Emory King was a Belizean historian, author and journalist. He served the nation of Belize in a number of capacities, including as National Film Commissioner.

In 1953, at the age of 22, King and a group of friends sailed south from the United States on a yacht and were shipwrecked off the coast of Belize, due to the barrier reef. After recovering, King elected to stay.

King found work with the ruling People's United Party, becoming especially close to leader George Price, and becoming a columnist/editor for the Belize Times in the 1970s. Also at that time King was named Film Commissioner; he was responsible for bringing several documentaries and films to Belize, working with both the predecessors of Belize's two television stations: Great Belize Television and Tropical Vision Limited. King also had bit parts in several movies produced in Belize, for more see Great Belize Television's article.

King also wrote several books, both historical and personal. Among them are Emory King's Drivers' Guide to Belize, The Great Story of Belize series, and others.

King married his wife Elisa King and had several children, one of whom, Alex, predeceased him. He also had several grandchildren.

King died from complications due to cancer on August 14, 2007 at his home in Tropical Park on the Western Highway, east of Hattieville.