Belize. Francisco Turu-eno and Urzua told us what they see in Belize:..

Francisco Turueno, Organizing Mex Investor Group
"We have detected that there are several fields that we can cooperate within the two countries, getting entrepreneurs from Mexico and Belize. We feel that right now it's the precise moment to look for opportunities within your country."

Luis Carlos Urzua, Merca Sol Group
"The environment should be in a different trend rather than mass tourism, but more focused in a selected European market that look for eco-friendly and extreme adventure tourism that might be less in the traffic or transit of visitors, but with a higher expense ticket. At this stage it's a scouting phase on the feasibility to really develop eco-tourism in certain areas of Belize."

The group met with Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington today and say they are looking for opportunities in tourism, education, and the medical field.

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Mexican Investors in the City

Luis Carlos Urzua Castillo

A large contingent of Mexican entrepreneurs is in Belize conducting high level meetings with government officials and local business owners. While conducting meetings, the team is also scouting Belize and seeking opportunities to invest in. Some of the areas they are looking to tap into include tourism and other business ventures. Today, the team, led by Luis Carlos Urzua Castillo, met with Minister Wilfred Elrington where a number of items were discussed. The team’s attorney said they are very much interested into tapping into business opportunities in Belize.

Luis Carlos Urzua Castillo, Investor (Translated)

“He is interested because in his previous experience he was involved in the education industry and tourism industry. He is one of the pioneers who developed Cancun many years ago, as well as Cabo San Lucas. He has this accumulated experience on how to develop the areas and those years of experience on how to develop the areas and all of those years of experience to get new models and concepts into this integrated model of education, health and tourism. Taking into consideration all of his accumulated experience, his main focus will be to look for these communication points between the two cultures; we are neighbors. The culture that we share and the geographical location and the potential that he sees in developing new ideas and new strategies to integrate these areas. He sees a lot of potential to in integrating these two concepts. The Minister is really interested into getting these business opportunities to be fostered. He is enthusiastic about the idea and he, together with Mr Urzua, that we should pursue three channels. The private investor channel- investors looking to invest in opportunities with local business men. The legislative channel- that is having the senators of Mexico communicating with your legislative branch to agree on legal documents that needs to be placed among the two countries. The executive diplomatic branch- in which he also thinks that the two embassies and ministers should also be fostering and getting into the agreements to see these things. The minister and Mr Carlos spoke about how we are so close regionally speaking but there is still some distance between us as neighbors and that with these new ideas this can help to close that relationship between the two countries.”

Castillo said he will be meeting with Ministers Heredia and Contreras, as well as local entrepreneurs and financial institutions.

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