Name: Dr. Giovanni Sol�rzano
Representing Party: PUP

Why are you running, and what makes you a good Mayoral candidate?

I am running because I love my island, and I am confident that I can serve the residents of San Pedro in all aspects. San Pedranos can rest assured that if I am elected my leadership will be inclusive of every single person in the island, for the socio-economic betterment of all.

Which portfolio would you like to fulfill and why? The portfolio of the mayor is not limited to one aspect, as frontrunner my job would be to ensure that all departments of the council run as efficiently as possible, for the development of the municipality. Financial accountability and transparency would be a priority.

Name: Daniel Guerrero
Representing Party: UDP

Why are you running again?

I believe that progress must continue and it will only happen under a UDP government. There are several other projects that are in the pipeline that will bring more development to the island I call home. These developments can only happen under visionary an experience leadership. Over the past years, we worked tirelessly to accomplish what we embarked on, which was a transformation of the island� For this to continue there must be continuity in good leadership.

Which portfolio (s) have you held? What would you consider your greatest accomplishments within those portfolios?

During my three years, I held the portfolios of Finance, Economic Development and Foreign Relation. During the last year, Culture was added to this list of responsibilities. One of the biggest accomplishments in these portfolios was being able to manage the finances in a responsible manner. For that reason, we were able to invest more in areas of education, by helping schools in several of their needs identified by the various administrators of the schools. We are also able to allocate funds to help the police in many areas including the acquisition of a vehicle to help in crime prevention. We were able to assist our social partners in the area of sports, NGOs and other groups as well as our citizenry with their medical needs. Thanks to our responsible financial management, for the first time, cultural exposure, it contributes to the tourism product we offer to our visitors. We were able to do more in infrastructure improvement, investing over $2 million in road rehabilitation.

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