Crime seems to be one of the main issues plaguing San Pedro, as the San Pedro Police Department have reported escalating criminal activities. 57 days into 2015, the island has seen four murders, various shootings, countless burglaries, robberies and theft. During a monthly People’s Coalition of San Pedro meeting, on Thursday, February 19th Officer in Charge of the San Pedro Police, Superintendent Luis Castellanos presented the Crime Comparison Report for January 2015, which indicated a 65% increase in crime when comparing December 2014 to January 2015.

For the month of January alone, police reported one murder (22-year-old Silvia Carmen Benitez), two robberies, seven burglaries, 16 thefts and one incident involving unlawful sexual intercourse. According to Castellanos, the increase in robberies, burglaries and theft can be accounted to the increase of population the island sees during the high season of the tourism industry. “We see more people coming to the island. Like I have always mentioned, the robberies, burglaries and theft raise in crime statistics are issues that can be prevented. People need to start being more careful and stop behaving as if there are no criminals out there. Currently the San Pedro Police Department has 44 officers and we need to ensure that all the island is patrolled. We have limited resources, and as such we need the public’s help to reduce crime. Be mindful of your surroundings and secure your belongings so as to avoid these crimes,” said Castellanos.

While an official report has not been given out on the incidents that occurred in February 2015, the month has seen its fair share of crime, including three murders and several shootings.

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