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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofer: Language Barrier
"While you were gone for coffee a guy named Marciano stopped by looking for you," Sherry said. "Marciano Uk? He's a little Mayan fellow who used to work for me as a caretaker and handyman ten years ago. He's a great guy." "Well, he doesn't speak very good English." "His English is about as good as my Spanish," I told her. "We speak in a mix of the two that people call Spanglish." "He wants to meet you for a beer at around five o'clock." I was at the bar waiting when Marciano came in. We talked over old times and caught up on new ones.

Letter to the Editor: Gualberto "Wally" Nunez
Dear Mayor Guerrero, As a duly elected councillor of the San Pedro Town Council for period 2012-2015, I have requested at numerous Council meetings, a copy of audited finances as referenced by Part VII, section 23 (5) of the town council, Chapter 87 of the laws of Belize. I write to inform you that my numerous requests seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as I have not received a reply much less the financial report. As we near the close of our 3 year term of office, we are obliged to give a report of the council's finances to the voters who elected us. You promised to be transparent and accountable for the taxes collected and as such must deliver on this commitment. This is my final appeal to you before seeking the intervention of the Minister of Local Government whose responsibility it is to ensure that town councils are complying with their legal obligations. In anticipation of your prompt and favourable response, I remain.

Under the Sun: Marie Parham turns 85
Long time island resident Marie Parham was honored on the evening of Saturday, February 21st when friends and family gathered to celebrate her 85th birthday. With live music from Wil and Dale, great food and two birthday cakes, the group celebrated Miss Marie's milestone birthday in fine fashion. Marie and her late husband George built the landmark Sands Hotel in the early 1970's. Hauling buckets of cement by hand, Marie was a big part of the laborious process and remembers well the huge undertaking. The Sands Hotel is located on a large lot on Barrier Reef Drive right across the street from Central Park. Recently the building has been renovated into Hasta la Vista Hostel and is run by Marie's granddaughter.

In Loving Memory of: Miguel Guerrero, Fabian Moh and Teresa Lopez
n loving memory of Miguel Angel Guerrero God saw you suffering from a problem, But on earth a cure was not to be So God wrapped his arms around you And whispered, come to me! You did not deserve what you went through So God gave you eternal rest

Doctor Love: Resentful
Dear Doctor Love, My husband and I have been married for twenty-four years. He is an excellent provider for me and he obviously loves me as much as I love him. We get along very well except for one thing. He has a son and daughter by a previous marriage. My husband was a "weekend father" who was never really close to his children. According to him, his ex-wife tried to make things as uncomfortable for him as she could and did everything she could to turn the children against him. Because of this he sort of kept his distance from them. Eventually he lost contact with the daughter but the son is still around. His son is married and has an adorable four year-old daughter that my husband and I dearly love. We never see the son except the times when he wants us to baby sit for him. Then he drops the child off and disappears for the weekend. The son has always lived a wild life style and along with his wife he sells drugs as well as uses them. It breaks my heart to see the child brought up in this kind of life.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Territorial Volunteers return
The landing in Belize The Norhthern Territorial Volunteers, the Orange Walk chapter of the Belize Territorial Volunteers, land on the shores of P.G. The vessels escorting them were Belize Coast Guard. Video Courtesy: Daniel Ortiz

Belize, Trinidad Consent To Receive On-site Anti-corruption Mechanism Visits
The Organization of American States (OAS) says the governments of Belize and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay have given their consent to receive on site visits as part of the Fifth Round of the Mechanism for Follow-up on the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption (MESICIC). The OAS said the five countries notified the MESICIC Technical Secretariat of their decisions in accordance with the Methodology for Conducting On-site Visits. It said the five countries also consented to and received on-site visits during the Fourth Round of Review. For the Fifth Round, which begins in March, the OAS said the MESICIC Committee of Experts will review the implementation of the provisions in Article III, paragraphs 3 and 12 of the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption which refer to the "needed instruction to government personnel and the study of preventive measures that take into account the relationship between equitable compensation and probity in public service".

Power to the People in the struggle!
They went to show they are patriotic. They were detained by an armed Guatemala Coastguard patrol. Men, women, children-BELIZEANS. They are now safe and will return to Belize, unharmed.

All 37 Belizeans were well recieved tonight at the Orange Walk Town Hall
Over 300 residents gathered for a warm welcome ... after some brief words and singing the national anthem they all left for a good night's rest!

Proud Belizeans' and Power to the People
Proud Belizeans. Despite the huge hurdle they would do it all over again.

Ascenthium Goes Acoustic at Fuego
Fuego, continuing with their music in the park concept, brought in Ascenthium to play some acoustic sets. They rocked the house, as always, even though it was a much mellower vibe. They'll be back, and soon. Thanks, Fuego! Entire album here and on fb here.

Western Spirit Coming to SHJC Business Expo
Western Spirit will have a booth at the SHJC Business Expo on March 28th. They'll have t-shirts for sale at the event, and you can pre-order them around Cayo. In related news, SHJC is having their annual Business Expo on March 28th, so if you are interested in setting up a booth, you can contact them.

SHJC Asus Tablet Distribution
The Ministry of Education delivered tablets to the students at Sacred Heart Junior College on Friday. It made for some happy students. Pictures on fb here.

The Reporter

Group detained by Guatemalans arrive home
A group of 37 Belizeans who were detained by Guatemalan officials on Saturday have arrived back on Belizean soil. The boat carrying the group of Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) arrived at the Punta Gorda port just before 11a.m. Sunday escorted by Guatemalan coast guard. The group was met with well-wishers who turned out to show their support. The group was released by Guatemalan authorities Saturday night after the Belizean Ministry of National Security contacted Guatemalan diplomats through the Belizean Embassy in Guatemala.

Artists take over Albert Street
Artists converged on Albert Street for the fifth annual Street Arts Festival on Saturday. According to Karen Vernon, theatre director of the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts and Street Art Festival organizer the event has grown and expanded over the years. Vernon said that the event provides a medium for artists to showcase their work and make sales but even other types of vendors have used the event to their benefit. According to Vernon, the number of vendors this year has increased to stretch all the way down Albert Street. While Vernon said she could not give any official figures in terms of the kind of economic activity generated by the event she said that the increase in participation was indicative of the success of the festival. This year's event included a line up of drama, music, paintings and sculptures on display and for sale. Vendors also used the event to promote their businesses with some vendors travelling from out-district just for the one-day event.

Belizeans released from Guatemalan custody
A group of 37 Belizeans from the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) who were detained by Guatemalan authorites have been released. According to Colonel George Lovell, CEO in the Ministry of National Security the Belizeans who were detained were released after swift action from the government of Belize. Lovell said the government contacted the highest level of diplomats in Guatemala through their Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also through the Organization of American States (OAS) after being alerted to the situation. According to Lovell, due to weather conditions the Belizeans were unable to be escorted back to the Belizean side of the border and are being accomodated in Livingston and should be returned home by Sunday morning.

40 Belizeans detained by Guatemalan military
A group of about 40 Belizeans including women and children from the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) have been intercepted by Guatemalan military and are being held at a Guatemalan military base. According to George Lovell, CEO in the Ministry of National Security the Ministry was alerted of the situation by BTV President Wil Maheia. According to Maheia, about 40 Belizeans from the northern segment of the BTV were on an expedition to place a flag on the southern momument between the border of Belize and Guatemala and it was on their way back when the boat they were travelling on was intercepted by Guatemalan military. According to Maheia, the boat was in Belizean waters but Lovell says the Ministry is still investigating to determine the exact circumstances of the situation. Lovell said the Ministry has contacted the highest level of Guatemalan officials and have even contacted the Organization of American States (OAS).

Patrick JonesPJ

Guatemalan ambassador in Belize passes away
Guatemala's ambassador to Belize Manuel Tellez Miralda died today. According to a report in Sunday's Prensa Libre newspaper, Ambassador Tellez Miralda died of natural causes. Prensa Libre quotes the Guatemala Foreign Ministry as saying that the body of Ambassador Tellez Miralda will be returned to Guatemala on Monday for funeral services. Ambassador Tellez Miralda's appointment in Belize dates back to 2004.

University students in Toledo receive tablets from GOB
The government of Belize's distribution of tablets to tertiary level students continued late last week. On Friday, students at the Toledo campus of the University of Belize queued up to receive their electronic. Minister of Education Patrick Faber says it is important that the use of technology be adopted to bridge gaps in the learning process, making it easier for both the students and teachers.

Belizeans illegally detained by Guatemala military safely back home
A group of 37 Belizeans who were detained illegally by Guatemala military in southern Belize returned to Punta Gorda town this morning. The group was welcomed to joyous applause and a spontaneous singing of the Belize National Anthem. A press conference is planned for this afternoon where Belize government officials will address the media.

Belizeans detained by Guatemala military arrive in Punta Gorda
The group of Belizeans who were detained by the Guatemala military on Saturday, February 28, have landed back in Belize. At 10:57 am the boat carrying the group of Belize Territorial Volunteers from Orange Walk docked at the Customs area in Punta Gorda town. Belizeans and media representatives who had gathered applauded as the boat arrived and a spontaneous singing of the Belize National Anthem broke out as the people disembarked from the vessel.


Is Sustainable Tourism a Panacea for Belize?
Two weeks ago the 28th Annual General Meeting of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) was held in Belize City. The BTIA is the largest tourism association in Belize and is the voice of tourism related concerns. "Tourism Business and Sustainable Development" was the theme of the general meeting. After the meeting was over Larry Waight of the Huffington Post met with Mike Green who is a sustainable tourism consultant and independent "Green Globe" auditor to talk about sustainable tourism and the rise of green certification in Belize. The following is part of their conversation. Mike Green has worked in the tourism industry in Belize for the past 23 years, in both resort management and tour operations and now as a sustainable tourism consultant and certification auditor. Sustainable tourism in its purest sense is an industry which attempts to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems. It is responsible tourism that is both ecologically and culturally sensitive. Thus, Sustainable tourism activities have minimal impact on the environment and culture of the host community. Mr. Green was asked how satisfied he was about the progress of sustainable tourism in Belize? Belize has come a long way over the past 20 years yet we still have a long way to go. We are blessed with an abundance of natural resources as well as phenomenal cultural and natural attractions. My concerns lie with whether or not our governmental agencies actually recognize these facts and the monumental importance of sustainably utilizing our resources for current benefit yet still conserving them for the enrichment of future generations.

The Belize Cayes are jaw dropping!! Ranguana, Silk, and Hatchet Cayes...
This post may trick you into thinking you are looking at a 12 month calendar of tropical places. That was what our group kept saying during our tour of the Cayes this past week.....we took an hour boat ride out to Ranguana Caye.....we saw dolphins on the way... Then arrived at a jaw dropping island....I mean, the island of our collective dreams. It is AMAZING! You can stay on Ranguana in rustic, stilted cabanas for $100us a night, or visit for the day, and snorkel with bonefish, lay out with the pelicans, and enjoy the most clear water and eye candy environment imaginable. We then went over the Silk Caye, where we snorkeled with turtles the size of cars, 8 foot stingrays, and nurse sharks. **Note, these three pictures are courtesy of google images, but this is exactly what you will see.

14 Ways to Experience Belize
If you're in search of a vacation spot that combines world-class beaches, a glorious natural landscape amid a mighty jungle, famous ancient ruins, and a unique local culture - Belize (on the south-west corner of the Yucatan Peninsula) has more charm and treasure than anyone can possibly experience in a single visit. But we hope this short list of Belizean national treasures will help you organize your visit to this equatorial paradise. Saturdays at the San Ignacio Market, Pamper yourself in Luxury, See the Belize Zoo, Meet the Belizean People, Enjoy the Beaches of the Placencia, Taste Belizean Cuisine, Enjoy Belizean Rum, Visit Mayan Ruins, Visit the Cayes, Dive and Snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef, Take a Helicopter Tour with Astrum, Go Cave Tubing, Hike the Belizean Rainforest, Canoe a Jungle River.

International Sourcesizz

Five more elections due in Caricom this year
As I write Belize is preparing for local government elections which will be held on March 4 and political pundits say that the results will determine whether two-term Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, will continue as head of government. His United Democratic Party (UDP) will get stiff opposition from Francis Fonseca's People's United Party (PUP). At the last general elections the UDP gained 17 seats while the opposition movement secured 14.


  • The Island of San Pedro, 1976, 30min. THIS IS AN AWESOME video about "The Island of San Pedro", from the 8mm archives made in 1976. In those days there were only 4 hotels, and Ambergris Caye was that time the wealthiest destination of Belize, thanks to the fishermen catching Lobsters and Shrimp to export to the United States. Thanks for sharing Wolfgang Wind... LOVE it

  • Belizeans Back Home , 1min. A group of Belize Territorial Volunteers who were detained by the Guatemala military arrived in Belize on Sunday morning, March 1.

  • 10 Belize Ambergis Caye, 6min. quelques instants de d�tente sur Ambergris Caye l' �le d'un pays, mitoyen au Guatemala, que nombre d'entre nous n'en connaissait m�me pas l'existence : Le BELIZE

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  • UF Belize Study Abroad 2015: Gardens & Mayan Site, 4min. This video is about Day 2 of the UF Study Abroad experience to Belize over spring break 2015. Video features the Belize Botanical Gardens and Mayan site.

  • Chasing a nurse shark in Belize, 2min. omg i had so much fun!

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