Last years Temperatures and Rainfall for Belmopan in picture form:

Temperatures - There are 3 Red lines, the dotted line is the long term average day maximum temperatures. The Heavy Red line is the 31 day smoothed running average maximum for 2014. The wavy thin Red line are the actual daily maximum temperatures. Similarly there are 3 Blue lines for the night time minimum temperatures, for Belmopan 2014. The Green line is just the Median between max and min lines, and technically has no significance, but probably that used in many published records. We had a cooler May than usual, due to the early rains in May.

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Rainfall - The heavy dark Blue vertical lines are the Daily Rainfall for north Belmopan in 2014 , shown in mm/day against the left scale and in/day on the right scale The red lines are just marking significant weather events, like the stars in the Temperature graph, usually cold fronts, or other events that are note worthy. There are two broken lines, neither of these lines actually mean anything, they just join the Monthly Triangles to make it easier to see them. The Open Triangles are the long term Monthly Average Rainfall. The Filled in Triangles are the Actual Monthly Rainfall for 2014 The light Blue line represents the water in the surface ground that most plants can get. The light Green line is deeper water, that only large plants can get. All the lines have had to be divided by 5 to fit on the graph and give the best overall impression. So multiply by 5 to get the actual figures, or consider them to be the 6 day averages.

The actual yearly Rainfall for 2014 was 1832mm, has been very close to the long term Average yearly Rainfall of 2060mm.