The Lands Department, through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture, advises the general public that in Pursuant to Section 2 of the National Lands Act, National Land includes the seabed and the 66 feet reserve, which may include riparian forests, beaches, littoral forests and shoals. Therefore, occupation within the above mentioned spaces without permission from the Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture constitutes an offense of unlawful occupation of National Land.

The general public is advised that Groynes, over the water structures such as; piers or wharfs, and any use of the seabed and the 66 feet reserve is illegal and requires permission from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture.

Kindly be advised that the application for the use of reserves that include mangrove also requires clearance from the Department of Environment and a mangrove alteration permit through the Forest Department.

The general public is informed that there is an official process for obtaining permission to utilize the seabed or 66 feet reserve in Belize, and takes this opportunity to invite the general public to visit the Lands and Surveys Department Headquarters in Belmopan for more information.

From the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys