There were a lot of fingers being licked at Estel's Dine by the Sea on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, as the popular island eatery was packed with patrons during their 4th Annual BBQ Ribs Cook-Off.

Needless to say the judging was one of the hardest things to do as the six BBQ grilling experts did an excellent job at seasoning and cooking their ribs to perfection. The competitors this year included Kevin Urbina, Rick Saager, Jim Gochenour, Randy Blanscet, Ali Rush and Charles Worthington.

Tickets sold out super quick and those who were late to the event could only stare at everybody licking the BBQ sauce off their fingers and imagining the taste of the smoky-flavored meat. Charles Worthington, of Estel's, was back at the grill this year defending his 1st place title for the second time in a row. Unfortunately it was not a three-peat for Charles as he was ousted to the second spot by Ali Rush who took the winning spot this year.

Judges Choice
1st – Ali Rush
2nd – Charles Worthington
3rd Tie – Rick Saager & Kevin Urbina

People’s Choice (120 voters)
1st – Rick Saager
2nd – Charles Worthington
3rd – Jim Gochenour

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Grill of my dreams: Bring on those ribs!
The fourth annual BBQ Cookoff at Estel’s Dine by the Sea is history and 120 rib-loving customers have spoken: Rick Saager of Oregon — a frequent visitor to Ambergris Caye — is the People’s Choice among the six talented barbecue chefs. For those of you keeping score, Rick’s ribs were the ones with the orange stick in them. There were six chefs in all. The cook-off is a fundraiser for the two-year-old Sunshine Scholarship Foundation which is dedicated to giving the island’s neediest children a fighting chance at an education. This past year, six children were helped and Isla Bonita School got 20 portable computers according to Eve Dirnback, co-founder of the organization with Joy Flowers. Last year, fresh to the island, Rose and I stumbled upon the cook-off. Too late to buy tickets we none-the-less had a great time soaking in the atmosphere and listening to a pick-up band of some of the island’s finest musicians. This year, we were ready for the ribs.

4th Annual Estel’s BBQ Rib Cook-Off Is A Screaming Success For Diners & Charity
Six grill masters, 7 judges, 120 tickets sold, two charities, everyone’s favorite beachside breakfast spot, a full band and a plateful of delicious ribs. Screaming success is the only way to describe it. I mean…look at this pic someone snapped of me helping Kelly McGuire auction off some of his stuff for charity. No I didn’t win…I was just having a great time! AND THE WINNERS! Judges’ Choices: 1. Ali (Blue) 2. Charles (Green) and 3. Rick (Orange) and Kevin (Purple) Tie Peoples’ Choices: 1. Rick (Orange) 2. Charles (Green) and 3. Jim (Yellow) Congratulations everyone. What a super fun day and $10bzd of each ticket went to the Sunshine Foundation.

Estel’s 2015 BBQ Cook-Off tantalizes island taste buds!
It may have been a competition for the best BBQ, but the clear winners were certainly the 120+ sets of taste buds that got to enjoy some finger-licking BBQ at Estel’s on Tuesday, February 10th! The fourth annual BBQ Ribs Cook-off saw sold-out tickets and lots of delicious ribs being enjoyed on a gorgeous Tuesday. Competitors were Kevin Urbina, Rick Saager, Jim Gochenour, Randy Blanscet, Ali Rush and Charles Worthington (the champion two years in a row). Smoky, tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs seasoned and grilled to perfection – what more could one want on a beach on Ambergris Caye?! Well, bragging rights of course! According to the judges, the clear winner was Ali Rush – who ousted Charles Worthington from his reign. A good-natured Charlie said “It was getting hard being on top!” as the crowd applauded Ali’s win. Charles still took second place, and he was followed closely behind by third place ties Rick Saager and Kevin Urbina.