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The San Pedro Sun

Huracan Diving Lodge: Guiding Guests at Lighthouse Atoll
Of the three atoll reefs off the coast of Belize, Lighthouse Atoll is the queen of these colors. Regal in her coral-studded crown and cloaked in sapphire, her vibrant beauty is far more than water deep. The Blue Hole is 62 miles from Belize City and almost as far from Ambergris Caye. While there are options such as live-aboard dive boats that frequent the area, the idea of days of close quarters on a boat with nothing to do but dive doesn’t sound all that fun to this island girl. Fortunately there is a much better way to experience the phenomenal waters and amenities that Lighthouse Reef has to offer. Did you know you can stay within the heart of this atoll at Huracan Diving Lodge located on Long Caye? Now THIS is the way to do it! Out of the five Lighthouse Reef islands, Long Caye is the only one permanently inhabited. Huracan Diving Lodge is the only dive center in the atoll and is the ideal place to stay, dive, eat amazing food and relax in island ambiance. The historic building that houses the lodge was originally built as a hurricane shelter, thus the name Huracan (Spanish for hurricane), and the structure has been beautifully remodeled in a relaxed, comfortable design. With only four guest rooms, the atmosphere is quaint and cozy, with the super friendly staff making you feel right at home.

UNC Wilmington teacher-students on Ambergris Caye
A group of 26 students and two professors from the University of North Carolina Wilmington are on Ambergris Caye. Their visit is part of the university’s study abroad program in which their student-teachers work in Belize along with licensed teachers. The student-teachers will be in the country for a total of five weeks and this year, it represents the largest group the university has ever sent to Belize. Heading the group are professors Susan Catapano and Dennis Kubasko, who have been coming to Belize for the past six and seven years respectively. According to Catapano, some of the 26 students are seniors pursuing a teacher’s degree while others are graduates working on their final stage to obtain their teacher’s license. While in Belize, they will spend three weeks in the classroom along with licensed Belizean teachers. During the other two weeks, the students will get involved in various service projects on the island.

San Pedro Town Library hosts Easter Camp
30 students from Ambergris Caye participated in an Easter Camp hosted by the San Pedro Town Library. The camp ran from March 30th to April 1st with two groups of students. The Easter Camp saw the participants involved in various activities with the help of teacher students from the University of North Carolina, USA. According to Librarian Brianne Leiva, the Easter program targeted two groups of students, mainly ages five to eight years and ages nine to 13years. The younger students attended camp during the morning from 9AM to 12 midday, while the older children attended from 2PM to 4PM. Leiva said that during the camp, the students did reading, story-telling, fun sports and arts and craft. After being advertised, the camp attracted 30 students who signed up in advance. The camp ended on April 1st with an egg hunt for small children and a scavenger hunt for the bigger children. The camp was possible through generous donations and fundraising efforts that were held prior to the Easter Camp.

PetroCaribe Loan Motion passed: Legitimizes GOB spending without House of Representatives’ approval
Members of Parliament and the Senate approved the PetroCaribe Loan motion of 2015, which allows the Government of Belize (GOB) absolute power to borrow monies from ALBA PetroCaribe funds without prior authorization from the House of Representatives. The loan motion goes contrary to the Finance and Audit Act, which requires government to seek approval from the National Assembly to borrow and spend money exceeding $10 million. The motion was presented on March 26th and was moved through all stages immediately after the Budget Debate on March 27th. Despite meeting strong objection by the People’s United Party (PUP), it was sent to the Senate on March 30th for ratification. The ALBA PetroCaribe fund is the result of an agreement made in June 2005 between the Republic of Venezuela and several Caribbean countries, including Belize, through the PetroCaribe initiative. In September of 2005, both countries entered into a bilateral Energy Cooperation Agreement, in which Venezuela agreed to supply Belize with crude oil, refined products and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) up to 4,000 barrels per day on an annual basis, through Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA).

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

April 2015 The Placencia Breeze
INSIDE April 2015 Page 5: Introducing our April 2015 Flag Contributor Page 7: Placencia Offers Full Family Package During Easter Weekend Page 7: Easter Fashionista Fever Page 9: Slipping Fears End with Sure Step Product Page 10: Final Consultations Held for Placencia Lagoon Management Page 11: Crowds Turn Out to Support Placencia Volunteer Fire Department Page 19: Placencia Tangled in Love-Hate Relationship with Sargassum Page 23: New Seine Bight School Principal Determined to Make School Better for Students Page 23: New Board Elected to Serve Placencia Humane Society Page 23: Students of the Month at PIA Page 30: Placencia Peninsula Guide Page 31: Placencia Peninsula Guide

Commentary: The continued erosion of good governance practices in Belize
By Frank Edward Paco Smith, Jr., JP. Being a proud alumnus of the University of the West Indies’ Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES - Mona), who studied governance and public policy, I pride myself as one who proactively seeks to: (1) keep abreast of governance-related matters both regionally and internationally; (2) apply the skills, insights and competencies garnered from my studies to critically analyse matters of policy and the like; (3) disseminate my findings in the hope that it can serve the best interest of the people; and (4) bring forth substantive change when, where and how it can be constructively implemented. With that said, I would be remiss not to mention the most negative form of unprecedented occurrence in my native Belize, which reeks of everything that goes contrary to the notion of good governance practices. This past week the prime minister of Belize put forth and subsequently pushed through a very disturbing piece of legislation involving proceeds deriving from the generosity extended by the Republic of Venezuela, through its PetroCaribe Fund. In short, the PM has made appropriation for the government of Belize (GOB) to borrow from ALBA Petrocaribe (Belize) Limited and use the funds, for whatever purpose it deems fit, meanwhile no longer having to seek approval from the National Assembly. Yes, you read correctly. This is NOT some bad joke! I am serious.

San Ignacio and Santa Elena Municipal Easter Fair 2015
The Easter Fair looks like it's all set up. This year, it's at Macal River Park. They have it all: rides, food, fun, games, info booths. Happy Easter!

Legality of environmental clearance
The Department of the Environment (DOE), hereby informs the general public of an issue related to Environmental Clearance granted to a project by the DOE. Environmental Clearance is required by law, under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations as amended, and is granted through a letter by the DOE. Environmental Clearance granted to developers /investors is contingent upon the signing of an Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP). The ECP is an agreement signed between the DOE and the developer for a specific project. Both the Environmental Clearance letter and the ECP are issued ONLY to a particular developer and as such are NOT transferable to any other developer, entity or company. Therefore the DOE takes this opportunity to advise that owners who have purchased investments/property for which the previous owner was granted Environmental Clearance, be aware that the Environmental Clearance is non-transferrable. The new owners are encouraged to apply to the DOE for Environmental Clearance for that investment under their new company or entity. Environmental Clearance can only be obtained from the DOE based on an environmental screening process. It is important for developments in Belize to operate under the best environmental safety standards in order to minimize potential negative impacts to human health and the environment. For further information, please contact: Chief Environmental Officer Department of the Environment, Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries & Sustainable Development Market Square, Belmopan. Tel: 822-2548/2819 – Fax: 822-2860 – Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Website:

Rotaract Benque's 1st Anniversary
The Rotaract Club of Benque celebrated their 1st anniversary. Congratulations! Cheers to more great projects and many more years.

Eve of the National Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic
On the eve of the National Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, Adenaline is running high inside the veins of Belizean cyclists and people alike like water runs in a river. Anticiaption of its beginning early Saturday morning on April 4, 2015, brings back nostalgia as Belizeans rise from the sleeping beds in the wee hours of the morning to go see the race of all races off. It has become almost a ritual for many of us, who since a child, did this most ectastic thing, and then go back to sleep to awake again, and hear updates via radio, now Televsison, on the race that continues to haunt the Belizean soul. How much has changed since then, but we continue to cherish the most clelebrated Belizean pastime, the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. In the spirit of all those whom have ridden the race at home, and those who will continue to come to Belize to ride its grueling pace in the swelatering April heat at the peak of the Belizean dry season, we say here at Belizean Legends, experience the beauty and love of the Belizean people. This is Belize!

No Belizean can dispute the fact that the multitalented Belizean athlete the late, Mervin 'Shape' Rhodas, came so close to winning a Belizean Cross Country. In memorial of a Belizean Legend on this eve of the Belize Cross Country, that feared no challenge and respected that national spirit of the Belizean cyclist. Live on Shape!

BELIZE CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONS ROBERT MOSIAH WITH COACH THE LEGENDARY KENRICK HALLIDAY! Belize Cross Country rider Robert Mosiah became the winner of which year's Cross Country? Here he is seen with coach Kenrick Halliday, who became of of Belize's multi times Cross Country Champions.

In 1987, Belizean cyclist Charlie Lewis was the only Belizean cyclist to had stepped up and made a serious effort to reign in the first American Cyclist to have ridden the Belize Cross Country Race, Ward Zauner, who had broken out of a pack that had entered the former National Stadium, now the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Belizean riders has got to ride this year's Belize Cross Country in the national spirit of Charlie Lewis, our Belizean Legend of the month of April, we call here, The Month of the Belize Cross Country.

WHEN ALFRED PARKS DOMINATED THE BELIZE CROSS COUNTRY CYCLING CLASSIC! Alfred Parks has become one of Belize's best Cross Country Cycling Classic riders of all time because of winning the race the most among all other Belizean cyclists and foreigners alike. Cycling breeds like him are rare today, and there is no way that the foreign invasion of cyclists in the Belize Cross country would have stand a chance against Belizean cyclists like Parks. We here at Belizean Legend raise him high for his undisputed defense of the Garland.

The Reporter

Motor cyclist injured in accident
A man is receiving medical treatment for injuries he suffered in a traffic accident in Belize City on Holy Friday. The incident happened shortly after 7 p.m. on Mahogany Street. We’ll have details as soon as the police passes on the information.

Woman held up, robbed at home
Corozal police are looking for two men following a home invasion and armed robbery in San Pedro Village, Corozal on Wednesday. Rutilia Cob, 52, reported that she was having breakfast inside her house around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday April 1st when two men wearing masks, […]

Patrick JonesPJ

How your Easter Weekend Weather looks like

The significance of Good Friday
Good Friday is traditionally celebrated as the day when Jesus was crucified and it is held every Friday that immediately precedes Easter Sunday. Christians honor and celebrate the event by fasting, offering prayers and performing meditation and most often spend the day in repentance. Today millions of Christians worldwide observe the somber holy day of Good Friday, which commemorates the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus. The faithful often act it out by carrying a large wooden cross and crown of thorns symbolic of the suffering of Christ.

The History of El Cayo and Benque – Let us write it as it was
By Hugh O'Brien. Last year, the towns of San Ignacio/Santa Elena and Benque Viejo del Carmen completed 110 years since they were founded. Since October 1904, these 2 towns have changed significantly, and this 110 year period is carved by a rich history. The Archives Department has a commendable record of photos and records, and historians like Mr. Hector Silva, Mr. David Ruiz and Mr. Alfonso Tzul, have put in great effort to document the history of El Cayo, Benque Viejo and the mayas of this area. It is the intention of this essay to build upon the work of these historians by simply bringing to the forefront a part of our history that the ruling class and even our maya and mestizo ancestors would wish to bury and forget. As a matter of fact, when both the ruling class and the poor are being interviewed, they simply prefer not to talk about these abuses. I am not a historian myself but I am a firm believer that it is important to document the past as it was and not to hide facts from our present and future generations. In short, we must ensure that our history does not become his-story.


The Story of the Golden Years Project and Zaman’s perspective
Right from the get go expat photographer Karen Brodie immersed herself in photographing Belize culture. Over the course of her time here she has become very popular, having taken many many pictures of all things Belize. Recently a large number town folk turned up to see Karen Brodie photography opening of The Golden Years Project at the San Pedro House of Culture. Without a doubt I knew it was going to be a good show and that Karen would bring out the best in her subjects be it sadness, happiness or the wide range of emotions in between. As you will read in her story below, the the elderly of San Pedro were the subject of the show. Karen did a great job capturing the spirit of the people she was photographing. I talked to a few people opening night, and everyone I spoke to was really enjoying her work. You could tell as you walked around the room and saw peoples faces that the pictures were highly impactful and very sentimental. Well done Karen! Your work is wonderful and a great tribute to your new home. Big shout out to Sara who did an amazing mathematical feat in hanging the pictures. You nailed that one. Not an easy task.

WWFD: Fin Kardashian Kicks Off the Holiday Weekend In San Pedro at Lola’s Party
I know you have asked yourself many times…WWFD. So our favorite correspondent (and his liver) are going to be working HARD to cover all of the Easter weekend parties so that…you don’t have to :) Here is Fin’s Thursday night (before the HUGE party weekend) celebrating Lola’s Pub’s 4th Birthday party. Thanks Fin. So last night was the kick off to Easter weekend and why not start festivities by celebrating the Anniversary/Birthday of the best pub in the Americas Lola’s Pub? Lola’s is one of the best bars in downtown San Pedro so warm and welcoming this place never makes you want to go home! So my night started by taking the boat on a LOVELY sunset…

Backroads Belize
They are everywhere…these back roads. Made of raw, sometimes hard and sometimes softer earth, created from the removal of the forest which certainly would cover every square inch of this land if it were not for man. Relax. The environmentalists, even the most conservative of them, find incredible passion in their endeavours when they too get a-moving to study the ever-so-complex web of life our great mother earth affords us in Belize. Archaeologists are often seen in the back of pick up trucks with gear – pick axes, trowels, shovels, machetes, buckets, sacks of flour, rice, and 5 gallons upon 5 gallons of bottled water. Yes, their scarves around their necks and foreheads too. You get the picture. They wave as they bid farewell from behind pick up trucks that wave back in the form of dust cloud streams. These back roads, the ones that many never soon forget. Back roads make certain you enjoy them, one way or another. They slow you down many times with the help of other beautiful factors such as dense fog. As if the security guards of these roads, the mist rises and ask for your patience. Its a way it teaches you patience. Breathe. Test yourself. Listen to your inner thoughts. Make certain they are positive. Enjoy the scent of the early morning. Enjoy the view.

¿Qué hay para ver y hacer en Belice?
Una vacación en Belice es muy relajante y calmado. También es física y mentalmente estimulante. Muchos visitantes la pasan tan bien que deciden jubilarse aquí. Desde que comencé a bloguear una de las preguntas más frecuentes que eh recibido es: ¿qué hay para ver y hacer en Belice? Ahoy voy a mencionar unas razones porque Belize es increíble y vamos a ver si les convenzo. 10 razones por qué usted debe visitar Belice: 1. La naturaleza nos nutre. Imagina estar a solas, remando por el río y escuchar los diferentes sonidos de pájaros y animales salvajes. Belice ofrece la experiencia de la vida rural – durante todo el año. 2. Hay un montón de hermosas islas. Se puede montar una carpa y dormir bajo las estrellas en un Cayo deshabitado o disfrutar de alojamiento de lujo en una isla apartada. Usted elige. P.S. No es sin mérito que Cayo Ambergris fue votado la mejor isla del mundo para 2013 y 2014. 3. La comida es simple pero buenísima.

International Sourcesizz

Leonardo DiCaprio Builds an Eco-Resort
In what may be his highest-impact leading role yet, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the Oscar-nominated “Wolf of Wall Street,” is planning to heal an island. A well-known environmental activist, Mr. DiCaprio bought Blackadore Caye, 104 acres of wild, unpopulated land off the coast of Belize, with a partner soon after he set foot in the country a decade ago. “It was like heaven on earth,” he said, speaking by telephone from Los Angeles. “And almost immediately, I found this opportunity to purchase an island there.” Now Mr. DiCaprio has joined with Paul Scialla, the chief executive of Delos, a New York City-based developer, to create an eco-conscious resort there. When it opens to guests in 2018, “Blackadore Caye, a Restorative Island” will feature the trappings of many luxury resorts, with sprawling villas, infinity pools and stunning sunset views. But the “Restorative” in the title refers not just to the impact the island might have on visitors, but to the island itself. Blackadore Caye has suffered from overfishing, an eroding coastline and the deforestation of its mangrove trees, and the partners mean to put it back to rights.

Let Belize become your paradise found
"You are really going to tip over," Karm says, his voice steady as he waits a few feet away, his paddle straddling his kayak. Around us stretch miles of aquamarine water, gentle waves rippling in every horizon. We are on the edge of the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve, just off the coast of Belize. It's day one of a five-day guided kayaking and snorkeling trip along the world's second largest barrier reef. This is my first trip to Belize, and I am drawn here by the chance to spend time at sea, exploring isolated islands, lounging under windswept coconut palms and swimming in turquoise waters. It's also an inexpensive and quick escape from the snow-battered Midwest. Although I have kayaked several times before, no one has ever insisted I rollover. Ever. It's a proposition that causes me uneasiness despite placid seas. I am not alone. We are floating just off the shore of Coco Plum Cay, a tiny island about 45 minutes by boat from the mainland, where we have spent most of the afternoon. While Karm prepares a spread of pastrami, salami, tomato and cucumber slices, pineapple and bread under the shade of a thatched, open-air hut, fellow guide Venancio shows us the basics of kayaking, how to hold an oar, proper stroke techniques and how to get in and out of the water craft while at sea — all from the steady sands of the beach.

THE WOLF OF BELIZE: Leo DiCaprio to turn 104-acre Belize island into eco-resort
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio plans to turn his private island in Belize into an eco-resort, according to reports. DiCaprio, who purchased the unpopulated 104-acre Blackadore Caye for $1.75 million in 2005, will build a luxury resort with villas on a platform over the water, artificial reefs with “fish shelters,” and a nursery growing marine grass to feed manatees, the New York Times reported. “The main focus is to do something that will change the world,” DiCaprio told the paper.“I couldn't have gone to Belize and built on an island and done something like this, if it weren't for the idea that it could be groundbreaking in the environmental movement."

Traveling with kids: How to survive long flights with toddlers
As I stood near the baggage carousel, waiting for it to spit out my new and yet already fraying luggage, I could feel a woman watching me. We had just finished a six-hour flight from Seoul to Singapore, which had followed a 12-hour flight from San Francisco to Seoul, which (for me) had followed a one-hour flight from San Diego, and she and I shared that same bewildered look. Where were the cheering crowds? The balloons? The pats on the back? After all, we had both just traveled with two children still in diapers and were arguably more battered and drained than someone who had run a marathon. Curling up in that little foil blanket sounded sublime. Before I could spot any of our suitcases or answer to the melodic string of “mama mama mama” coming from the stroller in front of me, the woman was at my side, exhaling: “I just want to say it’s amazing we survived that.”

Madison families host Central American youth ambassadors
Twenty-seven high school students from Belize, El Salvador and Honduras visited Madison homes and area attractions with the U.S. Central America Youth Ambassadors program. Personnel with Global Ties Alabama, formerly International Services Council of Alabama, coordinated the youth’s fact-finding experience on March 14-20, executive director Jacqui Shipe said. “Global Ties Alabama inherited 2013-2014 contracts originally won by the University of Alabama in Huntsville and in 2015 became a grantee of Georgetown University and U.S. Department of State,” Shipe said. Global Ties Alabama received the endorsement “because of its stellar track record in hosting international exchange programs including youth programs under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State.” Host families in Madison were David Lee and Olga Osadcii, Gloria Vergara, Deb Adelsperger and John and Ona Hamilton.

Goal's CONCACAF columnist takes a look around the region and evaluates where teams are at after friendlies, playoffs and World Cup qualification matches
Belize's triumph over the Cayman Islands ended up being the closest first-round tie with both legs ending in draws (0-0 and 1-1) and Belize getting through on its away goal.

Leonardo DiCa­prio inves­tit dans l’hô­tel­le­rie écolo-respon­sable
En septembre dernier, il a été nommé «messa­­ger de la paix de l'ONU». Leonardo DiCa­prio est en charge depuis lors de la lutte contre le réchauf­­fe­­ment clima­­tique. Cet enga­ge­ment de toute une vie va se concré­ti­ser avec la nais­sance d’un complexe hôte­lier 100% éco-respon­sable, qui doit ouvrir ses portes en 2018, sur l’île de Blacka­dore Caye, au large de Belize. Prendre des vacances au soleil sans faire de mal à la planète sera bien­tôt possible, grâce à Leonardo DiCa­prio. L’ac­teur améri­cain, grand défen­seur de Mère Nature, a inves­tit dans 104 hectares d’une île para­di­siaque, encore lais­sée déserte. Pour y construire un palace de 68 villas priva­tives, le compa­gnon présumé de Rihanna s’est asso­cié au déve­lop­peur new-yorkais, Paul Scialla et ensemble, ils ont acheté le terrain pour 1,75 millions de dollars.


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