We were extremely fortunate to count on Lighthawk's generous aerial support to conduct the first aerial survey for marine megafauna along the Belize Barrier Reef. We documented a range of species and hotspots, and identified a range of reef uses and impacts during the course of several flights.

Our highlights? A rare great hammerhead near Ambergris Caye, a very elusive Manta Ray near the Sapodilla Cayes and several manatees.

A hearty and huge thanks to Lighthawk with a special shout out to Armando Ubeda, Yendra Ruiz Tencza and Patient Pilot Extraordinaire Chuck Schroll for providing excellent support for Belize's first Barrier Reef and Atolls Marine Megafauna aerial survey.

The MarAlliance Team: Hilmar Salazar, Cecilia Guerrero, Ivy Baremore, Vanessa Figueroa, Sam Owen, Cameron Rhodes and Rachel Graham.

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