by Bilal Morris

It is only a few Belizeans, or may be none at all, that has held the international stature of Belizean revolutionary Adalbert 'Bert' Tucker. His incredible body of work as an economist with a progressive philosophy for development is hardly shared, not even by the government for which he worked for, in the last days of his life.

As a matter of fact, the United Democratic Party (UDP) government Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wlifred 'Sedi' Elrington for which he became their loyal Ambassador of Trade, the Caribbean and Africa, did not even attend his funeral.

But the international recognition of which this man has received, from the shores of the Caribbean and Latin America, to the continent of Africa, because of his work with the United Nations in the 1980's in sustainable development, has brought a deep respect for Belize and Belizeans.

This feature highlights a ceremony honoring a street in his name, in Belize's capital city, Belmopan, by the embassy of the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela to Belize of which Tucker worked tirelessly with, to secure Venezuelan medical, financial, and oil aid to the struggling economy of Belize, and of which he was a personal friend of the late Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez. He also was the precursor to Belize's reparations commission where his passion for justice was most brilliantly seen. Before that, Ambassador Adalbert Tucker worked as an economic consultant with the Michael Manley government of Jamaica, the Maurice Bishop New Jewel Movement of Grenada, and the Ghanian government of Flight Lieutenant and President, Jerry Rawlings in the 1970's and 1980's.

To date, he has become one of Belize's most accomplished dignitaries in the international community, where his work for Belize was championed with a passionate spirit for change and true political independence.

Bert Tucker International: The Legend, The Man & His Work for Belize!