Great idea:

As tourists exit the terminal gates at the tourist village, they are bombarded by vendors trying to sell them handicrafts or get them to sit down for a braid. Now, tourists will have "something else" to look forward to when they arrive in Belize and that's the Cohune Walk Festival at the Memorial Park. It has been in its pilot stage for about 2 weeks but it is just the first phase of a festival tourism project. When we passed by today, the music was booming and the dancers were jamming to the beat but there were no tourists around. Organizer of the festival James Sanker told us they will start pouring in when it's officially launched.

James Sanker, Manager, Belize Music Agency
"It's a cohune walk festival. It's a festival geared towards the cruise tourism market. It's part of a festival tourism project and the project is starting with this particular festival and this festival will happen every day when the cruise ships comes. It will give everybody that comes to our shores a snapshot of our culture, our varied cultures that we have, so there are dances and performances from all our cultures. For a long time our culture wasn't being displayed as part of our cultural mix and so Belize Music Agency, MIAB and some of the other music organizations, said this is the time that we should embrace the whole tourism structure and start to infuse our culture and our music and our arts and crafts into the tourism."

There will be a show everyday at 10 am, 12 and 2 in the afternoon. Tourist enter for $10 while Belizeans enter free.

Promoting love and encouraging grassroots in the city.....