Mexico’s new Ambassador to Belize Carlos Quesnel presented his credentials to the Governor General three weeks ago. Since then, he and a mostly new senior team at the Embassy have been familiarizing themselves with Belize – a country that calls Mexico its second best trading partner.

Belize’s exports to Mexico grew by over 100% in 2014 – which we would say is attributable mostly to cattle exports. And, the Mexicans want the trade relationship to expand. At a media breakfast this morning, Ambassador Quesnel said that they want a trade agreement – and that comes form their President:…

Carlos Quesnel - Ambassador of Mexico to Belize

"The present government, headed by President Enrique Peña Nieto, is focusing strengthening our relation with Belize as neighbours and strategic partners. The embassy will work closely with public and private sectors of both countries to facilitate reaching a trade agreement with our countries. Mexico is already the 2nd supplier of foreign products to Belize and there is no doubt a commercial agreement would force and integration between both countries. Mexico also wants to increase it's presence in CARICOM countries. What a better way to do it than through Belize.“

Quesnel also discussed the Belize – Mexico border. It was radically revamped with the opening of the Chactemal Bridge in mid 2013 – but getting across the border isn’t much easier. The Ambassador says he wants to improve that by equipping more Belizeans with Regional Visitor Cards – which allow Belizeans to move freely into neighboring states of Mexico for three days with a minimum of hassle. He says presently over 90% of the cards that are in circulation in Belize were issued to residents of the northern districts – a statistic he wants to change:…

Carlos Quesnel

"In order to have more grossing, we are working at the embassy particularly at the border - very closely with Mexican authorities to make the crossing process a more expedite and seamless experience. Today to facilitate the process, we have the regional visitors' card, as you may know. This card is a document which helps Belizeans visit neighbouring states in Mexico. In 2014, more than 8,000 cards were issued - that's a 94% increase compared to last year. The card are easy as the immigration facilities for Chetumal reach. It's also interesting to see, that 93 of these cards were issued by residents of the border districts of Corozal and Orange Walk. That's why we are currently working with our Mexican authorities, so that hopefully in the future, the regional visitors' card could be also in Belize.”

Ambassador Quesnel also noted that a call for 25 scholarships in Mexico will open in May of 2015.

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