The Look Of The New Phone Book

It's time to put away or store your old phone books because the 2015 telephone directory is now available. An official launch was held today at BTL's Customer Service Center this morning. Now, the main attraction and excitement about the launch of a new telephone directory is the cover page and the additional features and information inside. Well, in this year's publication, the new features are built around the theme of tourism.

Ellen Borland, Senior Brands and Events Rep. - BTL
"This year the cover boast the Big Fall Waterfall at Bocawina National Park in Southern Belize. It highlights one of the scenic locations that is rarely visited by our visitors and locals alike. It is also important for us to make mention of it there is a need for us to do public awareness in conservation of our local reserves and national parks. One of the main reasons why we made mention and we chose Big Falls is that it goes highlighting with our 'All about Belize' section. Which is locally known as our tourist section and this is highlighting locations where visitors and locals can go and enjoy Belize rather than looking to go abroad or crossing the borders for vacation. You can enjoy Belize and enjoy your vacation right here at home. In essence for myself, the telephone directory signifies a national publication. There is no other company or entity which does a comprehensive listing of all our government, white page, yellow pages, pink pages and green pages listings. It is comprehensive, you can find almost every number here in the telephone directory and it's a very handy resource if you're looking for hotels. For example the Easter vacation just went, there is a hotel section by location. There's also restaurant sections, so if you're not into the usual, you can get something fresh and there's also a coupon section which is really neat because you can clip it out and redeem your points."

There is also a Belize Yellow pages App available for download if you want to access the 2015 phone directory online.

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