Belizeans in 7 municipalities and 2 cities go to the election polls

The Polling Station has been divided alphabetically by surname into 14 polling areas such as A, B, Ca, Ce to Cu, D-F, G, H to J, M, N to O, P to Q, R, S, T to U and V to Z. Each area has been clearly marked to direct the voters in which polling area to go in order to cast their vote.

To make the voting process faster, electorates are being encouraged to bring along their Voter's Identification (ID) Card. In the event that a voter does not have their voter's ID, they can bring any form of picture ID, such as driver's license, passport or Social Security Card, providing they are registered to vote in San Pedro Town. Voters who don't have a form of identification form, but are registered to vote in San Pedro Town, can still cast their vote since their identity can be matched to the binders that are available.

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Belizeans Head to Polling Stations on Election Day
The democratic wheel is in full process this morning as Belizeans head to the voting polls for Municipal Elections 2015. It is Elections Day, Wednesday, March 4, 2015, and seven towns and two cities around the country are geared up to exercise their rights to elect a new Town Council to run their communities for the period 2015 to 2018. In San Pedro, the polling stations located at the San Pedro High School, opened at 7a.m. and movement was pretty slow up to 9a.m. with very short lines, but the voting process was steadily on its way. Party supporters are definitely busy recruiting supporters and mobilizing their groups to scour the island for strong supporters and potential voters.