Enjoy a hearty slice of homemade pie or cake with a bottomless cup of brewed coffee or tea for only $5 BZD.

The New Door Is Installed!

Installation of the new front entry door is completed and the front walls have been repaired. Work is underway on repainting and repairing the screened entry. To celebrate, we are offering some extra special desserts in addition to the standard fare, including:

  • Cheesecake: If you are a fan of REAL cheesecake, get here early.
  • Mixed Berry Dessert: Containing strawberries, blackberries, and rasberries

Pies: Chocolate Cream, Banana Cream, and some fruit pie surprises.
Cakes: Cinnamon swirl Bundt coffee cake

Again, come chat with friends and learn more about CVL, its services, and resources. This is an informal, friendly gathering in a cafe style atmosphere with a “come and leave when you want” style of service. No meeting nor solicitation will be surprised upon you.

Place: Consejo Village Library, Lot #492, Consejo Village, Corozal
(Red “brick style” building across from Casablanca, diagonally from the customs compound and pier)
Time: Sunday, March 8th, 8:30-12:00 p.m.

All proceeds to benefit CVL towards needed repairs and upgrades. Our January function grossed $93 BZD. which is appreciated. The proceeds were used towards the purchase of a new front door latch, deadbolt, hardware, and concrete. We appreciate also the donation of sand and gravel.

We have received a donation of a desktop made from working parts of our old desktop #3 and spare parts. We also have received a generous donation of two laptops that are currently being cleaned and upgraded in Corozal. In addition, a donation of 250+ DVD's was donated and the collection is now available for checkout. Many thanks to everyone! The database containing all books and videos can be accessed on library computers or a copy of this file can be sent upon request.

We have adjusted the hours to better accomodate those attending church services in Corozal. Feedback is appreciated as to whether the hours should be modified a bit more. Due to conflicts with other scheduled events, we had no February fundraiser. We are getting back to the standard 2nd Sunday, but would like feedback as to whether a weekday evening would be more convenient. (Most MCC servers attend school.)

For any additional questions, please contact Connie Bailey at 623-6355 or email [email protected].