Carolina Sersland 7th & Kevin Velasquez 1st

San Pedro’s 14-and-under sailors won 5 of 10 top places when the Belize Sailing Association held 6 “Optimist” dinghy races as part of the 87th annual Baron Bliss Regatta in the Belize City harbor over the weekend.

San Pedro Racers’ 13-year-old Kevin Velasquez won back to back for the Optimist White fleet, placing 1st in 4 of the 6 races. He won the 1st race and 4th in the 3rd race on Saturday and dominated all 3 races on Sunday tallying a final score of 8 points.

Belize Sea Scouts’ 12-year-old Trent Hardwick was 2nd with 16 points, taking 4th place in the 1st race, and 1st in the 3rd race on Saturday, and 3rd and 2nd in the 4th and 5th races on Sunday.

Belize City Sailing Club’s 14-year-old Antonio Ricardez Jr took 3rd place with 24 points, after winning 2nd place in 2 races.

San Pedro Junior Sailing Club’s 14-year-old Blanca Velasquez, who was voted Best Sailor of 2014, was 4th with 28 points after placing 3rd in one race, and placing 5th in 3 other races.

San Pedro Racers’ 13-year-old Mitchell Sersland placed 5th with 33pts, after placing 2nd in the 1st and 2nd races on Saturday.

Placencia Sailing Club’s 11-year-old Peter Joo was 6th with 39pts, from a 3rd place finish in the 6th race on Sunday, and a 5th place finish in two other races.

Placencia Sailing Club’s 12-year-old Diana Carlin won all 5 races among the beginners’ Green fleet for a perfect score of 5pts.

Nine-year-old Christian “CJ” Ferrell Jr. also of Placencia was 2nd with 13pts having won one race, placed 2nd in the 5th race and he also had 2 3rd place finishes.

Corozal’s 10-year-old Adyaneiri Susie Teck ranked 3rd with 18 points from placing 2nd in 2 races.

Placencia’s 11-year-old Adner Lopez and 10-year-old Cianna Garbutt were 4th and 5th respectively.

The Belize Sailing Association presented trophies and medals to the winners at an award ceremony at the Ex-Services League Headquarters, followed by a reception with food and refreshments on Sunday evening. Awards and medals went to Team “Sandra” Leonard Myers, Kent Myers and Austin Welch who won the sailing dory race; while “Heather” and its crew Liston Myers, Imar Welch and Kent Myers took 2nd prize.

Keith Hardwick captained the “Seagull”, and with his crew of Dion Cooper and Felix Cob to win the Bosun’s class sloop race.

Peter Maullin won the single-handed Laser sloop race.

Antonio Ricardez Jr. won the open race for all-comers.

Captain Leonard Usher and his crew sailed Maheia’s “United” to win the sandlighters race against the “Radio”, captained by Robert Jeffery. The “Radio” is a truly venerable lady; as her keel was laid in 1885, she’s 130 years old!

The San Pedro Racers will host a training clinic for “Laser” class sloops from March 28 to April 7, and the Caye Caulker Sailing club will host the Caye Caulker regatta on April 4-5.