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The San Pedro Sun

Jennifer Mefford donates to Holy Cross
Jennifer Mefford decided to donate her lucky earnings from the National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl XLIX to Holy Cross Anglican Primary School. While enjoying the Super Bowl at Lola's Sports Bar, Mefford participate in a Super Bowl Squares Competition, where to her surprise she won $500. She decided the money should be used for a worthy cause and as such donated it to Holy Cross to be used in the schools feeding program. Way to go Jennifer! The faculty, staff and students of Holy Cross extend a big thank you to Jennifer Mefford on her kind donation.

Immer Perez loses court case against The Split Landowners
The Belize Supreme Court has ruled against Immer Perez in the land dispute of Emerald Point, better known as The Split in Caye Caulker Village. Perez, owner of Lazy Lizard Bar and Grill which was located on the Split, and lease-holder of the area, was in a legal battle against Emerald Point landowner, Dan Nichols. Perez has now been mandated to relocate within 20 days' time and his liquor license has been annulled. The dispute started back in August 2014 when Perez was presented with a 90-day notice that he must leave the premises on Emerald Point because it was sold. His lease stated that if the land was sold then the lease would terminate, but Perez found out that the land was never sold. The lease, which was valid up until May 31, 2018, was still legal and as such Perez refused to evacuate The Split. The problem escalated in November 2014 when he was forcefully and apparently illegally evicted along with all his belongings off the premises.

Local Tour Guides participate in Dive Safety Seminar
Several local tour guides from San Pedro participated in a Dive safety Seminar on Monday, February 9th at the Isla Bonita Yacht Club conference room. The seminar is part of a dive accident prevention campaign being carried out by Sub-aquatics of Belize Limited via the Hyperbaric Chamber Clinic. Participants received vital knowledge on Decompression Illness (DCI) from two members of the International Sub-aquatics Safety Services (SSS) Chamber Network: Paul Cunliffe, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, and Netzahualcoyotl Segundo, Emergency Medical System (EMS) Dive Medical Technician (DMT). The seminar included information on how tour guides should deal with dive accidents, including the signs of DCI and how to provide first aid to affected divers. "This a part of our service to the community and the chamber, as it is a soft session on dive accidents management training. The seminar will improve awareness and safety in diving. We will highlight the services that are provided by the chamber. It's important that all tour guides are aware of the general information involved in DCI to ensure that immediate treatment is given. Simple steps can be taken before the diver is taken to the chamber to ensure he/she makes a full recovery," said Cunliffe.

The San Pedro Belize Red Cross hosts successful First Aid/CPR Training and Blood Drive
The San Pedro Belize Red Cross (SPBRC) is pleased to report much success in their first two events for 2015. These events included a First Aid/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training held on Thursday, January 29th and a blood drive held on Saturday, February 7th. Recently appointed co-leaders of the SPBRC Health Committee, Sue Barkhouse and Joann Reilly were in charge of organizing the events.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Now introducing Belizean Actress Shantay Reyes from the new Movie $TATE$
An exclusive interview with Shantay Reyes with dA Net-Work Magazine: A lot of people still haven't heard of the country Belize or think Belize is in South America. What do you think can be done to put Belize on the map? Shantay Reyes: My opinion on this is that Belizeans as a whole should be a little more united. I think if, as a country, the citizens of Belize help each other, the country itself will be more recognized. dA Net-Work Magazine: In your own words, how would you describe the movie $TATE$ and why do you think other people should come see it? Shantay Reyes: REAL! The movie shows what people go through in reality. People should want to see the movie because I'm in it. Duh! I know one way or another, someone can relate to the movie. dA Net-Work Magazine: How did you get involved with the movie $TATE$ and what have you done to make your friends and family aware of this project? Shantay Reyes: I was approached by Jah about having a role in the movie and of course I couldn't say no to him, lol. Honestly, I kept the movie a secret to friends and a few family members. Well, I don't want to say a secret, but I just didn't announce it. I'm more of a person who's going to do and tell later when everything is done.

Little Belize Offers a Lot (Including Tax Advantages)
Among other benefits, those in the program can import household goods and vehicles (cars less than three years old, a boat, or a light plane) tax-free within a year of approval. They are also exempt from paying any tax on income or investments generated outside Belize. The couple brought in a shipping container's worth of household goods to start their new life near Bullet Tree Falls Village, just outside San Ignacio, the regional capital of the Cayo District. This region in the interior is known for its jungle, mountains, and agriculture. The couple's North American-style house, which includes a large courtyard and swimming pool, sits on a double lot near a narrow river. A solar power system, which cost $65,000, enables them to be completely off-grid.

Western Ballaz Defeat Tiger Sharks
The Western Ballaz defeated the Tiger Sharks last night. The final quarter saw the Ballaz up, and as the clock ran out, the gap was erased. The Tiger Sharks hit three 3 pointers within a minute. With under a minute to go, the Ballaz took it to a 3 point lead. The 4th 3 point shot never made it. Congratulations, Western Ballaz! You are the greatest!

The Reporter

Family receives death threats from extortionist
Police in the Stann Creek district are investigating a series of death threats that a family has received from someone who has demanded money from them. According to police, the threats started on the night of January 29th when Nelson Folgar, 37, a Honduran-born supervisor of Bella Vista Village, Stann Creek received a threatening phone call. Folgar told police the man who called from an unidentified number said that one of Folgar's family members would be killed if he did not come up with $15,000. A second threat came on Thursday afternoon when Folgar's sister-in-law found a note making the same demand and threat. The note indicated the family had 72 hours in which to provide the money.

COLA's Penner appeal case starts in Supreme Court
Former Minister of State, Elvin Penner, will have to appear in the Belize Supreme Court after Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin started to hear the appeal by COLA, the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action on Friday. The CJ will deliver his ruling on whether Belmopan Magistrate, Aretha Ford erred in her judgement that Penner had no case to answer in July of 2014. Penner, charged with immigration offences for having allegedly facilitated the issuance of a Belizean passport to Kim Wong Hong, a South Korean who was in a Chinese jail at the time when the passport was issued in September of 2013. Although Penner himself was absent in court, his new attorney, Trecia Pitts Anderson informed the court that she had just been retained two days prior and requested an adjournment to prepare for the case.

Crash between freight train and bus leaves 16 dead in Mexico
At least 16 people have been killed and 30 others injured in a collision between a freight train and a bus at a level crossing in northern Mexico. Pictures showed the bus split in half by the force of the crash, in the town of Anahuac in Tamaulipas state. Local reports said the driver of the bus may have ignored the stop light at the crossing. The bus was reported to have been carrying about 60 passengers although it only had seating for 40. A statement by the train's operator, Kansas City Southern de Mexico, confirmed there had been "a lamentable accident" at about 17:25 (23:25 GMT) on Friday.

The Belize Times

Ready For Victory!!!!
Over 2,000 supporters turned out to stand shoulder to shoulder with PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca and the PUP Belize City Council team"][/caption] The venerable blue machine of the People's United Party revved its engine to high gear in all municipalities countrywide as Nomination Day was held for municipal election candidates in all towns and cities. The images of the marches that simultaneously began throughout the country around 9:30 on Wednesday February 11th morning were powerful. It showed large crowds and long lines of stalwart supporters who came out to show their support for People's United Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca and the candidates who are contesting the upcoming municipal elections. In Belize City, led by Mayoral Candidate Yolanda Schakron, the team was surrounded by leaders from the various constituencies in Belize District and over 2,000 loyal supporters. They ecstatically walked, marched and danced up Vernon Street, unto Central American Boulevard and then on Mahogany Street, where they gathered in front of the Charles Hyde Building to take part in the official nomination process. Inside they met with Elections and Boundaries officials who supervised and completed the nominations.

UDP CitCo will raise taxes - Leaked memo reveals vehicle licensing and traffic penalties will be doubled, tripled and quadrupled
Mayor Darrell Bradley and his band of lazy and do-nothing UDP Councillors have been secretly considering imposing significant increases to traffic fees and penalties for the already tax-burdened city residents, according to a Belize City Council memo leaked to the BELIZE TIMES. The memo was reportedly prepared and introduced for review at a City Council meeting in mid-2014. The document is titled "Suggestive Price list for Traffic Offences" and contains the Council's plans to increase various fees by large sums. The document lists up to 57 traffic violations, several of them first-time heard of, that fall under the proposed sky-high fines. For example, the Council plans to hike the fine for "Using motor vehicle without mud wings" from $25.00 to a whopping $200, which is an increase of 800%. Another example is "Fail to stop engine of stationary vehicle", which will go from $25.00 to a staggering $50.00, an increase of 100%.

Yolanda Schakron - FOR THE PEOPLE!! - Darrell Bradley calls proposal for scholarship fund "STUPID"
The difference between Yolanda Schakron and Darrell Bradley was very clear for all to see when UDP Mayor Bradley attacked Mrs. Schakron's noble idea that her entire salary will be used to finance a scholarship fund. At the PUP's Belize City manifesto launch on Saturday, February 7th, Mrs. Schakron unveiled that her personal pledge to the city is to give up her salary in order to get an education scholarship fund going for the children of Belize. Mrs. Schakron has been a successful business woman for over twenty years. She explained that through her business she has been assisting children every year through an education programme that provides funding to support their studies. Throughout the campaign for City Council election over the past months she has seen the high levels of poverty in the city and in particular the level of inequity in the access to education among our young people. She said she believes that providing more support to education would assist in the alleviation of poverty that exists in Belize City.

UDP Politics as Usual´┐Ż
In terms of this crime thing, can we realistically expect 2011 to be any different from 2010? Can we expect a decrease in murders, in home invasions, in assaults, in robberies and shootings and thefts? The government has offered nothing different from 2010 - no new initiatives, no new agenda, no new plans, no bold, visionary ideas. There is nothing new coming out of the Ministry of Police, nothing new coming out of the Police Department. Operating Restore Belize is still putt-putting merrily along on the wings of a song. Poverty is increasing apace, as is unemployment. Frustration and desperation are heading on up. There have been no social programs offered and no move to address the school dropout rate. There is still no state of the art forensic/DNA lab which Mr. Barrow promised something like three years ago. He continues to promise the lab periodically but still nothing. That's all we've gotten from this government - NOTHING. The Minister of Police did his media thing the other day but while he may be cute (or not) we were given NOTHING concrete, nothing to base our hopes for better on. So far 2011 isn't looking all that great´┐Ż

The Prime Minister, like his Belize City Mayor, cannot keep his mouth shut. Even when he is wrong, outrageous and disgraceful. On Nomination Day, Wednesday 11 February 2015, he had to be himself. Never mind he looked frail, drawn up and run- down. He forced his weak voice to make disgraceful comments about the personal family tragedy of an elected member of the House of Representatives. Trying to squeeze political mileage from the Dr. Mendez matter, the Prime Minister ranted about the need for the doctor to resign his seat. He even dragged in the Leader of the Opposition by suggesting enough was not done to force a resignation. Excuse us Prime Minister, but how dare you? Your remarks are out of order and they are inexcusable. You know fully well that Dr. Mendez's matter is before the courts. As an attorney you know how improper it is to make such comments and pass judgement on a matter not yet decided in court. As a Prime Minister you, of all persons, should be the last one to be uttering such comments.

Louisiana girls are national basketball champs
The Louisiana Government School girls from Orange Walk Town won the national primary schools basketball championships at Birds Isle on Friday, February 6th. The Sugar City girls won 37-5 over the St. Peter Claver RC School girls with Eloisa Moreno scoring 14 points, and Aaliyah Leiva adding 11 points, while PG's Normalee Gomez scored 3 points. In 3rd place, the Sacred Heart RC School girls won 10-5 over the BES girls with Shannel Thomas scoring 6 points while BES' Allyana Musa scored 5 points. National Sports Council coordinator, Kaya Cattouse, presented team trophies and individual medals to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, while the Most Valuable Player award went to Sugar City's Aaliyah Leiva.

SCA advances to football nationals
The St. Catherine's Academy girls will represent the Central Division at the high school football championships on February 20-21, after winning the finals 2-0 over the defending champs, the Gwen Lizarraga High School girls, at the MCC grounds on Saturday. SCA's Shevonie Crawford created the plays for Gabriela Mendoza to score the 1st and 2nd goals against Gwen Liz's goalie Loretta Cadle. SCA's Jennifer Estrada, Jody Pott and Jada Myvett looked to increase the lead, while Gwen Liz's Essenie Ciego, Vivica Young and Landisha Saldano sought to get on the scoreboard, but the long whistle sounded to a 2-0 win.

Belize Bank Bulldogs win softball champs
The Belize Bank Bulldogs repeated as champs of the 7th annual Charles Solis Memorial softball tournament at the Rogers Stadium in Belize City on Sunday. The Belize Bank ladies walloped the Cayo district champs, Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy, 8-7 in Game 6, the championship final. Belize Bank's Marsha Wills and Sharette Vernon came home in the 1st inning, and winning pitcher Ashley Lucas made it 3-0 in the 2nd inning.

Mek WHO Rich??? - Curtis Swasey claims his "Mek Mi Rich" idea was illegally replicated by not normal Belizeans
Belizean entrepreneur Curtis Swasey is taking Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) to court for alleged breach of contract in a claim that involves the alleged misappropriation of intellectual property. Swasey claims that the idea of the "Mek Mi Rich" lottery draw is his. He explained in court files that in January 2012, he had approached marketing representatives and shared the concept for a lottery draw program which can be accessed exclusively by BTL customers. According to Swasey, he signed an Information Exchange Agreement with BTL reps which contained a two-year period of non-disclosure in the event the agreement would be terminated. He said that since 2012, he has been in dialogue with BTL reps on the program. Throughout that time, he reportedly provided training and had discussions about implementation. On August 7, 2014, BTL abruptly wrote Swasey informing that they would not accept his proposal. However, a few weeks later a lottery draw initiative and game show called "Mek Mi Rich" was introduced to the public by a private company with BTL as their partners.

WOMAN IN THE HOUSE - Striking A Balance
In 2005, which amazingly is all of ten years ago, I was invited by the Commonwealth Secretariat to be a member of a group of international Observers for the elections in Tanzania in East Africa. We attended a briefing at the Commonwealth Office in London before flying to Kenya, then on to Tanzania that October. As it turned out the elections on the mainland were postponed. However, the Zanzibar elections proceeded as planned. Zanzibar is semi-autonomous and has two main Islands - Unguja and Pemba. My colleague, Christiana Thorpe from Sierra Leone, and I were deployed along with two Commonwealth staffers to the northern island of Pemba. Pemba is beautiful and lush. It is the more rustic of the Zanzibar islands, and it specializes in the production of cloves and other spices. Almost all the population are Muslim in their faith. The topic of this piece is how do we strike a balance in women's attire between revealing clothing, or a lack thereof, and what is appropriate and acceptable culturally. We were three weeks in Tanzania/Zanzibar, and I was intrigued by the brightly colored kangas (from the Swahili word 'ku-kanga' - to wrap) of the women and the very modest attire of people there. Women were well-clothed, covered, and beautiful. The varieties and loveliness of fabric were a joy. On returning home, I was driving on Central American Boulevard, and there I saw two young women strolling in their back-out blouses and very hot pants. For me it was a bit of culture shock in reverse. What a lot of skin was showing!

A Government that Tramples on the Constitution
Dear Editor, When a leader cannot protect and wantonly tramples the Constitution which is the Supreme Law of the land, he should no longer remain in government. Belize is currently led by such an arrogant leader. The PM doesn't allow the 13th Senator; and doesn't allow PAC to function, undermining the important layers of check and balance. The President of the Senate voted unconstitutionally against an Inquiry Bill proposed by the Business Senator; while the "guardian" of transparency Minister Godwin Hulse should have abstained from voting on his principled beliefs, yet he voted. This was during the Penner passport/nationality scandal. Hulse, interestingly, was also the one who allowed Penner, who was not the substantive Minister of Immigration, to sign the infamous and scandalous passport and certificate of nationality to the Korean national who was in jail in Taiwan and had never set foot on Belizean soil.

Public Transportation: A Backward Industry
Dear Editor, It's a frustrating scenario with nothing being done to alleviate it. The current bus schedule and the amount of buses running are clearly not meeting the public's demand. A "herd" of people waiting in congestion at the bus terminal for ONE bus that cannot accommodate all of them is the daily struggle. It becomes a situation of "Survival of the Fittest" where people run, push and curse each other just so they can get in the bus. All respect for grandma, grandpa and children is thrown out the window as they are pushed and shoved around in all the commotion. The number of standees and people that get left behind can easily fill another bus or two but no extra buses are sent. How difficult can it be for the Ministry and bus companies to solve this issue? Terminal Management is a waste of time and resources! Their duties seem to be opening and closing the terminal gate, writing down bus arrival and departure time just for the sake of it, cursing the standees to get off the bus and calling the police when they refuse to do so. Terminal Management should be gathering vital information and making daily reports on the amount of seats available when a bus arrives (since most buses arrive at the terminal almost full), the amount of people waiting at the terminal, the amount of standees, and the amount of people that get left behind. They should have the authority to call the bus company to request an additional bus to be sent within 15 minutes to accommodate the people left behind.

"Let's follow the money!" - PUP Mayoral Candidate Yolanda Schakron's Open Letter to Mayor Darrel Bradley
Dear Mayor Bradley, The financial statements of the Belize City Council for 2014 leave many questions unanswered under your management. You stated that the $1.3million in legal fees and professional fees under the Office of the Mayor was due to the various lawyers the Council have on retainer. Then subsequently in another interview, you have stated that $1.2million of the amount was for the judgment ordered by the courts on the settlement of the BWC court case against the City Council - not lawyers on retainers. But a basic accounting principle is that any arrears for a specific item would have been recorded as such- an arrear that is in effect what the judgment payment for BWC is. They are not legal fees. Sanitation is recorded as sanitation, and a legal fee as legal. 1. It is our understanding that the Auditors for the 2011/ 2012 Financial Statements gave an Adverse Opinion on the financials because they were not satisfied with millions of accounts receivables and monies owing that they could not find sufficient evidence to satisfy themselves as to the true amount. Who was the previous auditor of the 2013 financial statements? Will you say what is the reason they have not issued an opinion on that audit? Why would you proceed with the audit of 2014 if the previous audit has not been qualified?

Patrick JonesPJ

Rotary Park in Santa Elena town undergoing renovation
A new set of playground equipment is on the way for installation at the Rotary Park in Santa Elena town, Cayo. The equipment is coming from Canada and will be installed over the course of two days, on March 7 and March 8. To make way for the new equipment, members of the San Ignacio Rotary Club were out at the park on Saturday morning to put in "sweat equity" as the preparation of the Rotary Park for the major upgrade is well underway. With shovels in hand, wheelbarrows at the ready, a backhoe on hand and a dump truck filled with sand, the Rotarians went to work on a bright, sunny and warm Saturday morning ripping up old concrete slabs and carting them away.

Hattieville man dies weeks after being shot
Three weeks after he was wounded in a shooting incident in Hattiville village, 28 year old Eugene Pitts has died. Someone opened fire at a party on the night of January 25 in Hattieville village, injuring him to the midsection and damaging his internal organs. Pitts had been hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial in Belize City until he died of a heart attack on Thursday night. Police have still not made an arrest for the shooting and the case has now been upgraded to a murder investigation.

Prime Minister: Dr. Mendez must resign
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has joined the chorus of opponents of Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, area representative for Orange Walk East, who faces serious charges of aggravated sexual assault with two young women who were minors at the time the incident was alleged to have taken place to resign from his position immediately. While his party, the People's United Party, have suspended him from party activity and he has already declared that he will not stand in the next general election, his opponents have demanded much more. His immediate resignation would trigger a by-election in the constituency.


As previously mentioned in an earlier blog, we hadn't decided whether to buy or rent a golf cart. After shopping around to 4 different rental companies, we pulled the trigger and rented this gem at a great rate! It possesses all 3 requirements we insisted it have - good tires, a windshield and SPEED! Many of the golf carts down here can be passed up, quite easily, by the likes of my grandmother. And she uses a walker. This golf cart has some pep! We were now able to run the errands for large and heavy items that we couldn't possibly have done on foot. First things first, we hit Bowen & Bowen (the beverage distributor) for two 5 gallon bottles of water, a case of Fanta Club Soda and, my favorite item, a water dispenser with a stand! It's the little things, I guess. With a golf cart loaded to it's maximum, it made sense to drop this stuff off at home before heading out on more errands.

The Conflict of Interest Regime in Belize
Proposals from the National Plan of Action By: Geraldo Flowers, Ph.D. Introduction Belize ratifies Inter-American Convention Against Corruption on August 02, 2002. The Belizean Attorney General's Ministry and the OAS signed an MOU to develop the National Plan of Action Against Corruption in June of 2007. The Draft Plan of Action was produced in June 2009 and can be found at A Draft Plan of Action Workshop was held in March 2010 in Belize with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to review the Plan of Action and provide input. Belize's legal-institutional system was borne out of the British colonial experience. Section 2 of the Imperial Laws (Extension) Act, Chapter 2, provides that, "2(1) Subject to the provision of this or any other Act, the common law of England and all Acts in abrogation or derogation or in any way declaratory of the common law passed prior to 1st January 1899, shall extend to Belize."

Belize Mexico Border
I. BOUNDARY BRIEF The Belize-Mexico boundary is approximately 250 kilometers (155 miles) long. Inland from the Boca Bacalar Chico on the Caribbean coast, it extends through the Chetumal Bay for about 81 kilometers (50 miles) to the mouth of the Hondo (Rio Hondo). The boundary follows the thalweg of the Hondo and Blue Creed (Rio Azul) upstream to the meridian of Garbutts Fall. It then follows this median southward to the tripoint with Guatemala on the parallel of 17´┐Ż49′ North. II. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The British Bay Settlement was established in the area which is now Belize1in 1638. By the Treaty of Madrid of 1670, Spain accorded recognition to the de facto British possessions in the Caribbean area, but it did not accept Great Britain's contention that the terms of the treaty included the Bay Settlement.

Maritime Areas Act of 1992
An Act to make provision with respect to the Territorial Sea, Internal Waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone of Belize; and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto of 24 January 1992 National legislation - DOALOS/OLA - United Nations BE IT ENACTED, by and with the advice and consent of the House of Representatives and the Senate of Belize and by the authority of the same, as follows: PART I PRELIMINARY Short Title and commencement 1. (1) This act may be cited as the Maritime Areas Act, 1992 (2) This Act shall come into operation upon such date as the Minister may by Order published in the Gazette appoint. Interpretation 2. In this Act: "baseline" means the baseline from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured as described in Section 4; "equidistance line", as between Belize and an adjacent State, means a line every point of which is equidistant from the nearest point of the baseline of the "exclusive economic zone" means the exclusive economic zone of Belize as described in Section 6 and, to the extent that Section 7 applies, as delimited pursuant to Section 7; "foreign vessel" means a vessel that is not registered as a Belizean ship under the Registration of Merchant Ships Act, 1989 (Belize) (Act. No. 32 of 1989); "foreign State" means a State other than Belize;

The Top Most Romantic Places in Belize
I'm not an expert in destination weddings or honeymoon getaways but there's something that is clear to me´┐ŻBelize is special´┐ŻBelize is magical´┐ŻBelize is perfect for romance. I have been all over Belize and have worked in the tourism industry for years and through that experience I have encountered many couples vacationing in Belize and wouldn't stop raving about Belize. Time after time, they would repeat to me that they were fortunate to travel to Belize, choosing an adventure destination is a fun bonding experience. Here are eight places I recommend for a unforgettable romantic vacation: El Secreto, Hamanasi Resort, Roberts Grove, Cayo Espanto, Ka'ana Resort, The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Matachica Beach Resort, Victoria House.

Why Buy Real Estate in Belize
Belize is a great investment in real estate. Why not own a tangible asset outside the U.S. in a country with great investment fundamentals? It's an English speaking country and only two hours from the U.S., and less expensive than other Caribbean countries, since it is relatively undiscovered. For that reason, the values are going up. Nowhere else can you find such pristine natural resources in an area that has been a well-kept secret for so many years, until now. Move to Belize.

Manatees and Monkeys - Nicole shares her experiences as a Wildtracks volunteer
I first read about Wildtracks on Facebook this summer, a post about the manatee calves shared by a friend of a friend. It seemed like fortunate timing since I was already planning a trip to Central America so I sent an application, thinking that it sounded like a great place volunteer. It was my first time volunteering abroad, first time in Belize, and first time working with animals other than dogs and cats so I set off with no real idea what to expect. And I loved it. I was leaning toward working with the manatees when I arrived and that's where I started out. My very first day I got to swim with each of them: Rhamases, Khaleesi, Mitch, and Lucky. It was an amazing experience to get to see manatees up close and get to know their personalities. After a couple days I got to start learning how to prepare Rhamases meals: about three bottles, four times a day, and buckets upon buckets of seagrass. This boy has a very healthy appetite! I also helped collect seagrass by swimming or canoeing out into the middle of the lagoon and picking the grass off the seafloor. Rhamases definitely keeps the volunteers busy with this, usually eating at least two five-gallon buckets each day.

Guests having fun in Placencia, Belize! Check out these pics....
If you want to get excited about a trip somewhere warm (BELIZE!!!) what better way than to enjoy pictures of other people having fun? Our Cleveland friends just left and we had the time of our lives. I am sure the rest of the group is as exhausted as I am after 10 days of nonstop fun :). I already posted the first few days of is the rest of their trip!! First picture of the whole group, with Lacey! Coconut drinks on the beach..... Some beach fun.... She let the beach dogs lick her face. Not recommended.

Northern Belize is Filled with Amazing Wildlife
Northern Belize consists of Corozal District on the coast and Orange Walk District located inland. Corozal is in the very northern edge of Belize, closer to Mexico, while Orange Walk is southwest and closer to the middle of Belize. You'll find an abundance of wildlife which attracts many tourists every year to this region. In northern Belize, you will find all five species of wildcat: Jaguar, Puma, Margay, Ocelot, and Jaguarundi. There are two species of monkeys here: the howler and the spider monkey found living in trees. Other wildlife typical of the area include: White-tailed deer, the grey fox, armadillo, opossum, and the kinkajou. You'll also find different lizards, such as the anole and the rainbow ameiva. There are over 200 kinds of trees and 250 kinds of orchids found in this region.

International Sourcesizz

Cathedral raises money for Belize child care home
A BD375 donation has been given to the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Home in Belize on behalf of the congregation of St Christopher's Cathedral. The money was raised during last year's Christingle service, where the theme was "children helping children". Bahrain resident and volunteer Yvonne Trueman raises money for the orphanage in Belize to commemorate the death of her helicopter pilot son, who used to work with the children more than two decades ago.

Where to Go in 2015: Frommers' picks reflect celebrations, sustainability, value
Travel experts Arthur and Pauline Frommer, publishers of the famed Frommer Travel Guides and hosts of a long-time "Travel Show" on radio, offered their list of places to go in 2015 during the New York Times Travel Show. "We polled our contributors - journalists - we hire people in destinations we're writing about - to produce this list of top places you should go in 2015," Pauline said. "We believe destinations like fine wines, years when they are better than other years." There are also some destinations they recommend on the list as a "see it now before it is destroyed" and others they recommend because tourism can be a salvation, sustaining a community under siege economically, environmentally and culturally. Belize is one of the most life affirming destinations on the planet - wonderful for families - consider it a place that has everything: like Costa Rica, it has pristine jungles, beautiful beaches, fabulous water sports, but unlike Costa Rica, it also has cultural riches (Costa Rica is more of a nature destination). Belize has Mayan temples, caves that were used by the Mayans for human sacrifice. Actun Tunichil Muknal (the Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre), also known locally as Xibalba or ATM, near San Ignacio, Cayo District- I did it with my daughters and to this day, it is still their favorite adventure - you swim into the cave, and at one point, take off shoes, and walk in your socks over a calcified floor where there are ancient Mayan pots that can't be moved because they are embedded, and next to pots are skulls and skeletons from human sacrifice. You feel like Indiana Jones. We also rappelled down cliffs.

Forbes 20 Best Foreign Retirement Havens For 2015
Belize: The sole Central American country with English as the main language is a warm outdoor paradise of barrier reef diving, fishing, boating and beach. Belize aggressively courts retirees with a Qualified Retired Persons program offering permanent residency, and the cost of living is modest. Popular spots for retirees include Ambergris Caye (pictured), an island 35 miles northeast of Belize City. Health care away from Belize City can be spotty, but Miami is just a two-hour plane ride away.


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  • Angry barracuda attacks - Gopro HD - Belize, 1min. In the course of a group dive at Half Moon Caye off Belize, I'm being threatened by this lone maniac who got upset when it realized I was filming without its permission. My only shield against the evil beast: the Gopro.