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The San Pedro Sun

35-40 Belizeans detained by the Guatemalan Military
According to multiple news sources, 35-40 Belizeans mostly from Orange Walk, were detained earlier today by the Guatemalan Military. The Minister of National Security and Foreign Affairs has been in communication with its Guatemalan counterparts. They have been released, but travel conditions are not ideal and their return is set for tomorrow, Sunday. The Belizeans were on their way back to Belize via the Sarstoon River when they were captured. They had been on their way to place a plaque at the Gracias a Dios monument on a BTV (Belize Territorial Volunteers) mission.

The Prime Minister of Belize Hon. Dean Barrow is on Ambergris Caye
The Prime Minister of Belize Hon. Dean Barrow is on Ambergris Caye and was recieved by supporters of the United Democratic Party. He is the main speaker at the UDP rally schedule for tonight.

Honorable Francis Fonseca is on Ambergris Caye
Leader of the opposition Honorable Francis Fonseca is on Ambergris Caye and was received by supporters of the People's United Party. He is scheduled to make an appearance at the PUP pre-election rally on Sunday, March 1st at the Boca del Rio Park from 10AM to 10PM.

Police Report
Possession of Controlled Drugs * On Friday, February 20th at 6:23PM, San Pedro Quick Response Team conducted a house search at the apartment room of 27-year-old Deon Young in the San Juan Area. The search led to the discovery of two small transparent zip lock bags containing a white powdery substance suspected to be Cocaine, which amounted to 0.6 grams. Her was formally arrested and charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs. * On Monday, February 23rd at 6:30PM 30-year-old Shamir Gonzalez was handed over to police by the Belize Coast Guard along with a transparent plastic bag containing cannabis. The drug was reportedly found on Gonzalez and weighed 3.94 grams. He was then arrested and formally charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs. Sexual Assault * A 12-year-old female minor visited the San Pedro Police Station in the presence of her mother and reported that on Wednesday, February 18th at around 5:30PM while she was at her father's house he sexually assaulted her. A medical examination was also conducted on the minor that confirmed that she had been carnally known. Found Drugs and Ammunition. * On Thursday, February 19th between the hours 1PM and 5:30PM, a team of Belize City Strike Team personnel assisted by the San Pedro Special Branch intelligence conducted a joint operation within San Pedro Town. As a result, a search was conducted in an empty lot in the San Pedrito Area which led to the discovery of 13 live rounds of 9mm ammunition (2 S&B and 11 Luger) and a black plastic bag containing 10 small parcels wrapped in transparent plastic totalling to 13.7 grams of suspected cannabis.

San Pedro Animal Hospital Cares for your pets
The San Pedro Animal Hospital is San Pedro's only private veterinary clinic. Open since December 2009, its mission is to offer on-going, modern professional veterinary care at affordable prices to residents and visitors of San Pedro Town. The San Pedro Animal Hospital proudly provides full-time licensed veterinarian services. While it is a private business, the San Pedro Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing essential health care to all animals in need, and will work with any local rescue group or animal charity; offering substantial discounts on services. Their resident veterinarian is DVM Patricia Kelly, who is a graduate with her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of Saskatchewan, in Canada. DVM Kelly's love for animals was instilled in her as a child and only grew as she matured. It was this love and passion to see all animals healthy that lead to her decision to become a veterinary doctor. In Canada, she gained much experience, working with small and large animals; from cows and horses to dogs and cats.

The first two months of 2015 show crime on the rise
For the month of January alone, police reported one murder (22-year-old Silvia Carmen Benitez), two robberies, seven burglaries, 16 thefts and one incident involving unlawful sexual intercourse. According to Castellanos, the increase in robberies, burglaries and theft can be accounted to the increase of population the island sees during the high season of the tourism industry. "We see more people coming to the island. Like I have always mentioned, the robberies, burglaries and theft raise in crime statistics are issues that can be prevented. People need to start being more careful and stop behaving as if there are no criminals out there. Currently the San Pedro Police Department has 44 officers and we need to ensure that all the island is patrolled. We have limited resources, and as such we need the public's help to reduce crime. Be mindful of your surroundings and secure your belongings so as to avoid these crimes," said Castellanos.

People's Coalition of San Pedro continues to seek progress during February Meeting
The People's Coalition of San Pedro held their second monthly meeting for 2015 on Thursday, February 19th. The meeting saw the attendance of Officer in Charge of San Pedro Police Superintendent Luis Castellanos, Police Constable Juan Choc, Honorable Manuel Heredia's Executive Assistant Betty Longsworth, Josie Nu�ez, Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Deputy Mayor Gabriel Nu�ez, Freddy Gonzalez, Dorian Nu�ez, Janelle Cowo, Erik Lausen, Janine Lopez, Brain Cook, and Scott Harnish. The meeting was officiated by Steve Spiro. The meeting opened with an official crime status report by Superintendent Castellanos. During that report, he indicated the challenges that the San Pedro Police Department is facing. These challenges include lack of vehicular resources, lack of a morgue, the need for more officers, and the need to train officers in customer relations. He also highlighted some recommendations that will be taken at the station to improve the work done by the police. "We need to train our police officers more in public relations. We are recommending that we use a confiscated boat to transport prisoners, since our cost for using the public transport is exorbitant. We will also be giving some of the wives of our officers a stipend to provide prisoners with meals daily. This will also be alleviating financial burdens on police families," said Castellanos.

UDP launches Manifesto days before election
With less than a week to go before the municipal elections, the United Democratic Party (UDP) on Ambergris Caye released their manifesto. The manifesto was released to the press on Thursday February 19th, at the office of the incumbent Mayor Daniel Guerrero. The document celebrates the UDP accomplishments and at the same time highlights three areas that the UDP hopes to address should they remain in office for the next three-year term. The first area the UDP pledges to work on is enhancing the community by improving the quality of life of the islanders. How will they do so? According to the manifesto, they plan to do so by 1) continuing to fine-tune the marketing campaign, in collaboration with BTB, to promote San Pedro Town, its attractions and activities to the global tourism market 2) continue promotion of cultural attraction and events, local celebrations and year round events for residents and visitors. 3) Finalize and implement the Tourism Action Plan for the island. 4) Further support the San Pedro Sports Council in increasing and executing recreational activities for our island's youth. 5) Ensure the completion of the proposed plan for the Ambergris Stadium and 5) Ensure the construction an enclosed multi-purpose Sporting Complex for our town.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Harvest Caye construction
Harvest Caye construction continues, and by far the largest removal of mangrove in the history of South Stann Creek proceeds nearby at Big Creek. I hope the economic development from these projects can in some way offset the natural capital that is being lost. Those will be substantial losses.

Boat of Belizeans held by Guatemala's Military
A group of 40 Belizeans went to the Gracias Adios Monument up the Sarstoon River to place a Belize a plaque at the site . Upon returning, about halfway on the river a Guatemala boat patrol intercepted the group of Belizeans. They instructed them to turn the engine off the boat. They pulled the boat across the river. They then instructed them to get into their vessel. And according to Wil Maheia who has been in contact with the group, they were ordered to get into the Guatemala military boat which would take them to Livingston, Guatemala to be processed. Maheia also said the boat captain had made the trip many times before and would never venture into Guatemala's side of the river. to Krem News, the CEO of the Ministry of National Security has been informed as well as the BDF and the Coastguard who are all attempting to reach their Guatemalan counterparts about the seizure of the Belizeans. The eldest person on the boat is a woman in there 80's. The group will spend the night. The Belize Territorial Volunteers excursion members still have access to their phone and they might be released to travel back to Punta Gorda in the morning.

Northern Territorial Volunteers detained by Guatemalan Authorities
What does this mean? Col. Lovell is working on getting to the bottom of this by establishing communication with all parties involved. It is estimated that close to 40 volunteers have been detained by Guatemala.

No School Day on Election Day
The Ministry of Education announced that next week March 4th will be a non-school day due to the municipal elections in the nine municipalities. There will be no classes for students in primary, secondary and tertiary schools. The ministry says that schools which will be used as polling and counting stations would need to be available for necessary preparation from 1 p.m. next Tuesday. The time off for students may run into Thursday since the schools used for the counting of votes may not be available for classes.

Rotaract Repairs Mary Open Doors
The Rotaract Club of San Ignacio worked with the Lin-Wood Rotary Interact Club to build some stairs and repaint Mary Open Doors. It looks great. Thanks, Rotaract! "It feels good to give back to our community. Making Belize a better place one project at a time. Special Thanks to Lin-Wood Rotary Interact Club for donating their time, energy and resources."

Neon Overdose Overdrive
SHJC's Neon Overdose was off the charts last night! That was one wild event! The newly renovated Club Next was the perfect setting for the event, where Cloud 9 rocked the party through the night. They had jello shots, glow sticks galore, and even some belly dancing. SHJC needs to do this every month. Any blurry pictures perfectly capture the moment.

Trades 4 Life Graduation
Congratulations, graduates! Trades 4 Life just had a ceremony in Belmopan for their graduating class. Best of luck. "Today the Belmopan Active Youths is very proud to see some of our youths graduating from Trades for Life and are now certified Welders, Mechanics, and Computer technicians. Educate, Empower and engage. Thanks to all involved in this project."


Corozal Police Arrest And Makes Charges For Drug Trafficking
A police patrol operation in Corozal Town resulted in the arrest and charge of one resident for Drug Trafficking. According to the report, last night around 9:30pm, police were on patrol in the South End Area of Corozal Town, on an unknown Street when their attention was drawn to a male person dressed in a 3/4 jeans pants and multi colored shirt riding a bicycle. The male person was stopped and he was informed that a search would be conducted on his person for drugs and firearm. As he was about to be searched, he threw an object from out of his right hand onto the street about six feet away from him.

St. Peter's Anglican School Holds Annual Fundraiser
Schools hold several fund raisers throughout the course of the year to help raise money to sustain projects or the daily endeavors at the schools. Today, Saint Peter's Anglican Primary School held one of their biggest fund raisers at the school compound which saw the participation of all the students and teachers. Teacher Rolando Umania told us more about the initiative. Rolando Umania - Teacher "We have a lot of games and a lot of stalls where we have different Bar B. Que, hotdogs and garnaches and all of that food there." Dalila Ical - Reporter "It is an annual event is this some sort of fund raiser for the school?" Rolando Umania - Teacher "Yes, it is our big fundraiser and we call it our big fundraiser from here we generate must of our funds to keep our school going."

Students Sit ATLIB Exam
A total of 407 Fourth Form students from High Schools across the Orange Walk District sat the English Usage and Math ATLIB Papers this morning at Muffles High School. The ATLIB, which means Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize, is an exam that tests the students' knowledge on content and material that have been thought to them since entering first form and is used to evaluate the readiness for entrance in Tertiary Level education. According to the facilitators conducting the exams, the students were enthusiastic at start and seemed quite satisfied when it was over around 2:30 this afternoon.

PUP Banner Vandalized
Each election season, signs are stolen and defaced on both sides of the political aisle, but candidates and police say this season's vandalism is particularly severe. The public is reminded that if caught vandalizing signs; you can face a charge of damage to property. Police in Orange Walk Town say they have gotten several reports of this occurring but none of the reports have resulted in an arrest. They are remaining on high alert to catch the culprits.

Did ASR Fly In Prime Minister Dean Barrow?
On Saturday February 21st passengers flying in and out of the Philip Goldson International Airport were stuck at the airport since air traffic controllers carried out a sick out. The air traffic controllers were dissatisfied with working conditions among other issues. Now, while the problem has apparently been solved another story that came out of the sick out is that on the same day Prime Minister Dean Barrow was scheduled to fly back into the country. On the afternoon of the sick out a picture of a plane allegedly belonging to ASR was posted all over the social media. Allegations were that the private jet flew in the Prime Minister. Now, with the letters ASR imprinted on the plane comments on the social media went wild. So, did the Prime Minister arrive in the country on a private plane belonging to ASR? According to Mac McLachlan, Vice President of International Relations for ASR Group, that is total nonsense.


Early Morning Shooting; Sudden Rise in Crime and Violence?
Another Belize City man was the victim of gun violence this morning. At approximately seven thirty this morning, Belize City Police responded to reports of shots being fired at the corner of South Street and Wagner's Lane. There they saw, thirty-seven-year-old, Marlon Budran, lying on the ground with gunshot wounds to the head and leg. Superintendent David Chi, spoke to the media on this recent incident. "Sometime around 7:30 am this morning police visited the E&E at the KHMH where they saw one Marlon Budran of a Belize City address suffering from two apparent gunshot wounds. Police carried out an investigation into the matter where he reported that he was walking in the neighborhood when he was approached by two other male persons on separate bicycles who afflicted those wounds on him with a fire arm. He managed to run away where he was not injured further. He received one to the head and one to the right instep.


Shooting on Freedom Street
On Wednesday morning there was a shooting incident in Belize City. It was touch-and-go for 21 year old Ian Adolphus when he was accosted by his attacker on Freedom Street in the Port Loyola area, but now he is resting in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Police, however, are working hard to catch ...

Titan execs cleared of currency charge
Bahamian executives of Titan International Securities, Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach, had charges of failing to declare personal currency above the prescribed amount �to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) dismissed on Wednesday by Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. The Senior Magistrate upheld a s...

Accused aides to illegal visitors freed
They were accused of assisting a pair of Cuban men to illegally stay in Belize...

Fire at Exotic Caye Resort
There was a house fire in San Pedro early this morning February 25. It happened just before 2:30 this at Exotic Caye Resort located on Coconut Drive San Pedro Town...

Cross Cutting Measures Report Real
A report on the cost cutting measures reportedly commissioned by the Government of Belize and done by a group of 7, including senior union representatives and officers has been receiving much scrutiny.� The report advises the Prime Minister on areas where the government can cut back on expenditure.

Financial Secretary Updates On Compensation Monies
The Financial Secretary Joseph Waight also addressed the matter concerning compensation monies, as promised by the Government, as it relates to the death of Special Constable Danny Conorquie who died in the line of duty and Elisa Hunter who died as a result of being hit by the driver of Minister Elr...

Western Regional Expansion Zone Sold Off?
Between the years 1993 to 1998 the then UDP government hired a trained professional Town Planner in the name of Simon Robenson to review and update the original master plan for the development of Belmopan. The updated master plan included 8 acres of land to the north of the Western Regional hospital...

Mayoral Debate in Belmopan
The Evangelical Association, Belmopan Branch� and PlusTV have agreed to collaborate in hosting a Belmopan Mayoral Debate.� The Debate will be held on Thursday, February 26 , 7 pm at the George Price Center and will be broadcasted Nationally on PlusTV and via web streaming at

International Pageant promotes Mayan Culture
In September of 2013 the lovely Miss Vania Pat, of Succotz Village, Cayo District, won the Miss Queen of the West Beauty Pageant. Vania, 20 years of age and fluent in three languages- English, Spanish, and Maya, has been competing in beauty pageants since the age of 15 and has won many entitles...

The Reporter

Belize to receive 2nd visit from MESICIC
Belize is scheduled to receive its second visit from the Organization of American States (OAS) Mechanism for Follow-up on the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption (MESICIC) later this year According to the OAS, Belize has provided its written consent accepting the visit, which is part of the Mechanism's Fifth Round of Review of the OAS Convention Against Corruption (CAC). The consent was formally provided by Belize's permanent mission to the OAS, Iran Tillet-Dominguez, who also serves as Vice Chair to the MESICIC Committee of Experts. Following the on-site visit to Belize MESICIC will publish a report based on their visit during the 25th meeting of the Committee of Experts. MESICIC makes periodic visits to countries that have signed on to the CAC and Belize received its first visit from the Mechanism last April.

40 Belizeans detained by Guatemalan military
A group of about 40 Belizeans including women and children from the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) have been intercepted by Guatemalan military and are being held at a Guatemalan military base. According to George Lovell, CEO in the Ministry of National Security the Ministry was alerted of the situation by BTV President Wil Maheia. According to Maheia, about 40 Belizeans from the northern segment of the BTV were on an expedition to place a flag on the southern momument between the border of Belize and Guatemala and it was on their way back when the boat they were travelling on was intercepted by Guatemalan military. According to Maheia, the boat was in Belizean waters but Lovell says the Ministry is still investigating to determine the exact circumstances of the situation. Lovell said the Ministry has contacted the highest level of Guatemalan officials and have even contacted the Organization of American States (OAS). According to Lovell, he was informed by Maheia that the Belizeans were being detained at a base in Livingston, Guatemala but Lovell said he doubted that was where they were taken due to their lack of a proper base in Livingston. Lovell said because women, children and elders were included in the expedition the Ministry isn't worried that they might be in any danger from the Guatemalan military. According to Lovell, the Ministry is working tirelessly to address the situation and have it resolved as peacefully and as quickly as possible.

Patrick JonesPJ

San Ignacio teenager who was reported missing is reunited with her family
A San Ignacio family is today breathing a sigh of relief after a sixteen year old girl who was reported missing was safely returned to them. Brittney Galvez left home on February sixteenth after a misunderstanding with her mother. And reports are that she was taken across the Belize-Guatemala border and held against her will. On Friday evening, Brittney's Rosalva Galvez recalled the ordeal that the family went through looking for the teenage girl. According to the mother, after the misunderstanding between her and Brittney, the girl went to the bathroom. But twenty minutes later when the girl did not come out of the bathroom, her older sister went to check on her. That was when they discovered that she was not there.

Belizeans detained by Guatemalan military
A group of about three dozen Belizeans, members of the Belize Territorial Volunteers from Orange Walk, were intercepted by Guatemalan military officials this afternoon. The group had traveled to the Belize border point at Gracias Adios to place a erect a bronze plaque at the marker and were on the return journey when they were intercepted sometime between 2 pm and 4 pm. Guatemalan officials reportedly boarded the Belizean vessel and took them first to a Guatemalan outpost and later taken to Livingston, Guatemala. The reason for the detention by the Guatemalan military is not known.


A Gorgeous Day in Caye Caulker + A Liquor-Less Lazy Lizard in Its Last Days
And the "bar" at the Lazy Lizard. The current renters lost their court case, their liquor license and will be out of the bar by the end of month. Tomorrow. I walked back towards the village. There is a new cement building (a supermarket, I hear) going up next to Cooper's Art Gallery. Now we need to see what new management will do. Down south a bit farther is the outdoor movie theater. Two business have opened on either side of it. The new Bondi Bar looks pretty chic. And on the other side, a French bistro and creperie. A few hours later I was passing by the Lazy Lizard once again - but this time by boat.

Top 10 Best things to do in Caye Caulker, Belize
I recently returned from a trip to Caye Caulker in Belize and it is safe to say that I absolutely loved it. It was paradise. So, if you find yourself in that idyllic part of the world then follow my guide below and you will be guaranteed to have a good time. Go Slow. That is the motto on Caye Caulker and you will see it plastered everywhere. This little island is located far, far away from anywhere and the perfect place to just relax and go slow. Strap on a snorkel or tank. Belize boasts some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. You can touch a shark, swim with a school of fish and admire endless coral through the crystal clear water. Drinks at the lazy lizard. Google Caye Caulker and you will see a million photos of the Lazy Lizard, it was enough to make me book a ticket and it didn't disappoint. Yes, it is full of tourists, but what is better than dangling your feet in water, listening to music, being surrounded by happy party people while downing some pina coladas? Nothing!

International Sourcesizz

CARICOM Soft Target For ISIS?
Groups such as ISIS, emanating out of the Middle East, and Boko Haram, from Central Africa, are driving tremendous fear, causing death and destruction of property all in the aim of religious identity. These groups are so well resourced, their monstrous acts seem unstoppable and they may just reach the Caribbean islands in their quest for identity. The Caribbean, therefore, must be proactive in reinforcing its security architecture to gather and track intelligence on their modus operandi to secure the Caribbean and its people. Jim Phillips, Middle East analyst, noted that the two groups are very similar in one sense: they intimidate and brainwash young people and turn them into suicide bombers. What then may be at stake for the Caribbean? Is there a likely security threat? Does the Caribbean have a Regional Security System (RSS) at work tracking the threats and trends of security issues and effectively coordinating with partners in preparing strategic approaches to these issues? How are Caribbean people being kept abreast of security issues surrounding us?

The Music of the Maya: Mysterious whistles Confound Experts
Music has held a special role in human society for thousands of years. In ancient China, for instance, sets of bronze bells were played for entertainment and ritual purposes at court. The complementary tones produced by the different bells were a reflection of the Confucian ideal of harmony. In ancient Rome, a flute player would be present at sacrifices in order to drown any disturbances from the external surrounding. Music was also central to the rituals and traditions of the Maya, evident in the objects left in the archaeological record. The Mayas had numerous wind and percussion instruments, including flutes, whistles, trumpets, rattles, bone and gourd rasps and drums. These instruments have been described in texts and depicted in Maya art. One of the most intriguing instruments to have been found is the Maya whistle.


  • Sailing and Snorkeling in Belize, 19min. Paul and I in Belize.

  • Danny Michel discusses his Belize School Fundraising project, 21min. This is the 20 minute presention that Canadian singer-songwriter Danny Michele on his first trip to the island of Belize and how he raised $38,000 for a school there as well as introducing Belize music to Canadians by recording an album in Belize with local musicians.

  • Masters Regional Belize 2015 Recap, 2min. This video was shot during our annual February Missions Trip to Belize with Praying Pelican Missions. It is a short highlight of what we saw and did.

  • LIONFISH DIVE BELIZE, 3.5min. Highlight of my dive off Tom Owen Island in Belize. Saw 8 on this dive. The guy spearing got stung. You can hear him scream. The Lionfish ceviche we had that evening was fresh and fantastic.

  • Stingrays & Sharks Belize, 2min. Snorkeling with Stingrays and Sharks in Belize.

  • Belize Street Arts fest playing Machel, 2min.

  • Hugging a shark in Belize, 15sec. A tour with Lil Alfonse at Shark Ray Alley.