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Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Central Government steps in to curb crime in San Pedro
The increase in crime in San Pedro Town has left Central Government on high alert after two innocent citizens became victims of the "organized" shootings in the San Pedrito Area. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has now stepped in and implemented National Security measures to curb the high crime rate on the island. The people of San Pedrito, shocked and saddened by the events occurring these past weeks, have desperately sought out help from authorities. Well that help is finally in effect in the form of a special operation headed by Senior Superintendent Russell Blackett, which has seen increased police presence on the island. Barrow, who is also the head of Belize's National Security Council, has stated that Belize City and San Pedro have become the two most violent areas in the country. What is more troublesome is that San Pedro is a mecca for Belize's Tourism Industry and the recent increase in criminal activities are affecting the island's reputation. He stated that if the trend in crime continues, it could be damaging to the industry. "We will be able to get a handle on [the] situation out there. San Pedro will also see more support coming from the Belize Coast Guard and the Belize Defense Force. I do not want San Pedro to be perceived internationally as unsafe. There is a bit of a drug war taking place in that area of the town [San Pedrito] and as a result, innocent bystanders, and especially innocent children, are becoming victims," said Barrow.

Letter to the Editor: Out-districters
Dear Editor, Now that we are past the political heat, many things come to mind. Many questions remain unanswered and many problems are still unresolved. I am not into politics; by that I mean that I do exercise my civic right of voting, but I am not a fanatic of any party. As a young citizen I find myself listening to whichever party opens up to me. I read every manifesto, I listen to every speech I can. I was not born on the island. I am originally from Corozal, but years ago I decided to make this beautiful island my home. Resonating still is a speech I heard on the Sunday before elections, in which we were referred to as "strangers", " out-districters ", and "exploiting". It is a matter that has been haunting me always, but to be used publicly and as part of a political campaign was the least I expected. It makes me think, are we bound to always be seen as "strangers" just because we weren't born or raised here? What does it take to call this place 'home', free from social prejudice and discrimination?

2015 SPHS Science Fair is all about Robotics
"Robotics in Action, Making Life Easy" was the theme of 2015 San Pedro High School (SPHS) Science Fair which was held on Friday, March 6th. Students from second to fourth form spent months developing innovative projects displaying the used of robotics. Each project demonstrated the students' creativity and innovation when developing solutions to problems faced by the school and community. 42 projects were presented in this year's Science Fair, which ranged from drones developed to help manage protected reserves to street cleaners. Each project demonstrated the use of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Method, and how the increased use of technology can greatly benefit the community. According to Head of the Science and Math Department Ricardo Sedacy, the students were asked to create a project within any of five areas in Robotics: drones, medical procedures (operations and health), prosthetics and exoskeletons, artificial assistances and driverless cars.

Diver dies while diving the Blue Hole
Authorities are currently investigating the death of 66-year-old American National Roger Piper, from Arizona, Texas USA who passed away during a dive expedition. Initial reports indicate that Piper, along with his family, employed Amigos de Mar Diver Center for a dive trip to the Blue Hole on Tuesday, March 10th. The group arrived to the Blue Hole and proceeded to dive. At about 50 feet below water, Piper started to experience breathing complications and alerted the Amigos del Mar dive crew. He was brought up to the surface but Piper was already unconscious. The team performed primary dive medical care in attempts to resuscitated Piper. All attempts failed. As such, the crew contacted the Belize Coast Guard who transported Piper to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital in Belize City where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Further investigation revealed that Piper had undergone a triple bypass surgery last year as he suffered from heart problems. His condition was not reported to the dive company prior to the dive as persons suffering from heart conditions are not allowed to dive. On Thursday, March 12th a post mortem examination was carried out to certify the cause of death. All relevant authorities were alerted by the company. Investigations are ongoing to determine whether dive protocol was breached at any time.

GOB moving closer to decriminalizing 10 grams or less of marijuana
Even though it is illegal, the use of marijuana has been a part of the Belizean social fabric for decades and there is no indication that it is going to change anytime soon. For that reason, the Government of Belize (GOB), in March of 2012, tasked a group of Belizeans to work on a framework for the decriminalization of up to ten grams of marijuana, locally referred to as weed. The Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee (DOMC) presented the final report on February 26, 2015 in which it made a list of recommendations. Ten grams of marijuana is equivalent to 0.35 of an ounce and according to the report, approximately 210 people are jailed annually for being with ten grams or less of the illegal herb. That alone, cited the report, is a burden not only for the taxpayers, but also consumes the court time and once found guilty, goes on the person's criminal record. Because the amount is so minuscule, the DOMC indicated that after intensive consultation, a different approach than jailing someone for such quantity or less should be reconsidered. Chairing the DMOC is former Minister of National Security Doug Singh who indicated that while being in possession of ten grams or less would still be illegal, what is being worked towards is removing certain elements of the penalty.

Ambergris Today

Speeding Becomes an Issue After Roads Paved in North Ambergris
On Thursday, March 12, 2015, a dump truck ran into a golf cart in front of Reef Village throwing a 60-year-old tourist through the windshield and off the cart onto the pavement, just to have his own cart run over him as he lay on the ground. Residents of Reef Village rendered assistance to the man who was the passenger on the cart. He sustained injuries to this head and face, but was pretty banged up all over his body, according to witnesses. The Police and Traffic Wardens were called to the scene after which the man was rushed to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II. According to witnesses, the tourist diver of the six-seater golf cart got confused and mistakenly backed up into the street and that was when the driver of the dump truck ran into the cart. The truck driver was apparently speeding and unable to avoid the collision due to the velocity he was traveling.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Save the 75 year old Belmopan Guanacaste Tree landmark
EARLIER TODAY representatives of the "Save the 75 year old Belmopan Guanacaste Tree landmark" met with MOW officials to negotiate a "work around" the tree option. They were told "The tree must go"... TODAY representatives decided to "take the fight public and garner support higher up" to "Save the 75 year old Belmopan Guanacaste Tree landmark"... LATE TODAY the tree was cut down...

Budget Speech 2015 - Statement and Economic Review
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow is currently giving his 2015 Budget Speech at the Meeting of the House of Representatives. You can read his speech here.

Key Biodiversity Areas Project
The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development is to launch a Key Biodiversity Areas Project on March 25th, 2015. On behalf of the Ministry, we are sharing these flyers with information on the project. Feel free to share as well!

Unprecedented demand for Belizean goods in CARICOM markets
Belize is seeing unprecedented demand for its grain, seafood and other types of produce in Caribbean Community (CARICOM) markets such as Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados through the CARICOM Single Market and Economy's (CSME) zero duty preferential access mechanism, chief executive officer of the ministry of trade, investment, promotion, private sector development and consumer protection, Michael Singh has disclosed. Singh, who was addressing a CARICOM Single Market media workshop in Belize City on February 26, urged Belizean manufacturers to utilize the preferential access tools offered through the CSME into 12 other CARICOM markets. Under the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, goods of Belizean origin have the right to enter 12 other CARICOM markets at zero rate of duty.

Caye Caulker power problems
BEL apologizes to customers in Caye Caulker for the recent intermittent power interruptions being experienced. BEL is working to resolve generation issues on the island, responsible for these interruptions, which may continue for an extended period of time. BEL thanks customers for their patience.

Youth Engagement Services Program
Six young Belizeans are on the rise! PADF's Youth Engagement Services Program provided training, business advice and seed funding to 16 at-risk youth. They spoke yesterday in Belize City about their challenges and goals. Thanks to partners U.S. Embassy Belize Beltraide SBDCBelize Hand in Hand Ministries Dionne Chamberlain, Sai info-Tech & University of the West Indies. And to entrepreneur Marie Sharp's Habanero Sauce for her inspiring words.

It's open day!
As part of Reef Week 2015 Oceana and partners: Mar Alliance, Belize Volunteers Club, Belize Audubon Society, Sea 2 Shore Alliance, Aldebaran, Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, Belize Fisheries Department, The Nature Conservancy, the Environmental Research Institute (UB), Belize Bird Rescue and Solid Waste Management Authority and Institute has organized an open for students and the public. Please feel free to stop by and learn about OUR marine environment and our beautiful

Steward and Samantha's Greenhouse
Located in Blue Creek, Belize. We sell many varieties of cacti and succulents, also arrangements, and many house & yard plants/bushes.

2015 Ride to The Reef
Clean your chains, pump your wheels and get in the saddle. The 2015 Ride to The Reef is here. Join us this Sunday March 15, 2015 as we ride from Belmopan to Belize City. Contact 610-4874 for more information.

SIPL Hosts Santa Elena Preschool
The Santa Elena Community Preschool visited the SIPL for some storytelling and fun activities for Children's Month. Thanks, SIPL!


Baffu Edition 4 is out, and it's free for downloading. There is some really unique art in there, and some interesting poetry too. Picture from Ulises Vaquerano. "Our fourth issue of Baffu. You won't be able to put this one down. Support your artist enjoy.

Channel 7

Briceno Recording Dominates Budget Day In House: Barrow Calls Out Musa
Today was Budget Day at the House of Representatives in Belmopan. It's the biggest day for parliamentary business on the House Calendar - because the revenue and appropriations bill is tabled - that's what makes government run. But, it's not the headline anywhere tonight and that's because the secret recording of former PUP Deputy Prime Minister John Briceno was the most important thing discussed at today's house meeting. As we told you last night, it just had to come up because it's too ripe a political opportunity for the UDP to miss out on. But, the Prime Minister who prepared remarks on it - said it wasn't about politics - but about the duty of the Leader of the Opposition. From there, things took on a life of their own. Here's how it all went down:

Opp. Leader Fonseca Says Barrow Is Grandstanding
And the one in the middle of all this back and forth is leader of the opposition, Francis Fonseca. He wasn't around for the end of the House Meeting when Musa responded to Barrow. We asked him if it was an intentional avoidance:�

Deputy Espat Says Party Leader Gave Him A Free Facebook Pass
PUP Deputy Leader Julius Espat is on the other side of the dispute. Right after the PUP met on Wednesday and spoke about moving forward in unity, he took to Facebook to blast John Briceno by calling him a liar. He also criticized his own party for treating this very public debacle a private party matter. So, who gave him the right to do so? No less than the leader - that's what we found out today:�

Chief Justice Says Police Don't Have To Hand Over Penner File
At the top of the newscast, we showed you the fiery back and forth at today's house meeting about the explosive secret recording of former PUP leader John Briceno. And while the PUP was "on blast" in Belmopan, in Belize City, the UDP Government was being blamed for the outcome of the appeal against Elvin Penner who was acquitted of all charges for the Won Hong Kim Passport scandal.

Noh Mul Case Volleys From Corozal To City and Back
Another scandal for the UDP which went to court today was the March 2013 mauling of the Noh Mul Mayan Temple. UDP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk Central, Denny Grijalva, his wife, his employees and his company, De-Mar's, were all criminally charged for destruction of that archaeological monument, and they've been waiting for their day in Magistrate's Court.

A Budget Powered By Petrocaribe
So, yeah, the budget presentation - usually it's the headline in the news - but tonight it's been pushed way down to the second segment - and that's because political events of greater importance overtook it.

Man Shot In Ladyville - Was It Mistaken Identity
A man was shot just after 9 last night in Ladyville just a few blocks from the village police station. The victim is 29 year old Kenroy Arnold, a resident of Ladyville. Arnold was socializing with friends when a vehicle pulled up with two men inside - one of whom exited the vehicle and opened fire on him. He was shot to the back and right hand and is listed in a critical but stable condition. His sister told us that her brother was not the intended target. Police are looking for a known suspect.

Police Shot A Shooter
Police were involved in a wild shootout with a gunman last night in Belize City. It happened around 9:30 when 28 year old Phillip Mass Samuels allegedly shot at someone, and police responded shooting him in the foot. He was taken to the KHMH where he is listed in a stable condition under police guard. Police have recovered a black and chrome Smith & Wesson .9mm pistol, with (5) live rounds. An internal investigation has also been launched to see if officers used justifiable force.

PC Caliz Cleared By Court
Former Police Officer Burton Caliz Jr., who was convicted of murder, and got it reduced to Manslaughter, won his second appeal yesterday in the Court of Appeal. He was sentenced to pay a fine for killing 23 year-old Leroy Pilgrim, which happened in February of 2004. That happened at his last trial 2 years ago, but with today's outcome, that conviction and sentence was set aside. His case was heard by the Court of Appeal, even without an attorney, the panel set aside his conviction and sentence. He was entered into a not guilty verdict by the Appeal Court Judges.

Hospital Surgical Unit Has Issues
Last night we told you about the ongoing construction works at the new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the KHMH. Well, while that project seems like it's coming along nicely and equipment has been secured, there have been reports that the operating theatres are in a bad way. The sterilizer to clean surgical instruments has been down for a month and all elective surgeries have been cancelled as a result. We contacted the hospital for comment today and they sent out a release acknowledging the breakdown, but suggested that it is on the mend. The release says, quote, " The KHMH authority advises that the relevant sterilization equipment has been repaired and we are awaiting the results of required tests to show that the machines are functioning at full capacity."

Hon. Fonseca & Hon. Espat Hold Their Ground On Executive Immunity From Election
We've already told you about all the rancor that's bubbling up in the PUP after the secret recording of John Briceno emerged and set the political landscape ablaze. And while this issue presently dominates the foreground, in the background the party finds itself at a very serious crossroads: general elections are on the horizon, and the PUP is coming off a very serious and confounding loss at the polls in the municipal elections. So, does the party need an executive shake-up? That's what some are saying - but the party leader and his deputy say that's not an option:�

Briceno Has Interesting Position On Convention
Former Leader John Briceno also has his own take on a convention - and, surprisingly, it is not as rigid as Leader Fonseca and Deputy Espat. On Wednesday coming out of the PUP Executive and Parliamentarians' Meeting, Briceno pledged loyalty to Fonseca's leadership - but today he seemed to drift slightly away from the official position that no executive posts can be challenged:�

BTV Tells OAS To Bring It On
Last week, the OAS Adjacency Zone Office asserted that the Belize Territorial Volunteers planted palm trees on Guatemalan territory between Jalacte and Santa Cruz villages. Well, the Territorial Volunteers refuse to let that assessment stand, and they are challenging the OAS to show them how their GPS readings were wrong. The BTV released a statement which says, quote, "The BTV categorically denies the findings of the OAS and further invites the OAS/Adjacency Zone Office, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to map the GPS coordinates of the coconut trees in question. . It adds that, quote, "The OAS has sat quietly and condoned the incursions of Guatemalans into Belize�.No effort has been made by the OAS to issue a similar public statement that would confirm the GPS coordinates of these incursions by Guatemalans."

Where is The Latest Fantasy Five Winner
Someone will walk away with a hefty $200,000 dollar prize from Fantasy 5. The numbers were drawn last night and the winning ticket comes from Burrell Boom Village. The winner has not claimed the prize as yet but has 6 months to do so. The winner will walk away with $226,100 after tax. The winning numbers from last night's draw are 19, 35, 36, 39, 06 and the free letter is L as in Lion.

Getting Accountable With IICA
Yesterday the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture - known as IICA - held its annual accountability seminar in Belmopan. The main focus of the seminar was to review the progress IICA has made in agriculture and to discuss future plans for the sector. IICA representative Jean Lowry told us how this seminar will benefit Belizean farmers. Other topics discussed at the seminar include innovation in agriculture, women and youth in agriculture and small scale and family farms.

Channel 5

PM Barrow Tells Opposition Come Clean
Today's sitting of the House of Representatives was reserved for the presentation of the 2015-2016 Budget, the eighth of the Barrow administration. Later in our newscast we'll have an extensive [...]

Former PM Said Musa Says Allegations are Old News
With that acerbic statement, it was on to the reading of the Budget, and there is where it would have ended today. But the man to whom many of the [...]

P.U.P. Leader Dismisses PM's Call
P.U.P., Leader Francis Fonseca was absent his seat for the back and forth between Musa and the Prime Minister - which was both awkward and vicious. But he dismissed the [...]

Will There Be a Challenge to the P.U.P.'s Leader?
Even without the heat generated by that fiery recording, Fonseca is at a most difficult time in his political leadership. In some quarters there is criticism that he has been [...]

Espat Requests Public Apology
Relations between former Party Leader, John Brice�o, and current P.U.P. Deputy Leader, Julius Espat, remain tense following the release of the clandestine recording on Tuesday. Brice�o levied serious allegations against [...]

2015-2016 Budget Reveals "Muscular Spending"
Just before midday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow made his 2015-2016 Budget presentation which he promised would be the shortest ever, but which still ran for forty-nine minutes. He prefaced the [...]

Budget Will Remain Focused On Development
For fiscal year 2014/2015, there is a projected overall deficit of one hundred and forty-one million dollars, a two point five percent increase from its initial estimate. That, says Prime [...]

PM Barrow Breaks down Petrocaribe
Seventy-two million dollars of the one hundred and forty-one million dollar deficit was financed through draw-downs from Petrocaribe monies. According to the Prime Minister, for the eighth consecutive year there [...]

Economic Growth Expected in 2015
With that look at the projected deficit and surplus for 2014-2015, the Prime Minister turned to the outlook for the rest of the year, and expressed optimism and an expectation [...]

Infrastructural Bonanza Will Continue, Says PM
The Prime Minister says that the priorities of the 2015/2016 budget will be in line with those of previous years, and while they have done so much, Belizeans can expect [...]

Penner Walks after Appeal Dismissed
Former Minister of State Elvin Penner arrived in court with heavy police protection after being egged on his previous appearance in court.� Back in 2013, Penner was found to have [...]

Noh Mul Case Moved Back To Corozal
There was another big case before the courts today. On Wednesday, Magistrate Hurl Hamilton transferred the case of the destruction of the Noh Mul Archeological Site to Belize City due [...]

Institute of Archaeology Disappointed with Delay
But is justice delayed justice denied? Representatives from the Institute of Archeology and CTV-Three from Orange Walk were all present at court today to testify in the case. Prosecutor Leeroy [...]

Boots Crescent Resident Shot by Police
There was a shooting incident on Thursday night on Central American Boulevard.� Sometime around nine-thirty, Belize City police responded to a report of gunshots in the vicinity of Port Loyola [...]

Gunplay in Ladyville Leaves Resident Critical
A resident of Vista Del Mar, Ladyville is tonight at the K.H.M.H. in a critical condition following an attempted murder in the village just before ten on Thursday night. Three [...]

Teen Arrested in Roaring Creek Murder
Since the start of the year, there have been five murders and several shootings in the Belmopan Area. So far, the murders of Yaima Ledesma, Emerson Daly Junior, Feliciano Noralez [...]

Tour Guides Conclude Training
Tourism is a huge income earner for Belize, which means that to remain competitive with other destinations; services need to complement the tourism product. This morning, about a hundred persons [...]

Fair Addresses Kidney Health Concerns
On the occasion of World Kidney Day, a health fair was held by the Kidney Association and partners encouraging persons to get a true picture of their overall health.� There [...]


Capital’s New Mayor Sworn In
Today the new Mayor of the City of Belmopan was�sworn in along with his 6 councillors who will serve at as the elected officials of the Belmopan City Hall for the next three years...

Object stuck on Belize Barrier reef
This week is being observed as Reef Week. On Wednesday afternoon, a strange object floated over the reef about six miles north of San Pedro Town near the Mexico Area...

Claims Reporter Made off With Her Package
Wednesday March 4th was a busy day for all politicians, voters, election officials, and of course news reporters who worked from dawn until dusk to bring to you the latest updates from the polls...

New neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit nearing completion
Ever since the tragedy of the 13 babies who died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) between February and May of 2013 the hospital has been focused on improving its services to ensure nothing of the kind ever happens again...

First Arrest in Four Murders
There has been an increase of crimes related to murder and attempted murder in the Vicinity of Belmopan and police are a little behind on the cases. However, Belmopan Police made their first arrest on the four murder cases for this year...

Police Addresses case of Police Brutality
The suspects in the shooting incident that occurred on Sunday March 8th in the Hattieville area, Roaring Creek village have not been apprehended. However Belmopan police had taken a couple of individuals from Roaring Creek Village to the Police station for questioning on that same day...

Belmopan Police meets with Pastors
And in light of all the activity in the Village of Roaring Creek, the Belmopan Police Department called a meeting with the pastors in the community to figure out a short term and a long term solution to the crime plaguing that community. Supt...

75 Year old Guanacaste tree cut down
Ten days ago, an impassioned post appeared on Facebook, placed there by Belmopan resident, John Pinello, highlighting the fact that a landmark; a 75 year old Guanacaste tree at the entrance to Belmopan, was on the chopping block to make way for a roundabout at the Guanacaste junction...

Arrested for displaying Gang insignia
On March 11 at about 7:50a.m., police stopped and searched 37-year-old Errol Edwin Rubio of a Cleghorn Street address in Belize City. They noticed that he had a "3" and an "0" on his arm which displayed membership to the "CRIPS" gang...

Two men arraigned on murder charges in Orange Walk
As we have reported,� 26 year-old Luis Ricardo Campos was found stabbed to death in Orange Walk Town under a shed on the property of Waldy Cuello Stables, just off the San Antonio Road...

Court of Appeal restores murder indictment
The Belize Court of Appeal has overruled a decision by Supreme Court Justice Denis Hanomansingh to quash an indictment for murder against Jorge Vidal in the Central District of the Court and ordered that he stand trial...

BTV says OAS displays partiality to Guatemala
The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) has responded to a press release issued by the OAS on March 7, 2015...


One of Meredith Escalante's alleged shooters remanded
Exactly one month after Meredith Escalante, 13, a student of San Pedrito, San Pedro, was shot in the chest and neck by two gunmen while sitting in the kitchen of the apartment where she and her mother lived in the Espat's Apartment Complex, one of the gunmen has been arrested and charged. At about 9:30 Wednesday, February 11, the two gunmen went into the yard of the apartment building and fired at the apartment in which she lived, damaging the walls and the door of the dwelling, grazing the girl in the neck and chest. Police have announced that their investigation into the shooting led to the arrest of Deshawn Goff, 21, a fisherman of San Pedro. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder and deadly means of harm.

House meets Friday
The House of Representatives meets tomorrow, Friday, March 13, 2015, for the presentation of the proposed national budget for 2015-2016, as well as a supplementary appropriation bill for PetroCaribe spending and a series of loan motions totaling roughly US$72 million. The national budget will be in excess of a billion dollars, and we understand that although Government has not conclusively determined the size of the salary adjustment that will be paid this year to teachers and public officers, there will be a provision included in the budget based on the current forecasts. Deputy Financial Secretary Marion Palacio explained that the agreement for deciding on the salary adjustment remains the same as last year: half of any increase in recurrent revenue for this year over last year's actual revenue will be given in salary adjustments to teachers and public officers; however, the fiscal year does not end until March 31, 2015, which means that final figures won't be immediately available to calculate how much of a salary adjustment should be paid to workers.

Reverend Kurt Kasebeer of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-cathedral Parish in Belmopan, dies
Catholics in Belmopan and throughout the country join the members and staff of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-cathedral Parish in Belmopan in mourning the sudden death of the beloved Reverend Kurt Kasebeer, the pastor in charge of the parish in Belmopan. He died on Tuesday night at the Belmopan Hospital due to a massive heart attack. Amandala was informed that Fr. Kurt, 72, had been feeling ill and was taken to the hospital. Rev. Kurt had been the pastor in charge of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-cathedral Parish for the past four years. He is remembered in the media for his weekly sermons that he used to conduct on Love FM and for leading a congregation of worshippers to the scene of a road traffic accident where Francesca Vera, 76, was killed on the Northern Highway in February, 2005.

CCJ to hear LGBT challenge to Belize immigration law next week
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) will begin hearing the legal challenge brought by LGBT activist Maurice Tomlinson of Jamaica against the states of Belize, and Trinidad and Tobago next week Tuesday, March 17, and Wednesday, March 18. We have been informed by the court that the two cases, JAOJ2013/001 Maurice Tomlinson v Belize and JAOJ2013/002 Maurice Tomlinson v Trinidad and Tobago, will be heard in open court in Port of Spain, Trinidad, via videoconference to Kingston, Jamaica. Tomlinson, a homosexual in a same-sex marriage to a Canadian pastor, is challenging the immigration laws of the CARICOM countries, alleging that they deny hassle-free movement of homosexuals into those states, which he claims is a violation of his right as a CARICOM national.

Police charge 11 persons for 1 gun and 6 bullets
At about 4:30 Monday evening on Front Street in Dangriga, police stopped and searched a double-cab pickup from Belize City in which eleven persons - including four minors and a woman - from the Mayflower Street area of Belize City were traveling; some were in the pan of the vehicle. They were all arrested after police found a .38 Special revolver loaded with 6 live rounds in the vehicle. The group was taken to the Dangriga Police Station, where they were charged with gun and ammunition possession. On Wednesday, the group was taken to the Dangriga Magistrate's Court on charges of keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition and they were all remanded until April 28. The adults were remanded to the Belize Central Prison, while the four minors were remanded to the Wagner Facility for youths at the Kolbe Foundation in the Belize Central Prison.

Convict argues against carnal knowledge conviction before Court of Appeal
A man who was convicted of three counts of carnal knowledge while he was out on parole for a 25-year manslaughter sentence was before the Court of Appeal this afternoon, arguing against the conviction and the consequent 18-year sentence. The panel of Appeal Court Justices who heard the case consisted of President of the Court of Appeal Hon. Justice Manuel Sosa; Hon. Justice Samuel Awich and Hon. Justice Christopher Blackman. The court indicated that it will issue a ruling on this appeal at a future date. Winston Dennison, who had provided the court with a 24-point skeleton argument, told the panel of justices that he was assisted in the preparation of the document by someone in the prison, "as I am not a good reader." As he began his argument, Dennison explained to the court that he had no attorney and that he would be representing himself.

Jermaine Belgrave, 33, on trial for the 2011 murder of Cleo Robinson
The trial of accused murderer Jermaine Belgrave began yesterday, Thursday morning, in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas, who is hearing the case without a jury. On February 23, 2010, around 11:00 p.m., Jermaine Belgrave allegedly shot Cleo Robinson on Glynn Street, while Robinson was riding his beach cruiser bicycle. Robinson, who was shot in the abdomen and the back, lived for 16 months before he succumbed to his injuries. Belgrave was initially charged with attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm, but after Robinson passed away on June 30, 2011, the charges against Belgrave were upgraded to murder. In court yesterday morning, Justice Lucas told Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell, "The indictment is misleading."

Camalote man shot dead in Roaring Creek
Belmopan police now have another murder case to investigate as they try to find the killer of Elroy Ramirez, 30, a caretaker of Young Bank Road in Camalote, Cayo District, who was shot to death in Roaring Creek, also in the Cayo District, last night. Police said that at around 8:35 p.m. on Thursday, March 5, Ramirez and two other men were cleaning fish inside a fenced yard in the "Another World" area of Roaring Creek when a lone gunman of dark complexion with a hooded sweater pulled over his head, approached and fired a single gunshot at the trio. After Ramirez had been shot, the gunman reportedly ran across the street and disappeared into some bushes behind a church. Ramirez, also known as "Dread", suffered multiple pellet wounds to the abdomen and lower body, and was transported to the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan, but he succumbed to his injuries a little over two hours later, shortly before 11:00 p.m. The motive for the murder is still unclear, and we understand that one person is in police custody in connection with the incident.

Kevin Bernard, the PUP's only surviving mayor, says they beat "the big giant"
Kevin Bernard has been elected for a third term on the Orange Walk Town Council-his second consecutive term as mayor of that municipality, where the Opposition People's United Party (PUP) was able to secure its only victory in the March 4, 2015 municipal elections. Bernard told Amandala Thursday that it took hard work, commitment and a good team to secure that win. "I believe that we have shown the people of Orange Walk that we had the ability, that we were able to carry out the work day in, day out, despite the challenges and that is one of the biggest things that I think took us over the hump," he told us. Bernard will be leading a mixed council, which includes two elected members of the ruling United Democratic Party; but he is no stranger to mixed councils. In fact, Bernard was one of three PUP councilors elected to serve in that municipality back in 2009, when the UDP held the majority of seats in Orange Walk.

Great weekend of games in NEBL season
The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) hosted some great games this past weekend, as teams continued to battle for supremacy in the league. Fans are reminded that all games have a live webcast, where the play-by-play along with box scores are available for all games. Fans can follow every game live on the internet, as scores are in real time. The games can be accessed from our website at Belmopan Red Taigaz defends home court On Thursday night, the Belmopan Red Taigaz (4-1) hosted the Orange Walk Running Rebels (2-2), where both teams were coming off wins over the previous weekend. The UB gymnasium was packed to capacity as the home team was able to secure their fourth win in a row, claiming an 85-72 victory. Belmopan Red Taigaz was led by last year's MVP Farron Louriano, who tallied a double-double with the game high 30 points (pts), 10 rebounds (rebs) and 2 blocked shots. Terrell Eskridge finished the night with 12 pts, 8 assists, 4 rebs and 4 steals; while Jamal Harris had 11 pts and 5 rebs. Travis Lennan and Jarrel "Bird" Velasquez netted 9 and 8 pts, respectively. For the visiting team, Roger Reneau had a break-out game with double-double of 24 pts and 14 rebs, while having 4 steals and 4 assists. Randy Usher finished the night with 16 pts and 2 assists; while Jason Grant scored 16 pts and pulled 5 boards.

Athletics past and present - Ernesto Reed
In 1990, Ernesto Reed ran his first race against big names like William Mahler, Wilhelm Bailey (deceased), Joseph Carr, Henry Smith, Eugene Muslar, Mark Stevens and Fernando Galvez, just to mention a few. That race was a half-marathon. He said he tried it and running because it looked easy; but when he actually ran, he found out it was hard. The next race he ran was the following year, 1991, a national competition called the Belize Games. Joseph Carr came in first, he came in second, and William Mahler third. The next challenge he took up was the second and final Belize Games ever, held in 1993. John Brackett was first, Carr second, and he got the third place, beating William Mahler to the finish line. His next competition journey took him to compete in another unique race, a biathlon (run/ride race). He came in 18th. Thereafter, he got into some 10k runs. Joseph Carr, Darwin Rhaburn and Fernando "Journey" Galvez are some names he said he just called from the top of his head that he competed against in his first 10k, but there were more that he could not remember at the time. A memorable 10k he stated was one in Corozal where a preacher, Mr. White, came in first.

Cricket Corner - Western Eagles discipline Police; Suga Boys slow down Uprising
The Harrison Parks National Cricket Competition 2015, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, continued over the weekend with only four games played. To say the least, three of them were very exciting, where I believed some tears fell. At Rancho Dolores, Western Eagles went up against Police, who were undefeated by winning three games straight. Police won the toss and took to bat first. At the start, things didn't look too bright for the cops, as wickets started to fall in this order: 1 for 8; 2 for 12; 3 for 20; 4 for 26; 5 for 36; 6 for 36; 7 for 47; 8 for 48; and 9 for 53. At their innings end, it was all for 88. Brandon Lewis top scored with 32. Dirk Sutherland took 5 wickets for the Eagles. Now, to my knowledge, Eagles have always had a hard time chasing scores, no matter how small. (Remember, this is my opinion.) I must mention that when the last two batsmen went in, the score was at a mere 53 runs. Kirk Banner and Brandon Lewis were the last two batsmen for Police, and they pushed the score to 88.

3 more weeks of PLB reg. season, 7 teams chasing 4 playoff spots
It's another highly competitive tournament in this Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2014-2015 Closing Season, and with only 3 weeks of regular season remaining, the playoff race is very much alive among the present top 7 teams in the standings. Before reviewing the past weekend Week 6 games, we need to document the scoring details we recently received from last week's Week 5 matches. Week 5 - BDF 2:1 Placencia Texmar Assassins. Goals - BDF (Carlton "Fubu" Thomas 4' and Leon "Lem" Jones 69'); Placencia (Luis "Baaka" Torres 29'). King Energy/Freedom Fighters 4:0 FC Belize. Goals - K.E./Fdm. Fighters (Derrol Lambey 61', Dwayne Sampson 65' & 68', and Jevon Aranda 87'). Belmopan Bandits 1:0 Verdes FC. Goal - Bmp Bandits (Jerome "Jarro" James 28'). Wagiya 7:0 San Ignacio United. Goals - Wagiya (Dion Moguel 6' & 53', Byron Chavez 38', Eugene Martinez 55', Brandon Cacho 67', Lennox Mejia 85' and Leonard Valdez 86').

Setting the stage
In 1996, the bombing of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) by the Opposition People's United Party (PUP) in Belize City Council elections, followed by a bombing of the UDP in 1997 Town Board elections by the PUP, set the stage for the PUP's landslide victory over the UDP in the 1998 general elections. Following the 1997 Town Boards, the UDP had embarked on a frantic re-registration process in the summer of 1997, the first such re-registration since the 18-year-old vote had been introduced in 1978, but it was of no use. The stage had been set in 1996 and 1997. In 2006, the bombing of the ruling PUP by the Opposition UDP in national municipal elections (Belize CitCo plus District Town Boards) set the stage for the UDP"s landslide victory over the PUP in the 2008 general elections. After 2006, the UDP general election victory of 2008 was a foregone conclusion. On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, the ruling UDP's shelling of the Opposition PUP in national municipal elections reverses the post-independence political trend, in that the only second-term administration since independence (before this Dean Barrow UDP), had quickly begun losing popularity in their second term. That was the PUP's Said Musa government, which easily won a second term in 2003, but lost massive amounts of popularity after the Social Security Board and Development Finance Corporation financial scandals of 2004.

From the Publisher
The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) on Tuesday this week released an audiotape to the Belizean media in which former Opposition People's United Party (PUP) Leader (March 2008-October 2011) and former PUP Deputy Leader/Deputy Prime Minister, John Brice�o, criticized the PUP Said Musa administration of August 1998 to February 2008. Mr. Brice�o became PUP Deputy Leader when Said Musa was elected PUP Leader in a 1996 national convention, and then became Deputy Prime Minister when the PUP won the August 1998 general elections. Channel 7 aired portions of this audiotape in their news broadcast on Tuesday evening. Mr. Brice�o is speaking in both English and Spanish to one "Julian", a PUP loyalist in the Orange Walk East constituency, and a companion. His accusations of financial corruption against the Said Musa/Ralph Fonseca regime are nothing Belizeans have not heard before from other sources, but Mr. Brice�o's tirade includes colorful details, such as those having to do with the Jeffery Prosser/Lord Michael Ashcroft era at Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL). The somewhat sensational nature of the Brice�o tape has to do with his lofty status in the political party and the government administration to which he is referring and which he is indicting.

Gracias a Dios incident-neighborly military intimidation
Dear Editor, I, a Belizean American, was the only person from the Diaspora to join the Northern Territorial Volunteers on the expedition to install a plaque and rejuvenate the monument which demarcates the southernmost border of the country of Belize which, to the best of my knowledge, since the country was known as British Honduras. The group comprising 37 volunteers departed from the Punta Gorda Immigration Station at 9 a.m. proceeding along the coast in a southerly direction passing the coastal village of Barranco and shortly thereafter entered the Sarstoon River to the left of which we saw at a distance a small settlement and the Guatemalan flag. Shortly afterwards a small vessel speeded towards us and as it approached, we saw that it was the Guatemalan military who came alongside and ordered the Captain to stop. There were 8 soldiers all with military rifles at the ready.

Problems at Belmopan Baptist High School
Dear Editor, Please allow me to share a few urgent matters that need attention at Belmopan Baptist High School. The purpose of this letter is NOT to tarnish the reputation of the school but rather to seek assistance for the students and develop the standard of learning at the institution. As a young child I always dreamt of becoming a teacher and I also had a passion for teaching. As soon as an opportunity arose, I capitalized on it and took up employment at a small high school, Belmopan Baptist High, which I felt would be an advantage since I am a novice teacher. Every day I start on a positive note because as soon as I arrive at work, my students make my day by welcoming me and most of them are eager to learn. This is what stands out and motivates me as a teacher.

When fish come from river bottom�
Dear Editor, I spent 5 idyllic days at Tobacco Caye� a place of such beauty and serenity� the Bush Kep was ready to give it all up and become a beach bum. Yet, as with everything� there are issues, and some of the major issues plaguing the Caye are 1. With increased tourism Tobacco Caye has a serious waste management issue. Yet the Islanders claim that most of the garbage is brought in with the tide�no doubt refuse from all those cruise ships who have the right to jettison their garbage and bilge 3 miles offshore. 2. Islanders complain that they are targeted by Fisheries Unit on a regular basis� the Fisheries boat speeds by all the catamarans� sailboats� private boats of the resort owners� that are being captained by unlicened individuals who are running guests� and runs down the dory with three islander boys, ages 10-12, fishing for the sheer joy of it, and the morning's breakfast. 3. Of concern to me was a flyer passing round the Island� inviting one to attend a meeting on "Organization", and bearing the Managed Access label� I was concerned because the fishers were saying that Stann Creek Fisherman's Association, and Conch were now "DONE."

Ambassador Mendez tells why he is the man for high-ranking OAS job!
While Belizeans went to the polls on March 4 to elect local governments across 9 municipalities here, the country's Ambassador to the US, Permanent Representative to Organization of American States (OAS) and High Commissioner for Belize in Canada, H.E. Nestor Mendez, underwent a three-hour long intensive session with representatives of 33 delegations at the headquarters of the OAS in Washington, D.C., where he made out his case in trying to convince his peers why he should be elected to serve as Assistant Secretary General of the OAS next Wednesday, March 18. Permanent Representative of Guyana, Bayney Karran, is also making a bid for the job, and both Mendez and Karran put forward their statements and took questions from representatives of OAS member states at last Wednesday's special meeting of the OAS. Ambassador Mendez has represented Belize at the OAS since 1999, when he served as Belize's alternate rep. He became the country's permanent rep in 2007. Mendez said that over the last 15 years, he has seen the organization evolve into what it is today; and he is prepared to work to transform the OAS into the organization that they all want.

Wil Maheia's PNP performs best among third parties and independents
Wil Maheia, leader of the People's National Party (PNP) and mayoral candidate in the March 4 municipal elections, says that although his slate did not perform as well as he had expected, based on the number of pledges his party had received versus the actual voting outcome of the poll, they may return to contest the general elections when it is called, because of encouragement from supporters and campaigners who have urged him to stay in the race. The PNP has contested two prior municipal elections: in 2009 and 2012, and whereas it received 7% to 8% of votes in those elections, this year, it netted more than 15% of the votes; moreover, it performed better than its ally, Vision Inspired by the People (VIP), which contested elections in Belmopan, where that party netted 8% of the votes, and San Pedro, where it netted only 4% of votes. Interestingly, back in 2009, the VIP's Belmopan slate, led by the same mayoral candidate, Hubert Enriquez, outdid the Opposition People's United Party (PUP) by capturing 23 more votes than the PUP. However, the PUP made a comeback in the 2012 municipal elections, when it managed to grab two seats on the Belmopan Town Council.

Luk Ya 6 celebrates "Lady Lard" and 10 other creative women
Luk Ya 6, an art exhibition, was held in Dangriga over the weekend, in a showcase that featured 10 creative women. The event was dedicated to the memory of Leocardia Bernadez Ruiz Mariano (1911 - 1998), popularly known as "Lady Lard," a Garifuna singer and composer. The well-attended event was declared open at 2:30 p.m. at the Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery in Dangriga Town. Organizers say that this year, the coordinators - Ingrid Cayetano and Michele Irving - decided to highlight not only women in art, but also women in music. The program included education, history and entertainment under the theme "Women changing history, building futures, drivers of change". After a welcome address by Michele Irving, the Girl Powa group presented the national anthem. Charles Mariano then spoke about his late grandmother.

Police seek alleged female killer
Belize City Police are on the hunt for the female companion of Oscar Amilcar Grijalva, 49, a caretaker of Ontario, Cayo District, who was found riddled with stab wounds to the upper body at around 3:50 p.m. today at Isabel Guest House on Albert Street. The couple reportedly arrived at the guest house at around 11:30 this morning, and after Grijalva paid for one of the rooms, they proceeded upstairs to the second floor, where there are other guest rooms and a shared hall area. Police reported that hours later, Grijalva was found lying face up inside the bathroom of room # 1 with injuries to the chest, a cut wound to his throat, and stab wounds to both arms. Officer in Charge of the Belize District Crimes Investigation Branch, Superintendent Hilberto Romero, told us at a press briefing today that an employee of the guesthouse made the gruesome discovery when she went into the room to check on Grijalva.

Education Ministry issues warning on sale of fake academic degrees via social media
Authorities from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports today issued a press release in response to an online advertisement that has been circulated on social media for the past few days, promoting the sale of unauthenticated high school diplomas and tertiary level degrees for educational institutions in Belize, the USA and even Europe. The advertisement features a dealer that refers to himself as "Diploma Guy," who claims to engage in the sale of phony certificates ranging from diplomas all the way up to Master's degrees for $4,000 each. Prospective buyers are instructed to initially pay a 30% deposit, and then to pay the balance upon delivery of the bogus certificates.

Police charge 11 persons for 1 gun and 6 bullets
At about 4:30 Monday evening on Front Street in Dangriga, police stopped and searched a double-cab pickup from Belize City in which eleven persons - including four minors and a woman - from the Mayflower Street area of Belize City were traveling; some were in the pan of the vehicle. They were all arrested after police found a .38 Special revolver loaded with 6 live rounds in the vehicle. The group was taken to the Dangriga Police Station, where they were charged with gun and ammunition possession. On Wednesday, the group was taken to the Dangriga Magistrate's Court on charges of keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition and they were all remanded until April 28. The adults were remanded to the Belize Central Prison, while the four minors were remanded to the Wagner Facility for youths at the Kolbe Foundation in the Belize Central Prison.

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The Reporter

Taking coastal issues to inland students- Oceana holds open day in Belmopan
Hundreds of students gathered at Oceana's Belmopan office on Friday for an open day explaining the importance of the barrier reef. The open day is a part of the activities held under Reef Week, being celebrated under the theme "Celebrate Our Heritage. Protect Our Future. Belief in the Reef." The open day was held in collaboration with numerous non-governmental organizations, and government authorities. These include: Mar Alliance, Belize Volunteers Club, Belize Audubon Society, Sea 2 Shore Alliance, Aldebaran, Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, Belize Fisheries Department, The Nature Conservancy, the Environmental Research Institute (UB), Belize Bird Rescue and Solid Waste Management Authority and Institute. Amelita Knowles, national grassroots coordinator for Oceana Belize. said that the organization chose to hold the open day in Belmopan to bring information about marine issues to an audience who hears less about them.

Trade imbalance offset by market shift, says Director of Trade
While Belize's imports continue to exceed it seaports, causing an ever widening trade deficit, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection, Mike Singh says that the figure does not accurately reflect Belize's trading position. Singh emphasized this week that because of the complexities of trade, an accurate picture cannot be obtained by looking at the SIB figures alone. "The SIB data only reflects trade in respect to goods," Singh said, "but what is happen in Belize is that the economy is making a shift towards services. Those figures will not show up in the SIB data." Singh continued by saying that in terms of revenue derived from services, Belize is doing considerably better than in goods; however the ministry doesn't have the type of data necessary to quantify just how much services offsets the deficit caused by trading goods.

Maya communities ready for CCJ
The ongoing court battle between the Government of Belize and the Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA) and the Toledo Acaldes Association is scheduled be heard in the Caribbean Court of Justice in April and the MLA said this week that they are ready. Pablo Mis spoke this week for the MLA on the upcoming case, saying that the organizations are confident in the preparations and the Court's decisions which have brought them to this point. "Our position on the substantive matter, which was backed up by the Supreme Court and the court of Appeal, has not changed", Mis said, "and while the court has the right to make its own decision, we don't foresee any changes in the principles laid down by the other courts." Mis added that since 2007 when the entire legal battle started, the courts have affirmed that the Maya people have and should enjoy customary rights to their communal lands. The sentiment Mis said has the support of the wider international community.

Seventeen year-old student drowns during afternoon swim
Seventeen year-old Miguel Quintanilla, an only child and a third form student of Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School died from drowning while swimming with friends on Sunday in the Mopan River. The popular teen was with five friends when they decided to swim across the river to the other […]

San Pedro police cracking down on crime
San Pedro police have made 19 arrests, seized over nine pounds of marijuana, confiscated 25 rounds of assorted ammunition, recovered an illegal gun and have charged one person for attempted murder during last week, in a drive to crack down on crime on the […]

UNESCO funds Restore Belize projects
This week the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) made a US$26,000 donation to Restore Belize, to support the organization's various projects. Minister of Education and President of UNESCO in Belize, Patrick Faber, flanked by UNSECO Secretary General, Rev. Dale Anthony, presented the […]

Ride-by gunman shoots 14 year old female student
Fourteen year-old Amybel Arana is clinging to life in the post-surgical ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. She had to undergo an operation to repair a collapsed lung and a damaged kidney, caused by a bullet which ripped through her abdomen shortly after […]

Deportee finds death in Orange Walk. Is there a drug connection?
Orange Walk police have charged Alexis Ramirez and Dennis Reneau with the murder of Luis Campos, 26, who was recently deported from the United States. Campos was discovered stabbed to death in a small wooden structure beside a horse stable on Sunday morning in […]

Charitable trust gives $350,000 for low-interest student loans
The Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust (BNECT), this week, signed an agreement committing $350,000 to provide low-interest loans for students from the Belize and Cayo districts. BNECT signed the agreement with the Beize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology (BEST) in order to expand the Trust's […]

Taiwan Food Festival shares Spring Festival with Belize
The Taiwanese-Belizean community shared its culture and an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine with Belizeans at a food festival, hosted by the Republic of China (Taiwan) embassy and the Belize-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce at the Memorial Park in Belize City on Saturday, March 7. Ambassador […]

Belize honors its national heroes and benefactors
Belizeans honored their national heroes: Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson, its first Premier and Prime Minister, George Cadle Price, and its greatest benefactor: Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, during a wreath-laying ceremony at the Baron Bliss Lighthouse in Belize City on Monday, March 9. The […]

Private prosecutor called in to handle four year old murder case
A four year-old murder, dating back to September 2010, is making waves in court circles today because the Attorney General of Belize has appointed a private lawyer, Ellis Arnold, to be the prosecuting attorney. On September 5, 2010 family members discovered the body of Carlos […]

Reverend Kurt Kassebeer passes away
Well known Catholic priest and pastor of Guadalupe Parish in Belmopan, Reverend Kurt Kassebeer, passed away on Tuesday morning, March 10. According to parishioners, Fr. Kassebeer was feeling ill from Sunday evening. They mentioned that a doctor had come to visit him at the rectory. […]

Special team of therapists visit Inspiration Center
This week a special team of therapists visited the Inspiration Center to conduct clinics in physical and occupational therapy. The team, which came from Long Island University in Brooklyn New York, USA, was comprised of two physical therapists, one occupational therapist, a pediatric neurologist, and […]

VIP asks DOE to intervene in San Pedro environmental crisis
The Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) has written to the Department of the Environment (DOE) asking for intervention in a matter of environmental urgency by ordering the San Pedro Town Council to stop using toxic waste for land and street fill. The letter, dated March 10th and addressed to […]

The stunning revelations contained in the now celebrated Brice�o tape have been documented but never corroborated so fully as they now are by a ranking officer of the Party. Mr. Brice�o has had a significant role in the PUP for nearly 40 years. He was at one time, after the […]

One week after the People's United Party suffered massive defeat at the polls, it called a meeting of its National Executive and standard bearers to discuss explosive revelations by its former Leader, Johnny Brice�o. In a taped 65 minute conversation, Brice�o laid bare some of […]

Newborn twins give- away on internet prompts investigation
The Department of Human Services is investigating a matter in which, newborn twins were being given away on the Facebook Belize Buy & Sell page. Officials from Human Services told The Reporter they were aware of the advertisement, which was posted on Wednesday morning, […]

Education Minister condemns fraudulent academic certifications
Minister of Education, Patrick Faber condemned the use and production of fraudulent academic certifications being sold on the internet via social-media site Facebook. Faber said the Ministry does not condone this type of activity in anyway and reminded the public that anyone found distributing […]

The Belize Times

Gapi fails to deliver O.W. - �Denny Grijalva on the chopping block
There are major political tremors in the United Democratic Party in Orange Walk, following their major loss in the polls in that municipality on March 4th. These tremors have been triggered by increasingly louder calls for the immediate removal of Denny Grijalva as the UDP caretaker for Orange Walk Central. You see, Grijalva has been found to be an extreme political dunce by his own colleagues after he failed to deliver the town council - mostly made up of the constituency Orange Walk Central - to the UDP. Grijalva couldn't deliver victory despite the millions of dollars thrown into the political race by the UDP. The loss is a huge embarrassment to Dean Barrow. The UDP leader had chosen to spend his birthday on March 3rd in Orange Walk. In true Barrow-bombastic style, while speaking at a rally a day before the elections last week, the UDP leader tried to pull a trick on residents by saying that his Government will spend millions and millions if the residents vote for the UDP.

Duo charged for OW Murder - Victim was stabbed 4 times, his throat was slit
Two men, Dennis Reneau and Alexis Ramirez, have been detained and charged for the horrific stabbing murder of 26 year old Orange Walk resident, Luis Ricardo Castillo, which occurred on the morning of Sunday, March 9th. Reneau and Ramirez appeared before the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, March 11th, where they were charged for murder. Senior Magistrate Merlene Moody adjourned the case until April 29th, 2015. Campos was discovered at the Waldy Cuello Stables, located just off the San Antonio Road, with multiple stab wounds to his throat, right shoulder and face. His throat was also slit.

Senior ASR/BSI Employees In Hot Water
Reliable sources are that two senior employees of Belize Sugar Industries/American Sugar Refinery are in serious hot water. John Gillette, the company's Factory Manager, and Jamil Matar, a known UDP spokesperson employed at the company as an electrical and engineering manager, are reportedly facing disciplinary measures and are under investigation by company officials after it was discovered that some expensive equipment that should be in their care went missing between September and December last year. The company launched an investigation into the missing equipment early this year, after a factory employee who was terminated began "squealing" about alleged wrongdoing.

Boots Belly Full!! - UDP Port representative has gone from "Boots" to "Expensive Shoes"!!
Reliable reports reaching the BELIZE TIMES is that another Government Ministry will be coming to another UDP Cabinet Minister-owned building. This time the special contract will go to no other than Anthony "Expensive Shoes" Martinez who owns a life-sized, yellow-coloured, three-storey building at the entrance to the city. Government sources have informed the BELIZE TIMES that the Lands Department Belize District office will be moving from its Basra Street address directly to one of the lofty floors in the Boots building. This is the same building which currently houses offices for a dubious company named "Barrow and Barrow Domestic and Foreign Investments Limited" and "Port Housing for the Poor".

Barrow's Bait or Weapon?
By G. Michael Reid. The Municipal elections have come and gone and the armchair generals and self-appointed pundits are still busy dissecting and analyzing the results. It was a decisive victory for the United Democratic Party and I will readily admit that I, for one was taken fully by surprise. Maybe I should not have been, since one should always temper expectations with reality! The number one reality is that the United Democratic Party is flushed with cash; cash money that they have been spending without the need to provide any type of accountability to anyone but themselves. Whenever he is asked about the Petro Caribe money, the Prime Minister always purports to be the keeper of such good records. He then invokes the integrity of his Financial Secretary as backative but there are a couple of problems here. First of all, nobody has ever seen these records and secondly, the Financial Secretary is a prominent member of Dean Barrow's inner circle of confidants. Like any good dictator, Barrow does not tolerate dissenters and such good paying jobs are not easy to come by. It is quite easy for the Prime Minister to simply deny that any of the Petro Caribe money has been used to fund his election drive for obvious reasons. None of the oversight committees are in place and functioning and people like the Auditor General are appointed by the Prime Minister himself. It would be practically impossible to disprove what the Prime Minister is saying and certainly not while he is still in office.

UDP Distractions Will Fail
Hon. Francis Fonseca, as Leader of the Opposition along with the National Executive of the People's United Party met on Wednesday and made some important decisions on the way forward. Three burning issues were on the agenda for discussion and decision. The results of the municipal elections; the so-called Briceno tape, and the way forward from these issues. The municipal elections were an unpleasant surprise and at the end of the day the Opposition lost the Dangriga and Punta Gorda Town Councils. A combination of several factors contributed to this situation and closer examination is under way. No doubt UDP bribery and corruption had a part to play but that is not the whole story. Vote buying, bribery and corruption, including manipulating the voters list in Belmopan will also be undergoing closer scrutiny. As will the PUP message to voters and its delivery. Without getting into details of these and the other constituencies in this Editorial, the National Executive has resolved that the results have come as the lightening rod to galvanize the People's United Party.

San Pedro sailors top 87th Baron Bliss Harbor Regatta
San Pedro's 14-and-under sailors won 5 of 10 top places when the Belize Sailing Association held 6 "Optimist" dinghy races as part of the 87th annual Baron Bliss Regatta in the Belize City harbor over the weekend. San Pedro Racers' 13-year-old Kevin Velasquez won back to back for the Optimist White fleet, placing 1st in 4 of the 6 races. He won the 1st race and 4th in the 3rd race on Saturday and dominated all 3 races on Sunday tallying a final score of 8 points. Belize Sea Scouts' 12-year-old Trent Hardwick was 2nd with 16 points, taking 4th place in the 1st race, and 1st in the 3rd race on Saturday, and 3rd and 2nd in the 4th and 5th races on Sunday.

BTL Cobb's Arm wins 2015 Ruta Maya River Challenge
The BTL Cobb's Arm canoe has finished in the top 5 of the annual Ruta Maya River Challenge for the past 4 years, but this year Roy Cano, Eric Cano and Clayton Cabb of Santa Familia Village, Cayo District pulled out all the stops and paddled into 1st place to win the 4-day canoe race from the Hawksworth Bridge in San Ignacio to the Belcan Bridge in Belize City over the March 9th weekend. The NICH team and paddlers Efrain Cruz, Felix Cruz and Alexander Cruz were in 2nd place, while the OCB Wavemakers Chris Guydis, Jerry Rhaburn and Wilberto Daniels finished 3rd. Last year's champs, Belize Bank Bulldogs (8 times champs, actually) with Armin Lopez, Daniel Cruz and Amado Cruz were 4th place while the Westrac Stingers Jerry Cante, Hener Cruz and Erwin Cruz were 5th.

The Recordings Jules Vasquez Ignores!
Jules Vasquez and the United Democratic Party are busy trying to create problems for the People's United Party. This is why Channel 7, who broke the news of a "recording" of PUP Deputy Leader Hon. John Briceno last week, has not ignored the contents of the recordings about two current senior UDP Ministers in which direct allegations of wrongdoing are made against them. There is the February 2014 Mark King recording of Edmond Castro, which put the always-embattled Belize Rural North politician in deep trouble with Dean Barrow. In the tape, it is alleged, Castro made heavy criticisms of the Prime Minister's leadership of the Government. King, who always has his finger on the record button, saw an opportunity to come-up on Castro's loose lips and recorded the entire conversation and then snitched on his Cabinet colleague.

Nature Must Come First!
In his article "Nature Must Come First", published in Newsweek for December, 14 2009 the Prince of Wales said "As the world edged into financial crisis, there were repeated warnings that we were headed for disaster. In the end, disaster struck. In many ways, the challenge of climate change has a similar feel, and the alarm bells are ringing just as loudly. But while it was possible to bail out the banks and to stimulate economic recovery with trillions of dollars of public finance it will not be possible to bail out the climate-unless we act now". In Belize the alarm bells keep ringing but are the warnings being taken seriously by the Government and the relevant agencies? In a contribution dated September 22, 2013 in the Reporter Newspaper, the Department of Environment explained that out Forestry are considered the lungs of the earth, holding vast quantities of carbon which filters the air we breathe. The forest is also responsible for the generation of rainfall and it is from within it that the water source is supplied to 45% of the Belizean population.

Belize Rural High girls & O.W. Tech boys win softball championships
The Belize Rural High School girls and the Orange Walk Technical High School boys will represent the North at the National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) softball championships to be hosted by Independence High School on Friday and Saturday, March 20-21. Belize Rural High girls defeated the San Pedro High School girls in the championship final 20-0. They were led by their pitcher Sabrina Campos, who struck out 3 San Pedro batters and walked 2, but allowed no runs zero runs, forcing the SPHS girls to leave 2 runners on base.

By Dolores Balderamos Garcia. On this weekend before International Women's Day I have been listening to the music of American cabaret singer, voice artist and activist Eartha Kitt, who died in 2008, and I have taken note also of a significant anniversary, "Bloody Sunday" in Selma, Alabama, USA fifty years ago. Eartha Kitt was the inimitable song interpreter and artist, who delivered the most interesting and very best version of the classic Christmas song "Santa Baby." She had an absolutely distinctive singing style, enjoying a long and storied career in entertainment. A few years ago a friend of mine told me that Eartha Kitt is the lady who "cuss out" Lady Bird Johnson in the White House in 1968. I wanted to learn more about her! Yes, indeed, Eartha had socked it to the First Lady of the USA. On being asked by Mrs. Johnson about the Vietnam War, she replied "You send your best of this country off to be shot and maimed. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot [marijuana]." Reportedly, she added a few more choice criticisms of American policy as well, and Mrs. Johnson burst into tears. Eartha's career took a severe hit thereafter, but as an activist she endured the hard times. She remained a member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and for many years she was under surveillance by the CIA.

Court adjourns Noh Mul Case - Despite public confession, Denny Grijalva's attorney attempts to get case struck out
Oh, how the wheels of justice turn so slowly when it comes to dealing with UDP politicians. The wanton and careless destruction of the ancient Noh Mul Mayan site by Denny Grijalva drew heavy condemnation nationally and internationally in May 2013. The UDP standard bearer for Orange Walk Central admitted that his company was excavating the Mayan site for road material, and authorities moved slowly to lay charges on him. Now almost two years after, the case began before the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court and Grijalva's facey-ness was in full display. When the case commenced, Prosecutor Kileru Awich informed the Court that the files had just been provided to him and he requested an adjournment. Grijalva's attorney Bryan Neal objected to such request, saying that the matter has been before the Courts for two almost years, and requested that the case either proceed or be struck out.

CitCo workers on the chopping block?
Just days after the March 4th elections the returned UDP Council at City Hall under Mayor Darrell Bradley is faced with the big question: what are they going to do with the BML workers? If it were up to the Mayor, as he had indicated before, he would never have hired them. But under pressure from Dean Barrow to save-face, he did. Now, the Mayor must be all too eager to sack them. If it were up to the Mayor, he would have sacked them a long time ago. Had it not been for Dean Barrow's intervention with financing to keep them on because of the CitCo elections. But now that the elections are over and "Petrocaribe roll" dwindling down, Darrell and Dean are facing the same problem - find the money.

PUP Celebrates Women as Nation Builders
Ever since the first International Women's Day was observed in 1911, women all over the world have been commemorating International Women's day with special marches, rallies, speakouts and meetings. Here in Belize, while there was barely a squeak by the Government on how they will advance key issues affecting women, the People's United Party dedicated a discussion session on the morning of March 10th, examining the impact women have made on Belizean society. The theme was "Women as Nation Builders" and had the participation of various leaders in the Party including Deputy Leader Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Senator Lisa Shoman, Secretary General I. Myrtle Palacio, Collet Standard Bearer Yasmin Shoman, Mesopotamia Standard Bearer Dorla Vaughan, Councillor Candidate Sharret Yearwood and others.

Letter to the People of Dangriga from Former Mayor of Dangriga, Major H. Gilbert Swaso (Ret'd)
My Respected Fellow Dangrigana, Last week, you my Respected brothers and sisters, gave the mandate to the Candidates of the United Democratic Party (UDP) to administer the affairs of our beautiful Dangriga. This mandate signals the changing hands of the Baton of leadership from a People United Party (PUP) Municipal Government to that of the UDP. It is my humble view that, despite many successes that was achieved by our PUP Leadership and Team, you the people of Dangriga had grown very weary of the punishment inflicted by a vindictive, uncompassionate and disrespectful UDP Central Government. For three years, despite and amidst our struggle for equality and an equitable distribution of our Nation's natural and economic resources, the UDP Central Government waged a protracted war of FEAR and HATE on just because we all exercised our Constitutional Rights to then vote for the Team of PUP Mayor and Councillors. It is rather unfortunate that we had to suffer such an ill faith.

Without litter, Belize will glitter - The Bus Sticker Project
"One love for Belize. Zero litter for our future" is the name of a new movement we; JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) are supporting. It's a countrywide movement that seeks to increase public awareness of passengers travelling on buses. We are aware that some bus passengers litter from the bus without realizing the pollution to our environment and devalue of beauty it creates on our highways. The littering problem in Belize is ghastly. The rainforests, Caribbean Sea and Blue Hole attract plentiful tourists from all over the world - Belize is even getting more popular among Japanese tourists nowadays. However, there is not only wonderful nature and beauty, but also litter everywhere in this country. Tourism has been one of the biggest industries for Belize, and we are more than certain that many tourists might share our feeling of concern when it comes to the litter problem.

Patrick JonesPJ

COLA appeal against Elvin Penner dismissed in Supreme Court
Two weeks ago, at the conclusion of the hearing of the appeal of Geovannie Brackett and Nedal McLaren against the decision of Magistrate Aretha Ford to throw out summary charges against Cayo Northeast area representative Elvin Penner related to his facilitating a passport and Belizean nationality for jailed South [�]

Noh Mul case headed back to Corozal
Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith has ordered the case of destruction of the Noh Mul Mayan monument in Orange Walk Town to go back to the Corozal Town Magistrate's Court, overruling colleague Hurl Hamilton's decision to send it down to Belize City this week. Both sides are looking forward [�]

Man pleads guilty for drug bust in front of Magistrate's Court
A senior citizen was busted in Belize City in July of 2012 for drug and traffic offences, and today his case wrapped up with a plea of guilty to a charge of drug trafficking. 52 year old Fred Buckley must pay a fine of $10,000 by June 30 [�]

Mother of three charged for weed at police station
A 29 year old mother of three went to the police station on Thursday to report assault by her common-law husband who she said punched her, but she wound up in trouble instead. Gania Robateau removed 3.6 grams of cannabis from her brassiere to show police officers but [�]

Custom broker charged with wounding friend
A woman who tried to stop an argument at her house on Thursday wound up with a split lip for her efforts. Today, the man who slapped her appeared in court. Custom broker Jason Bernard of Handyside Street pleaded not guilty to a charge of wounding before Senior [�]

Women's skills forum held in Punta Gorda
Various women's groups from the Toledo district took part in a public forum in Punta Gorda town today. The event was part of activities for Women's Month and it showcased the various skills and talents of the participating groups. Coordinator of today's event Lorraine Johnson says that the [�]

Police investigate shooting incidents in Ladyville and Belize City
A shooting incident last night in Ladyville village, Belize District has left one man hospitalized in a critical condition. The victim has been identified as 29 year old Kenroy Arnold, a resident of Vista del Mar area. Police say that Arnold was on Woodpecker Street around 9:30 pm yesterday when he was approached by two men in a vehicle. One of the men reportedly fired several shots, hitting Arnold in his back and right hand. Arnold was first taken for treatment to the BDF Hospital and later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he remains in critical condition. Police are seeing a suspect in last night's shooting as their investigation continues.

Prime Minister presents "Continuing the Transformation" budget
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow, today presented government's proposed budget for fiscal year 2015-2016. The budget speech was read by the Prime Minister during a sitting of the House of Representatives in Belmopan. According to the Prime Minister, his government is proposing to spend BZ$1.1 billion during the upcoming fiscal year starting on April 1. With Revenue and Grants estimated at $980 million, the proposed budget calls for a deficit of $88 million or 2.5% of the country's GDP. "To this figure we must as a further $86 million for Loan Amortization requirements, and so arrive at the Total Financing Needs of $174 million," said the Prime Minister.

Noh Mul destruction case adjourned
The case involving the trial of persons accused of destruction of the Noh Mul archaeological site in Orange Walk was adjourned this morning. The case came up for hearing earlier this week before Magistrate Hurl Hamilton who took the decision to transfer the matter to Belize City.


Wine In Belize�Why SO Expensive & An Exciting New BELIZEAN Wine to Taste
Almost every drop of wine that we drink in restaurants, at home and bars around Belize is imported. And that's not terribly surprising since grapes don't grow well in the tropics, if at all. But what does surprise some people is the price. STICKER SHOCK! Wines that are cheap/reasonable in the States, Europe or Canada are EXPENSIVE here. Wines like this� which retail for about $5US abroad (or less), cost about $30bzd or $15US here. And yes, it is pricier because it is shipped to Belize but there is also a decent sized duty levied on the cases - a heavy revenue replacement duty to protect local winemakers. Which seems slightly odd since comparing local wine and imported grape wines & champanges is basically apples to oranges. The word "wine" being used in the broadest sense - an alcoholic drink made from fermented fruit juice.

Belize Recipe: How To Make Tamale (bollo)
You can't possibly come to Belize and not try a Tamale! That would be like going to the beach and not getting into the water! What is a Tamale? A tamale or bollo is a delicious traditional Mesoamerican dish made of corn dough (masa) which is filled with seasoned meat (chicken or pork) then steamed or boiled in plantain or banana leaves. Tamales have been traced back to the Ancient Maya people, who prepared them for feasts as early as the Preclassic period (1200-250 BC). Maya people called their corn tortillas and tamales both utah. Here is a super yummy, easy to follow recipe provided by: Uj Janal Aj Maya a collection of traditional Maya cuisines by Aurora Garcia Saqui.

"I Saw Her Standing There" in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
They say - whoever these sage like people are - that the older you get, the quicker time flies. Well I must be getting horrendously old because the month that Rose was away (visiting her family in England) just whizzed by. It only seemed like a few days ago when the tears were streaming down ( her face, not mine!) when I said goodbye to her. On reflection though her tears may have been tears of Joy and not, as I thought at the time, sorrow. I'm only joking. Honestly Rose. Believe me. PLEASE! But the month flew by and on Monday Rose left her North London base at 05.30 hours and caught the United Airlines 09.30 hours flight to Houston but not before she enjoyed breakfast at the United Club (we'd upgraded her return ticket to Business Class - contrary to what some think I am not tight!). After a restful night at a hotel fairly close to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport she then caught the 13.14 hours flight to Belize which was scheduled to arrive at 14.43 hours. But it didn't. It was delayed by forty minutes.

Lessons from a year in Belize, like, Paradise will not make you a better plumber
I recently celebrated our first anniversary in Paradise by straddling a toilet seat, trying to loosen the rusted bolts that hold the tank on to the toilet. And I was failing miserably. No amount of WD-40, muscle-straining leverage, cursing and sweat was going to dislodge those suckers. At least the water was shut off and the floor was no longer flooded. Ah, yes. This is the part of Paradise they don't tell you about in the glossy, ersatz-expat magazines and websites. You know, the ones that urge you to toss off all, and run away to the land of emerald and azure water, periwinkle sky, caressing breezes, white sands and swaying palms - where the living is effortless, cheap and carefree �and possibly under $1,000 a month. I mean, I can't complain. When the toilet tank started winning, I walked 15 feet away, stepped out on to our balcony and saw the promised land: A glorious panoply of postcard-perfect Caribbean Sea, soft blue sky, white sand and swaying palm trees.

International Sourcesizz

Alberni author writes of 'dysfunction' in Belize
What began as a plan for retirement down south turned into a published memoir of one couple's eye-opening experience. Hugo and Tershia Lambrechts had vacationed in Belize in the past and when they discovered an attractive retirement package they decided to return for the long-term. They sold their house, and when they left Port Alberni in November 2003, they arrived in Belize with their two cats and two dogs. The couple found a home there and cleared an acre of land with machetes. They made a tropical garden, which Tershia said was one of the joys of living there. Born in South Africa, she was still familiar with tropical plants. An important part of their stay quickly became evident. The couple's love of animals inspired them to reach out to provide support, care and housing for neglected animals. "At first it was all exciting and new," she said. "But there is a lot of animal neglect and very little compassion, so that bothered us all the time." One of the first things they did was become a part of the humane society committee, which was formed by a Canadian woman. "We tried to do what we could," Tershia said. "The vet service was appalling and the vets poorly trained." They also became aware of the nest robbing of parrots, which are consequently sold to Europeans. Over the ten years, the Lambrechts rescued 22 parrots, many of which had to be hand fed. "We raised them and had cages everywhere," Tershia said.

Mayor of Belize's Largest City Praises Adventist Education
he mayor of Belize's largest city praised the Seventh-day Adventist Church for its work in the Central American country and underscored his appreciation for its large network of local schools. Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, flanked by a vice mayor, welcomed Adventist Church president Ted N.C. Wilson and his wife, Nancy, at the airport upon their arrival Thursday for the start of a six-country tour of the church's Inter-American Division. Division president Israel Leito is accompanying Wilsons on the trip. "The mayor expressed gratefulness for the many things the church was doing and especially our extensive educational system in Belize," Wilson told the Adventist Review on Friday. The Adventist Church has a strong educational presence in this small country of 341,000 people that borders Mexico and Guatemala to the west and faces the Caribbean Sea to the east. Wilson said 300 to 600 students are baptized every year in the educational system, which includes four kindergartens, 20 elementary schools, five academies, and a junior college.

Caribbean cruising with Mother Nature taking centre stage
A cruise in the Caribbean shows a contrast of living standards but the beauty is all the same. A trip to four ports on a seven-day cruise in the Western Caribbean is a lesson in lean-versus-luxury living. In Roatan, Honduras, laundry hangs to dry under the protection of stilt-built, stark-looking houses because it's always raining - 254cm (100 inches) a year - and few people can afford a clothes dryer. In Cozumel, Mexico, pretty houses painted pastel colours dot the roadways while sunbathers frequent beautiful beaches. Belize is somewhere in between, economically, thanks to retirees flocking there for upscale homes priced around US$250,000 (RM926,950). In Mexico, Costa Maya is pretty, too, but only along the shoreline where cruise liners dock so tourists can see sights such as ancient Mayan ruins.

Belize, un paradis vert
Si je vous dis Belize, vous pensez probablement aux eaux turquoise et cristallines, aux plages de sable fin ou encore � sa for�t tropicale. Mais le lieu est �galement un endroit prot�g�, formidable cocon de l'�cologie. Zoom sur un petit coin de paradis, o� il fait bon vivre. Belize : une situation id�ale Belize est situ�e en Am�rique centrale, au Sud du Mexique et � l'est du Guatemala. Le nord du pays est essentiellement constitu� de plaines c�ti�res et mar�cageuses et de lieux forestiers. Le sud, quant � lui, arbore de basses montagnes parmi lesquelles les montagnes Maya. A noter que le point le plus �lev� au Belize est la cr�te de Victoria, qui culmine � 1160 m�tres. Belize se trouve entre les fleuves Hondo et Sarstoon, avec le fleuve Belize qui s'�coule au centre du pays. Le long des c�tes de la mer des Cara�bes se trouvent des cayes, r�cifs de corail.

Caribbean Regional Task Force to Battle Childhood Obesity
The Caribbean Public Health Agency, known as CARPHA, has formed a regional task force to develop an action plan to reduce childhood obesity. The announcement comes months after the organization published Plan of Action for Promoting Healthy Weights: 2014-2019, the Caribbean Community said Friday in a statement. By 2019, the CARPHA task force should be ready to assist governments in "providing children with more supportive environments for physical activity and healthy eating" and "empowering communities to embrace active living and healthful eating." CARPHA member-states will be expected to provide appropriate incentives to discourage unhealthy consumption patterns and to ensure children are safeguarded from bias and stigmatization associated with their condition, among other tasks. "The responsibility for protecting the future of our children should be shared by all sectors, both public and private, all levels of government and by families and civil society at large," CARPHA Executive Director James Hospedales said.


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  • Damian Marley Belize Concert, 42min. Not an official video. Just a superfan handheld recording of the Damian Marley Concert in Belize while also taking photographs. It's not the entire concert, fans on the left and right bumping and having a good time and singing along. So hope you still like it.

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  • A Taste Of Caye Caulker, Belize, 5min. From golf cart taxis to children riding bicycles to school. The beauty of a small Island in Belize became my paradise for a few days.

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