Another Orange Walk politician had to go to the Town Courthouse today - except this time it was a UDP. Mayoral Candidate Yvette Torres was not criminally charged, but is facing a civil suit - from a craft maker who says she owes him two hundred dollars for some wooden spoons that she never paid him for back in 2012.

It may sound minor, but Frederick Tillett says he just wants to get paid. He and Torres were part of the Sugar City Artisan's Group back in 2012 - when he claims she promised to sell 23 of his craft pieces at the Sugar City Artisan House. But when she left the business in 2014, he never got paid, and so now he's suing her for two hundred and eight dollars.

Today, outside the courtroom she told the media she is innocent:..

Yvette Torres, UDP Mayoral Candidate - Orange Walk Town
"I am here this morning because there is a lawsuit against my person and this is definitely a political attack on me and I stand firm in my belief. I owe no one and that is why we are going to court, because I don't owe no person that is taking me to the court."

"You mentioned it's a political mischief from the opposition, but Mr. Tillett, he is was a former member of your own group that you formed."

Yvette Torres, UDP Mayoral Candidate - Orange Walk Town
"At this point in time Arturo, I would really tell the Orange Walk and Belize, that it was a joint venture of all the artisans and at this point in time, that is all the comments I can share with you all. It will be taken to court because I don't owe Mr. Fred Tillet nor no artisans and no one in Orange Walk."

Mike Rudon, Ch5
"Do you feel that this will have any impact at all on your race for mayor?"

Yvette Torres, UDP Mayoral Candidate - Orange Walk Town
"Definitely no. This is a great motivation for my person to continue the fight, because its a cheap blow from the political party, the PUP, who are bringing this forth for my person and they are defaming my character."

The case was adjourned for the 27th march. We are told that at least 6 other artisans are also making claims against the Sugar City Artisan House which closed down in 2014 and then re-opened under new management.

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