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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Stretch it out with Pilates at Zen Arcade
Zen Arcade offers a variety of classes throughout the day, including Yoga and Pilates, Guided Meditation, and more. I was convinced by a friend to take a Pilates class with the bubbly and energetic instructor Rose Alcantara. Saturday at 10AM, on the rooftop of the Zen Arcade building. Ambitious, I cycled to Zen then climbed the two flights of stairs to meet the rest of the gang for some core workout. This is not your average bedroom practice people. A combination of cardio and stretching, Saturday's class is more invigorating and designed to leave you sweating and breathing heavy! Each one of us was assigned a card with a move to practice for two minutes, followed by a minute of heart-pumping free-style movements. I saw Adam dancing, Ruthie shaking her thang, and I tried some jumping jacks and squats before just wiggling my booty like them. What fun!

San Pedro and Bacalar take first steps towards Sister City Relationship
The letter of intent was signed under the prospective of a lateral relationship between the two communities to foster integrity and sincerity in both municipalities. The privileges of the agreement will facilitate a beneficial relationship between Mexico and Belize, specifically, between Bacalar and San Pedro. In order for the intent to develop into the actual Sister City relationship, both municipalities need to create conditions to promote the exchange of tourism, agriculture, sports, health and other sectors of main concern. "I would like to thank the community of San Pedro for allowing us the opportunity to visit this island. While here on the island, we have received nothing but hospitality and warm welcomes. We have paved the pathway to unite our two beautiful communities. History proves that Belize and Mexico has always had an outstanding relationship, and we will continue to keep it that way. Our communities are very similar in culture and traditions. We hope that the signing of this document will only strengthen those bonds even more," said Mayor Contreras M�ndez.

Meet your San Pedro Mayoral Candidates
Name: Dr. Giovanni Sol�rzano Representing Party: PUP. What do you understand to be the responsibility of the Mayor and town council? What do you think is the single most important task you will have to do as Mayor? The single most important thing to do as a Mayor is to dedicate oneself to the progress for a better San Pedro. Some of the main responsibilities include the maintenance of streets, parks, infrastructure, a cohesive master plan for the development of the town, appropriate garbage disposal, sports and youth activities, social issues , and traffic regulation, most importantly we would like to deliver these activities with a new and innovative perspective.
Name: Daniel Guerrero Representing Party: UDP. What do you understand to be the responsibility of the Mayor and town council? What do you think is the single most important task you have done as a mayor? The responsibility of the mayor and council is endless because we work 24 hours around the clock always involved in almost everything. However, we can summarize it as ensuring that our garbage is picked up, thus making sure our municipality is kept clean, improvements made to our parks and playgrounds, ensure that our beaches are well kept, ensure that we improve our infrastructure and work towards improving the quality of life our people for them to live in a healthy and crime free environment. However, the single most important task is to ensure we can fiscally the affairs of the municipality. All the activities we carry out hang around a cost. We have to ensure that we properly account or our income and expenditure because without proper accounting, things can become catastrophic for any council.

Ambergris Today

Dedicated Comparsa Street Dancers Keep San Pedro Carnaval Alive
Only three groups of comparsas (Street Dancers) made it out to the streets of San Pedro for Carnaval this year; they are the loyal group of committed dancers and Carnaval enthusiasts of Do�a Flora's Group, the San Pedro AIDS Commission and the Barbies men's group. Day two of Carnaval in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, was heightened by the dance presentations of these three amazing groups. When you take a closer look at the intricate costumes these groups come up with, closely listen to the song lyrics and see how passionately they dance for hours through the streets of downtown, you get to appreciate the dances even more. Laugh at the lyrics and crazy dancing until your belly hurts and follow the comparsas down the streets as every time there is something new or a surprise on hand. It's a great part of Carnaval in San Pedro.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Stolen Boat on Ambergris Caye
Last night at approx. 5:30 am a 38'-0" Boat was stolen from the North Tres Cococs Area from the dock. Grand Caribe Security spotted the boat traveling north. Boat is an older used WHITE hull and looks like an older " Coastal Ferry STYLE " with a cover over the passenger area and a stand up helm. Boat name is " Sea Prowler " and it has graphic drawings of LIONFISH painted on the sides. Has twin 200 hp Yamahas with charcoal grey engine covers.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, February 16, 2015: 42

Corozal House of Culture Third Anniversary Open House
Join us one week today as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary! We are honoured to have the Institute of Social and Cultural Research with us to unveil three new additions of the Belize Heroes and Benefactor's Exhibit, including Corozal's very own living legend Jesus Ken

Juan Carnaval Presentation
A great turn out and great thanks to all who attended the Juan Carnaval Presentation yesterday. It was an entertaining night of traditional celebration. Thank you to the COLCHA Committee and everyone involved in so many ways with making this event a success. Performers: Students from the Corozal Junior College, Our Lady of Guadalupe RC and San Narciso RC Schools, Xaibe Nicte Ha Children's Group, Roy Rodriguez, and Mistress of Ceremonies Joanna Magana. Our sponsors: COLCHA, Corozal Town Council, Bowen and Bowen and the Department of Youth Services. We are truly looking forward to next year when we invite the community to participate in the various traditional activities on the streets of Corozal Town!!

Wildtracks Update: Some weeks are super positive
and this last week has been one of those - after struggling with an unreliable vehicle for the past six months or more (off the road more often than on), we finally have a roadworthy vehicle that fits all our needs! It has the capacity for carrying up to a medium-sized manatee, or four large (spider monkey-sized) kennels without having to resort to carrying them in a truck pan, open to the elements. A major step forward, and doubly so for ensuring we won't break down on the road while transporting endangered species around the country.

Southside Poverty Alleviation Project - Phase 2
Government of Belize Press Office

Belmopan Active Youths New Website
The Belmopan Active Youths have a new website, and it looks good. You can read all about what they do, and even volunteer to be part of their amazing team. Thanks, BAY for doing all you've done for the youths. "With a mission to EDUCATE, ENGAGE and EMPOWER the youths of Belmopan and its surrounding communities, since its inception, BAY has and continues to impact and invest in youths through the development of positive programs and recreational activities. To date, the organization has engaged over six hundred young people through its various programs including the BAY Marching Band and Dance Group, its Community Park Rehabilitation Program, its Youth Drug Demand Reduction Project and most recently its Job Creation and Entrepreneurship Development Project."

Jaguars Announce Player Selection
The Jaguars will be hosting Grand Cayman on March 25th as part of the 2018 World Cup qualification rounds. They've released the roster, and Cayo has quite a few great players on there. They'll have the home field advantage since they'll play at the FFB Stadium. Practice hard! "Good morning! Please note the Press Release attached. Who is excited for this upcoming match?! Go Belize!"

BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, February 17, 2015: 99. FANTASY 5: 37 5 38 3 23 N

Sarteneja Nazarene Primary School
Our preschool won second place in the Early Childhood Preschool Story Telling national competition. Congrats to teacher Pablito Canul.

CET vs SHJC Football for pre Valentine's Day
In honor of Valentine's Day, SHJC hosted CET for a friendly game of football, and they had a chocolate fountain there dispensing treats. SHJC won the match, 4 - 2.

Belize History Association Logo Design Competition

Feb 7 - Feb 13 2015 Belize Fishing Report
First bonefish ever kudos go to husband/wife teams: Marilyn and Gordon, Jeff and Beth, Pat and Sibyl, Mike and Dana. Returning guests Nick, Carl, Mike, and Bill all had their way with the bonefish surrounding Ambergris. Todd and friend Steve arrived late in the week and were greeted by some friendly bonefish on their first day out. Sharon was visiting from NYC for a few days to learn this saltwater fly-fishing and started on a tough day with North winds that seemed to give our bonefish a bit of lockjaw. Captain Erlindo and Sharon had a school of a thousand fish that just wouldn't bite despite changing flies, lengthening leaders and the like. Some 6-7 pound bonefish were caught while reef fishing!!! There are some big ones on the ocean side.

Old Embassy cables
Treasure trove of historical US Embassy cables on Belize here dating back to 1973.

FCD management plan implementation effectiveness
FCD has started an evaluation of its management plan implementation effectiveness for the period 2009-2014 together with Forest Department and FCD staff. This assessment will help in the definition of its next management plan for the Chiquibul National Park.

Channel 7

Fatal Accident On Western Highway Claims The Life of American Tourist
There was a fatal accident just after midday today on the Western Highway at mile 37 which claimed the life American Teresa Lyn Mueres and which has put her companion, American Samuel Shulte in the hospital. Police have not released official information as yet, because they are still taking statements from the parties, but we have managed to speak with eyewitnesses who saw how the accident unfold. The two were on a tour with guide Leon Rodriguez, who works for the Big John Taxi and Tour Company. They were on their way to Jaguar Paw in a blue SUV. Reportedly, Rodriguez had already been signaling that he intended to turn into the Jaguar Paw Road. He pulled off to the side, and was waiting for the 18 wheeler truck, which was carrying oranges, to pass behind him, but somehow the driver of the truck lost control of the vehicle. The truck rear-ended the SUV and the force of the impact crushed from behind. The accident ended with the truck overturned on the highway and the SUV in a mangled wreck in the drain. Mueres, who reportedly was in the backseat, died as a result of the collision. Our news team was on the scene about an hour and a half later, and here's what they found when they arrived:

Ernest Staine's Continued Legal Difficulties
2 week ago, news broke that 77 year-old Ernest Staine, one of the most senior legal practitioners in the country, was in trouble of being jailed for contempt of court. That's because he has 230 thousand dollars for Rita McField - the proceeds from a land transaction. Staine was holding the money in escrow on behalf of a client for McField. He was supposed to release it when the land title was cleaned up. That happened in the middle of 2014, but he didn't hand over the money. Now almost half a year has passed and he still hasn't handed it over. Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel gave him until the end of January to hand over the money - and still, nothing was forthcoming. Well, he's since complied with the court's order to disclose his finances, and it doesn't paint a picture of confidence that he still has McField's money. Today, her attorney spoke with us outside of court and explained why:

No Case Submission For Titan Securities Owners
Bahamians, Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach, who were shoved under the public lens because of a billion-dollar securities fraud allegation brought by the US Government, have been battling their case against the Belizean Law enforcement, which was believed to be a holding charge while the Belizean government cooperated with the US Government to try to get them extradited to face grand jury charges in that country. That charge is failing to declare funds over 10 thousand dollars, and according to the Police and the Immigration Officers, these men had cash in amounts above that limit when they tried to leave the country on a chartered flight last year in September. Their case has been ongoing before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, and so far, the FIU prosecutors couldn't get the cash they supposedly had in their possession admitted into evidence.

The Continued Shouting Match Between Bradley And Schakron
Last night, we showed you the back and forth between the Belize City Mayoral Candidate, incumbent Darrell Bradley, and Aspirant Yolanda Schakron. The PUP's candidate was challenging the Mayor, and pressuring him to make further disclosures in relation to the audits of the last 3 years of his term in elected office. As you saw, Mayor Bradley was intolerant of the criticism from the Opposition, and he summed it up as mere politicking from the other side, to try to create controversy where there is none. So, what did Schakron think of the mayor's flat out dismissal of her concerns as a politician? Well, we caught up with her at another event, and she discussed it with us: Yolanda Schakron, PUP Mayoral Candidate - Belize City "The personal attacks that he does against me doesn't move me. It doesn't bother me. The thing is that Darrell said a lot last night, but he did not answer the questions."

How The Municipals Will Determine the Political Landscape
politicians up at night - and they do their best to minimize that X factor. Most of the time that means trying to convince themselves that their own mantras are the gospel truth - and on election day, one of them will be proven right, either through political prescience or just plain dumb luck. But what are those mantras? We asked both mass party leaders on nomination day. The leader of the opposition said it's about the change, while the Prime Minister said it's about transformation:.. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "Everywhere we go and I think people are receptive. People want to be a part of this change. So, I really believe that the change will begin as I keep saying, it will begin on March 4th and will continue through to the general election. I really believe that people are concern about the direction the country is headed. I think they want to be a part of the change."

Drainage Works Coming Under Southside Poverty Alevation
The Lakeview area in the city will be transformed under the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project-Phase 2. The main focus of this project is drainage but it also covers a broader scope of works. Francis Woods from CISCO Construction, discussed how this project will increase convenience for motorists and uplift the aesthetic quality in the area. Francis Woods from CISCO Construction "This project is focusing mainly on drainage, lining the canals, it's very similar to what we did on North Creek and it will widen the street. You will have two way parking and two way traffic on both sides, including several pedestrian bridges and one bridge across along Ebony Street - that will go across this particular canal behind me. It will be major improvements for this area. The job that we have right now is Lake View canal, which is from Vernon Street up towards Cemetery Road, from Vernon Street down to the Haulover River and then Trench Town, which is close to Sadie Vernon School."

The Spittle Bug's Deceiving Secretions
It wasn't snowing in Ladyville after all. BAHA representatives inspected the cotton tree in Ladyville today and confirmed that it was the spittlebug's secretion or "spittle mass" as it is referred to; NOT ice. According to them, these bugs attack mostly plants and agricultural crops. BAHA's Entomologist, Adriano Vasquez discussed the extent of damage they cause to crops and what can be done to eliminate these bugs: Spittlebugs or "El Salivaso" as they are referred to in the North, also attack sugar cane crops. Hosing down the tree or plant along with common pesticides will get rid of these bugs. There are thousands of species of spittlebugs and one that is a common threat to Craboo and Soursop trees is the plant hopper. They also cause extensive damage to plants. As a final note, the spittle mass has also been spotted on a tree in Jamaica, misleading people into thinking it was ice. According to an online news site entitled RJR NEWS, the mass or frothy substance was seen on a branch of a Dogwood Tree in Trelawny, Jamaica�

PUP Cleanup Attempt In Port Loyola
In our last segment, we showed you Yolanda Schakron's reaction to the Mayor's comments on the news last night. Bradley called her out for being insincere and only raising this issue now to gain political mileage. Well, her critics in the political circles may have been hard on her today when they saw that she and her team were out in Port Loyola along with Gilroy Usher on a cleanup campaign. Here's what she had to say about it. About 30 residents participated in the cleanup campaign.

The Vision For Belize City Council 2015
And before we go tonight, our last story is on what the two parties are offering to the voters of Belize City to think about between now and March 4. When Schakron was asked about her plans for the city if she was elected Mayor, she responded with these comments: Of course, Mayor Bradley is confident of his chances, so confident in fact, that he was willing yesterday to declare that Belize City residents will return him to office, even with the PUP's best efforts to unseat him. Here's his bold assertion:

Channel 5

Supreme Court Orders Senior Counsel Ernest Staine to Pay Off Monies Owed
No legal professional in Belize's history has ever been incarcerated for misappropriation of money entrusted to them by clients, but this morning senior attorney, Ernest Staine, almost became the first. [...]

Bar Association Provides Legal Representation for Embattled Lawyer
With the facts of the case on display, the court appears to have little sympathy for a member of the legal fraternity who has committed serious wrong. And certainly, Staine [...]

Claimant's Attorney Unimpressed with Staine's Defense
As we told you earlier, today attorney Ernest Staine appeared unconcerned by the very real threat of prison time. Until just days ago, he had failed to obey orders of [...]

Eamon Courtenay Says General Legal Council is Dysfunctional
The accusation levied against Staine is by no means a rare one where attorneys are concerned. Traditionally, those complaints against attorneys should be taken before the General Legal Council, the [...]

American Tourist Perishes In RTA on George Price Highway
Before noon today, a delivery truck from the Hummingbird Citrus Limited Two- farm collided with a small SUV at mile thirty-one on the George Price Highway. One of three persons [...]

Do you believe there are irregularities in the finances of City Hall?
And tonight's question is: Do you believe there are irregularities in the finances of City Hall?� Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your [...]

Christian Ebanks Acquitted of Firearm Offence�
Belize City businessman Christian Ebanks remains a free man tonight, following the dismissal of a single charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.� The charge was brought against the forty-year-old [...]

�Extradition Matter Still Pending
In court this afternoon, Ebanks testified that on the night before the GSU sting he was involved in a bitter dispute with his wife during which he informed her that [...]

Attorney for Bahamians Kelvin Leach and Rohn Knowles Says FIU Messed Up
Also in the Magistrate's Court, Bahamians Kelvin Leach and Rohn Knowles were today back before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. The Financial Intelligence Unit is contending that the men tried to [...]

Territorial Volunteers Encounter Illegal Guatemalan Fishermen Near Sarstoon
With sustained incursions by Guatemalan poachers into Belizean territory, along its terrestrial borders, a year-round issue for local law enforcement, military and coastguard patrols in the waters off southern Belize [...]

Guatemalan Military Patrol Also Within Belize's Territorial Waters
According to Maheia, despite reporting the incident to local authorities, very little is being done to increase police and military presence in the area of the Sarstoon River.� In fact, [...]

Schakron Says She is Undaunted By Mayor Bradley's Personal Attacks
On Monday, P.U.P. Mayoral Candidate, Yolanda Schakron, who is seeking to unseat U.D.P. Mayor Darrell Bradley in Belize City, held a press conference saying there are flaws in the audit [...]

A New Belize City Under Mayor Yolanda Schakron?
This morning, we also took the opportunity to ask the aspiring mayoral candidate about her plans for the city, if she is elected to office.   Yolanda Schakron, P.U.P. Mayoral [...]

Mek Mi Rich Responds to Allegations of Infringement of Intellectual Property
MMR Belize Limited which is the parent company of the television game show, Mek Mi Rich, is denying allegations of infringement upon intellectual property in a claim brought by Curtis [...]

Arson Suspected in Roaring Creek Fire
A man's house was burnt down and he lost all his belongings in a fire on Monday. By the time the neighbors called for the fire truck, the structure and [...]

Corozal Businessman Robbed of Forty Thousand Dollars in Cash
A Corozal businessman of Indian extraction was robbed of a significant sum of money on Friday evening.� While the incident has flown below the radar, twenty-nine-year-old Mahesh Balani was relieved [...]

Placencia Police Bust Weed Shipment on Tropic Air Flight
In news from the south�Placencia Police intercepted a package containing weed at the airstrip in that municipality. Based on Special Branch intelligence, officers searched a package that arrived this morning [...]

P.U.P. Mayoral Candidate Cleans Up the Old Capital
Mayoral Candidate, Yolanda Schakron today teamed up with Port Loyola standard bearer for the P.U.P., Gilroy Usher Senior, and took to the streets of south side Belize City for a [...]

Tumor Patient Efrain Alvarado Needs Your Assistance for Treatment
The family of eleven year old Efrain Alvarado needs your help. He was first hospitalized back in October for chest pains and was later diagnosed with a minor tumor, for [...]

Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 84,400
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River Hills Christian Church Empowers Women In Corozal District
A group of professional health care providers and missionaries are in Belize providing much needed assistance to Belizeans in the north. The missionary group from River Hills Christian Church from Ohio, USA are offering medical assistance and empowering women from the village of San Pedro in the Corozal District. Nancy Brokamp - Missionary Leader "Our mission trip is from River Hills Christian Church, Cincinnati Ohio, and we come down every year as a medical mission trip basically, the sowing was an off shoot of that trip, we started here about three or four years ago with one women and now we have a group of fifteen and we invited women from Louisville to come in and also learn how to sow, so they are here with us today we have a group of about twenty three."

Belize Met Service Conducts National Climate Outlook Forum
Variation in climate influence directly or indirectly affects human activities in either experiencing losses or benefits. Understanding and making effective use available of climate information is therefore critical to ensure efficiency and sustainability. Without a doubt Climate Change is an important topic and with that in mind, today the Belize National Meteorological Service, in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization and Environment Canada, hosted the Second National Climate Outlook Forum at the ITVET conference room in Corozal Town. Dennis Gonguez, Chief Meteorological Officer at the Belize Met. Service, spoke today on the status of the service and its five components of the Global Framework for Climate Services and how the National Meteorological Service is fostering the developments and advancements of these components locally.

Strange Formation Observed In Orange Walk
There was a report made on one of the Belize City media last night about an icicle like formation on a tree branch in Ladyville Village which probably sent many Belizeans looking up their trees. Today, we report another strange looking formation on a tree in a family's backyard that resembles the one featured in the media last night. This time though, that was found in Orange Walk. The family did not want to comment on camera but they did say that they came across this white substance by accident. Someone was pinning some clothes out and felt water drops on her forehead and looked up. Upon closer inspection of the branches on this very tall fig tree, the woman spotted the limb which was dripping. Below, on the lawn, the drips have dampened bricks.

Shell Conducts Annual End Of Year Give Away
Today, four winners selected in the grand end of the year fuel promotion held at Shell One Stop Service Station walked into the service office to collect their prizes. The promotion which is an annual event was kicked off on December of last year and closed on February of this year. For every 30 dollars spent on Shell Fuel purchased at any shell gas station countrywide, customers received a coupon to fill out. This year, all winners hail from the Orange Walk District and we got to speak to the Sales Executive and some of the winners.

Post Mortem REveals Cause Of Death To Be Due To A Fracture Skull
Yesterday we told you about a hit and run incident that left one Orange Walk teen dead and tonight, police are no closer to solving the puzzle of "who did it". As we reported, sometime around 6:45am police visited mile marker 61 where they saw 19-year-old Christian Javier Villalobos, Belizean of Narajal Street Louisiana Area, lying face up with head and body injuries apparently dead. Police have concluded that Villalobos was walking on the Highway when he was hit from behind by a vehicle traveling in the same direction which did not top to rendered aid.


Belize City men arrested and charged for unlicensed ammunition
Two Belize City men were arrested and charged for possession of unlicensed ammunition. According to police reports, on February 14 at 11:30 a.m., police were on mobile patrol on East Collet Canal, where they conducted a search on a blue Ford 4-Door Pick-Up truck, and searched the occupants of the vehicle. They are 23-year-old Oliver Anthony Sutherland of an East Collet Canal address, and 24-year-old Oscar Avilez of an Albert St address.

Arson suspected in Roaring Creek Fire
On Monday we reported about a fire incident that gutted a single bedroom apartment at noon time in the San Martin Area Belmopan. Well just before our news time on Monday, we received reports of another fire this one in the Village of Roaring Creek. According to reports at around 5:30 Monday evening, neighbours saw a fire rising from a wooden bungalow house in the Another World Area, Roaring Creek Village. Neighbours also reported seeing a person running away from the house. The authorities were alerted of the fire; however when they arrived at the scene the house was completely burnt down.

Fatal Hit and Run Accident in Orange Walk
There was a fatal traffic accident early Monday morning on the Phillip Goldson Highway. It happened between Miles 61 and 62 on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Orange Walk District, where 19-year-old Christian Javier Villalobos was the victim. Christian, a Belizean of Orange Walk Town, was found on the highway lying face up with head and body injuries apparently dead. Initial investigation revealed that while Mr Villalobos was walking on the Highway, he was hit from behind by a vehicle traveling in the same direction which did not stop to rendered aid.

American National perishes on George Price Highway
Belmopan police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal traffic accident at the Jaguar Paw Junction on the George Price Highway, that caused the death of American citizen 56 year old Teresa Lin Neuer. At around midday, hundreds of oranges littered the road in front of the Jaguar Paw Junction, about 36 miles on the George Price Highway. This Western Star brand 18 wheeler truck transporting an estimated 675 bags of oranges belonging to HAL 2 flipped on its side spilling all its contents. Inside the truck were Miguel Angel Arriaza Jr, the driver of the 18 wheeler, and Emil Lisbie, who was on the passenger's side. He received a large cut wound to the head. But the worst part of the accident was found behind this large 18 wheeler cargo truck.

Robbers in Corozal make off with thousands of dollars
Robbers in Corozal made off with thousands of dollars. The robbery happened on Friday February 13. 29-year-old Mahesh Balani, a businessman of Corozal Town, reported that while standing in front of a store on 4th Avenue, Corozal Town, speaking to a friend, he was approached from behind by two men who placed an object to his back and robbed him of $240,000.00 Pesos (Mexican Currency). That is over $40,000 Belize dollars. The two men made good their escape. Police investigation continues.

Mayor Darrell Bradley dismisses opponents
Of course the press went to City Hall seeking a response from the incumbent Mayor Darrell Bradley. First, Mayor Bradley noted that the Council converted from a manual system to an electronic system, which has been helpful in addressing some of the auditors' questions, but he says that any incompletion in previous audits is no indication of mismanagement to him. "When I took over office at that City Hall, every single transaction in City Council was a manual transaction. When we did our first audit, it was nightmare to have to locate all the documents and all the information. But we wanted to bring in auditors, so that the auditors could assure members of the public that those things were done in a consonant way.

Man Demands money and threatens murder
Police are investigating a case of extortion, where it is believed a man is attempting to solicit $15,000 through the use of threats. On Thursday February 12th, a 37 year old Honduran supervisor of Bella Vista village, Stann Creek District, reported to police that on January 29th at around 9:00 pm, he received a call from an unknown number, where a man's voice spoke and demanded $15 thousand dollars or else one of his family members would die.

Policeman found guilty of manslaughter of detainee given jail time
Police Constable Alpheus Parham, who was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter on Friday in the court of Justice John Gonzalez, was sentenced to 10 years today. But PC Parham will only serve 5 years, because 5 years was deducted from his sentence because of the of the time he spent as a prisoner on remand and the plea for mitigation by his attorney, Simeon Sampson. A jury of six men and six women deliberated for four hours to reach unanimous verdicts on both charges before Justice Gonzalez.

Hammerhead Shark caught near Hopkins
A Hammerhead shark was caught by a fisherman's net in the shallow waters of Hopkins over the weekend. The one caught was a Scalloped Hammerhead shark a breed rarely seen. At one point in time hammer heads were a common sight in Belizean waters, however the Scalloped Hammerhead is today considered an endangered species. According to reports the 8 feet long hammer head shark was found entangled inside a net in the shallow waters of Hopkins Village at around 4:00 pm on Sunday February 15th.

PUP Mayoral Candidate questions independent audit
On Monday morning the People's United Party invited members of the press to hear their conclusions as to the independent audit for the 2013-14 fiscal year of the Belize City Council. It is two weeks before the municipal elections and the PUP are trying to unseat a Mayor, thought in some circles to be popular and effective at City government. But clearly not in the PUP's circles, as the Opposition led by candidate Yolanda Schakron leveled multiple charges at the credibility of the Pannell Kerr Forster report, including that previous reports done by Castillo Sanchez and Burrell showed an adverse opinion of the Council's fiscal management in one instance, and in another, none at all.

Police shoots Dangriga man in both legs
A man is at the Southern Regional Hospital recovering from gunshot wounds to his legs, after he allegedly refused to relent his advancement on a Dangriga man with the intent to harm. According to police reports, at around 12:40 pm on Friday February 13th, 27 year old Elroy Quinonez of New Site, Area, Dangriga, was sitting on a bench outside a bike shop located on George Price Drive, Dangriga, when 43 year old Gregory Williams passed by on a bicycle cursing at Mr Quinonez and making a lot of noise. Williams allegedly had a machete in hand.

Apartment in Belmopan gutted by fire
A fire in the San Martin Area of Belmopan gutted a single bedroom apartment on Monday morning. The fire started on the upper flat of this two story building that is surrounded by an intricate web of houses. One eye witness reports that at around 11:40, upon going to bathe, she saw smoke coming through the zinc roof of the upper building, belonging to 46 year old Eva Sanec. 46 year old Eva Sanec and her husband were not at home, and their son who lives with them in the apartment is believed to have been playing outside when the fire started. Family, neighbours and friends who were there at the time, laboured to put out the flames as soon as they realized the house was on fire, but by that time it was already out of their control. The authorities were immediately alerted and due to their quick response time the flames were brought under control before it could spread to the adjoining buildings.


Hattieville resident, 29, executed in Ladyville
Investigators are still trying to pinpoint the motive behind the appalling execution of Denver Owen Jones, 29, of Hattieville, an ex-BDF soldier who was found shot to death on a dirt road in a remote area of Ladyville two days ago, the police press office reported today. Authorities said that around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 14, they visited a road which connects Marage Road with Lake Gardens in the Ladyville area, where they found Jones on the ground with a single gunshot wound in his left cheek. According to Superintendent Hilberto Romero, the head of the Crimes Investigation Branch (CIB) in the Belize District, Jones went to the area in his car with the intention of dropping off some money for an unknown individual at the time that he met his death.

Cop sentenced to 10 years for manslaughter
A jury deliberated for more than four hours on Friday in the murder trial of Police Special Constable Alpheus Parham, who has been charged with the 2010 murder of Alex Goff, before returning to the courtroom of Supreme Court Justice John "Troadio" Gonzalez to announce their unanimous not guilty of murder verdict. The jury, however, reached a unanimous guilty of manslaughter verdict. This afternoon, Monday, Justice Gonzalez heard a mitigation plea from Parham's attorney, Simeon Sampson, S.C., who suggested that Parham should only be sentenced to the time he had already spent in prison, and sent home. Parham gave an expression of regret along with an apology to the family of the deceased. Justice Gonzalez then sentenced Parham to 10 years in prison. He stipulated that Parham, who has been on remand since 2010, will have 5 years deducted from his sentence, the time he spent in prison; he will, therefore, only serve 5 more years in prison.

Yolanda Schakron attacks Darrell Bradley
The recently concluded audit of the Belize City Council was the subject of a press briefing this morning by the opposition People's United Party (PUP) and its mayoral candidate, businesswoman Yolanda Schakron. During the press briefing, the Opposition described the audit report as "an indictment" of Mayor Darrell Bradley's performance, but minutes later, reporters heard from the Mayor, who called the PUP's categorization "baseless allegations �a red herring and political mischief two weeks before an election." Apart from its mayoral candidate Schakron, the PUP head table featured Jose Coye, a former Minister of Health during the past two Said Musa administrations, who is also a former mayor of Belize City. Coye spoke at the press briefing in his capacity as a chartered public accountant.

Motorcyclist's legs "broken up" after accident in Gungulung
Earl Pitts, 23, an employee of the Ministry of Works, who resides in the Gungulung area of Belize City, was knocked down by a Mazda Tribute while travelling on his motorcycle on Holy Emmanuel Street in the Gungulung area and as a result, suffered severe injuries to both legs and his arm. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a critical but stable condition. According to Pitts, he was travelling on his motorcycle when the vehicle, which was traveling towards him in his lane (on the wrong side of the road), slammed into him. The impact hurled him off his motorbike and he landed on the windshield of the vehicle, rolled onto the bonnet and landed on the pavement. The incident occurred at about 12:30 this afternoon.

Municipal Elections 2015 round-up
In the last municipal elections held in 2012, there were 170 candidates; for the upcoming municipals, to be held on March 4, 2015, there are a total of 163 candidates: 26 mayoral candidates (down from 28 in 2012) and 137 councilor candidates (down from 142). The race will be strictly between the two dominant parties - the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Opposition People's United Party (PUP) - in the northernmost municipalities of Corozal and Orange Walk as well as in the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena; however, third parties and independent candidates have thrown their hats into the electoral ring for the remaining 6 municipalities. Punta Gorda is the municipality with the most candidates (24). In that town, the People's National Party (PNP) has nominated a full slate led by PNP leader Wil Maheia, and there are three independent councilor candidates who will compete alongside the mass parties. PG mayor Anthony Fuentes, the incumbent PUP candidate, is making a bid to retain his seat, but he is being challenged by Fern Gutierrez, the female councilor who landed the only seat on that council for the UDP in 2012, after having garnered the most votes for her slate.

"Somebody has to bell that cat!"
Last Thursday morning, the Supreme Court of Belize declined-just as the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) had done in 2013-to enforce a mega multi-million-dollar award won in foreign arbitration by British billionaire Michael Ashcroft against the Government of Belize, on the grounds that the award could simply not be enforced because it would be contrary to public policy, since the agreements from which the award had emanated had not been approved by Parliament. Later that evening, at around 3:00 p.m., Ashcroft sought a breakfast meeting via Channel 5 CEO Amalia Mai, with Audrey Matura-Shepherd, a prominent Belizean attorney and activist - a request which Matura-Shepherd said surprised her, given the sour note on which things had ended when she first met with Ashcroft 15 years prior as a senator of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP).

BDF on top, Police registers first win, Verdes first loss in Week 3 of PLB Closing Season
With defending champions Belmopan Bandits resting, 4 games were scheduled for yesterday, Sunday, in Week 3 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) Closing Season 2014-2015, but only 3 games were actually played, as a sudden downpour in P.G. forced the cancellation of the game between home standing King Energy/Freedom Fighters and Placencia Texmar Assassins. At the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, home team Belize Defence Force (BDF) bombed San Ignacio United, 5-nil, with goals from Ricky Ricketts (14'), James Flores (15'), Andrew Allen (57') and Adgar Adderley (67'), who was reportedly just signed up with BDF last week. BDF are now at the top of the standings. ( See standings below.)

After Week 2, NEBL has two undefeated teams remaining
The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) saw record crowds in basketball arenas country wide, as fan support increased while basketball passion dripped off the faces of game attendees. Belize Hurricanes (1-1) had their first home game on Friday night at the Belize Elementary Gym in Belize City, where they were able to record their first victory of the season, handily defeating Belize City No Limit (0-2) by the score of 86-62. Belize Hurricanes was led by newcomer Ty Bradley who made a splash in his first NEBL game, tallying a double-double, with 19 points and 10 caroms, while dishing out 3 assists. Rookie Tariq Middleton finished with 17 points, behind a 58% shooting night, with three 3 pointers. Brian White was also huge in the paint, with a double-double of 16 points and 14 rebounds; while Winston Pratt finished the night with 10 points and 3 assists. In a losing effort, Belize City No Limit was led by Brandon Rogers who scored 16 points and pulled 8 rebounds, and Lennox Bowman tallied 11 points and 5 boards. Gregory "Chippy" Rudon scored 8 points with 9 rebounds and 3 assists, as his team is only one of two teams to yet record a win in this season.

Editorial: Uphill battle
An incredible amount of data and knowledge is available on the Internet these days for serious seekers of the truth. The story of the island of Diego Garcia, for instance, is very interesting, and may be relevant where understanding Belize's situation is concerned. Diego Garcia was/is an island which was strategically located in the Indian Ocean. The United States Defence Department wanted the island for a military base, because its strategic location would enhance their ability to monitor and menace China and Russia, their two greatest rivals for world hegemony. Diego Garcia was a British possession with two or three thousand native residents, primarily of African and Indian ancestry. The natives needed to be gotten out of the way, by any means necessary. The natives were, of course, considered expendable by the British and the Americans, and the story of what happened has been told by the internationally famous journalist, John Pilger.

From the Publisher
The sexuality of children, especially girl children, is an economic factor in homes where there is extreme poverty. Society has made laws which declare a specific age to be the age of consent. Before such an age, a girl child cannot legally consent to sex. So that, any male who engages in sex with a girl child who is legally underage is guilty of what they refer to in America as "statutory rape." But, in homes where there is extreme poverty, starvation in fact, an underage girl child has a financial value out there in the street world where people bend and break the law in order to survive. What the previous sentence is really saying is that there are adults - parents and guardians, who become desperate enough to make their underage children available to predatory males who can pay the price. (It should be noted that there are also predatory females.) We're absolutely not talking about situations like the Maya cultures which have a tradition of having girl children marry years before the colonial law said they were of age to do so. We are talking about this urban situation which is around us in Belize City.

FCD pioneers wildlife conservation ties with Taiwan
Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), met this morning in Belize City with Taiwan's Ambassador to Belize, Benjamin Ho, who reiterated his support for FCD's patriotic conservation work in helping to protect Belize's resources inside the Chiquibul Forest. Manzanero, whom Ho sees as Belize's wildlife ambassador, recently returned from a mission in Taiwan, where he had a chance to promote the Chiquibul, as well as to forge new alliances with related NGOs in that Asian country. "It was really a very wonderful experience. Even though I had taken trips before, this one was [exceptional]. I was able to visit national parks and protected areas and meet other institutions in Taiwan," Manzanero told us. He said that Ho has encouraged him to strengthen any potential partnerships with Taiwan's environmental institutions and he will be pursuing that over the next few weeks.

Authorities must remain vigilant on Chiquibul
With the murder of Special Police Constable Danny Conorquie at Caracol in September 2014, there has been a strengthening of police and military presence in the Caracol zone of western Belize, and Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director of Friends of Conservation and Development (FCD), the organization which co-manages the Chiquibul National Park, said that this has dissuaded a lot of "incursionists" along that zone. However, he stresses that Belizean authorities still have to remain attentive. "We have to maintain our boldness. We have to maintain our strength out there. We have to be as tactical and strategic, and we have to always be vigilant and demonstrate that we, as a country, are serious about our stability in that area," Manzanero said. "With all the eyes being put towards the border, the Chiquibul and Caracol zone, we feel that there was much more attention [paid] to [the] zone, and the public became much more responsive and wanted to become more aware of what is happening there," he pointed out.

Death of rare shark highlights need for gill net ban
The death of a rarely seen scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini) in the waters off Hopkins village after it became entangled in a gill net, highlights the need to transition away from this destructive fishing gear. According to Oceana Belize's investigations into the incident, the approximately 8' hammerhead swam into a gill net placed in the shallow waters on the north end of the village. By the time the fisherman pulled up his net on Sunday, February 15, the shark had already drowned. Once a common sight in Belizean waters, the scalloped hammerhead is today classified as a species endangered by extinction. Globally, it is estimated that in the last 30 years, the population of scalloped hammerhead sharks have declined by more than 95%.

Supreme Court Appeal of Penner private prosecution decision
On September 20, 2013, the Office of the Prime Minister issued a press release that shook the country by announcing that the Hon. Elvin Penner, Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration, had been fired from Cabinet due to his apparent connection to the illegal issuance of a Belize passport. The Barrow administration, however, seemed to impede the levying of criminal charges against the disgraced area representative for the Cayo North East constituency-and not even a Supreme Court-issued writ of mandamus to the Commissioner of Police was able to move the process forward. Last year, two members of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) - Giovannie Brackett, the organization's president, and Nidal McLaren - filed a criminal complaint against Penner in a private lawsuit in Belmopan.

Patrick JonesPJ

Tourist dies, another injured in road traffic accident
There was a serious road traffic accident this morning on the George Price Highway in St. Matthew's village. It happened around eleven thirty this morning and as this video footage show, involved a tow-head truck that was hauling oranges and a small SUV. One of two American tourists traveling in [�]

Court to consider no-case submission in Titan currency case
Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today heard a submission of no case to answer from the attorney for Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach. They are the Bahamian executives of Titan International Securities accused of failing to declare separate sums of U.S. currency in their possession totaling $12,300 on attempting [�]

Senior attorney avoids contempt charge but must pay debt
Ernest Staine, a senior member of Belize's legal fraternity, appeared in the Supreme Court this morning as the defendant in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Forward in Faith Ministries and Rita McField. Staine had handled sale of a plot of land on Douglas Jones Street for the [�]

Marijuana found in shipment of vegetables
A box of vegetables arrived at the Placencia airstrip today. It is not an unusual occurrence; but when Special Branch officers searched the box, they found that in addition to the tomatoes, cucumber and onions, someone had included a hearty helping of marijuana. It appears that much care was taken [�]

Truck and SUV crash on the George Price Highway
A traffic accident this morning on the George Price Highway left several people injured. The incident happened just before midday near the Jaguar Paw road junction with the George Price Highway in St. Matthews village, Cayo.


Monday on Ambergris Caye, Belize - What's New?
Yesterday was a holiday in the states - President's Day - many kids are off from school and families on vacation. In San Pedro, it was day two outta three of our unique Carnaval. (Read lots more about the holiday here.) And the island feels super busy. Sunday afternoon kids were out on the beach and the front street painting each other and jumping in the water. Adult joined in yesterday and today, Tuesday, is the finale� I ran into two of the comparsas groups. This one dressed as hippies and dancing�super cute. This morning, the town clock was wrapped and didn't have too much paint on it yet.

Southwest Airlines Prepares For Houston-Belize Route
According to Southwest's Senior Communications Advisor, Brad Hawkins, the airline will allow passengers to and from Belize to carry two bags of up to 50 pounds each for free, which, last time we checked, can tack up to a couple hundred dollars on the price of a flight with competing airlines. Southwest is apparently also scrapping additional fees for changing your tickets. Nice! Combined with free Wi-Fi and live TV, it sounds like Southwest is going the distance to attract Belizean business, meaning that they see this increasingly popular little country as a valuable destination. And that's music to our ears� Oh yeah, speaking of music, it sounds as if Southwest will also be adding Belizean music to the inflight playlists.

THE AIM OF THE CARIBBEAN EXPORTER OF THE YEAR AWARDS IS TO CREATE AN EXPORT CULTURE ACROSS THE REGION BY ENCOURAGING CARIFORUM FIRMS TO BEGIN EXPORTING OR TO EXPAND their exports through a programme that acknowledges and rewards exporters. The specific objectives are: To give recognition to exporters (SMEs) that have demonstrated an ability to achieve exporting success as demonstrated primarily through export volumes, diversity of export markets and sound export strategies and action plans; To give recognition to youth and female exporters across the CARIFORUM region; To give recognition to exporters that have integrated green technologies into their operations; To encourage exporters to innovate by investing in R & D to improve product development and; To encourage exporters to engage in corporate social responsibility.

Commentary: Nomination Day in Belize and its accompanying hysteria
By Frank Edward Paco Smith, Jr. (JP) Alas, as much as I searched Belize's two major news channels' websites, I was unable to find a news story concerning the Belize City Nomination Day "festivities" that wasn't segmented. In so saying, I mean that I was unable to find one concerning the Belize City event that featured both of the two major political parties' goings-on. On one hand, I could chalk it up to the formatting, because it certainly makes sense from a technical standpoint to post them on their respective websites as separate stories. Yet, from another perspective, I could very well deduce that the manner in which both Channel 5 and Channel 7 posted the relevant coverage is indicative of the 'red' and 'blue' stranglehold the PUP and the UDP (also known as the PUPD) have on the collective Belizean psyche. That, of course, might not be fair... given what I explained beforehand.

Icy Valentines at the Sandbar Hostel
For some myself included, Valentines 2015 will go down as the longest Valentines day celebration in San Pedro history. It was a 3 day affair and the gold medal endurance winner goes to Best man Joe Chung. He planned and attended the bachelor crawl Thurs night, crashed the bachelorette Fri evening, showed up reasonably fresh faced, all partying considered and still faintly marketed for the Saturday afternoon wedding. After we arrived I asked Kendall if he would not mind taking a few pics for me on his awesome 41 megapixel camera phone and as the day went on, I decided to increase picture selection few more of the many cell phone photographers attending the event. I wanted to just enjoy my time and not loose the moment behind a camera which happens all too often as a blogger.

Lemon Herb Chicken
The flavor of this chicken is similar to that of Pollo Loco. It's not cooked on a grill, but I cook it just below broil so that the meat remains juicy and the flavor pops. You can put more spice and more color to suit your own needs.

International Sourcesizz

Cookbook of the Week: 'Caribbean Potluck'
Yahoo Food's Cookbook of the Week: Caribbean Potluck: Modern Recipes From Our Family Kitchen (Kyle Books) by Suzanne and Michelle Rousseau, the Kingston, Jamaica-based sisters from cooking show Two Sisters and a Meal. The two women, who write that their friends refer to as "balls of fire," are proud of their Jamaican heritage, and celebrate its cuisine and way of life in this book. They write, "We have always believed in promoting the best of Caribbean living, in spite of the many challenges faced by what many consider a 'Third World lifestyle.'" Noteworthy: You'll learn some Caribbean lingo in this book! "Fetin'", for example, means gathering around together, usually for a meal. As the Rousseaus write: "Our time living in Trinidad in the 1970s was defined by what the Trinis call 'fetin' and limin' (that's Trini speak for partying and socializing)." Another one is "mix-up and blenda." "Our family is a perfect example of what we call the 'mix-up and blenda' (a Jamaican patois expression meaning 'a diverse mixture and blend of things') that is Caribbean history; complete with our own unique blend of African, French, German, Indian, Scottish, Haitian, Cuban, and British heritage."

Avon to Cease Operations in 16 Caribbean Territories
Cosmetics giant Avon has decided to cease operations in 16 Caribbean territories as it works to restore its core business in the United States, a spokeswoman confirmed to Efe on Tuesday. "Avon has announced its decision to cease operations in the Islands markets that fall under U.S. distribution," said the firm's manager of external communications, Lindsay Fox. She added that the New York-based company "remains committed to focusing its resources on restoring the health of the U.S. business to deliver future growth." Fox said Avon will no longer accept orders from 16 Caribbean territories after Feb. 20. Avon will cease operations in Antigua, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, Cura�ao, Dominica, Grand Cayman, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago.

UNICEF Tap Project Challenges Americans to Stop Using Their Phones to Provide 14 Million Days of Clean Water to Children
The UNICEF Tap Project today announced its challenge to the American public: put down your phones and help save children's lives. The unique mobile experience aims to unlock 14 million days of clean, safe water for children around the world by encouraging Americans to stop texting, calling, emailing, tweeting and posting -- and challenging their friends to do the same. 748 million people around the globe do not have safe, clean water to drink, and more than 2.5 billion people live without a proper toilet. The lack of these basic necessities is not merely inconvenient -- it can be lethal. By simply logging onto beginning March 1, Americans can work to change that and help to put children first.


  • Belize House Build, 8min. This is a video about a mission project several churches took part in, in Belize. Enjoy!
  • Flight Over The Great Blue Hole, Belize, 1min.
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  • San Pedro Carnaval, 2min. The always energetic Flora Ancona's Comparsa Group in their last night of Carnaval!!!
  • Giant Lobster: Biologist Discovers 70-Year-Old Crustacean, 2min. A biologist caught a huge 70-year-old lobster that could be one of the biggest catches of the year. Forrest Galante was free-diving when he found the huge crustacean that weighed close to 12 pounds. Due to over fishing and general ocean conditions, the Pacific Spiny lobster rarely exceeds three pounds in weight. After debating whether to toss him back or eat him Forrest decided he had to take the lobster back to his home in Santa Barbara to show his family. The family quickly decided there was no way they could eat the lobster so took it to a marine reserve off the coast of California where it was released.
  • Here is the video of San Pedro Carnaval Fun Day 2, 9min. Only three groups of comparsas (Street Dancers) made it out to the streets of San Pedro for Carnaval this year February 2015. Day two of Carnaval in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, was heightened by the dance presentations of these three amazing groups.
  • 1st official Whale Shark sighting for 2015 at Hatchet Caye Belize!, 1min. A Fishing Tour group, with Hatchet Caye (a private island resort) in Belize, got an extra treat today as they spotted one of the giant Whale Sharks migrating through our waters! They frantically handed the camera to the guide who dove under the waves for a closer look. Enjoy!
  • San Pedro Carnival 2015 Belize 3, 2min. SanPedra�as know how to keep life interesting and fun :) [also checkout the follow up video as San Pedro Carnival 2015 Belize
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  • El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro, Belize - Pablo y sus Barbies, 2min.
  • El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro, Belize - Pablo y sus Barbies, 2min. One of the most anticipated island traditions in San Pedro, Belize. Celebrates three days before Ash Wednesday.
  • Belize Dance Marathon Video 2, 4min.
  • At Ramon's resort in Belize, 1min. Walking down Pier.
  • Exquisite Drummer Boombay in San Ignacio Belize Part 1, 8min.
  • Boombay drumming on Belize Talk Radio, 11min. I have had the honor of knowing Boombay, who has been a friend for 12 years now. He is a magnificent drum maker and exceptional drummer. This video shows Boombay teaching how to play the drums to a couple visiting Belize. Part II-
  • Three Sheets Season 1 Episode 8 Belize, min. Frasier is an American sitcom that was broadcast on NBC for eleven seasons, premiering on September 16, 1993, and concluding on May 13, 2004. The program was created and produced by David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee (as Grub Street Productions) in association with Grammnet (2004) and Paramount Network Television.

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