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Today's Belize News: February 24, 2015 #501460
02/24/15 07:05 AM
02/24/15 07:05 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

2015 Mayoral Debate
The San Pedro Sun and Reef TV would like to thank all participants and invited guests for making the 2015 Mayoral Debate a success!

2 year old killed, mother wounded in shooting
The San Pedro Sun can confirm that a two year old boy was killed and his mother injuried in a shooting. The names of the victims are 2-year old Charlie Espat and 33-year old Alieda Espat. It happened shortly around 2AM in the Sanpedrito Area of San Pedro Town. The mother is recieving treatment while the boy succumed to his head injuries at the Dr Otto Rodriguez San Pedro PolyClinic II.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks slows down the Belize City Hurricanes
Week three of the second annual Belize National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) regular season continued to roll over the weekend. It saw basketball action on the island when the San Pedro Tiger Sharks hosted the Belize City Hurricanes on Saturday February 21st. What started off with a small crowd turned into a packed house at the Angel Nuńez Auditorium, where spectators got to see the home team played and won their first home game. Belize Hurricanes, now with one win and two losses, started the game with a lead over the home team. By halftime, the Hurricanes had blown past the Tiger Sharks with a 12 point lead. This of course was a huge upset to the islanders, where the Tiger Sharks boast a perfect home record in the two NEBL seasons so far. But like the good old saying goes, the game is not over until the ‘fat lady sings.”

Cabinet approves expansion of Hol Chan Marine Reserve
The expansion of the reserve went through a series of consultations conducted under the auspices of the Ambergris Caye Wetland Committee (ACWC). In August of 2012, following almost two years of back and forth, it finally got the full approval of local traditional fishermen, guides and other stakeholders on the island. However, in 2014, the fate of the proposal was tested after there were attempts made to subdivide a portion of the wetland for residential house lots. Following condemnation by environmentalists and other island residents, that decision to subdivide a portion of the proposed reserve expansion was reversed. In total, approximately 135 square miles of shoal, reef and mangrove wetland will be added to the existing Hol Chan Marine Reserve. With the expansion of the reserve, it will form a complete corridor of marine protected areas that will see the connection of Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Corozal Bay Wildlife Sactuary, Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, all in Belize, and El Arecife de Xcalax Marine Reserve in Mexico.

Ambergris Today

Island Residents Confused with Poly Clinic’s 24-Hour Services
It is only the emergency room that remains open to attend to extreme/serious or life-threatening medical situations considered to be emergencies. If someone could not make it in time during regular clinic hours or missed their appointment with a doctor, it does not mean that they can go past 8p.m. for normal medical attention. Management has also explained that the clinic is also not conducting deliveries of babies. It seems that this situation was not clarified during the official inauguration ceremony that took place at the Poly Clinic on Monday, February 2, 2015, when both Minister of Tourism and Minister of Health were on hand to deliver the news. The medical staff at the clinic would like to make this clarification so that island residents are not confused with the services provided to them and can make proper arrangements when visiting the clinic.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize Sailing Assn. 2015 Event Calendar
This is the Belize Sailing Association Event Calendar. The difference between the two types of regattas on the calendar is that the 5 regattas with National Ranking implications form the 2015 series of regattas that will determine Belize's 2015 Optimist Dinghy Sailor of the Year, and other honors as well. The invitational regattas are just for the pleasure of participating. They remind all that the First Rule of sailing is to Have Fun. You will note that one of the invitationals, the Corozal Bay Regatta, has already taken place. Twenty four sailors entered and raced. Belize City Sailing Club's Antonio Ricardez, edged out the reigning National Champion Blanca Velasco of San Pedro Junior Sailing Club to take home the trophy. The winner's sister, Nashira Ricardez, from the same club, took 3rd place, and Belize Sea Scouts' Trent Hardwick came in 4th.

Belize FISHING REPORT: Week of February 15th – February 21st, 2015
Half way through the week the wind kicked up and put a damper on the fishing as boats had to hide in the sheltered areas on the south end of the island. Despite the wind some anglers did well, but others found even the bonefish tough to hookup mid week. Later in the week fish started to get back to normal as the wind switched back to the easy.

National Agriculture and Trade Show Announces New Dates for the Sale of Booths
The National Agriculture and Trade Show Committee is hereby informing the public that the new date for the sale of booths has been changed to Thursday, 26th February 2015. Contact person for the sale of booths is Ms. Catherine Hob; phone number 828-5099/822-2332/624-9459, email address [email protected] Concessioners who held booths last years are advised to call immediately to secure their booths, indicating the booth number they held.

Wildtracks Update: We are in the middle of aerial surveys, working with our partners, the Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development
counting manatees throughout Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and the larger, associated seascape (including Bacalar Chico and Hol Chan). A total count of 62 manatees yesterday, mostly within Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary!! A huge thanks to the amazing survey team (Marcelo Cruz (SACD), Jaimie Cruz (Wildtracks) and Henry Brown (Fisheries Department) ...and thanks to the amazing support from LightHawk and their pilot, Chuck Schroll...we couldn't do this without you!! Watch out for more on the aerial survey results!

Vote Wisely!
Ten days before Town Council Elections and ten long days for interested parties. VOTER STATISTICS (as of January 2015) for Corozal Town on upcoming March 4th Corozal Town Council Elections - The statistical information by P.A. (Polling Area) has been obtained by the Corozal Daily from Elections and Boundaries Department: COROZAL DIVISION P.A. 39 Male 1939 Female 1958 Total 3897 P.A. 40 Male 1341 Female 1436 Total 2777 P.A. 41 Male 747 Female 800 Total 1547 TOTAL Registered Town Council Voters for Corozal:- Male 4027 Female 4194 Total 8221 Corozal Daily Editor’s Note: Of the 8221 electors registered to vote for the Corozal Town Council Elections on March 4th, 2015 the number of FEMALE voters is greater than the number of MALE voters by 167 Female Voters.

CARICOM Single Market trailblazers and public sector workers courted as Spokespersons
Belizean public sector workers and Belizean nationals who have actively participated in the CARICOM Single Market (CSM) are to be trained as spokespersons in a special training workshop scheduled for February 24 and 25 at the Best Western Hotel in Belize City. The workshop is spearheaded by the Ministry of Trade, Investment, Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection – the National CSME focal point in Belize - in partnership with the CARICOM Secretariat and with funding from the Government of Canada.

Baby Howler born in the wild
WE HAVE OUR FIRST BABY HOWLER BORN IN THE WILD!!! SECOND UPDATE: Identity of troop not certain at the moment - three females present, no male....and TWO BABIES!! They say that the first sign of a successful wildlife rehabilitation, release and reintroduction programme is the first baby born in the wild. This morning we received news from our post-release tracking crew that we have not just one, but two baby howler monkeys in one troop at our release site, Fireburn! These young are estimated at over a month old, so these monkeys have shown that they have the skills for mother-hood, even though they were once kept as illegal pets. Now to see if they can rear these youngsters through to one year...! This is the first time that these endangered Yucatan black howler monkeys have bred at Fireburn for over 70 years, with the first troops reintroduced to the site four years ago.

COLA highlights problems at airport and sympathies with sick air traffic controllers
The CITIZENS ORGANIZED FOR LIBERTY THROUGH ACTION (COLA) has sent a press release about the sick air traffic controllers who were unable to attend work over the weekend. This is not an official statement from the air traffic controllers. The illness of these employees prompted COL's President, Geovanni Brackett, to issue the following statement about the work conditions at the airport: Saturday’s events at the Philip Goldson International Airport, Ladyville, where two separate shifts of air traffic controllers called in sick, has for us raised awareness of the value and importance of a thankless job. Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safety of airplanes taking off and landing expeditiously. ATC staff may sometimes work as many as ten hours per day if not more. Despite international standards ensuring that controllers are to rest for 8 hours between shifts, we are told of some workers going above and beyond, working for as many as 18 hours of a 24-hour day. That kind of dedication results in lower vigilance and reaction, and when multiple aircraft are in the air, a split second may see an unfortunate and terrible accident. Rest is necessary to ensure that such accidents can be avoided.

CARICOM Single Market trailblazers and public sector workers courted as Spokespersons
Belizean public sector workers and Belizean nationals who have actively participated in the CARICOM Single Market (CSM) are to be trained as spokespersons in a special training workshop scheduled for February 24 and 25 at the Best Western Hotel in Belize City. The workshop is spearheaded by the Ministry of Trade, Investment, Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection – the National CSME focal point in Belize, in partnership with the CARICOM Secretariat and with funding from the Government of Canada. Participants being mobilized include local CARICOM traders, exporters, professionals and CARICOM Youth Ambassadors, as well as public sector workers who facilitate applications under the four regimes of the CARICOM Single Market – Skills, Goods, Services and Rights of establishment of businesses.

International Trade Center – Delivering Results Globally
The International Trade Center began working with Belize in 2012 to help with the adoption of the Small Business Development Center model. Belize has made great strides in adopting the SBDC model. Since their initial consultation, they developed legislation to support small business development, and created SBDC operations manuals to formalize the processes and effectiveness of their SBDC programs.

Poets Corner: Impressions
By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Going into municipal elections There is lots of speculation about taxation In the PUP there are clear divisions Three distinct factions The Fonseca faction and the Brecenio faction Then how will the party deal with the Tulio situation People in the UDP are looking forward to by-elections The opposition is at a disposition There is clearly no unison The Blue Machine is not firing on all pistons There is clearly no vision The leader is unable to answer straight forward question A clear indication that there is no vision Then amidst his party his leadership is in question Having gotten his ass handed to him in Cayo’s by-election There is yet another dimension, one derived from out West The party chairman keeps beating his chest

Western Ballaz Defeat Diplomats
Congratulations, Richard Troyer, for setting the NEBL scoring record with 43 Points!!!! The Western Ballaz defeated the Diplomats down in PG over the weekend, and they are now the only undefeated team in the NEBL!

Everyone at The Belize Zoo is so proud of Tony. The Belize Audubon Society awarded our superb Animal Management Supervisor with the extremely prestigious James A. Waight Award in honour of his contributions to conservation in Belize for over 25 years. Some of Tony’s accomplishments include: His pioneering of the captive breeding program for the endangered green iguana. Crocodiles? There’s Tony, assisting the Forest Department in the safe capture of any crocodile believed to be injured or a possible threat . Problem Jaguars? Again, Tony, along with his colleague, Humberto Wohlers, is on the front lines with the Forest Department to address these difficult human-wildlife conflict issue. Tony was at the forefront in efforts to save the Sibun River from a hideous and badly- planned landfill project over a decade ago. As the head of the Sibun Watershed Association during that difficult time, he showed possible funding agencies the true science behind the project. Landfill goes in? Then the Sibun river would be toxified forever. Thanks to Tony’s hard work, the development plan was subsequently dropped. And today, people living along the Sibun River can safely bathe and fish in these waters.

Baron Bliss Harbor Regatta
The Baron Bliss Harbour Regatta Committee proudly invites the general public to the BTL Park, New Town Barracks to witness the 87th Regatta. The series of boat races will run from 11am to 3pm on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March 2015. Over 50 boats are expected in the Optimist, Laser, other “one design” classes as well as the Traditional Lighters, Sailing Dory and Seagull. Sea Scouts “Bosuns” will open the course with the first race on Sunday. Last year in the Lighter class “United” defeated the long standing champion “Radio”. In the Optimist Class the youngest ever to sail single handed on the traditional course was two 8 year old, “CJ” from Placencia Sailing Club and Malik Jones from Caye Caulker.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Extension Presentation
The presentation of the expansion of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve on Wednesday, February 25th at 10 AM at the Hol Chan office. In 2010, a community initiative spearheaded by the San Pedro Tour Guides Association, The Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development and The Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR) commenced work in establishing Mexico Rocks, the fly fishing shoals on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye and its associated wetlands as a protected area. After several public consultations it was agreed that the proposed area be added as an extension of the HCMR. Through an integrated approach and with full participation of government and stakeholders, a final draft was agreed on early February, 2015. On Tuesday, February 17th, The Government of Belize, through cabinet, approved the expansion of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. On Wednesday February 25 an official signing ceremony will take place on San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize.


BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, February 23, 2015: 12

For those who do not know Seismology is the science that studies earthquakes and related phenomena and is used in oil exploration. In the old days, on land, holes were drilled at intervals and pots (geophones) were placed at specific intervals and then you would shoot the holes. That meant blasting the holes with small explosives in a precise sequence and recording the seismic wave that is reflected through and by the substrata. These waves were recorded on LONG rolls of paper (logs) and studied in detail by geologists to predict the presence of formations likely to produce oil. Most likely the source of the seismic wave has been upgraded and there are certainly no longer long rolls of paper. Instead there are computers and programs to aid the geologist is his search for oil.

Made for Belize Concert
Seth Montfort will be performing his 'Made for Belize' concert again this Wednesday at the GPC. Definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.

Independence Park Restoration
The Belmopan Active Youths teamed up with the Red Taigaz to refurbish Independence Park. Thanks, BAY, and Red Taigaz! "This weekend we made some more progress on our Community Park Rehab Project at the Independence Park. We were happy to have some players from the Belmopan Red Taigaz Elite Basketball Team assist us with completing the painting of our playhouse and constructing one more sandbox. It was a successful and fun-filled day! We look forward to continuing building strong partnerships with organizations in Belmopan and by extension our community. Together we can make our City a better place for everyone! Educate! Engage! Empower!"

Street Arts Festival in downtown Belize City
Where will you be on Saturday Feb 28th? I will be at the Street Arts Festival in downtown Belize City starting at 2:00 pm....bring out the kids and make it a family affair...

Belize's Heroes, Patriots, and Benefactors Exhibit
You are invited for the opening of an exhibit today 9:00 am at the House of Culture in Corozal! Three new persons will be added to the exhibit entitled, " Belize's Heroes, Patriots & Benefactor"...Free of cost!

Channel 7

Shutdown Saturday At PGIA: "Sickout" or ""Unhappy Convergence of Coincidence"?
On Saturday morning Air Traffic Controllers at Belize's only international airport, the Phillip Goldson stayed home - effectively shutting down all airport operations: no planes could fly in or out. The workers staged what's called a sick out - where all of them simultaneously call in sick. It's a kind of industrial action that's not a strike - but it has the same effect. Without the air traffic controllers - and on a busy Saturday with 13 scheduled international flights that spelt disaster, and massive losses, plus great inconvenience for travellers, particularly those who had to make connecting flights. Now, Saturday is the busiest travel day of the week - so it was staged to maximize the effect - and more than that, Saturday was also the day that the Prime Minister was returning from personal leave. Indeed, it could have been chaos and 7News was at the airport to see how things got out of hand - and how the Civil Aviation Department got it back in control. Jules Vasquez reports:..

Stevedores Strike Say "Bag Water" Is Bad Water
And while the Civil Aviation was working all the way up to this evening to normalize operations at the PGIA's Air Traffic Control Tower, the management of the Port of Belize had to bargain with the water front workers, over, water. The stevedores say Port Management is giving them pouches of water - and they want five gallon bottles. Now, if you are familiar with the pouches, they are the 25 cent bags. Their issue is that whenever the bag water is stored in heat or direct sunlight, it makes them sick. Hanging in the balance is a sugar ship - fourteen thousand tonnes which takes weeks to load. Loading was supposed to start this morning, but the stevedores refused to do it without the five gallon water. 7News was there when the stevedores gathered outside the gate, and we spoke with Raymond Rivers, the leader of one of the work gangs,. Here's how he explained the issues:

Another Accident At Jaguar Paw Junction
There was another accident at mile 37 near the Jaguar Paw road this morning. Exactly one week ago on the 17th - in this same area- we reported on the fatal accident that claimed the life of one American while leaving another hospitalized. That accident involved an 18 wheeler and an SUV. Well, today another 18 wheeler was in the ditch after it hit a pedestrian. We were at the scene this morning and an eyewitness told us what happened. Courtney Weatherburne Reporting These squashed carrots belonged to 58 year old Pablo Martinez. He was carrying them this morning before he was run over by this 18 wheeler truck near the Jaguar Paw road. While the rotten oranges from last week's fatal accident were still scattered on the side of the road. This fresh stain of blood in the dirt signaled another tragedy in this area.

No More Mandamus
A month ago, we told you how the grinding season for 2014-2015 sugar crop, or "zafra" started almost 2 months late. That's after the protracted dispute within the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, where the farmers initially accepted the so-called "cane compromise" hammered out by the Prime Minister, then refused it two weeks later, only to then accept it once again, but only after the 55 year old Association splintered. The pivotal event came when the veteran cane farmer Lucilo Teck sued the Sugar Industries Control Board - asking the court to compel them to declare the season open. But events overtook that hearing, and the season opened anyway on January 27. So his mandamus lawsuit became practically irrelevant. But, Teck wanted the court to make a pronouncement on the extent of the Sugar Board's powers in the case of future industrial disputes between the cane farmers and the factory owners. So, his attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, pressed on with the law suit, even though the season has been opened for 4 weeks.

Policing With "A Light Touch"
You probably remember that in June of last year, the Police Department's Eastern Division launched its Not In My City Campaign to reduce crime. That included a crackdown on quality of life crimes, such as public drinking, and the bike offences: riding up-stop, double riding, and riding bikes without bells and lights. The mass arrests for the bells and lights offences hit the news when residents were complaining that 100 dollar fines were harsh, given that, in their opinion, the police had more important crimes to investigate. It received almost universal condemnation from the poor residents of the city, who also claimed uneven treatment under the law. Police, for the most part, bore the tough critics, and kept up with the crackdown.

The Art of Conserving Antiquity
In late 2013, we told you all about the definitive international Mayan Exhibit called "Hidden Worlds Revealed" designed by the Science Museum of Minnesota. Featuring 160 artifacts - the majority of them from Belize, it has been traveling all over America. It's the most exposure many rare Belizean artefacts have ever gotten. That's because many of them are stored in an area known as the dungeon, a dank and dark basement at NICH Headquarters. Well, today a representative from the Science Museum of Minnesota traveled to Belize to hold a collections preservation workshop at the House of Culture. The main objective of the workshop was to train museum directors and staff on the methods of preserving artifacts and antiquities. Belize's precious artifacts need to be properly maintained and the coordinator of the workshop Rebecca Newberry told us about the training in techniques.

Mother Cries Out For Son's Burial
Last week Thursday, we told you about an 18 year-old Ladyville resident who died in police custody at the Ladyville Police Station. Police say he committed suicide by hanging himself with his own shirt, but his family refuses to accept that version of events. It's a particularly difficult time for the family, who are suspicious of police, but they're also trying to give Palma a proper burial. His mother begged police on the news to help her cover the cost of the funeral, and since then, she's been trying to ask for help from different persons to put together the money owed to the undertaker. She says that the undertaker is asking for $1,500 to handle the funeral arrangements, money that she doesn't have, and she told us this evening that she has only been able to raise $500 toward the funeral costs:

On The Road Again For Digicell "Mini-Tour"
For 3 days, starting on last Week Friday morning, Cycling Federation of Belize hosted the 20th Digicell Valentine's Classic. But, this one was different, it was a mini tour in which the cyclists had to do a time trial on day one, a 30+ mile criterium, and, then, a 90 mile ride from Western Belize to Belize City. It's first time that the race was done in this format, and so, 7News out on the road yesterday as the cyclist pedaled every one of those 90 miles. Daniel Ortiz reports: Mexican Ignacio Prado also won the U-23 category. He defeated Oscar Quiroz Jr. who came in second, and Joel Borland, who came in third.

Channel 5

P.G.I.A. on Semi-Lockdown
Travelers were piled up at the Philip Goldson International airport on Saturday morning; no flights were coming in or going out. The early flights of Delta and Avianca couldn’t land [...]

Civil Aviation Caught Sleeping
The unprecedented move by air traffic controllers, who reportedly called in sick, is being called an industrial action. Service was restored around midday, but by then the damage had been [...]

Air Traffic Controllers Summoned to Meeting
In the wake of that unprecedented situation at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, reports circulated that the air traffic controllers who called in sick on Saturday were refused entry to [...]

P.S.U. Rep. Says There Was No Sickout
At around five-thirty this evening, air traffic controllers and Public Service Union reps finally emerged from their meeting with Civil Aviation officials. As we’ve showed you, those officials have claimed [...]

Civil Aviation Admits Issues Affecting Department
According to Davis, there will be a move by management to try to address critical issues including human resource shortage and salary concerns. This evening, Director of Civil Aviation, Lindsay [...]

Father of 5 Critical after RTA
Fifty-five year old Baptist Pastor, Pablo Martinez is tonight fighting for his life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. He was critically injured in a road traffic accident this morning [...]

Deadly Weekend on George Price Highway
Over the weekend, there were other traffic mishaps. A near-fatal collision involving multiple vehicles, also along the George Price Highway, left several people injured.  The road traffic accident happened on [...]

San Pedro House of Culture Jacked
The San Pedro House of Culture, which was inaugurated last November, is reporting a break-in at the building located on Angel Coral Drive. Thieves made away with an assortment of [...]

Alarm Foils La Popular Robbery
In Orange Walk Town, a robbery was averted at La Popular Bakery and indications are it was an inside job and the watchman was reportedly held at gunpoint. Thirty year [...]

Sugar Barge Workers Protest Over “Shilling” Water
Today, thirty-four stevedores working with the Port of Belize refused to board the boat which would take them out to offload the sugar barge, anchored seven miles out. They have [...]

P.B.L. Calls C.W.U. to the Negotiating Table
Vasquez says that if its fresh water that’s the problem, he’s willing to provide it every day. But is there another agenda at play? Currently a collective bargaining agreement with [...]

Mandamus Case Struck Out on Technicality
This morning, before Justice Shona Griffith, a battery of lawyers representing various parties, including the Government of Belize, the Belize Sugar Industry, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, the Sugar [...]

Mistakes Maim Mandamus Hearing
According to Senior Counsel Michael Young, the claimants got off on a wrong foot when they filed the application erroneously.  Despite being granted permission to proceed with the claim, another [...]

Lucilo Teck Disappointed in Outcome
Lucilo Teck, a canero himself, initiated the legal process by seeking from Matura-Shepherd and proceeding with the suit.  He expressed disappointment with the outcome of the case.   Lucilo Teck, [...]

Two Persons to Stand Trial for Murder
This morning, preliminary inquiries determined that a minor along with Clive Geban will stand trial for the January nineteenth, 2013 murder of Ervin Moralez, a Maskall villager, who was hacked [...]

Cops Play Nice in the City
In its fresh approach to tackle crime, the top brass of eastern division was out in the city last Friday night. But instead of hauling in persons who were breaching [...]

Sports Monday with James Adderley
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   24 watercrafts lined up for Saturday’s start to the pre-season La Ruta Maya race at Henderson Bank inside Burrell [...]

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02/24/15 07:05 AM
02/24/15 07:05 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


Belize Diving Adventures Robbed, Police Continue Their Investigations
Another report was made on the same day of another burglary. Everett Anderson owner of Belize Diving Adventures reported that on Saturday at about 6:00p.m his dive shop was properly secured and all the dive equipment was stored inside the shop. On Sunday at about 7:00 a.m. an employee went to open the shop and realized that the wooden door was damaged and missing from the dive shop were: (6) Pairs Sea brand fins valued at $1338.00, (3) Spear guns valued at $2500.00, (18) diving mask different brands valued at $1620.00 (3) bank stick valued at $450, all to a total value of $6000.00. Police have no suspects and their investigations continue.

San Pedro House Of Culture Robbed With Precious Artifacts
In other crime news from San Pedro Town, thieves made away with precious artefacts from the islands House of Culture. According to the report made by 56 year old Guillermo Paz, he locked up and secured the House of Culture located on Angel Coral Drive and left for the weekend. However, upon his return on Sunday he noticed the front door was opened. Upon entering he noticed that some artefacts were missing which included (2) Conch Shell Rings, (4) Quincunx (3) Stone Axes (1) small Ink pot (1) Rare Jade Ear Flare (3) Net weights (2) Arrow Heads (1-2) Loom Weight and (1) Conch shell Spoon. The prices on the items altogether are unknown to police at this time and they have no suspects.

Court Strikes Out Mandamus
In January of this year, cane farmer Lucilo Tek filed an application instructing the B.S.C.F.A. and its committee of management to support the writ of mandamus to have the court order the Sugar Industry Control Board to set a date for the start of the crop season. Today that application was brought in the Supreme Court and was struck out by Justice Shona Griffith. So what was the rationale behind this move? Well, according to Justice Griffith, Teck’s application did not comply with the Civil Procedure Rules. It court today, Teck was represented by Attorney Audrey Matura-Sheperd while the Sugar Industry Control Board was represented by Rodwell Williams. Here is his take on the court’s decision.

Chan Pine Ridge Villagers Concern About Who Sold The Water Tank
A group of concerned residents in Chan Pine Ridge Village are seeking for answers after, according to their understanding, the land and the water tank that once provided the community with potable water was sold. A resident, Damian Tzul told CTV-3 News that the tank was taken down last Friday and as a resident of the community he and a few others want to know what has happened with the property belonging to the community. “It was alleged that it was sold and also this plot of land that you see back here and it is said that it was sold also so the villagers wants to know exactly who authorize them or whoever sold it who authorize them to do so, if any monies was aid and to whom it was paid because the villagers want to know it is a concern. We understand that BWSL is one that have purchase the land we don’t know but we want them to come forward and we are asking the Rural Development Officer to come forward to convene a meeting with the chairman of Chan Pine Ridge and inform us exactly what has transpired with this transaction that was made without the consent of the people of Chan Pine Ridge.”

Fuel Prices Start On The Rise
Tonight there is not much good news for consumers as the price of fuel, with the exception of Kerosene, has seen a slight increase. If you are a driver then you are well aware that for the past months consumers have been paying less for a gallon of premium, regular and diesel with the plunging of oil prices in the world market. But the next time you visit the pumps you will be paying a bit more for the gallon of fuel of your choice as prices went up on Saturday. With the increase consumers will now pay $8.87 per a gallon of premium as the price increased by seventy seven cents.

Three Persons In Police Custody After Robbing La Popular Bakery In O/W
Things could have been worse for one watchman who was accosted by three men whilst on duty over the weekend. According to police, while they were in the immediate area of San Francisco and Progress Streets near Popular Bakery they responded to a burglary in progress and according to the police, the watchman on duty was tied up as the men fled the scene. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Station, Supt. Dennis Arnold says they have three men in custody and are looking for one more. From all accounts, it appears that the watchman was set up. “Initial police investigation reveal that whilst the watchman for popular bakery was on duty a worker came to visit him explaining that he had forgotten something in the building upon giving him the key to go into the building apparently three others were in the immediate area where one of the person approach the watchman with a firearm and held him up robbed him of his cell phone and seventy dollars, they tied him up, they went into the building and apparently the alarm went off and the three persons fled the scene and police was in the immediate area when the alarm went off and set chase after the three persons and one of the persons was caught and presently in police custody, the other two has been sought also so we have three persons in custody for that incident.”

Students Learn More About The Bible
Students in at least four schools today received a very interesting visit from a small group of people who brought not only some fun for the morning but a small gift. The visitors are led by Wayne Bertness who is a Gideon who is dedicated to bible distribution and evangelism. They do not belong to any denomination and work all around the world. Bertness told us more about the reason for their visits to schools today. Wayne Bertness – Gideon “What the Gideons do is, our purpose is to handle the bibles all over we can whether in hotels or schools or hospitals where we can get the scriptures out to as many as possible because the scriptures have the words of life how we can go to heaven and how we can live here on this earth.”

Police Investigates Hit And Run Case In Santa Martha Village
Orange Walk Police were moderately busy over the weekend as they responded to crimes in progress and continue to come up successful on searches that have yielded drugs from off the streets. But before we get into those stories we’ll tell you about a hit and run accident on Saturday night that claimed the life of a Mennonite and resident of Santa Martha Village in the Orange Walk District. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, says they are pleading to the community for information that would lead to the driver of the cane truck which killed forty year old David Thiessen. Supt. Dennis Arnold – Officer Commanding, OW Police “While David Thiessen 41 years old was walking in Santa Martha Village he was knocked by apparently a cane truck and h was left there, members of the community had taken to the Northern Regional Hospital, Police investigation continues into this matter, in relation to the same incident we had canvas the area and basically came up with someone who believe to have committed that traffic accident, at present we have one person in custody investigation continues also.”


UB President Confirms Lecturers Resignation
Since last week Love News has been following a story where two lecturers and an Acting Dean at the University of Belize, Belmopan campus, were being accused of sexual misconduct towards some students and faculty members. The allegations were brought to light via a flyer circulated around the campus. When we asked for comment from the university, all we were told via a brief release was that any reports of a sexual nature by any member of faculty is treated with much seriousness. Whether there was an official report made against any lecturer was still not mentioned by the institution. Last Friday, we told you that one of the lecturers had resigned but when we called that individual, he refused to comment and told us to speak with the university. We did make some futile attempts … and today, we got through the president, Alan Slusher who told us that he can confirm the resignation of one of the lecturers but that there were no official reports made to the school’s administration and that the source of the flyer has still not been ascertained.

Man in Critical Condition From RTA
One person is in critical condition following a road traffic accident on the George Price Highway this morning. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story. FEM CRUZ “Based on information received some time around 10:30 am this morning Love News was called out to an area between mile 37 and 38. Upon arrival at the scene saw a white trailer truck on the left hand side of the highway when travelling towards Belize City. Love News spoke to an eye witness who told us what happened.” “Well what happened this morning is when I was waiting on tours and we saw a big truck coming from Belmopan into Belize City and a bus that came from Belize City going into Belmopan took off some passengers up ahead from the bus stop. The gentleman was actually walking back into the direction of Belize City while the big truck was actually coming from behind and it looks like the guy was actually sleeping or he probably lost control I don’t know but he actually went onto the left hand side of the road where the gentleman was actually walking and actually ran over him.

PGIA Services Halt; Air Traffic Control Room on Strike
On Saturday morning, services at the Philip Goldson International Airport, PGIA, were halted. All the employees stationed at the air traffic control room who were supposed to show up for their six to twelve o’clock shift called in sick. It was a sudden move that no one expected, not even officials from the Department of Civil Aviation or the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation. By all means it seemed to be a “sick out”. Planes were grounded and incoming international and local flights have to be diverted to a different landing strip. A Delta flight coming from Los Angeles, USA, had to be diverted to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. Tourist looking to fly out of Belize to their home country were left puzzled. Our news team was deployed to the airport where Hipolito Novelo found out more. HIPOLITO NOVELO “Saturdays are the most demanding day of the week for the Phillip Goldson International Airport but early in the morning at 6:10, notification went out to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, and its Department of Civil Aviation that the Air Traffic Controllers scheduled to work the 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. shift at the Control Tower called in sick. Services at the PGIA were halted with planes grounded and international and local flights unable to touch down.Out of the 13 flights scheduled for Saturday, the 6:45 Delta flight from Los Angeles had to be diverted to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The 9:45 Avianca flight from El Salvador and two United Airline Flights, one from Chicago and another from Newark had been delayed. Two local flights scheduled to land at the PGIA had to do so without permission because they were running out of fuel. Another local flight from Placencia had to be diverted to the municipal airport.”


63 year old woman robbed at knife point
A 63 year old seamstress was robbed at knife point at her business in Belize City. The sewing shop, located on Bocatora Street is owned by 63-year-old Kathleen Skeen. On the morning of Friday February 20, at around 8:00a.m. a dark skinned man entered her business and asked her if she sewed male pants. She told him no and he left, but about thirty minutes after, he returned and pulled out a knife demanding that she hand over her cell phone, her golden earrings, and her gold wedding band. The elderly lady had $33.00 in the store and the culprit took that as well.

Air Tower Controllers Sick Out on Saturday
For several hours on Saturday, Belize’s only major international airport, the Philip Goldson International Airport at Ladyville, was paralyzed by inaction due to a decision taken by employees working in the air traffic control department to report sick. These employees’ service are considered essential under law and their options to protest working conditions through industrial action are severely limited. But their list of complaints has grown steadily and the result on Saturday was inconvenience for quite a few groups of stranded travellers. We will have their stories later, but first, around midday, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation hosted the press to a briefing which essentially reported that the situation was back under control. According to the Ministry’s Director for Civil Aviation Lindsay Garbutt, just a few flights were ultimately affected.

Mennonite man dies of head injuries
Police in Orange Walk are investigating the death of an Orange Walk Mennonite man. On Saturday February 21 at minutes before 9 pm, the body of 40-year-old David Thiessen, a Belizean Mennonite of New Land Mennonite Settlement, in the Orange Walk District, was discovered lying on the ground on an unknown street in Santa Marta Village in the Orange Walk District. David Thiessen had severe injuries to his head. Police say they have detained a man from Guinea Grass Village and are seeking another as investigations continue.

Patrick JonesPJ

Inmate faces marijuana charges
He is already serving eight years’ imprisonment on a charge of manslaughter, but 50 year old Vincent “Steeno” Tillett could see more time behind bars after being charged with drug trafficking for cannabis found in his prison cell. Tillett appeared today before Magistrate Herbert Panton and pleaded not […]

Man charged for carnal knowledge of minor
A naturalized Belizean originally from Guatemala is accused of having sex with an 11 year old female minor more than a year ago. In the court of Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, 41 year old Abraham Lopezs was read the count of carnal knowledge of a female child, a […]

Ministry of Civil Aviation says sickout unexpected; tourists unfazed
For several hours on Saturday, Belize’s only major international airport, the Philip Goldson International Airport at Ladyville, was paralyzed by inaction due to a decision taken by employees working in the air traffic control department to report sick. These employees’ service are considered essential under law and their […]

Supreme Court dismisses sugar farmer’s claim
Instead of allowing time for amendment of the claim of cane farmer Lucilo Teck against the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB) to reflect a change in circumstances since permission was granted to file on January 23, today Supreme Court Justice Shona Griffith decided to dismiss the claim on […]

TIDE hosts climate change forum on Punta Gorda
The Toledo Institute for Development and the Environment, TIDE, is this week hosting an important forum on Climate Change. Delegates from the region arrived in Punta Gorda town over the weekend for the event which opened this morning at the TIDE conference room. Celia Mahung is the executive director of […]

Maya Day planning underway
Plans are well underway for the annual Maya Day celebration in rural Toledo. The Tumulkin Center of Learning located in Blue Creek village, Toledo has been organizing the event for over a decade now. Esther Sanchez Sho is spearheading the planning of the event. Maya Day has become a […]

Laborer admits to drug trafficking
25 year old Victor “Bon Jovi” Cima, a labourer of 8474 Mckay Boulevard, who was charged with drug trafficking for a total of 690.4 grams of cannabis, changed his plea from not guilty to guilty when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was originally charged […]

Man cleared of fault in traffic accident
Twenty-five year old Douglas Rodriguez, charged with negligent grievous harm, was acquitted of the charge by a jury of 4 men and 4 women in the court of Justice John Gonzalez on Friday, February 20. The jury, which was missing a member who did not appear in court […]

Orange Walk man killed in hit-and-run incident
Police in Orange Walk are also reporting the death of a man in what appears to be a case of a hit-and-run incident in Santa Martha village. The victim has been identified as forty year old David Thiessen, a resident of New Land Mennonite Settlement in the Orange Walk district. […]

Another traffic accident at the Jaguar Paw junction
One week ago, an American tourist, fifty six year old Teresa Lin Muers died in a road traffic accident at the Jaguar Pay junction with the George Price Highway. Tonight there is another serious traffic accident at the same spot to report. It happened just after ten o’clock this morning […]

Supreme Court strikes out application for Writ of Mandamus by Lucilio Teck
The application for Writ of Mandamus brought by Lucilio Teck in January seeking to force the Sugar Industry Control Board to set a date for the opening of the sugar cane season was struck out today by Justice Shona Griffith. The reason given by the judge was that it did not comply with the Civil Procedure Rules.


Yours truly revisiting of the Watts Tours came just this weekend on Sunday, February 22, 2015, during the attendance of the 50 year anniversary of the Watts Rebellion in South Central Los Angeles. Since 1989, twenty-five years later, the return to this masterpiece in artistic expression by a man of European ancestry, Simon Rodia, and the powerful story of how he erected this majectic pyramid of freedom, justice and equalty in one of the most empoverished but culturally rich nreigborhoods called Watts in South Central Los Angeles as a temple raised to the heavens, has become for me, a symbol of the restless soul that yearns to be free. In coming back to Watts and be reminded of the struggle of a people that yearns to be free from all oppression is like coming back to find myself again as a black immigrant in L.A., and connecting with Rodia and his immigration from Italy in 1902, and why he followed the quest of his soul to erect a symbol of struggle for the whole world to see.

Ambergris vs. Roatan vs. Placencia...pros/cons, best beaches?
Recently, West Bay Beach on the island of Roatan, Honduras, was rated one of the top beaches IN THE WORLD by tripadvisor---congrats!! Having been on this beach, as well as the beaches of Ambergris Caye and Placencia, it may be helpful to give a comparison of the three. Many travelers looking for great snorkeling, beaches, and the Caribbean/Central American vibe will no doubt be looking at all three places. All three have their own fantastic reasons for a visit! Ambergris has a gorgeous, white, soft sand perimeter around the whole island. The sea side is more appealing in most areas I saw as compared to the lagoon, but gorgeous on both sides. I read reviews that said the beaches were disappointing and that there were no beaches for swimming....this is simply NOT accurate! Ambergris is closest to the reef of the three spots, and has the added benefit of GORGEOUS, crystal clear water, no waves, and less sea grass/trash actually coming in than the mainland. People actually use the beach for a walkway in places in town, and you can ride your bike on it. The beaches truly look like the pictures you look at on your calendar in your cubicle...Note...THIS is an old post from a TripAdvisor forum that is amazingly accurate comparing Placencia and Ambergris (even though it is now 4 years old!)

Punta Gorda, Toledo's Best Food Spots
An earlier post provided a few ideas on what to do in Punta Gorda. However, finding things to do is only half the battle. The other half has to do with the question “where do we eat?” and answering this can be tricky in a small town. However, this list is an open and delicious attempt at naming the best places to eat in Punta Gorda.

Living in Belize is like living in the Wild West
I have always maintained that living in Belize is like living in the wild west sometimes. Yesterday’s shut down of the Control Tower at Philip Goldson International Airport was a good reminder of how true that can be. Until yesterday’s parallelization of Belize airways due to the first and second shift of Air Traffic Controllers calling in sick and, the last Professional Air Traffic Controllers strike I know of was in 1981. The ‘Sick Out’ reminds me of the days when they protested with 2 week long bed-in’s back in 1969. As a kid, I remember seeing a picture of my Aunt (who was a Hare Krishna at the time) with John and Yoko at the famous bed-in at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.

Crocodile communication and Belize conservation
Over the course of my 9 years living in Belize, I have crossed paths many interesting people from afar. This post is about one of them, a crocodile research intern who was in Belize last year. I met Miriam in September 2014 when I offered to host a small pool party for a visiting Biologist and her interns that were down working with Chris at American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES). They were a smart funny group and I was glad to give them a chance to cool down after a hot day in the sun of taking toxicity samples coupled with the stinky work of dissecting crabs and fish. To see pictures of them working in Tamara’s yard check out Crocodile health on Ambergris Caye is alarming says initial research findings – San Pedro Sun. To find out results their samples that were taken read Environment around Ambergris Caye is contaminated – also San Pedro Sun News paper.

The Best of Belize: Can’t Miss Experiences!
Belize is an un-belizeable country to experience, particularly for those seeking an Eco-tourism trip. An independent nation since 1981, this Central American country is a charming escape for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy diving, swimming and adventure. The laid-back Caribbean hideaway is populated with pastel clapboard restaurants and shops, turquoise water and sparsely populated beaches. Belize’s six districts and 200 offshore cayes (islands) are easy – and beautiful – to navigate. We’ve curated 12 can’t miss experiences that represent the best of Belize. Dive into The Blue Hole, Be a beach bum, Step back in time, Try ‘The Royal Rat’, Enjoy hoppy happy hour, Monkey around in the jungle, Go cave tubing, Feelin’ hot, hot, hot: Sample Marie Sharp Hot Sauce, Swim with the fishes, Indulge in an amazing outdoor massage, Get immersed in Garifuna culture, See sunsets and sip sundowners.

Things that Made Me VERY Happy To Live in Belize This Week
Sunday brunch at Estel’s Dine By the Sea with Charles at the BBQ, friends all over the place and my favorite breakfast in San Pedro. Best fry jacks in the world. Whether you go savory and dip them in your egg yolk or sweet with some Marie Sharp’s Jam, they are just divine. Eli Wallach as Tuco (with a noose around his neck) in the “Good, the Bad and The Ugly”. An prolific actor who died just last year at the age of 98. For Carnaval continuing as a HUGE super fun tradition in San Pedro. Though I did not get painted, I liked besting 2 little kids on their challenge that they wouldn’t smile. “Dog Poop” was all it took.

International Sourcesizz

Tropical turtle discovery in Wyoming provides climate-change clues
Tropical turtle fossils discovered in Wyoming by University of Florida scientists reveal that when the earth got warmer, prehistoric turtles headed north. But if today’s turtles try the same technique to cope with warming habitats, they might run into trouble. While the fossil turtle and its kin could move northward with higher temperatures, human pressures and habitat loss could prevent a modern-day migration, leading to the extinction of some modern species. The new turtle is an ancestor of the endangered Central American river turtle and other warm-adapted turtles in Belize, Guatemala and southern Mexico. These modern turtles, however, could face significant roadblocks on a journey north, since much of the natural habitat of these species is in jeopardy, said co-author Jonathan Bloch, a Florida Museum curator of vertebrate paleontology.

Caribbean Roundup
American Airlines is increasing its regional service with a wave of new routes to the Caribbean region, the carrier announced recently. The new flights include a new Caribbean destination: Barranquilla, Colombia, which will receive daily service from Miami beginning June 4. That comes alongside an expansion of service to the French Caribbean island of Martinique, which will see an increase to four weekly direct flights out of Miami on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. The carrier is also adding new Saturday service between Dallas Fort Worth and Grand Cayman, along with new Saturday and Sunday flights between Los Angeles and Belize City.


  • Diving with Rays in Belize, 6min. eagle ray and southern ray in Belize.

  • Belize Vacation, 3min. Highlights: -SCUBA diving off of the Ambergris Caye -Snorkeling in Hol Chan Marine Reserve -Exploring the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins -Cave tubing in the San Ignacio Mountains

  • Our Story: Belize & Tikal Ruins - 2015, 8min.

  • Loving Belize 1 - Tourist Advice, Corozal, Consejo, Sarteneja., 32min. Welcome to a new documentary series about Belize and the amazing, diverse, beautiful, people that live there.

  • Belize, 3min.bede family vacation winter 14-15

  • Belize Valentine 2015, 11min. Hol Chan Reserve, Shark & Ray Alley San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Belize, Central America, 7min. Snorkeling in Belize.

  • Mariniers versus Jebroer (Tim Kimman) in de jungle van Belize, 9min. Tim, beter bekend als de rapper Jebroer, daagt JayJay Boske uit om naar Belize in Midden Amerika te komen. Samen met Mykel Hawke, ex-Green Beret en jungle survival specialist bij uitstek, gaat Tim de strijd aan met JayJay en de mariniers. Welcome to the jungle! Bekijk alle Mariniers Versus battles op:

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