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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Honesty and Acceptance
Dear Doctor Love, I am a divorced woman who has been involved with a married man for three years. He wants to stay married because of his children. He has been very honest with me and he expects the same of me. I had one friendship (only friendship) with someone I had known a long time. When he found out about it he left me. The most important thing he wanted from me is honesty and I could not give it. I have always tried to be as honest as I can but I knew he would be upset so I kept it hidden.

Local Dive Shop Burglarized
This morning, February 22nd, the owners of Belize Diving Adventures discovered that their dive shop was burglarized sometime last night. The dive shop, which moved to its new location just a couple months ago, is located on a pier just south of San Pedro Town. Sometime between 6PM on Saturday February 21st and Sunday morning at 7AM a locked door, which faces the east and is not visible from the beach was pried open. An initial inventory shows that four spear guns, 18 dive masks, five sets of fins, two bang sticks and a set of boat keys were stolen, adding up to an estimated $8000 loss. Many other valuable items were not taken, indicating that either the thief(s) were in search of specific items or had limited space to carry off the equipment. This morning one fin from the dive shop was found on the beach just south of the dive shop. It is speculated that the culprits may have been in a kayak that was overloaded with the goods. Other dive shops in the area are asked to be on the lookout for the stolen equipment, and the fins are marked with BDA.

Wild Animals are NOT pets!
It has been noted that some island residents are keeping raccoons, coatimundi, foxes and other wildlife as pets. This is not only illegal it is also dangerous to the health and well-being of the care taker and his/her family. It is against the laws of Belize to keep any wild animal as a pet. In addition wild animals pose a threat to the health of humans as they harbor certain diseases that can be passed. According to the Belize Wildlife Protection Act Revised Edition 2000 "wildlife" means all undomesticated mammals, birds and reptiles and all parts, eggs and nests of any of these wildlife forms. Possession of any wildlife without a permit from the Belize Forest Department can result in imprisonment or fines equivalent to the offense committed.

Wolfe's Woofers: Eulogy
"Don Rafael lived a long and wonderful life," the village minister intoned. "His family and friends loved him deeply. Everyone who ever had business dealings with him trusted him and he earned their respect. This world will be a poorer place without Don Rafael. Although he is no longer with us in body he will be with us always in spirit." After the eulogy and service, the mourners filed past Don Rafael's casket and said a few words or shed a few tears. "Rest in peace my friend." "We will miss you." "God bless you."

"Sick" Air Traffic Controllers Shut Down Philip Goldson International Airport
At approximately 9AM Saturday, February 21st The San Pedro Sun received word that the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport was closed to air traffic. Reports were that several calls from employees of the Civil Aviation Authority, specifically Air Control staff had called in sick. Incoming international flights were diverted, with a Delta Airline flight from Los Angeles, California USA containing 150 passengers ending up in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. In a brief press meeting at 11 AM the CEO of Civil Aviation Mr. Lindsay Garbutt indicated that air traffic controllers from neighboring countries would be brought in to man the command tower. The first of 15 international flights was expected to land at 11:30AM. In San Pedro Town both Tropic Air and Maya Island Air were crowded with travelers who were destined for the international airport. At 2:45PM the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, along with the Belize Department of Aviation issued the press release below.

Editorial: Who is running the paper?
Dear Mrs. Sniffin, I am writing to you to request that you remove Mr. Jorge Aldana as the political correspondent for your news outlet The San Pedro Sun. The decision to make this request has not been taken lightly and has been discussed and unanimously agreed upon by the People's United Party Belize Rural South Executive. This request is being made due to Mr. Aldana's biased reporting and visible support of the United Democratic Party (UDP), especially the incumbent Mayoral Candidate Mr. Daniel Guerro.
It pains me to have to respond to this letter, because the entire scenario makes my blood boil and my pressure go up. I hate giving attention mongers even more attention (like the ones who use Facebook as a means to antagonize others) and I REALLY hate responding to Facebook Wars. Unfortunately, there are those who have been deeply sucked in to the ugly vortex of freedom of speech that social media allows, and yes, there is a time and place for personal opinion. Like it or not, social media IS the place for brutal honesty, lies, slander and personal vindication. It is also the place for photos of fluffy kittens sleeping in tea cups, sharing what you ate for lunch and daily feel-good affirmations. You can take it with a grain of salt, or you can allow it to ruin your life.

Communal Livestock Holding Facility Handed Over to Cattle Producers
A Communal Livestock Holding Facility in Willows Bank was officially handed over to cattle producers in the Belize River Valley area at a ceremony held on Wednesday, February 18, 2015. Through the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA), the European Union in collaboration with the Government of Belize and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) financed a three-year project "Enhancing Belize's Resilience to Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change". Of the several components of that three-year project, there is Pilot 3: MNRA-CC: Food Security: Building Resilience among Cattle Producers of the Belize District, which included the construction of the livestock holding facility. The objective of this portion of the project is to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and reduce the vulnerability of the livestock industry for small and medium size livestock holders/local producers in the Belize District.

Ambergris Today

Chaos at Belize Airports Nationwide as Belize International Airport Shuts Down
Information coming to the office of Ambergris Today is that a worker's strike at the Belize's Phillip Goldson International Airport has put the airport on shutdown today Saturday, February 21, 2015. According to sources, as of this morning no aircrafts (both local and international) have been able to land at Belize's only international airport due to the fact that workers, operators and controllers at the air traffic control tower have gone on strike. Information given to Ambergris Today indicates that Delta's early morning flight from Los Angeles to Belize was diverted to San Pedro Sula, Honduras after it circled a few times over Belize's international airport. That flight is still grounded this morning in San Pedro Sula with 150 passengers. All other flight aircrafts scheduled to land at the airport have been cancelled for the time being. Reasons as to the strike are still unknown and airport authorities are looking into the matter to get the airport back in operations.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

PRESS RELEASE - Operations at the Philip Goldson International Airport
Government of Belize Press Office

The Central American who made planes fly
Meet Rick Cocom, a resident of Ladyville, in the Belize‬ District. On the worst day in the history of Air Traffic Control in Belize, flights were diverted to other countries, passengers had to pay for layovers that were not caused by the airlines, but by sick air traffic controllers on Saturday, February 22nd. Reports have surfaced of Central Americans being brought in to replace the sick employees who incidentally have a dispute with their employers over salary increments. A former employee of the airport received a call he didn't expect. When Rick Cocom retired from the airport he had no idea that his services would be needed. On the screens were 354 flight movements an 15 international flight vectors (not sure what it means but it sounds technical) and Cocom says " I was in the control radar room to work from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. One of the most hectic days for me but i am greatful to assist.

National Sites introduced to members of diplomatic corps
Oceana Belize and the Belize Audubon Society teamed up Saturday, February 21st to introduce Natural Monuments and World Heritage sites Halfmoon Caye and the Great Blue Hole to members of the diplomatic corps. Here are a couple of the stunning scenes of our beautiful Belize.

Belize Wins Miss Culture International Maya
Congratulations, Vany! Vany Pat won the Miss Culture International Maya pageant, which was held in Merida this weekend, making it 3 years in a row that Belize has won.

Rotary Building Bathroom in Benque
Thanks, Rotary, for building another set of much needed bathrooms. This time, they are at Howard Smith Nazarene Primary School in Benque. "Work continues on the new bathroom facility at Howard Smith Nazarene Primary School in Benque Viejo. Weather permitting the roof will go on next week. The students and staff eagerly await completion... Friday morning, roof going on at Howard Smith Nazarene Primary School's Sanitation facility and septic tank being constructed. Saturday, roofing will be completed."

The Reporter

Benque to get new sporting complex
Benque Viejo del Carmen will soon see a new football complex and facility as construction is about to expected to begin in the coming weeks. According to the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) the design phase of the project has been completed and the construction […]

Taiwanese embassy donates instruments to Pallotti music program
The Taiwanese Embassy made a donation of several music instruments to the Pallotti High school music program on Thursday during a handing over ceremony at the school. Taiwanese Ambassador, Benjamin Ho said the donation was actually made to Pallotti through an organization which was […]

Fire destroys acres of cane
A massive fire early Sunday morning destroyed several acres of sugar cane near Libertad Village in the Corozal district, way before the scheduled harvesting for that particular harvest. As a result of the fire, the Sugar Cane Production Committee (SCPC) has since advised all […]

Teacher and six primary school students die after car plunges into canal in Guyana
A teacher and six students of the Husburg Primary School, Mahaicony, in Guyana have died when their vehicle plunged in a canal along East Coast Demerara, the Guyana-based website has reported. According to police the students and teacher, Shondell Duke, were travelling south along the road when Duke lost […]

Belize district cattle farmers get Communal Holding Facility
Cattle farmers from the River Valley area have a new communal livestock holding facility in Willows Bank Village to help mitigate the effects of climate change on the industry. The facility, built at a cost of $71,500, came through joint collaboration of the Global […]

Airport sick out causes delays and reroutes at PGIA
Several flights were grounded and others rerouted from the Phillip Goldson International Airport on Saturday morning after all air traffic controllers scheduled to work the morning shift called in sick. According to Lindsay Garbutt, director of Civil Aviation, after they received word that all […]

Strike at PGIA results in planes being rerouted, grounded
The Reporter has confirmed that there is a workers strike at the Philip Goldson International Airport. We are investigating the extent of thr strike, but preliminarily we can report that the strike involvies air traffic control personnel and that the strike has caused several flights to be grounded and rerouted […]

NHI expands northwards to Czl
The National Health Insurance was extended to the Corozal District, with services available to roughly 16,000 residents from Corozal Town, Patchakan Village and neighboring communities, at two clinics – the Corozal Polyclinic II, which was built on the Corozal Hospital compound, and the Patchakan Presbyterian […]

Petrocaribe loan payment becomes due this year
The government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow has to start repaying Venezuela this year on what it has used from the Petrocaribe funds. Belize has used around $240 million from the funds to invest in infrastructure and the first tranche of payment will mark an […]

Possible causes for the Apocalyse
Researchers from Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Challenges Foundation have produced the first serious scientific assessment of the apocalyptic risks that could bring about the end of the world. Some of the 12 scenarios envisioned by the scientists arise from events that are beyond human control, […]

The Belize Times

Chief Justice Summons Elvin Penner - COLA seeks 2nd chance to prosecute corrupt UDP Politician
Corrupt UDP Area Representative Elvin Penner may have thought that he had gotten away scotch free after COLA's private prosecution of his treacherous actions was struck out at the Magistrate's Court. But Penner isn't out of the hot water just yet. The disgraced UDP politician who broke our sacred immigration laws to grant a fraudulent Belize passport and nationality to South Korean national Won Hong Kim has been ordered to appear before Supreme Court Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on Friday, February 27th, 2015 as the appeal of the August 2014 decision of Magistrate Aretha Ford gets underway. COLA's attorney, Kareem Musa, successfully filed an application for an appeal at the Supreme Court which was upheld last week Friday, February 13th by the Chief Justice Benjamin.

Deeds, Not Words!! - Yolanda Schakron & Gilroy Usher Sr. carry out much needed clean-up in Port Loyola
On Tuesday, February 17th 2015 People's United Party Mayoral Candidate Yolanda Schakron, PUP Standard Bearer for Port Loyola Gilroy Usher Sr., about thirty residents of the division, as well as and councilor candidates Lennox "D.J. Tambran" Young and Jermyn Galvez conducted a very successful cleanup campaign in the area. The work included carrying out a much-need cleaning up of the clogged drains and cutting of overgrown grass on both sides of Central American Blvd from Trinity Street to Jane Usher Blvd. that have been neglected for years. The purpose of the cleanup was to promote civic pride and remind the residents of Port Loyola that despite the millions and millions of dollars that the Belize City Council has spent over the last three years the residents have hardly benefitted.

PUP blocks UDP land grab in Belmopan!!!
The efforts of PUP Standard Bearer for Belmopan, Senator Patrick Andrews, to stop the greedy United Democratic Party from a barefaced land grab in the capital are nothing short of heroic. The UDP Belize City Council, which has proven its incompetence over the last six years with its inability to bring deliver the very basic of services to residents, is on its way out of office, but appears hell-bent on abusing its power and authority in their last days. Several weeks ago, the construction of a wooden building in an area between the market building and the National Assembly began. Residents noticed the construction and had a strong feeling that something wrong was taking place. They were right! They took their concerns to Senator Patrick Andrews who launched an investigation immediately.

Darrell Bradley Does NOT Want to be Mayor
The irony for the UDP in the upcoming municipal elections in Belize City is that their candidate for Mayor has absolutely no intention of serving as Mayor. Whether it is because he has racked up such a massive debt that he has scared himself from returning to office, or whether it is because his councilors despise the ground he walks on, or whether it is because he has his megalomaniac eyes set on higher office, one thing we know for sure is that Darrell Bradley does not want to be Mayor. On Monday of this week, amidst the ranting and raving in his interview with the press, a particularly important sound bite got lost in all the noise. Bradley was asked a very simple question by Marisol Amaya, the reporter from the Krem Radio/TV news: "What assurance can you give residents of Belize City that you will not abandon your mayorship to seek higher office?"

Attacking the messenger
As we approach the March 4th date for Municipal elections in Belize, the political rhetoric has ratcheted up considerably. Political ads are running ad nauseam and the half hour news is now over two hours long; comprised primarily of long and expensive political ads. Given the type of money that is being spent on propaganda during this season, it is more apparent than ever that there is a dire need for discussion about campaign financing and spending. The question is; who will bell that cat? The United Democratic Party has painted the country red with banners, flags and tee shirts. Every lamp post, every dirt box and every bus stop is plastered with banners, posters and political slogan. In an effort to present a false sense of support, the UDP's are rolling out Petro Caribe in every district and own, bussing in people and throwing lavish rallies and concerts. Where is all this money coming from? There was a time when political parties had to dip into their war chests and spend cautiously because there was a limit to their funds. In today's reality, the government of the day knows no limit because nothing is available to hold them accountable. They have unfettered access to the public coffers and none dare ask any questions. The Auditor General is busy doing criminal investigations (seems she is still busy working on the Penner files), the Public Accounts Committee is moribund and the Integrity Commission is non-existent. The rats have free access to the cheese and corruption runs rampant.

Editorial: Schakron Exposes the Mayor
The Mayor of Belize City is in deep financial trouble. His so-called financial statements confirm the citizen's suspicions that the spending of over forty million dollars has been wasteful, mismanaged, and bloated with irregularities. The spending may also be infested with corruption. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Mayoral candidate Yolanda Schakron, a fiery and outspoken advocate. It is Mrs. Schakron, who as a successful and no-nonsense business-lady has taken the time out to painstakenly comb through the Mayor's City Council financial information. In order to be accurate with her critique, candidate Schakron has sought the advice of qualified accountants to confirm her concerns. Their professional advice proved her correct. The so-called financial statement of the Mayor for 2013 has been exposed by Mrs. Schakron to be a fraud. It is incomplete and the Auditors who tried to make sense of the Mayor's figures have been handed a basket to carry water. The Auditors could not offer their professional opinions on what the Mayor handed them. The question now becomes what all are missing?

This past week there have been the excitement of Nomination Day, the massive PUP march, more work in Belize Rural Central, and attending the sad funeral of a very young woman in La Democracia. We have also as a party had to call out Prime Minister Dean Barrow for his hypocrisy and his most inappropriate comments to the media. Seemingly without thinking, the Prime Minister wades right into very sensitive issues. He seems, as do all his roguish colleagues, to feel that he can get away with almost anything. I want, though, to continue my focus on the positive. The old song goes: "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative; don't mess with Mr. In-between." It is therefore not at all difficult to choose to write about the lady Yolanda Schakron, our candidate for Mayor of Belize City. Yolanda has been successful in business and in advocacy, and she has come into the public spotlight by becoming an activist for the causes of fairness, justice and betterment.

Eulogy for Sister Mary Elsa Oliva
I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith, Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also, that Love His appearing. 2 Timothy 4:7-8. With long life God satisfied Sister Mary Elsa Oliva and showed her His salvation. She was born on 3rd July 1935 in Corozal, British Honduras, to Edwardo Oliva and Leonor Alcala de Oliva. She attended Holy Redeemer elementary school and completed her high school studies at Pallotti High School. She made her first profession to enter the Novitiate on May 31st 1955 and her final profession was on May 31st 1961, both in Nazareth, British Honduras.

A Puppet On Strings? - The "special" relationship between John Saldivar & Khalid Belisle
Belmopan residents have become highly suspicious and wary of the UDP's Mayoral Candidate. Many questions have surfaced over the candidate's special and close relationship with John Saldivar. In 2008 when Khalid Belisle challenged Simeon Lopez for Mayor on the UDP ticket, he was resoundingly rejected by residents. Back then Mayor Simeon Lopez made interesting revelations of Belisle's special relationship with Saldivar. First, Lopez said Saldivar was on a campaign to remove him from office. "We're being challenged from within," he said in a Channel 7 interview, "basically because of the fact that some people cannot get their way, how they want. They want their way with the council."

San Pedro Police discover bodies in shallow grave
Coast Guard and San Pedro Police made a gruesome discovery of two men buried in shallow grave in an area located 11 � miles north of San Pedro Town on Wednesday afternoon. The men have been identified as 41 year old Sylvin Chi and 23 year old Benjamin Molina, both residents of Corozal District. Both men travelled to San pedro for employment. The men's employer went to the Police on Wednesday morning to report that they had left his house about 5:00am the day before and had not returned.

Patrick JonesPJ

Driver charged in fatal Belize City accident
19 year old Boyd Lopez was arraigned on charges of manslaughter by negligence and causing death by careless conduct on Friday. The charges arose out of an incident on Wednesday, February 18 in which a vehicle he was driving, knocked down and gravely injured 70 year old retired [�]

Air traffic controllers "sick out" halts operations at PGIA
Operations at the Phillip Goldson International Airport were disrupted for a few hours on Saturday morning due to unavailability of air traffic controllers. This included personnel scheduled to work in the control room and the radar room to guide aircraft landing and taking off. At issue is a [�]

Project targeting girls launched in Toledo
A new project aimed at creating safe meeting spaces for young girls was launched today in the Toledo district. The project is called "Girls creating opportunities for a brighter tomorrow," and is being implemented by the Toledo Maya Women's Council. The launch of the initiative was done on [�]

Jury gets case in accident collision
26 year old Douglas Rodriguez, charged with negligent grievous harm, is awaiting the verdict of a jury of 4 men and 4 women in the courtroom of Justice Troadio Gonzalez. The jury, missing a member who did not appear in court this morning for the summation of the [�]

Belize City residents help Steven Buckley out of court jam
Steven Buckley's quest for justice after being shot in the head by a senior police officer in April of 2010 has taken some twists and turns but his latest run-in with the law has left him, if possible, even more shaken. On Wednesday night police stopped him near [�]


Looking Back at Your Ecological Footprint on Belize
Do you ever take the time out of your busy day to consider how your personal activities affect other people and the place on Earth where you live? If you do then you should consider your ecological footprint and its effect on the people and place where you live. This would be especially important for a developing country like Belize where there is still time to establish standards of living that are sustainable. There are approximately 300,000 people in Belize, not including many visitors that land on Belize's shores every day. Because Belize has many pristine environments, some of which are protected, it is important to try and understand what impact the population has on its environments and ecosystems by the lifestyles that people follow who live in Belize or while visiting Belize. There is a way of evaluating one's impact on a place's natural resources, as well as the entire planet. The Global Footprint Network has developed a Calculator to estimate the amount of biologically productive area needed to support a person's lifestyle. How much land area does it take to support your lifestyle?

Stunning Developments, The Arctic Blast in Belize and GREAT Times at the San Pedro Tiger Sharks Game
I'm going to start this newsletter of sorts with the great news! While much of the world�particularly the Eastern US and Canada seem to be getting molested by bitter bitter cold weather, we too have been experiencing the cold front. But yesterday it manifested itself in the form of a gorgeous low humidity, mid 70s day with a cooling breeze from the north. Perfection. Here are some pictures I took around Miles 4.5 and 5, Ambergris Caye. In no way am I THE arbiter of taste in San Pedro or Belize, though from what I am about to show you, I think that is a position we NEED to make an official job. Someone independent that can veto horribly ugly, misplaced, misconceived, just stunning (and not in a good way) developments that are planned or currently going up on our island. Maybe just affirm that "yes - that is a giant eyesore and a blight on the island we all love".

5 Things About The Ancient Maya You May Not Have Known
The ancient Maya are a group of people whose ancestors came over to the America's as far as 50,000 years ago. The culture changed over time as they originally came following large animals such as mammoths and cave bears and even mastodons. These animals were their food. As their culture changed, and it is important to note, the people did not change per say, the environment changed and their needs were different hence the law of the land demanded these people to adapt. Around 7,000 BC a massive demand from the environment made their culture change. The change was due to the fact that the large pleistocene animals they followed to the America's had all but gone extinct, hence, it was time to adapt again - this time refining tools for hunting smaller mammals. let us call this time between 7 thousand BC and 2,500 BC the archaic period. An interesting thing happens at around 3,500BC. Farming started in the valley of Mexico. The gift to the world out of this valley was corn. Like the gift our of the Fertile Crescent in Iraq was wheat and barley and in Asia, rice.

International Sourcesizz

Best Places to Retire Abroad Lists are Flawed
Many people produce lists of the best places in the world to retire, but these lists are inherently flawed and misleading. International retirement magazine International Living recently released its 2015 list of The World's Best Places to Retire, which emphasized a balance between low costs and a high living standard. The best country for retirees looking to get the best value in retirement, the site suggests, is Ecuador, which it calls "the world's number 1 retirement haven." The full list is: However interesting these lists can sometimes be, the concept of ranking the best places to retire for all expats is flawed for many reasons:


  • Disturbing Video of Human Botfly Larvae Being Removed from Woman's Head, 3min. In the video above, a woman is seen having a human botfly, or Dermatobia hominis, removed from her scalp. After returning from a trip to Belize, she noticed something wasn't quite right. The human botfly is a small fly mainly found in Central and South America. They are one of various species of fly whose larvae take on human hosts. We absolutely love to travel, but we sure hope we never come home with one of these guys burrowed into our skin. It is one of the most horrific things we have ever seen. It's definitely something that can't be unseen.

  • Belice, Un para�so en Centroam�rica., 1.5min. Un Para�so de habla Inglesa en Am�rica Central. Mire el video y comp�rtelo con sus amigos belice�os.

  • Belize Diving, 1min. Mermaid's Lair - Ambergris Caye, Belize

  • belize 2014, 4min.

  • Belize, 11min. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, the Hummingbird Highway, Dangriga, Glovers Reef, and Isla Marisol Resort. Music by Bredda David & Tribal Vibes, Dangriga, Belize

  • Fishing For Permit In Belize, 5min. Fishing With Guide Ken of Chasin' Tail

  • Kelly McGuire Live on Ambergris Caye, Belize, 5min. One of the best Vacations we ever had. Definitely the one we needed the most.We truly love all our friends we get to see down on Ambergris Caye, Belize. You help make this crazy ass world we live in a lot easier... Can't wait till we see most of you on Isla Mujeres in May...The rest next Feb. on the Island.. Take us home Kelly McGuire

  • Landing at San Pedro Airport, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 1min. It was very cloudy that morning but 45 min later the sky was clear.

  • Our Story: Belize & Tikal Ruins - 2015, 8min. Primarily shot with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition using the Pocket Xshot extender pole. A few shots with Samsung Galaxy 4 cellphone. Edited with GoPro Studio.

  • The Apprentice | Series 1 | Episode 1, 67min. The Belize Apprentice is a new reality TV show in which aspiring young men & women compete for the chance to work in one of the most prominent Banks in Belize, The Belize Bank. Candidates will...