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The San Pedro Sun

Day three of La Ruta Maya left Double Head Cabbage to Henderson Bank in Burrell Boom ongoing.

Take off of Day 3 of La Ruta Maya take off.

Finishing line of La Ruta Maya Day three at Henderson Bank.

Celebrate Easter on Ambergris Caye!
Easter is coming and Ambergris Caye's shores eagerly await visitors to take in the beauty we've been blessed so abundantly with! The holiday is celebrated in a VARIETY of ways. San Pedro Town offers devotional celebrations to day-long beach parties to all-night club 'parties'. Everyone on the island has an agenda, and there's no shortage of ways to indulge! Roman Catholics consider Easter the most holy time of the year. The San Pedro Roman Catholic Church's celebration of the season is ushered in by the 40 day Lenten season starting on Ash Wednesday. It marks a time for preparation to receive Jesus Christ, culminating on Palm Sunday when Jesus returns to Jerusalem. During Palm Sunday mass, symbolic palm leaves are blessed and given to the congregation who turn them into crosses as a token of their faith.

Doctor Love: Peacemaker
Dr-LoveDear Doctor Love My husband has three children from a previous marriage. Because of a disagreement he did not see his oldest daughter for twelve years. A year and a half ago I helped to patch things up between them and bring them back together. Soon after that she got involved with a man who came here from another part of the world. After a few months together they got engaged and plan to be married this year. Everything was fine until three months ago when my husband discovered that his future son-in-law is not a Christian. My husband went through the roof. I tried to calm him down but he says he is not going to have grandchildren or even a daughter in our family who has some strange religion. The future son-in-law is a very tolerant, soft spoken man who has told me that he would prefer that his wife and children follow his religion.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Voices of the West Full Moon Concert
They had a huge showing at the Voices of the West Full Moon Concert last night in Benque. They have some good shots of the volunteers as they move the tents for the celebration too. "Full Moon Concert,Voices of the West was the first full moon concert that was enjoyed by multiple masses that went out to enjoy the grand talents in our beautiful Western is proudly presented by the Benque House of Culture (NICH) with high collaboration of the Community if BVO. Images courtesy of Mr.Armando Chulin"

Free Girl's Self Defense Training
4 the World is having a free workshop on self defense for girls tomorrow at the Calla Creek community center. Thanks, 4 the World! "Come join 4 The World Belize for a Free Girl's Self Defense Training Workshop in Calla Creek Village."

La Ruta Maya 2015
Team NICH remains in first place at the end of Day 3 of the La Ruta Maya 2015. So proud of these guys!!!

The Belize Times

PUP Stand Strong!
People's United Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca delivered a sober and encouraging message this afternoon, assuring supporters and Belizeans that the Party will carry out an "open and frank self-examination" to analyse the results of the March 4th Municipal Elections which saw 8 of 9 municipalities being won by the United Democratic Party. Hon. Fonseca, who was flanked by Deputy Leaders Hon. Florencio Marin Jr. Deputy Leader Mike Espat, Deputy Leader Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Deputy Leader Julius Espat, Deputy Leader Carolyn Trench-Sandiford and former Leader Hon. John Briceno, expressed gratitude to the candidates who offered themselves under the PUP ticket and the voters who came out to participate in the elections. The Party Leader added that while there was unprecedented spending by the UDP and clear and glaring evidence of abuses of Government resources, he will not whine about it, but get back to the drawing board to strengthen the Party and lead the kind of fight that will bring about victories in the general elections, or perhaps, early elections.

2015: Already more murderous than last year
With four murders in just three days, between March 1st and March 4th, this week has been the most deadly since the year began. The trend should be very worrisome for Belizeans, who have witnessed the nation's domestic security wither away, as criminals take siege while there is no effective response from the Government. In 2014 the total number of homicides increased when compared to the previous year. There were 24 more murders. But that's not the shocking thing; what is, is that in the first two months of this year there have been more murders than in 2014. In January and February, there have been 17 murders. With the incidents of violent crime in the first few days in March, the total has increased to 21 murders. This week alone has seen four killings, all involving gun violence. While ballots were being counted throughout the country Wednesday night, bullets were flying in various parts of Belize.

UDP abuses GOB resources
Prime Minister Dean Barrow's prelude to the 2015 Municipal Election was a threat to all voters that unless they vote for his political party, they won't see any kind of progress in their municipalities. Barrow has blurred the lines that should separate the Government and the ruling party in Government. There appears to be no separation as the PM manipulates all branches of Government and every Government department to advance his political objectives. On Wednesday, Election Day March 4th, in every municipality Government resources such as Ministers' vehicles were seen transporting voters to polling stations. Inside those vehicles big monies were exchange for votes, with special notes by Ministers to voters. Vote buying occurred in specially marked homes, where operatives of the UDP, hired in Government, were seen handing out payments for wearing red-colour shirts and voting.

Egg on the face!
If there was any surprise in the egging of disgraced UDP politician Elvin Penner which occurred last Friday, it was that it took so long to happen. Back in September of 2013, Elvin Penner, in his capacity as Minister of Immigration, authorized the issue of an official passport to Kim Won Hong, a Korean fugitive who was at the time, imprisoned and awaiting extradition to his home country. Hong, later referred to as Citizen Kim, is alleged to have embezzled billions of dollars from one SK Shipping Company in South Korea. He then fled to Taiwan to escape prosecution but was subsequently arrested and was scheduled to be extradited back to his home country to face charges. Hong produced a Belizean passport and requested to be deported to this country instead. Problem is that while the passport was dated as having been issued on September 9, 2013 it turned out that Hong had been in a prison in Taipei, Taiwan since July 13, 2013. Won Hong's passport picture and application were both signed by Elvin Penner who swore an oath that he had known Won Hong for over five years. At least one immigration clerk verified that Penner had personally taken a person into the Immigration Department who he claimed to be Won Hong. It turned out that Hong had never even set foot in Belize and Penner later claimed that he was duped by another Chinese fellow who told him that he was Hong. It obviously had to have been one of those, "they all look alike" moments for poor Penner.

The Way Forward
Municipal Elections have come and are now gone. Our older generations used to advise that every disappointment is for the better. This disappointing result for the Opposition Party could well turn out to be a God-send. Had the PUP performed well, it could have become a disaster as it would have lulled them into cruising and not put in heavy work. For the UDP bribery and corruption brought them this victory. Time will prove pyric it will become. Some two hundred million dollars of Petro-Caribe wasted and gone with the wind was used to induce the electorate to cast their votes for the ruling party. This same Party has unfolded no plans for the citizens, none for the country and none for the young people and the future. It was all about roll the Petro-Caribe. The UDP has become addicted to big money and bribery. Will it work the next time around or have they over-played their hands and will now see the back lash of the electorate. Time will tell. As the Hon. Francis Fonseca had said to the nation in his press briefing, the PUP leadership will undertake a comprehensive review to determine strengths and weaknesses; what was not done and what could have been done. The talk of disunity in the Opposition will now come to an end. The work of out to the electorate and addressing the concerns must be renewed. The business of beating the pavement and presenting the Party's vision becomes imperative. The issue of campaign financing cannot be taken lightly.

Nazarene High boys lead softball playoffs
The undefeated Nazarene High School boys, the defending national champs, are leading the softball playoffs at the Roger's Stadium on Monday evening. Jerome Carr led the Nazarene boys to a 6-2 win over the St. John's College boys on Monday, as the Nazarene boys walloped Dillan Snaggs' pitching to score 6 runs, while Carr allowed SJC only 2 runs. Last Friday, the SJC boys also posted their 3rd win 13-1 by mercy rule in 3 innings against the Edward P. Yorke High School boys. Snaggs struck out 4 batters and Tyrone Ferrell scored E.P. Yorke's only run in the 3rd inning. SJC's Brandon Teichroeb, Charles Stuart, Shevaughn Flowers and Arnold scored 2 runs apiece and Zydane Thompson, Javier Molina, Kellyon Pollard and Johnny Portillo came home once. SJC enjoyed their 2nd win: 13-8 against the Gwen Liz High School boys last Monday.

San Pedro girls & Centro Escolar Mexico men win ATLIB football
The San Pedro Junior College women and Centro Escolar Mexico Men won 1st place in the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) northern football championships hosted by Belize Adventist Junior College at the Carolina football field on Sunday. The Centro Escolar Mexico girls' goalie Johanna Lopez frustrated the island girls' attacks, and in the 10 minute they boosted their offensive, allowing Yadira Teck score their 1st goal in the 10th minute. In the 2nd half, San Pedro's Emilie Cerpa switched jerseys and places with striker Shadine Franzua who took over in goal, while Cerpa attacked up the right flank and blasted off a shot that a CEM defender inadvertently deflected into the net for the equalizer: 1-1.

Belize wins 10 Medals at Central American Karate Championships
The Belize Karate Team won 10 medals, including 2 Gold won by Sensei Leon Guild in Men's kumite, at the XX "CARMELA DIAZ" Central American Karate Championships (CCONDEKA) hosted by the Belize Karate Federation at the Sacred Heart College auditorium in San Ignacio over the weekend. Mrs. Carmela Diaz of Venezuela, the world karate advocate for whom the tournament was named, was in Belize to conduct a workshop along with Central America's top karateka Selenia Campos on Thursday about the evolving role and opportunities for Women in Sport. Diaz has lobbied for decades for Karate to become an Olympic sport, and the IOC has finally conceded it will be at the 2020 Olympics.

CORRUPT Penner Egged
Corrupt UDP representative Elvin Penner was egged when he finally appeared before the Supreme Court in COLA's appeal of the Magistrate's Court decision to strike out their private prosecution. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will deliver his decision on Friday March 13th.

The currency of trust misspent
The fervour that is rampant in Belize's political arena with the approach of the Municipal Election slated for March 4th, 2015. The streets are festooned with the colours of both political parties - PUP and UDP - lobbying for the majority votes of the jewel's populace. The nominees have been signed on in frenetic fashion following the anticipated parade to the Charles Bartlett Hyde Complex building displaying their strengths with avid party supporters. Lingering in the minds of the Belizean populace is whether the general elections will be called early. This makes the outcome of the municipal election even more significant. In both the 2008 and the 2012 general election, the Prime Minister and the United Democratic Party mandated to the electorate three vital elements for a responsible government in exchange for voter currency of trust. The UDP's platform for Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance allowed them to become a two term government. However the echoing of transparency, accountability and good governance was nothing but a hollow and empty promise. Subsequent to being elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012, the UDP government under the leadership of Dean Barrow has been plagued by numerous allegations of corruption, some of the more egregious acts were:

PUP Release on Municipal Elections
The people have spoken. The People's United Party accepts the decision of the people in their choice of stewards for their municipalities for the period 2015-2018. The PUP's mayoral candidates and their teams waged an organized, valiant and spirited campaign but, it the end, the resources that the PUP was up against proved to be too much. While the party has not yet had time to engage in any serious analysis of the results of the election, it is clear that the following had a major impact on our electoral chances: The indiscriminate and wholesale use of Petrocaribe money, intended for development purposes, to fund the UDP Government's vote-buying countrywide. The open and shameless use of government vehicles, government offices, taxpayers' money as well as some public officers in the UDP's campaign countrywide. The prevalent thinking among the electorate that it made no sense to elect PUP city and town councils in the face of a vindictive UDP Central Government.

Rape in Belize City�Robbery in Corozal
On 04.03.15 at about 7:35p.m., Corozal Police visited the Corozal Community Hospital where they saw three persons suffering from injuries to the head: 39-year-old LIMING LI Chinese/Belizean businesswoman of #11 Santa Rita Road, Corozal Town, 41-year-old WU HONG CHOA, Chinese /Belizean businessman of same address and 55-year-old VICTORIANO POOT, Belizean taxi driver of Port Saul Area, Corozal Town. Initial investigation revealed that at about 7:30p.m. Wu Hong Choa and Liming Li were inside their business place -FRY STORE located at #11 Santa Rita Road, Corozal Town along with a customer Victoriano Poot when the store was robbed by three masked men, one of them armed with what appears to be a firearm. All three victims were hit with the butt of the firearm which caused their injuries. Police investigations continue.

Bad roads in Hopkins
Why is the North End of Hopkins always ignored when it comes to fixing the village roads? For 16 years I have been here and never have I seen the same measures of maintenance to improve the roads as the south side. I have heard reasons such as more money is generated for tourism at the south end. But it is not fair to treat the north end differently. We are 1 village. The roads are impossible to travel and cause major damage on all cars especially on the hard working taxi drivers. To ride the Hopkins bus through the village is a roller coaster. It's a ride from hell. Being thrown from side to side is a nightmare. At the north end, especially the far North End where it is still almost all village populated so many older Garifuna ladies and men try their best to walk, ride bikes to the local stores, to the clinic, church, to see their friends. The size of the huge pot holes is dangerous. The roads in Hopkins are like a minefield. One would believe with elections coming the Government would work to improve!! Please take care of our village roads for the sake of the people, the investors, and the tourists who come to Hopkins.

Patrick JonesPJ

New playground equipment for the Rotary Park in Santa Elena town
Members of the San Ignacio Rotary Club are busy this holiday weekend assisting with the setting up of playground equipment. The Rotary Park adjacent to the Fire Station in Santa Elena town is getting a major overhaul with the installation of new swings, slides and obstacle courses, thanks to a grant project from a Rotary Club in Canada. The installation of the playground equipment started on Saturday morning and will continue through the holiday weekend and is expected to be complete in time for the inauguration, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 10.

Teen drowns in the Mopan River in San Jose Succotz village
A Sunday afternoon dip in the Mopan River in San Jose Succotz village, Cayo, ended in tragedy for a teenage boy this afternoon. Seventeen year old Michael Quintanilla reportedly drowned this afternoon while swimming in the Mopan River. According to reports, Quintanilla's body was retrieved from the Mopan River late this evening and CPR was administered before he was transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital.


Develop a Sustainability Mindset in 9 Steps
Sustainable development demands a multi‑stepped way to achieve recovery and improve the quality of life for everyone. You know you are being sustainable when you concurrently limit waste and pollution, improve the opportunities for disadvantaged peoples, conserve natural resources, make valuable connections among groups, promote cooperation and efficiency, and develop local assets to revitalize economies. In acting sustainably you also encourage reliable, responsible economic activity that considers tradition, a cyclical view of time that looks backwards as well as forwards, emphasize the significance of place, and the importance of natural ecosystems. You follow the integrated application of specific ideas so that your actions can better serve the protection and equitable distribution of resources in the interest of human equity, while identifying and prioritizing real needs before wants that leave options open for future generations. Those who successfully promote the idea of sustainable development have embraced and advocated the following concepts as those ideas framing their mindset in acting and thinking more sustainably while transforming debate into constructive discussion. A brief discussion of these concepts follows the list. Ecological Integrity, Social Equity, Sufficiency and Opportunity, Efficiency, Full Cost Accounting, Citizen Engagement and Democracy, Communication and Cooperation, Precautionary, Integrative and Adaptive.
Over the years I've seen plenty of crazy people doing this sport and thinking they were bat shit crazy. Likely they are - but I hope to count myself among them! I had many preconceptions about this sport that have vastly been proven wrong. An absolutely enormous thank you to Andy with Belize Sailing Center and Audrius the KiteXplorer instructor in San Pedro, Belize. Thank you so much for the invite - awesome experience and I will continue my kite education. I've always been into some semi-extreme action sports; snowboarding and mountain biking. So putting a board on my feet and going fast is nothing new - and water is softer than snow right?! Not so much. Audrius said, during my lesson, that I had the best kite control by a first day student he had ever seen. Was this a move to boost my ego and get a good review? If so - it worked. But I was amazed at how well I was able to feel the kite and know what to so to get it where I needed it to be. I've decided to tail the tale via my busted misconceptions about this sport. Misconception 1 - Stupid amounts of gear, stupid amounts of set up (kinda like a baked potato if you know me at all). Even as a guy that had to be walked through everything we had the kite setup and ready to fly in maybe 15 minutes. Misconception 2 - You have to be skinny and sexy and in great condition. I'm a big dude, decent shape for my size, but still big. My classmate on this day was - the skinniest person I've ever known. I was sure she was gonna disappear into the sky forever...she did not. Though she did some pretty gnarly face plants.

International Sourcesizz

Travel the World: Central America - Nicaragua and Belize
Heather Blue van Doorninck, who goes by Blue, of Rancho Chilamate , Rivas Nicaragua joins Travel the World to talk about her ranch that provides luxury in the country accommodations and the ability to saddle up and ride out to the same beach where they filmed Survivor Nicaragua - an absolutely beautiful ride to a coast line unique in all the world. From Nicaragua on the West Coast, we will move over to the Belize, along the East Coast and the Caribbean Sea, a land of Mayan temples and rich history that includes both mainland and island destinations.

Lakes School plays host to cocoa farmer at Cumbria Fairtrade Network
THE Lakes School at Troutbeck Bridge played host to Cumbria Fairtrade Network on Saturday. Delegates converged to work on the county's plans for a future of commitment to supporting the welfare of small independent producers from around the globe. Guest of honour at the event was Alvaro Pop, a cocoa farmer from Belize in Central America. As well as having a chance to taste some of the chocolate produced from Alvaro's crops, guests were treated to a personal insight into how his community has benefitted from being linked to the Fairtrade Foundation.

Caribbean expects 5 percent growth in tourist arrivals
Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) announced that 2014 is the best year ever for tourism industry. Richard Sealy, Chairman of CTO who is also Barbados' Tourism Minister said, "Last year, we received more visitors than ever before - recording our fifth straight year of growth - and visitors spent more money in the Caribbean than they ever did before". "There was strong demand throughout 2014 and I am particularly pleased with our performance during the summer period when our growth rate was almost twice that of the summer of 2013," Sealy added. Sealy announced that a record 26.3 million visitors came to the Caribbean last year, spending a record US$29.2 billion and added that Caribbean holidays are still in demand, all of this a sign that, despite the moderate growth, stability is returning to the markets and consumer confidence is growing". The French island of Martinique (71.3%), Belize (42.9%), Trinidad & Tobago (30.1%) and Turks & Caicos (24.8%) were the other top performing destinations, while by market share standards, the top five performers were The Bahamas, Cozumel, US Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and St. Maarten.

OAS denies bias in Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute
The Organization of American States (OAS) has strongly rejected recent statements made by the Belizean NGO, Belize Territorial Volunteers, regarding the impartiality of the OAS with respect to the work it promotes within the context of the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute, through its Office in the Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone (OAS/AZ). On March 1, 2014, at the request of the governments of Belize and Guatemala, the OAS/AZ Office carried out a verification in the area of Santa Cruz/Jalacte and concluded that indeed some of the coconut trees planted by members of the Belizean NGO Belize Territorial Volunteers were inside Guatemalan territory, the OAS said in a statement on Friday.

Top 10 Family-Friendly Spring Break Hot Spots
Excited to head out for Spring Break with the family? But worried about where to go to have fun while avoiding the "Girls Gone Wild" college scene? Check out this list of fantastically family-friendly Spring Break destinations. 5. Belize: Head to this Central America getaway for a Caribbean Island experience like you would have found in the main Caribbean decades ago. Think small islands with only a few cars, dirt roads, lobster and fish being caught daily for dinner, scuba diving and snorkeling with sting rays and sharks. And that's just out on the coast. Head to inland Belize to explore Mayan pyramids and go cave tubing�riding in tubes through a cave system�and much more!


  • The Mayan ruins of Altun Ha explained by our Belizean guide, 6min. Jenivieve Lamby was our most excellent guide for the start of our tour at the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha in Belize! Altun Ha is the name an ancient Maya city in Belize, located in the Belize District about 50 kilometres (30 miles) north of Belize City and about 10 kilometres (6 miles) west of the Caribbean Sea. The site covers an area of about 8 square kilometres (5 square miles) but did not come to the attention of archeologists until 1963. Altun Ha was occupied from about B.C. 900 to A.D. 1000. Most of the information on Altun Ha comes from the Classic Period from about A.D. 400 to A.D. 900, when the city was at its largest.

  • Belize Dance Marathon - Greek, 3min. A promotional video for the James Arthur Albert Foundation and Belize Dance Marathon.

  • Belize Guatemala Nicaragua - January 2015, 6.5min.

  • Sharks and Rays in Belize 2015, 2min.

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  • Drive to Chaa Creek, Belize, 3min. This is footage of the drive from downtown San Ignacio, Belize to a very comfortable eco resort outside of town - Chaa Creek.

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  • Flying from 14.800ft in Mexico down to the Maya temples in Belize, 2min. Amazing pictures from Mexico with his Vulcan's and some videos, low flying in Belize over the Maya temples!