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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Vision Inspired by the People
VIP logoWe are writing on behalf of the VIP Team and the 1,236 concerned San Pedro residents who cast their votes in favor of the VIP and now form part of our membership. By virtue of this letter, we are hereby requesting that a copy of the Town Council Budget for 2015-2016 be made public. As stated in the Town Council Act Part VII sec 23(1): “the council shall, before the end of January, submit an estimate of revenue and expenditure for the next fiscal year.” In compliance with the above-mentioned law, this disclosure must take effect immediately, since it should have already been made public before Election Day. Please be informed that we are submitting this letter to local and national media.

Island Time hosts International Cook-off
Saga Humane Society March Cook-Off was held on Wednesday, March 10th at Island Time Beach Bar. For a contribution of $15, patrons sampled a variety of dishes under the theme of “International Cuisine”. There was a total of ten entries in the cook-off with all the proceeds of the fundraising event going to Saga’s Spay/Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) Campaign. Food entries included Ruth Verralls’ English Cottage Pie, Vivian and Kevin Smith’s American ham and beans, Ray’s Big Dog’s Italian Mama Ray’s sausage and peppers, Licks Beachside Café’s Thai style curry chicken and rice, Rosa La Rosa’s spaghetti bolognese, Island Time beach Bar’s English fish & chips, Wolfgang Wind’s Swiss roasted potatoes, Lisa Morely’s stuffed Italian meatballs, Jennifer Grindell’s Italian Seafood Manicotti and Joanne Frey’s chicken fried rice.

SPHS Boys and Girls win 2nd place at Northern Softball Regionals
The San Pedro High School (SPHS) male and female softball teams captured the title of sub-champions at the National Secondary School Sports Association (NSSSA) Northern Softball Regionals. The competition was held on Saturday, March 7th at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town. Both SPHS teams joined the male and female teams of Belize Rural High School (BRHS), Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico (ESTM), and Orange Walk Technical High School (OWTHS) to compete for the chance to represent the Northern Region at the NSSSA National Softball Championship. In the first female game, pitcher Sabrina Campos had led the BRHS to a 24-12 mercy rule (the mercy rule is used to in a sporting event that comes to an early end when one team has a very large and presumably insurmountable lead over the other team) win against the ESTM. In game two, SPHS’s pitcher Ada Cordova led her teammates to a 19-5 mercy rule win over the OWTHS girls.

Possible research submersible found on the reef
Ambergris Caye Police, Coast Guard officials and the Belize Port Authority are investigating the discovery of an item believed to be a deep-water submersible that washed up on the reef off Ambergris Caye. Shortly after 3PM on Wednesday March 11th, police were tipped off about the object on the reef some six miles north of San Pedro Town near the Mexico Rocks Area. With the help of experienced local divers and boat captain, authorities located the item and conducted a closer inspection. Deputy Commander of the San Pedro Police Formation Inspector Henry Jemmott indicated that while they are investigating what the item really is, they believe it appears to be part of research equipment. He told The San Pedro Sun that the item seems to be a “semi-aquatic submarine” or a “underwater research drone” used to collect sediment and other information from the ocean floor in areas that are inaccessible to humans. Jemmott indicated that from comparison to online information, it suggests that it is an item that is powered by remote control off a vessel.

Scotiabank celebrates 10 years of service in San Pedro
On Wednesday, March 11th, Scotiabank San Pedro Branch celebrated 10 years of service on La Isla Bonita. To commemorate the milestone, the bank held a customer appreciation event, honoring long time customers. The short ceremony kicked off at 2PM at the Scotiabank office on Coconut Drive, where invited guests along with staff members enjoyed lots to eat and drink while reminiscing on the humble beginnings of the bank. According to Branch Manager Roannie Badillo, the San Pedro community has helped significantly in the growth of the bank. “It is very exciting for Scotiabank. When we first launched the branch here in San Pedro we didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully over the years, we have gained many customers and have been able to provide our service and product to the community. We want our customers to know that we really appreciate them and their business. We are here and ready to serve you,” said Badillo.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Paint N Splash (Mermaid Moonlight
We will be painting this beautiful full moon with a Mermaid jumping out of the Water. Using 4 colors. This is a fun painting and I Provide step by step instructions. You can reserve your spot for $5u.s (no refund) at Belizean Melody Art Gallery or Crazy Canuks . It is $25u.s all supply's included and 2 hours of instructions. Group Members and regulars are $20u.s per person. You can become a splash and paint member by attending 2 paint parties.

Through this medium the Corozal Transport Department hereby informs the General Public and Commuters, that the Corozal Bus Terminal is being temporarily relocated to a new location, in the Santa Rita/Santa Elena Road, Corozal previously known as "SUPER SANTA RITA" adjacent to Majil's Mexican Products with effect from Monday March 16th, 2015. BUS ROUTE and TRAFFIC DIVERSION: Belize to Corozal Entering South End into 7th Avenue turn left by Lano's into 3rd Street South known as College Road, turn right into Portzal Area across from Huan Huan Store then turn left by Magana's Pharmacy into Santa Rita Road. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. This is due to road works and improvements being carried out on 7th Avenue. LEGEND: Follow the Red highlighted path on the Google map. Transport Department Corozal.

Roger Riverol to appeal Corozal Town Council's Trade licence assessment in court
How does tax double in less than two months? Ask the Riverol family in Corozal. They are taking the issue to court on Monday March 16th. Roger Riverol's Trade License for Riverol's Furniture shop was assessed at $450 on January 19, 2015. Less than two months later on March 12th, the figure doubled to $900 without explanation. Though the Riverol's paid the $450. and the receipt had a zero balance. The cashier scratched it out with a pencil and put wrote in $450 balance due, with a pen. Roger Riverol has no explanation to explain why the council doubled his trade license right after the municipal elections.

Family Day at Four Mile Lagoon Today Sunday, March 15 beginning at 10:00 a.m.
Everyone is Invited - Friends of Corozal and the Corozal Community are having a special family fun day and TOGETHERNESS at Mile 90 on the Northern Highway (Four Mile Lagoon) at the Gush/Emy property in Thanksgiving for the safe return of the Northern Territorial Volunteers on the recent publicized incident in Guatemala. It will be a family day filled with games, prizes and lots of surprises for everyone. We would be happy to have you and your entire family join us. Let us know your attendance and how many of you are coming by RSVP - Emy Ramirez 610-5207 Support and noble cause!

Belize Botanical Garden Shoppe
The Belize Botanical Garden Shoppe is at the old Yoli's Pizza location on West street. They have a wide selection of plants, and gardening equipment. The also do the Horticulture Workshops there.

The Beauty Club reopens
The Beauty Club reopens in the DFC area. Great prices on hair and nails.

The Reporter

Noh Mul case sent back to Corozal
The trial over the destruction of the Maya archaeological site, Noh Mul, suffered another delay this week, when it was transferred back to the court in Corozal. Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith accepted a submission on Friday by attorney Brian Neal, that the matter be heard in Corozal, after it was sent to Belize City on Wednesday by the Corozal magistrates Court. Neal reasoned that the trial should be held in Corozal because the media would give too much coverage if it is held in Belize City, making it difficult to have a fair trial. The trial is now set to be heard in the Corozal magistrate’s court for April 20. Neal appeared in court without his client, UDP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk Central Denny Grijalva, owner of De-Mars Construction company, who stands accused along with his wife and employees for turning the over 2000-year –old Maya site to rubble. Neal, while not going into the details of the case, says that Grijalva, who was in Chetumal at the time of the trial, maintains his innocence.

Penner walks!
Former Minister of State, Elvin Penner’s legal battle with the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) came to an end after Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin dismissed the appeal against him. The Chief Justice ruled on Friday that the private prosecutors, Geovanni Brackett, COLA president, and Murphy McLaren, did not produce enough evidence to have a case before the court. The CJ also ruled that the initial magistrate who heard the case made some errors in allowing the case to move forward as it did. Brackett attributed the loss of the court battle to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, and the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie. He condemned the DPP for what he feels was an apparent refusal to prosecute Penner, and the ComPol for not giving them the case file for the investigation, which would have been key evidence in the prosecution.

Day of healing takes place at Ajax field
“The days of healing initiative is important because crime and violence is everybody’s problem,” said Marina Welcome, Faber’s Road community member co-hosting the latest installment of the activity. Welcome, who runs the Jump Street Posse carnival band, said on Thursday that the Days of Healing at the Ajax Field is something the Faber’s Road community embraces because the residents all long for peace in the neighborhood. The initiative now on its 23rd installment, is being supported by Restore Belize as well as private donors who have volunteered their time or services. The event hosts numerous activities going on simultaneously, such as foot ball and basketball, along with child friendly activities such as yoga and face-painting.

Empowering women will help end HIV epidemic says UNAIDS Executive Director
Michel Sidibé, executive director of the Joint United Nations Programme/AIDs worldwide. Sidibé, in an article published, highlighted that in countries the world over, circumstances are putting women and girls at greater risk of HIV infection than their male counterparts. Those issues included gender inequalities, poverty, harmful cultural practices and unequal power relations that exacerbate women’s vulnerability to HIV. But concerted global commitment and action can reverse this. “Ensuring that women and girls are empowered to protect themselves from HIV, to make decisions about their own health and to live free of violence, including violence related to their HIV status, will be crucial to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030,” Sidibé said. He highlighted UNAIDS data showing that in 2013, 64 percent of new adolescent infections globally were among young women. In sub-Saharan Africa, young women aged 15 to 24 are almost twice as likely to become infected with HIV as their male counterparts.

Prime Minister presents budget speech
Prime Minister Dean Barrow presented a summary of the 2015-2016 budget to the national assembly on Friday. Barrow in his budget speech, explained that the country’s deficit will amount to 2.5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), a value of some $88 million. He added that the figure will be increased to $174 million, due to $86 million for loan amortization. “Total Expenditure is budgeted at $1.1 billion while total revenue and grants are estimated at $980 million, Barrow said. He added that the funds needed to cover the deficit will be sourced from mulitlateral and bilateral arrangements, grant from the Republic of China(Taiwan) and from the Petro Caribe arrangement. Some $91 million is marked in the budget for interest payments on the country’s national debt.

Patrick JonesPJ

Stabbing incident reported in Mahogany Heights
Police have detained a woman pending a charge of attempted murder. This follows an incident on Friday afternoon in Mahogany Heights. Police say they went to the community around 2:50 pm on Friday where they found 42 year old Earlin Butler suffering from a stab wound to the chest. Butler was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment and was listed in a stable condition.

Man dies in traffic accident on the Southern Highway
A man from Bella Vista village, Stann Creek district died in a traffic accident on Friday night. The victim has been identified as 47 year old Faustino Orellana. Police say that their initial investigation reveals that Orellana was knocked down by an SUV as he rode his bicycle at mile 45 on the Southern Highway. The diver of the SUV told police that he was heading towards Trio Village when Orellana who was riding in the same direction, suddenly swerved into his lane and a collision could not be avoided.


Riding the bus in Belize
If you’re interested in catching local transportation in Belize, riding the bus is one of the cheapest ways of getting around. It is also a great way to get a bit more authentic in your travels because it’s how most locals travel. Buses usually only travel on the major highways and pass every ½ hour. You can wait for the bus at any corner of the main roads but its recommended that you go to the bus terminal. Before you get on a bus, ask a local what the cost will be for where you’re going and make sure you’re carrying lose change so that the conductor doesn’t overcharge you – this will be the guy that walks around the bus asking for fares. But wait…if you are interesting in using the public transit in Belize, there are a few things you must know before you come. And these things all revolve around the fact that the comfort levels are pretty bad. I’m not trying to deter anyone from riding the bus but I want to make sure that you know what you’re signing up for when you do so. The buses are always crowded. If you’re waiting for the bus at a terminal, sometimes you have to fight your way onto the bus. This is because there is no ticketing system so everyone rushes into the bus. This also makes it a concern if you’re waiting for the bus on the side of the road, the bus might not stop for you if it’s overcrowded.

Sargasso Seaweed, You are Starting To Bring Me Down…I NEED ANSWERS!
Sargassum, sargasso, sargassos…I am getting sick of the word. I am getting sick of the sight of it and…the smell of it. I am fairly certain that the armies of workers with pitch forks and rakes are MORE than sick of it. WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? WHAT IS THE DEAL? There is research to be done. Clearly not by me…but I’ll give it a go. The stuff…defined as: any floating brown seaweed of the genus Sargassum, such as gulfweed, of warm seas, having ribbon-like fronds containing air sacs…has been around forever. Here is a map from 1891 that tries to show this giant floating “sea” of week… Christopher Columbus is credited with “discovering” it on is first journey across the Atlantic. He thought it was a sign that land was near…his crew thought it meant that the ships were about to be mired in the stuff.

I’ve mentioned before how Belize should not only be about beaches and snorkelling. Having enjoyed the thrills of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye, I headed to the capital city Belmopan. And then we ended up touring an area known as Spanish Lookout. Yes that is the real name of this settlement but it’s not really Spanish…more like a community of Germans living in Belize!! Getting to Spanish Lookout Spanish Lookout is in the middle of nowhere and without regular bus runs, your main options will be: 1. Hire a car 2. Hitch hike 3. Hire a driver We were out on an all day tour visiting other parts of inland Belize so we had a driver organised thanks to Nick at the El Rey Hotel in Belmopan. Our driver was local lad Shenley (he’s in some of my videos below). Hitch hiking isn’t a great option as cars in this remote part are few and far between as we found out when we had to hitch a ride back from Actun Tunichil Muknal. Things to See and Do at Spanish Lookout Despite the funky sounding name, you won’t be stood with a pair of binoculars looking for Spaniards, or even in the company of Spaniards. It’s a community of Mennonites here who speak Plautdietsch as their mother tongue (something similar to German or Dutch). It’s a dispersed settlement in the Cayo District of Eastern Belize, with farms and scattered villages, and according to the 2010 census, Spanish Lookout has a population of 2,253 people in 482 households. It is largely an agricultural community with some light industry.

Paradise in Belize with Island Expeditions
It’s Reef Week 2015 here in Belize. Coupled with Island Expeditions being recognized this week in Outside Magazine’s Best Trips 2015, I could think of no better time than now to share images from my recent trip to their Half Moon Caye camp. Some people head to Cancun and Tulum to vacation. This five-day trip to Lighthouse Reef Atoll reminded me why I’d rather pick Belize. I fell in love with the Jewel all over again. And I felt immense gratitude that I get to write about this gem of a country and explore it for work. Days were spent paddleboarding, kayaking, kayak sailing from Half Moon Caye to Long Caye, snorkeling the Blue Hole and the Aquarium–we had these spots all to ourselves–spending sunrise on the beach with yoga, enjoying homemade meals and happy hour laughs with a fantastic group of adventurers. For the first in a long while, I wanted to stay in this unplugged paradise, escape the world for just a little longer. A big thanks to the entire Island Expeditions team–from their knowledgeable, multi-talented Belizean guides (shout to to Daton and Pablo) to the activities and safety tips, the warm Garifuna kitchen staff and even the dedicated on site Audubon staff and Coast Guard.

Tranquilo opening, and other random fun in Placencia, Belize! Oh, and the Sargassum. :(
We have had some GREAT guests recently...this post is a recap of some here we are hanging out with some recent guests at Barefoot.... Thanks to Tranquilo for yet ANOTHER great event....they celebrated their grand opening last weekend! The staff worked their tails off. The place was to capacity, with the "3 things" boat working overtime to get everyone between docks...we all had a great time, and the weather was perfect!!! And now, for a reality check of this week :(. The Sargassum is hitting the Caribbean again, hard. It is, at this moment, as bad as it has ever been. It is devastating for everyone, it turns the beautiful, crystal clear beach, into a murky, smelly mess. We are all holding our breaths (literally and figuratively) and hoping that the current changes overnight. Until then, you CAN still enjoy the above places!!

International Sourcesizz

Azzo Rezori: Going on a cruise, and going on a ride
Of all the Sesame Street songs I've hummed and whistled to over the years, Going For A Ride is my favourite. It runs over three verses. A line in the first verse: "Gonna sit behind the wheel." In the second verse: "Gonna speed along the track." In the third: "Gonna sail the ocean blue." On the jungle trek to cave tubing in Belize we were shown a palm tree which carries small red berries that self-ignite after dropping to the ground and cause wild fires that regenerate the forests. There was also the killer tree which smothers other trees by wrapping itself around them. The caves are mile-long tunnels with underground streams moving darkly past underground beaches, the walls and ceilings gnarled and twisted with formations that make you wonder how solid rock can flow. Next thing you find asking yourself what comes first in this crazy world, flow or pattern. And while you drift through another cave past another underground beach you realize there's no either or, it's all the same, flow and pattern are like energy and matter – two faces of the same thing.

The Geopolitics of Caribbean Security
The advent of global jihad is about to change the security architecture of our hemisphere. So far we have been largely immune to these problems. Islam is beautiful and I lived among them with joy, but Islamists caricature the Prophet. Location is our asset but it is also a curse. Proximity to the US is no fun as jihadists seek to kill the great Satan, as they say. We are at risk as many of our people are venal, do unspeakable acts, and are easily bought. We live in peace and poverty, yet not like Gaza or Nigeria; we never lost life, limb to an IED (improvised explosive device), explosive vest, or had 2,000 people in a refugee camp - we were lucky poor. But life is about to change here and across the Caribbean owing to Caricom Single Market and Economy’s (CSME) vulnerability. What is this Caribbean? Because we scuttled West Indies Federation, politicians dissimulate and call the Leewards, Windwards, Jamaica, and Guyana “Caribbean”. But the Caribbean is much more - small islands to the south and east; the estuary nations whose coasts ring our sea from Venezuela to Mexico to New Orleans round to Florida and the large islands in the north close to us and the US.

21 Things To Do In Belize On A Small Budget
Belize may be a top destination for an incredible vacation, but that does not mean that you have to have an unlimited budget. Belize has an adventure for everyone. Listed below are 21 things to do in Belize on a small budget. CAYE CAULKER Located just a mile away from the Belize Barrier Reef, Caye Caulker is a great destination for the history buff. The small village has an incredible history associated with it that will entice visitors of Belize to stop by. SAN IGNACIO TOWN San Ignacio Town is a cultural hub that serves the Cayo District. The town is rich with Mayan history and has a very diverse population to this day. This town is one of the biggest tourist areas of all Belize. PLACENCIA VILLAGE Even though Placencia got its name for fishing, it is now a popular tourist attraction in Belize. Fly fishing, snorkeling and kayaking are all popular attractions that visitors to Placencia Village can enjoy. In the evenings, the village has a great nightlife and scrumptious restaurants.


  • Xunantunich Ruins in Belize, 2min. For our second expedition we stopped in Belize and took a two hour bus ride to explore the Xunantunich Ruins along the border of Belize and Guatemala.

  • Bring your animal to Belize- You need a local VET, 6min. When i moved to Belize with 5 dogs and 5 cats- the 2 most important thing i needed to know, was how to being my animals into Belize, and was there a good Veterinarian to take care of my extended family. This is a video of my Belize Vet and I talking about how to bring your pet to Belize.

  • Reef Week 2015 Manatee Conservation in Belize, 7.5min. Manatees - Why are they important? This Reef Week 2015, Wildtracks and its partners at SACD have put together a short video to explore manatees, and why they are important to Sarteneja, and to Belize. Manatees in the wild, manatees in rehabilitation... Enjoy!

  • Belize - Feeding A Rare Black Jaguar, 1.5min. is name is Lucky Boy! The zoo saved him from starvation How lucky!

  • Belize - The Most Creepiest And Weirdest Bird Ever! (jabiru), 1min. creeeeeepy....

  • Belize - Jaguar Chilling, 1min. Those paws are HUGE His name is Jr. Buddy.

  • Birds, cats and dogs like bird songs. 19 minutes Belize bird songs, 24min. See if your pet likes this. Is your Parakeet or other bird bored ? Parakeets, finches, canaries, lovebirds, cockatiels and all other birds can be bored , need variety and like to hear wild birds. Can be played on a loop from the play list when you are not home.

  • Belize - A Macaw Saying Hello, 2min. When we said bye during the video....Well guess what It said goodbye right after I ended the video! Awww I wish I got that!

  • american crocodile belize, 1.5min.

  • Belize Scuba Trip 2015, 4min.

  • Western Ballaz Vs Belize City No Limits, 1.5min. We Still Undefeated Baby!!!

  • Belize Scuba Diving Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley, 7min. Belize has some of the best scuba diving in the world! This footage was taken with my GoPro Hero3+ at Shark Ray Alley and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. We dove to an average depth of 60 feet and the coral and fish are breathtaking. Thank you to Chuck and Robbie's Dive Shop in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, for such a great time.

  • EXPLORING TURNEFFE ATOLL- Full Length Edition, 12min. Special Edition- This is how we roll with our San Pedro Crew Captained by Tony Lara~~ Featuring Guest Divers Joe Rich, Carson Rich, Chowder, Carson Black and Eric Thomas~~ Day Trip from San Pedro Exploring Turneffe Atoll- 3 Dives and visit to Jack Sparrow Fish Camp for Surface Interval BBQ cook out.

  • EXPLORING TURNEFFE"S JACK SPARROW FISH CAMP, 6min. Special Edition featuring Guest Divers Joe Rich, Carson Rich, Chowder, Carson Black and Eric Thomas~~ Day Trip from San Pedro Exploring Turneffe Atoll- 3 Dives and here's a look at our surface interval visit to Jack Sparrow Camp"Private Island" for a cook out.