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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Strange submersible object on the reef
Ambergris Caye Police and Coast Guard officials are investigating the discovery of a strange submersible object that was found floating on the reef. Shortly after 3PM, police were tipped off about the object and headed about six miles north of San Pedro Town near the Mexico Rocks Area where they observed the device stuck on the reef. San Pedro Police did confirm that indeed they are investigating what the object is, but at this point they are unable to say what it is and where it came from. The San Pedro Sun will continue to follow up on this story.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks chomp on Dangriga Warriors
The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) hosted some great games over the weekend as teams countrywide continued to battle for supremacy in the league. On Saturday March 7th, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks hosted the Dangriga Warriors in their second home game of the season. The game was played at the San Pedro High School and as usual, brought much excitement to the spectators, with an electrifying game that saw a home win. For the Tiger Sharks, Saturday's game had a sense of d�j� vu, as in 2014; there was a similarly thrilling match against the Dangriga Warriors. In fact the "Culture Boys" were one of only two teams that almost claimed a victory on Tiger Sharks' home court. And like the 2014 game, this weekend's game was another nail-biter as the Dangriga Warriors were down by only four points, in one instance, causing home fans to rally and call on their defense of home turf. Throughout the match, the San Pedro Tiger Shark had full domination of the court but midway through the fourth quarter, the home team was up by only four points. However, in their usual style, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks were able to turn around the energy and seal an 87 to 79 victory.

Newly Elected San Pedro Town Council Officially Sworn-in
The seven members of the newly elected San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) were officially sworn-in during a short ceremony on Friday, March 6th. Invited guests gathered at the SPTC conference room to witness the Mayor and his six Councilors pledging to uphold all the laws and regulations of Belize and San Pedro Town and promote the healthy development of the island. The 2015-2018 SPTC is comprised of Mayor Daniel Guerrero and councilors Gabriel "Gaby" Nu�ez, Severo 'Severito" Guerrero, Flora Ancona, Hector "Tito" Alamilla, Ruben "Rux" Gonzalez and Gary Grief. Once protocol was established, Mayor Guerrero delivered a short welcome address. "Election and politics is over. I am ready to work along with all my councilors get this island back on track. I am a very hard working person and I expect my councilors to give it their all while on duty. They will have to work hard for this community as I am very dedicated to my job and so should they be. There is a lot of things to do on the island and we need to start doing them," said Guerrero. He also mention that the SPTC will be reaching out to all community members to collaborate in the development and well-being of the island. "We hope that the Town Council can collaborate with all members of community, because we will definitely need all of your help. We cannot do this alone, you all know that; we ask for your support, for your ideas, to lend a helping hand when we need it."

Ambergris Today

Congratulations to SPJC Female Football Team as ATLIB Nothern Regional Champions!

Flashbacks- The Many Uses of The San Pedro Community Center
This is a very important building in the history of San Pedro. It was built with money from government and free labor of San Pedranos to give San Pedro a Community Center. As a community Center, Peace Corps Volunteers mounted a small library and game room which included ping pong, Chinese checkers, chess, etc. for the children. All weddings and occasional quincea�os were celebrated in the Community Center. Later on San Pedro High School transformed it into the first high school of the Island. When San Pedro high moved into its own building in 1987, San Pedro's first mayor, Gilberto Chico Gomez then transformed it one more time into the San Pedro Town Hall. It is a historic building that has served many purposes- a building that San Pedranos can really be proud of.

25 Years Ago- Villagers Cooking on Homemade Drum Ovens
Some of the best journey cakes (or Johnny cakes) sweet bread, Creole buns, or even salt bread used to be baked in a special oven that was actually made right here in San Pedro. As a matter of fact I have a neighbor who still uses it today. This oven never had any electronic faults or defects, but it did rust after some time and needed replacement when it got too rusty. I am talking about the "drum oven" or the "horno", as it was called in Spanish, that was used over the fire hearth 25 years ago. Let me teach you how to make one. First you need to locate a nice metal drum. You cut from the bottom of the drum (about ten inches from bottom) around the circumference. Now you need a lid or cover for your oven and for this you cut off the top lid of the drum using a cold chisel and a hammer. You also need to get two pieces of steel rods to place on top of the oven, thus providing a surface for the lid to rest upon. (refer to drawings)

Ministry of Education Looks into Fake Diploma Sales
Belize's Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has taken to investigating an advertisement that has been circulating on social media in which the profile called "Diploma Guy" is offering fake school diplomas from high school all the way up to masters degrees for schools in Belize, the U.S. and even from European schools. "Diploma Guy" is advertising diplomas to any school of choice at the going price of $4,000 with a one to two weeks delivery process. He asks for a 30% deposit with the balance upon the delivery of the phony certificates.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Short term vacancies at Peace Corps Belize for the following positions:
- Q'eqchi Language and Cultural Facilitator - Spanish Language and Cultural Facilitator - Kriol Language and Cultural Facilitator APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 27, 2015 Position Summary: The Language and Cultural Facilitator (LCF) is part of the Peace Corps Pre‐Service Training (PST) team responsible for language training and cross‐cultural instruction to new Peace Corps Trainees. PST is critical in preparing the Peace Corps Trainees to successfully serve 27 months in Belize as Peace Corps Volunteers. The LCF plans and implements daily language lessons, provides cross‐cultural instruction to Trainees, and documents each Trainees' progress and competency levels through their language acquisition process. The LCF also helps organize community entry activities for new Trainees in their target language and is the primary resource for local cross‐cultural information. The LCF may be required to reside at the training community from Monday to Friday with a local host family, identified by Peace Corps. She/he assists in reviewing all language materials and language manuals and helps to update the language training resources based on best practices, at the end of the contract period.

An update from the 2015 Youth Ambassadors from Belize!
So far their exchange has been quite an experience with lots of learning at the workshops they are attending at Georgetown University and experiencing their first snowy weather in Washington DC! More to come as they continue their travels. The Youth Ambassadors Program brings together high school students and adult mentors from countries across the Americas to promote mutual understanding, increase leadership skills, and prepare youth to make a difference in their communities. Exchanges are primarily from Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States, but also include delegations from the United States to select countries. Participants will engage in workshops, community service activities, team building exercises, meetings with community leaders, and home stays with American families. Upon their return home, the students apply what they have learned to implement projects that serve needs in their communities.

Belize Electricity Selects Varasset Software for Work and Asset Management
BEL's rapidly growing customer base and increasing demand for power require significant power system construction. BEL expects this expansion to continue for the foreseeable future. BEL determined that it was essential to improve construction project cost-control, productivity tracking and long-term asset maintenance. Therefore they investigated an array of software solutions, comparing functionality, cost, ability to interface with existing systems, and proven successful implementations. After extended due diligence, BEL selected Varasset. BEL will use Varasset to manage distribution work activities, asset management and project cost tracking, including line extensions/maintenance, system improvements vegetation management (significant due to rainforest growth) and accounts payable for contractor work. Varasset will interface with BEL's existing ESRI and other internal systems, automating and streamlining work processes.

Congratulations to Hot Mama's Belize
EXPORTBelize, BELTRAIDE congratulates Hot Mama's Belize for its participation in Mr. Densil Williams's case study.The study entitled Competing against Multinationals in Emerging Markets draws on efficiency theory, portfolio theory and market structure theory as the lens through which to explain business survival/ failure. By using those theoretical insights along with case studies the book provides a comprehensive set of lessons which successful small firms have adopted in order to survive and prosper in an increasingly hostile competitive manufacturing sector where large firms are mostly dominant. Drawing lessons about competing in a highly competitive sector, the book uses the of narrative in social research to inform conclusions about factors which lead to survival and prosperity. The Book is available on Amazon.

Rehabilitation of the Hummingbird Highway
The Government of Belize (GOB) has received a Technical Assistance (TA) Grant from the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) to assist in financing the services of consultants to prepare a technical and economical feasibility study and detailed designs for rehabilitating the Hummingbird Highway, between Belmopan Roundabout Junction and Dangriga in the Stann Creek District. The feasibility study and detailed design were completed by the end of 2014 and an application for funding was made by the GOB. Members of the Funding Agency visited Belize and performed their due diligence and assessment of the design and scope of works. The project for the Rehabilitation of the Hummingbird Highway was favorably appraised in December 2014. In February 2015 the Board of Directors of KFAED approved the loan for the rehabilitation works. With the no-objection from the Funding Agency, the award for the supervision of the works was made to the consulting engineers who performed the design.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Wednesday, March 11, 2015: 75

Passing of Mrs. Fe Trejo
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Trejo family on the passing of Mrs. Fe Trejo. May her soul rest in peace.

Mr. Albert Gordon passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Gordon and Parham family on the passing of Mr. Albert Gordon on March 3rd. May his soul rest in peace.

Women Without Borders Exhibit
The Benque House of Culture is opening this year's Women Without Borders Exhibit this evening at 7:00pm.

Calling all artist...
just a reminder that the deadline is April 10th to enter the Emerging Voices Awards Competition! If you have work in paintings, drawings, photography,sculpture, mixed medium etc...that are less than 5 years old and your work depicts a further understanding of the region (Latin America/Caribbean) then you should enter! All that is required is a high resolution digital copy of the artwork...Prizes include a trip to New York in October, publication in a magazine and $40,000 in each category! If you need further information contact Shari Williams at the Bliss, we would be delighted to assist... or visit the website at

Channel 7

PUP Say Briceno Recording Is "Internal Party Matter"
Last night after the John Briceno recording hit the news, it was like a bomb had been dropped on the PUP. There it was, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Party Leader secretly recorded referring to his former colleagues as robbers who stole - in his words, quote, "millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars from the people," end quote, and stating that, quote, "had this been another country they would have been in jail right now." End quote. That is very serious stuff - and the gravity of it is hard to overstate: Briceno, after all, was the Deputy Prime Minister for almost ten years - when this alleged thievery was happening. And more than that, he was secretly recorded saying these things in confidence to a trusted party supporter - which would suggest that his statements are a true reflection of what he believes are facts.

Briceno Wanted To Challenge Fonseca
And so the PUP has made it clear it will try - publicly at least to preserve the party status quo under the banner of "party unity" - that much cited, but often elusive intangible. But the real bottom line out of today's meeting is that we are reliably informed - at least one senior executive member did call for Briceno to publicly apologize or face expulsion. That motion, though, only got support from one other executive member. In the end, Briceno was not even made to face any sanction such as suspension - likely because the fragile party cannot sustain it at this time. Still, though there is deep resentment against him for what he said - as was made clear in Mr Musa's remarks, which you just saw. And indeed, it's not just what he said - it's more like what he didn't say. In the 65 minute recording Briceno validated just about every suggestion of scandal made against the Musa Administration between 1998 and 2008. He referred to specific corrupt deals such as Galleria Maya and outlined step by step how the public purse was fleeced.

PUP Tries To Focus On Municipal Defeat Hangover
And so while the secret recording is still being translated and transcribed - and there will be days to come of revelations from it - the PUP, from what they told the media today, is going to act like none of this is happening; pretend that the recording is an internal party matter and that only they have heard the tape and its lurid allegations. Of course, that is an Alice in Wonderland position, and most likely an untenable one as the public curiosity about Mr. Briceno's revelations is at a fever pitch. People have been asking us all day to post all the transcripts and all the contents so that the public can hear it. Not so easily done, since the secret recording is of a poor quality - and, again, it is 65 minutes long. But, today the PUP party leader - voluntarily made no direct reference to it - and only spoke of the recording when he was pressed to do so. What he did want to talk about was the original main agenda item for today's meeting - and, that is, the party's post mortem on the disastrous result from last week's municipal election. Fonseca told the press that the PUP has a lot of work to do�

The Wrath Of The Municipal Math Not Nice For PUP
And while everything is open for discussion, it is not clear how much is open for change. We've heard many complaints coming out of prominent PUP insiders after the election defeat - and right that they should. As we have reported, the numbers show that the defeat is massive. A breakdown of the overall results, shows that in Belize City - in terms of percentage points - the UDP slate matched its 2006 and 2009 successes when the UDP was at the height of its popularity. In Belmopan, the gain was the largest for the UDP, where the winning slate, shot up to a higher percentage of the vote than it had enjoyed in the last three elections - gaining 16 percentage points since 2012.

The Lord and The Labour Movement
Lord Ashcroft is going to be back in Belize soon and he really wants to meet with the Labour Unions. 7News has seen an internal email circulated to members of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize dated today. It contains an email from Amalia Mai, the CEO of Channel 5 writing on behalf of her boss, Lord Ashcroft. For the second time in three weeks, she invites the union umbrella group to meet with Lord Ashcroft. Mai's email says that, quote, "discussions would be in areas of mutual interest and if you may have any topic of particular interest, I am sure it could be raised." End quote. The NTUCB executive is scheduled to meet next week Thursday when this invitation is expected to be discussed.

Cops Got Gun On Pedro
We've been reporting extensively on the drug war in San Pedro and San Pedro police - along with heavy support from City police - say they have been cracking down on the drug gangs that are causing much of the violence. On Friday 6th March that led Police conducted to the residence of 51 year old Peter Moses Hernandez, known as Campos, where 6 persons were detained for a .22 silver and wooden Taurus Brand pistol. They were all jointly for kept firearm without a gun license and kept ammunition without a gun license.

Peace in The Parks Program Gets Cash
A month ago we told you about Restore Belize's Peace in the Parks program. The program focuses on renovating or building recreational spaces for kids and promoting literacy in Southside Belize City. Well, Restore Belize will be able to enrich that program with a $51,000 cheque that was donated to the organisation today. A small handing over ceremony was held this morning at the Ministry of Education Office and program officer for Restore Belize, Marie Munoz further discussed how the donation will enhance the scope of the program. Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education, Youth and Sports "Restore Belize is the government of Belize and we, as i've said just now - applauded the efforts. I think they're doing very silently sometimes, I don't think they blow their horns enough. But very silently they are assisting the community, particularly here in Belize City - to eradicate some of the very very difficult situations that exist. This initiative from peace in the parks will help to alleviate some of this conditions. We give our young people especially, some positive alternative."

Fake Diplomas, Real Consequences
Remember the tablets that the Minister of Education distributed to students in February? Well, as we told you at least one of the students has put his one up on Facebook for sale. But it's not only tablets, it seems that you can get a fake diploma along with that. We were forwarded this facebook conversation between "Diploma Guy" - the one apparently supplying the fake diplomas and a potential buyer. According to Diploma Guy, he can supply a fake diploma from any university in Belize, America and Europe for $4,000. In response to this, the Ministry of Education sent out a press release stating quote "The MOE informs the general public that any person found in possession of any such documents under the Belize criminal Code �..will be liable to imprisonment for 2 years and those found guilty of being a common forger is liable to life imprisonment." Although that is a strict warning for the public, this also sends a warning to the Ministry to improve on verification standards. Here is what Education Minister Patrick Faber had to say.

Making Science Appealing
It's Reef Week and Oceana BELIZE today organised a Science Symposium for secondary and tertiary level students today at the Bliss. There were a number of presentations about the reef, coastal zone and marine protection. The main objective was to engage students in the discussion about protecting marine life and resources. OCEANA's Marine Scientist, Dr. Isani Chan explained why symposiums matter. Dr. Isani Chan, Oceana "Today we have a science symposium in which we have invited several schools to the science symposium for them to have a take based on the presenters we have put together. Based of the line we have Dr. Ed Boles who will be presenting topic based on the coast line, what are some of the negative effects we are facing that related to global warming, temperature changes. We have Dr. Rachael Graham that will presenting as well - dealing with sharks.

Cops Caught Campos Killers
Last night, we told you how 26 year-old Luis Ricardo Campos was found stabbed to death in Orange Walk Town on Sunday morning, March 8. Well, Orange Walk police have been investigating and today, they made 2 arrests for this crime. Those two, who now stand accused of killing Campos are Dennis Reneau, seen here in black Shirt and pony tail, and Alexis Ramirez. They were charged with murder, and arraigned before Senior Magistrate Merlene Moody. Bail WAS DENIED, and they were remanded to prison until April 29.

Detectives Say Deshawn Did It
San Pedro Police finally arrested and charged 21 year-old Deshawn Goff of the DFC area with attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. This, as we told you last week, was for the shooting of 13 year-old student Meredith Escalante.

Shooting In Western Village
Last night we told you about the shooting in Belize City and about the shooting Roaring Creek, but we didn't have the details to share with you then. Well, police still have not sent the official details, but we've learned that it happened on Sunday evening at around 5:00. 2 masked men went into a yard of a house in the Hattieville Area OF Roaring Creek where they opened fire on a group of people socializing under a tree in the yard. 21 year-old Barrington Moro appeared to have been the target, and he was critically injured while one of his friends, Maxine Neal was shot in the foot. Moro's family declined comment to the media.

Drowned In Mopan
17 year-old Michael Quintanilla, a resident of Succotz Village in Cayo drowned on Sunday afternoon after he and his friends went for a swim in the Mopan River after lunch. It appears that he had just eaten, and he and his friends swam across the river. Everything was fine until he tried to make it back across, and his friends realized that he had gone under, most likely from a cramp. Our colleague from PLUS TV spoke with police and Quintanilla's family yesterday, and here's what they had to say:

Hon. John's Rant Was Far-Ranging
The John Briceno secret recording - everybody's been talking about it today - and that's because in Belize's political lore - it is completely without precedent. And that's because, it is more than a "fish from rivabattam" - Briceno was the Deputy Prime Minister and Party Leader of the PUP - so he has first hand knowledge of what he's talking about. And while we might lose perspective because of the local nature of politics, in real terms, It's kind of like Vice President Joe Biden bad talking President Barrack Obama - but not just insulting him, going further, to suggest devious behaviour. Briceno also gives a first hand view from within the party of the machinations against him:.. Hon. John Briceno "Two years when we had the convention in Dangriga, we had about 15 thousand people who went to the convention and we could have brought more but we didn't have money for more buses. But by 2011 the two sides, Said and Mark on the other side are screwing me, when I go to the people who have money and are willing to help us they say bwai�and they don't give me money. I had already spent 3 million dollars out of pocket.

ITEC Graduation
5 Belizean massage therapists were given their diplomas yesterday for completing a Holistic Massage course in Barbados. The main objective of the International Therapy Examination Council Holistic Massage Course is to improve standards and quality of holistic healing in the Caribbean. The participants traveled to Barbados along with other therapists from Jamaica and Dominica and one of the Belizean participants - Aimee Symre came out on top alongside 4 others in the Caribbean. ITEC trainer, Patricia Berry Greenidge explained what this achievement means for the development of the Spa and Wellness industry in Belize. ITEC is the largest body worldwide of holistic and beauty therapy.

Channel 5

P.U.P. Executive Discusses Incendiary Recording
The National Executive of the People's United Party, along with municipal representatives, met at Independence Hall today in extended session. It's the first meeting following a devastating, near absolute loss [...]

P.U.P. Leaders Say Recording Will Be Handled Internally
The hour-long recording was leaked on Tuesday, but last Friday, the Prime Minister said that he was going to make it available. In it, Brice�o claims that tens of millions [...]

P.U.P. Charts Road Ahead Post Municipal Loss
So with the recording under wraps for now and with the P.U.P. determined to handle it internally, the party has another ten thousand pound gorilla in the room. In municipal [...]

Brice�o Supports Fonseca as P.U.P. Leader
Only one politician issued a public declaration of his support for Francis Fonseca today. Even before the leaked recording, Brice�o has been seen by many as the man to replace [...]

Municipal Elections Were a Wakeup Call
There was no announcement of any shakeup of the party. And in closing the very brief press session today, Fonseca reached out to the party's supporters who he says must [...]

B.C.V.I. In Jeopardy From New Competition
The Belize Council for the Visually Impaired, BCVI, a non-profit organization established in 1981, has been assisting the underprivileged by providing optometric services at reduced prices.� The income derived from [...]

Boat Aground Since December 2014
On December thirty-first 2014, a French captain crashed his steel hull vessel into the reef near some coral rubble when he missed the channel near Caye Caulker. Late January, an [...]

Reef Week Celebrated
We caught up with OCEANA's VP Chanona at a science symposium this afternoon at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. The symposium is one of the many events being [...]

MoE Speaks on Fake Diplomas
Last week, the Ministry of Education issued a release condemning the purchase and procurement of fake copies of academic certificates, after a Facebook post showed a conversation with an alleged [...]

Case on Destruction of Noh Mul Goes Before the Court
Two years after it was grazed to the ground, the case of the destruction of the Noh Mul archaeological site came up this morning before Magistrate Hurl Hamilton. U.D.P. Standard [...]

Police Seek Mechanic Who Stole Vehicle
Luigi Zaldivar reported to police that a man who was repairing his truck made off in it almost two weeks ago and hasn't returned since. Sometime during the last week [...]

2 Men Charged for Brutal OW Murder
Deportee from the United States, twenty-six year old Luis Campos, was stabbed to death in a shack on the grounds of Cuello's Stables in Orange Walk on Sunday morning. Police [...]

3 Men Acquitted for 2012 Murder
A trio of men, on remand at the Belize Central Prison since August 2012, has been acquitted of the joint charge of murder in the Orange Walk Supreme Court.� This [...]

Private Prosecutor Named in Murder Trial
There is a significant development in the upcoming trial in respect of the murder of former educator and political scientist, Carlos Espat, who was found dead inside his home back [...]

10 Charged for Firearm Offences in San Pedro
Elsewhere during the recent police offensive, a raid on the residence of another notorious San Pedrano family yielded an unlicensed firearm and eight rounds of matching ammunition.� Fifty-one-year-old Peter Moses [...]

Police Conduct Sweep of San Pedro Town
An intense sweep of San Pedro Town has resulted in multiple arrests for criminal offenses ranging from drug trafficking and firearm possession to attempted murder.� The crackdown led to the [...]

UNESCO Contributes to RESTORE Belize
Since launched in 2011, RESTORE Belize's Peace in the Parks program has refurbished a number of public spaces and staged entertainment in south side communities. This morning, UNESCO made a [...]

3 Students Recognized in Poster Competition
Three students: Vanyah Vernon, Victor Lopez, and Amauri Amoa placed first, second and third respectfully in the Belize City Lions Club's twenty-seventh annual Peace Poster Competition. The students, who are [...]

Women in Art Exhibition Opens Thursday
Final touches are being made to the Belisle Art Gallery where the fifth annual Women in Art Exhibition will open on Thursday night at the Bliss Center for the Performing [...]

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Nomul Case Sent To Belize City's Magistrate Court
The case against the company that destroyed a historical site in Northern Belize was adjourned this morning. We are talking about the case against Denny Grijalva and employees for DeMar's Stone Company who are responsible for the destruction of Noh Mul located in San Jose Village Orange Walk District. That incident happened in 2013. The case was set to be heard this morning at the Corozal Magistrate's Court but the Prosecutor informed that he had only received the files for the case last night and asked for an adjournment. The defense objected asking that the case be heard or be struck out.

One Arrested For Shooting In San Pedro
Viewers may recall that exactly a month ago, 13 year old Meredith Escalante, a student of Ambergris Caye Elementary School was grazed by a bullet at her home while she prepared for dinner. Well tonight, police have arrested one in connection to that shooting. San Pedro Police arrested and charged 21-year-old Deshawn Goff of DFC Area, San Pedro Town for attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. As we reported, that incident happened at around 9:20 p.m. on Thursday, February 11. Meredith Escalante was about to close the door of the apartment building she lives when 2 men fired shots at the building. One of the shots grazed her chest, and when she was taken to the San Pedro Polyclinic, she was quickly treated and released.

Students Of Muffles High School Make Orange Walk Proud
The students at Muffles College High School have much to celebrate after an outstanding performance at the annual Belize Catholic Secondary Schools Science Fair. The event is held every two years and this year it was held last week at Saint Catherine's Academy. Muffles College students have been taking part in the fair from the first year and for 2015 the high school made its usual appearance and students walked away with four prizes. The competition is divided into three categories including lower division made up of first and second forms students, the upper division comprised of groups of third and fourth form students and the third category is the accumulation of points and the school that scores the highest wins the overall competition. Students at Muffles won first and second place in the lower division and second in the upper division. Their accumulated points also won them the first place in the last category. Head of the Science Department Carlo Benavidez says he is proud.

P.U.P Discusses Briceno's Recording
The National executive of the People's United Party including the parliamentary caucus and standard bearers met today to discuss the municipal elections said Party Leader Francis Fonseca in a short press briefing that followed after. The meeting took about four hours at Independence Hall to conclude and while Fonseca proceeded to speak on the party's intention to continue its reform, the media did not waste time to ask the Party Leader for his reaction to the accusations made against him by John Briceno in the recording that has everyone talking. Our colleagues at KREM News provided us with the audio to that interview and this is what the PUP party leader responded. Honorable Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition "We have discussed it. We are dealing with it in that way. As I said from the very beginning we will deal with it in a very responsible way, in a brotherly way, and we believe we are on the way to resolving whatever differences exist among us.

P.U.P Is Now Focused On The Future Says Party Leader
And amid the controversy that has risen following the release of the recording, the PUP also has expressed commitment to work more on regaining the people's vote. In the most recent election on March 4th, the PUP sustained a big blow with only Orange Walk delivering a win, although not a solid one. When they emerged from the meeting today, Party Leader Francis Fonseca says that they feel very energetic, were in good spirits, and people spoke from the heart. Recommendations were made he says and they plan to follow up on these in the future. We looked at everything, obviously the issue of resources, the issue of organization, leadership, standard bearers and as I had said I think on the day after elections at my press briefing, everything is on the table. Everything was on the table for discussion so we feel very good about the discussion today. I think coming out of it we have a clearer sense of purpose and direction. I am very grateful for the outpouring of support that I have received from the joint meeting, of confidence in my leadership. So that really was the discussion today, and we move forward in a spirit of unity and with a sense of urgency because we understand that the Belizean people are looking at the People's United Party. They want to see that we are making the right changes that we are making the right moves and I think we are all deeply, deeply committed to that to working together and that was the clear message coming out of the meeting today."

911 Calls Cross Between Orange Walk And San Pedro Police Departments
If you are wondering when making a 911 emergency call to the Orange Walk Police using your SMART phone and the call is directed to the San Pedro Town formation, then you have experienced a mix up in the lines. If you are a digicell user and call 911, your call would be directed to the OW Station. According to Officer Commanding the police, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, they have always had the problem and he feels people are being cheated with the time lost in relaying information from station to station. "We had always gone to the telephone company and ask them if they can correct that problem, I don't know why but I guess you have to interview the telephone company but the SMART call comes straight to the police station and the Digi cell one comes to San Pedro, I don't know if it is a cross wire or whatever, I believe that people have been cheated if there is an emergency and the call have to go to San Pedro precious time loss."

Duo Arrested for Drug Trafficking
A duo were arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking following a search at their residence. According to police, around 2:35 on March 7th, San Pedro Police conducted a house search at the residence of 22-year-old Akeem JONES and 38-year-old Andrea Eleaner Busch MUSCHAMP both of San Pedrito Area. Authorities discovered a large black plastic bag that contained 183.3 grams of suspected Cannabis. Both Jones and Muschamp were jointly charged for Drug Trafficking. The searches keep yielding positive results for police as pair of brothers were charged for having in their possession a large quantity of high grade marijuana. On March 10th, San Pedro Police conducted a house search at the residence of 23-year-old Marlon Chanek and a 17-year-old male of Caribena Street, San Pedro Town which led to the discovery of (2) transparent Ziploc plastic bags and a black plastic bag all containing Cannabis. The drugs were weighed and amounted to 2,800 grams of cannabis. The Chanek brothers were jointly arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking.

Former Prime Minister Says The Party Will Move Forward
The recording also has Briceno speaking or making allegations against Former Prime Minister and Party Leader Said Musa. He also spoke to the media on the matter. "I find it amazing that the media has been preoccupied with this tape of John Brice�o when in fact there is also a tape making serious allegations of murder against the Deputy Prime Minister of this country, and not a question has been asked by the media of the Prime Minister about that." Reporter "How do you feel about what Mr. Brice�o said about you?" Honorable Said Musa, Former Prime Minister "Well I feel that all he said was false. And I know it was false. What his state of mind was I don't know. But I can tell you that we discussed it fully today and I am satisfied that we have a way to move forward now." Again, the Party Leader says that they have discussed the matter and will deal with it as an internal party matter and are moving towards resolving differences that exist within the party.

Several Persons Arrested For Fire Arm And Ammunition Offences In San Pedro
Following a spate of gun violence in San Pedro Town since the start of the New Year, authorities have heightened their presence on the streets and are conducting more search and raid operations. These operations have yielded successful and several persons have been arrested for firearms and ammunition. According to the report, on March 6th, San Pedro Police conducted a house search at the residence of 51-year-old Peter Moses Hernandez, aka CAMPOS of San Juan Area, San Pedro Town. Also present were 26-year-old Marciana Susana Campos, 23-year-old Teresita Jessely Cordova, 48-year-old Guadalupe Gonzalez, 42-year-old Victor Vasquez, 52-year-old John Arana, 30-year-old Michael Edwards, 27-year-old Juan Gomez, 44-year-old Laura Trapp and 25-year-old Pedro Campos all of same address. The search conducted inside the residence led to the discovery of a .22 silver and wooden Taurus Brand pistol fitted with a metal magazine which was loaded with (8) .22 Fiocchi brand ammunition, also found was a small box containing (15) .22 Fiocchi brand of ammunition. The ten individuals who share the dwellings were all jointly for "KEPT FIREARM WITHOUT A GUN LICENSE AND KEPT AMMUNITION WITHOUT A GUN LICENSE." In a separate but similar incident on the same date, San Pedro Police conducted a house search at the residence of 35-year-old Andrew Edwards and 28-year-old Cardenal Rosalez Jr both of San Mateo Area, San Pedro Town which led to the discovery of (2) 9mm S&B brand Ammunition and (0.6) grams of suspected Cannabis. They were jointly charged for Kept Unlicensed Ammunition and Possession of Controlled Drugs.

Two Persons Charged For The Murder Of Luis Campos
Yesterday we told you about the murder investigation of 26 year old Luis Campos whose throat was slit and suffered multiple stabs wounds on his body at the hands of his so called friends. And since the incident unfolded, police had detained one for questioning and another was being sought. Today, police arrested and charged both men believed to be Campos's killers. Dennis Reneau and Alexis Ramirez appeared this afternoon at the Orange Walk Magistrate Court where a single charge of murder was read before Senior Magistrate Murlene Moody. The case was adjourned and the men were taken to the Hattieville Prison. They will reappear in court on April 29th, 2015.


Science Symposium Informs About Danger of OffShore Drilling
As part of the week of activities, Oceana Belize held a Science Symposium at the bliss Institute for Culture and Arts. Vice President of Oceana Belize, Janelle Chanona, spoke with Love News about the Symposium. According to Chanona, the purpose of the Science Symposium is to help educate the public and the youths about the dangers of Off Shore Oil Drilling in Belize.

Fonseca: PUP Will Move Forward; Musa: Briceno Lied; Briceno: I Support Fonseca – PUP United
Portions of a recording of John Briceno, the former deputy Prime Minister and leader of the People's United Party hit the airwaves last night. Rumours of the secret recording emerged late last week but it was not until yesterday that it was disseminated to the media. The hour long recording is of Briceno and a disgruntled PUP supporter and took place in mid-February. In the recording, Briceno shares his personal opinions on several matters relating to the PUP. We understand that attempts were made by an intermediary to bribe Briceno in order to destroy the recording, but he reportedly refused. This was when the recording was sold to someone else and then disseminated to the media. We also spoke to the man who it is alleged made the recording, he flatly denied the allegations. Today the PUP's national executive met in Belize City. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Man Charged For San Pedro Shooting
On February 11 a thirteen year old was injured in a shooting incident in the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town. Police have arrested and charged 21-year-old Deshawn Goff of the DFC Area, San Pedro Town for attempted murder, dangerous harm and deadly means of harm.

23-Year-Old and Teen Charged For Drug Trafficking
On Tuesday night Police conducted a search at the home of 23-year-old Marlon Chanek and a 17-year-old male of Caribena Street, San Pedro Town. The search lead to the discovery of two transparent Ziploc plastic bags and a black plastic bag all containing Cannabis, amounting to two thousand eight hundred point five grams. They were arrested and charged for drug trafficking.

Police Search Lead to Arrest of Teen and 30-Year-Old Man
On Monday night San Pedro Police stopped and searched 19-year-old Dennis Salazar on Angel Fish Street which lead to the discovery of a black plastic bag containing cannabis amounting to one hundred and fifteen point seven grams. He was arrested and charged for drug trafficking. Later that night Police conducted a search at the residence of 30 year-old Alex Salazar of DFC area, San Pedro Town which lead to the discovery of a black plastic bag containing Cannabis amounting to nine hundred and ninety three point three grams. He was arrested and charged for drug trafficking.

Duo Charged For Drug Trafficking
On Saturday Police conducted a house search at the home of 22-year-old Akeem Jones and 38-year-old Andrea Eleaner Busch Muschamp both of San Pedrito Area in San Pedro Town which lead to the discovery of a large black plastic bag that contained one hundred and eight three point three grams of suspected Cannabis. The two were charged for drug trafficking.

Massive Ammunition Bust; Multiple Arrests
Last Friday San Pedro Police conducted a search at the home of 51-year-old Peter Moses Hernandez also known as Campos in the San Juan area of the island. Police found a point twenty two silver and wooden Taurus brand pistol fitted with a metal magazine which was loaded with eight point twenty two Fiocchi brand ammunition. They also found a small box containing fifteen point twenty two Fiocchi brand ammunition. Present at the time of the search along with Hernandez were 26-year-old Marciana Susana Campos, 23-year-old Teresita Jessely Cordorva, 48-year-old Guadalupe Gonzalez, 42-year-old Victor Vasquez, 52-year-old John Arana, 30-year-old Michael Edwards aka Zetaz, 27-year-old Juan Gomez, 44-year-old Laura Trapp and 25-year-old Pedro Campos. They were all jointly kept for firearm without a gun license and kept ammunition without a gun licence.


BEL to negotiate six new energy generation projects
On Friday, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) released its final evaluation report for the 2013 Request for Proposals for Energy Generation (RFPEG) exercise...

17 year old drowns in Mopan River
A family in Benque Viejo town had to bury their one and only son today after he was pulled out of the Mopan River dead on Sunday March 8th. According to reports sometime after 3:00 pm on that same day 17 year old Michael Quintanilla went swimming in the Mopan River in Succotz village between
miles 7...

La Ruta Maya 2015
The most anticipated Belikin La Ruta Maya Challenge kicked off last Friday in San Ignacio for the 18th year in a row where 57 teams competed in 7 different categories. We give the results of the top three winners for the male and female division...

Belmopan Parish Priest dies
Belmopan Parish Priest and local Manager of Our Lady of Guadelupe School, Father Kurt Kasseber, died unexpectedly this morning Tuesday March 10, 2015. According to parishioners, Father Kassebeer suffered a major heart attack this morning. There will be a mass in honour of Fr...

Corozal man fined for “shrunken” undersized conch
A Corozal District fisherman is out more than $2,500 after Fisheries Department officials busted him with 102 undersized conch which he was trying to sell to Northern Fishermen Cooperative Society in Belize City...

UDP says they have tape of John Briceno confessions on PUP corruption
The United Democratic Party issued a press release today titled,"Former PUP Party Leader John Briceno Confesses to Mass Corruption During 1998 - 2008 PUP Administration"� The release says that for several� weeks now, there have been reports coming from within the Opposition People's United Party (PU...

Man went missing in the bushes 5 days ago
A 55 year old man went missing in the bushes five days ago and has not been located since. 55-year-old Domingo Chuck of San Jose Village reported that on the March 3rd at 9:00 a.m...

Murder pleads guilty to cannabis possession suspect
Already facing charges of murder, �29 year old Delford "Peter" Slusher will serve three years in prison on a separate charge of drug trafficking in relation to 8.9 kilograms of cannabis. He admitted the charge when appearing today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer...

Messenger faces downgraded sex charges
Messenger at Home Protector Insurance Company, �25 year old David Gonzalez, will face a count each of rape and carnal knowledge in the Supreme Court in its next session after the results of a preliminary inquiry held before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer...

Cayo Caretaker stabbed to death in Belize City
A visitor to Belize City from the Cayo village of Ontario was found apparently stabbed to death inside the bathroom of �the guest house where he was staying. 49 year old Oscar Amilcar Grijalva sustained multiple stab wounds to the chest and both arms, and a cut to the throat...

14 year old minor and 23 year old Shane Flowers shot in Belize City
Shots were fired in Belize City on Saturday March 7 sometime after 9 PM. Police say that they responded to reports of shots fired on Glynn Street and visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw 23-year-old ShaneFlowers of Belize City suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the ba...

Orange Walk man stabbed to death
A man was murdered in Orange Walk over the weekend. On Sunday March 8 at 7:30 the body of 26 year old Luis Campos was discovered with multiple stab wounds.� The body was found at Cuello’s Stable located on Chapel Street, Orange Walk Town...

Cayo Caretaker shot and killed in Roaring Creek
Belmopan police are investigating the shooting death of 30 year old Elroy Ramirez, Belizean caretaker of Young Bank Area, Camalote Village...

Sunday Shooting at a Family Gathering
A quiet Sunday evening of relaxation at the residence of the Mora and Neal families turned into a nightmare when at around 4:00 pm on March 8th a gunman approached the yard and let loose a barrage of bullets in
the direction of the family...

Patrick JonesPJ

PG Town Council sworn in
The new Punta Gorda Town Council was sworn in during ceremonies at the Town Hall on Tuesday evening, March 10. The Oath of Office was administered by Senior Justice of the Peace Alejandro Vernon. Before a packed room of family, friends and supporters of the United Democratic Party, [�]

New playground equipment inaugurated at Rotary Park
The renovated Rotary Park, complete with new playground equipment, was officially inaugurated on Tuesday afternoon, March 11. Members of the San Ignacio Rotary Club, with assistance from the Rotaract Clubs of San Ignacio and Benque Viejo del Carmen, spent the long holiday weekend working alongside members of the Rotary Club [�]

Police arrest suspect in shooting of teenage girl in San Pedro
One month after a teenage girl was shot in the chest inside her home in the San Pedrito area of San Pedro town, police have arrested and charged a suspect in the case. Police today sent out a press release and photograph of twenty one year old Deshawn Goff, saying [�]

Nine people charged for unlicensed firearm and ammunition
Police in San Pedro town have arrested and charged nine persons for the crime of keeping a firearm and ammunition without and gun licence. They have been identified as 51 year old Peter Moses Hernandez, 26 year old Marciana Susana Campos, 23 year old Teresita Jessely Cordova, 48 year old [�]

Audio recording captures explosive John Briceno conversation
An audio recording of a conversation between the People's United Party (PUP) area representative for Orange Walk Central John Briceno and another man is creating quite a stir. The over one hour long recording was released yesterday and portions aired on the evening news offer explosive insights into what the United Democratic Party (UDP) describes in a media statement as "multiple mass corruption schemes during the Musa/Fonseca era." Briceno, who served as the Deputy Prime Minister in the Musa administration from 1998 to 2008, talks candidly about events during those ten years, including the changes in ownership of BTL, the Yen swap venture and tax waivers for the Belize Bank.

Trial in Noh Mul destruction to commence today
The case of the destruction of the Noh Mul archaeological site in set to commence this morning in the Corozal Magistrate's Court. Denny Grijlva and employees of DeMar's Stone Company are accused of destroying the ancient monument back in 2013. When court was convened this morning, the Prosecutor in the case indicated to the Court that the files were just handed over to him last night and asked the Magistrate for an adjournment based on that ground.


The Belize Zoo, a model for preservation and conservation, and a wonderful place to visit with the animals of Belize
I will never forget my first visit to a zoo, it was in Philadelphia and I was around six years old. I was absolutely mesmerized by the wonderful creatures in front of me. Elephants, snakes, monkeys, birds � was a magical experience, igniting my life long love of animals and nature. I have visited, and enjoyed, many zoos since then, including San Diego, Washington, Reykjavik, Phoenix, and even Las Vegas. However, after a safari in Tanzania and Kenya last year, a remarkable adventure, I came to realize animals do not belong in zoos for our viewing pleasure. So, on my recent visit to Belize the zoo was not on my agenda, However, a change of plans, due to a bout of a run in with the local bacteria, gave me some free time and a lot of folks, both locals and visitors highly recommended the zoo since it was world famous for it's conservation methods. I was so glad I took their advice. What a wonderful place. NONE of the animals were captured in the wild. They were all either injured, unwanted pets, or endangered species, bred in the zoo or given as gifts from other zoos. All are native to Belize.

SAGA Humane Society Cook-Off & Fundraiser Allows Many To Eat All Their Faves in One Meal
That's EXACTLY what happened last night at the SAGA Humane Society's Bi-Monthly Fundraising Cook-off. Hosted by Island Time Beach Bar and serving "International" Cuisine by 10 different chefs� I stopped in early yesterday to join the festivities and maybe help raise a little money for the island animals. This guy joined me as I found a seat. Island Time Bar is just south of beautiful Victoria House Resort - in the location of the previous Fido's South/Sandbar (though that closed about 3�4 years ago?) I didn't try ANY of the SAGA dishes! But I know many who did�and this may have been one of the most favoritest cook-offs yet. Let's jump to the end. And the winning chefs! All the eaters voted and� 1st place went to Lick's Cafe and their Thai Style Curry Chicken and rice

Finding music, moments and magic in Merida
The thing is, I really didn't think I could afford the hat. I liked it. It felt cool and comforting on my head. It sat naturally on my crown with no fussing. The roll of the brim had a slightly rakish appeal that the rest of me certainly didn't exude. Still, $3,200 pesos? Taxes are coming up. So is rent. And a trip or two back to the States for both Rose and me. Really, I wasn't even sure that we should have been taking this mini-vacation to the beautiful colonial city of Merida on the Yucatan Peninsula. Buying a hand-made Panama hat in Merida seemed so out of the question. So frivolous. So self-indulgent. So . . . expensive. "Consider $2,400 pesos. Would that put this hat upon your head?" Really, I have taxes to pay, and rent . . .

International Sourcesizz

Belize's 10 Best Jungle Lodges
The Travel Channel has listed their top 10 Jungle Lodges, and Cayo has 6 on the list. Chaa Creek, Blancaneaux, Parrot Nest, and Table Rock(picture) are there, showing that Cayo is the place to visit for adventure, eco-tourism, and relaxation. 10. Chaa Creek 8. Blancaneaux 7. Hidden Valley Inn 6. Table Rock 2. Sleeping Giant 1. Parrot Nest Congratulations to all the outstanding lodges! "After a day of high adventure in Belize's rain forest - caving, hiking, canoeing, zip-lining, birding, wildlife-spotting, horseback riding, climbing Maya ruins or mountain biking - at one of the country's jungle lodges, you can look forward to a delicious meal, good company, Wi-Fi and a comfy bed. Here are our picks for Belize's best lodges in all price ranges."

Rotary Park Dedication
The Rotary Club had their Rotary Park Dedication yesterday, after working really hard the last few months, and last week for Rotary Week, on the upgrade. The park is looking good! Kids are going to love it. Thanks, Rotary! "Dedication day. The Rotary Club of San Ignacio along with our Canadian Partners were honored to have the new Mayor of San Ignacio / Santa Elena speak at our Dedication. His Lordship Earl Trapp spoke of the importance of parks to the community. District Education Manger of Cayo District, Luis Carballo also spoke of how play is an integral part of education. Also present at the dedication were children from Santa Elena Primary School and Eden Primary School,"

Crime in parts of Belize draws U.S. alert
The U.S. State Department released an updated crime and safety report indicating that the country experienced a high level of criminal activity in 2014, including theft and murder. Though most of the country's tourist spots, such as the Mayan ruins and cayes, are safe for visitors, the report warned against visiting the south side of Belize City, where gang activity and other crimes are the highest in the country. The report also urged travelers to use extreme caution while driving from Belize into neighboring countries.


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  • Belize- Give a kid a GoPro!, 2min. First Presbyterian Church Midland serving in Belize. It was "Barron Bliss Day", a holiday in Belize and we helped with a field day for the children in a small town.

  • Parasailing Ambergris Caye Belize, 4min. Parasailing in Belize, there are so many things to do in Belize and that they can't all be listed.



  • OYE TOPIC: REEF WEEK 2015, 21min.

  • Richard & Rosanne Wedding Trailer, 5min. Here's a sneak peak of this beautiful couple's wedding we filmed in Spanish Lookout, Belize on February 15th, 2015 - a day after valentine's day!

  • Church in El Progresso, Belize, 2min.

  • Election Day San Pedro Belize 2015, 1min. UDP versus PUP voting on the beach in San Pedro March 2015.

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