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Today's Belize News: April 15, 2015 #503360
04/15/15 05:36 AM
04/15/15 05:36 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Bolito vendor robbed
The San Pedro Sun can confirm that two masked men attempted to rob a Bolito vendor on Laguna Drive. Police are currently on the scene.

San Pedro Sun needs full time reporter!
Are you a Belizean looking for a great job opportunity? We are willing to train the right candidate!

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks - The increasing of classrooms at San Pedro High School
Ever since San Pedro High moved into its own premises in 1987, the building of more classroom space has been continuous. This beginning of the second floor has an interesting story according to former principal Angel Nuñez. In 1990 with increase of class sizes, there was need of a larger classroom so Principal Nuñez and Chairlady Martha Guerrero paid a visit to Education Minister Said Musa. They needed 25 thousand dollars to construct this one classroom and knowing how governments operate, they asked for 50 thousand hoping to get the 25 needed. Said Musa readily agreed with the need of the project and also agreed to provide the 50 thousand dollars. So what to do with all that extra money? Two classrooms were constructed that year in what was to be the commencement of the second floor of San Pedro High. In this project a holiday workaton was declared by the Board and students, males and females got to shovel sand and gravel and load the mixer with cement on the day the roof was cast.

Belize’s Tiburon Rum and Traveller’s Latest Golden Awards
Belize just 1UP-ed the competition in Orland, Florida, USA, as it took two gold medals at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) 72nd Annual Convention & Exposition that was held last night, Monday, April 13, 2015. Basil Destefano of Tiburon Rum and Amanda Perdomo of Traveller’s Liqours represented Belize at the convention and took the completion by surprise when Tiburon Rum was awarded with Double Gold Award for Best in Show (Best Dark/Gold Rum, Best Rum and Best Aged White Spirit In Show) and One Barrel Rum taking the Gold Award. “Belize has never done this at the biggest show in the United States,” commented Basil Destefano of Tiburon Rum. “We are getting attention now and so is Belize; it is a very big day for Belize!” The WSWA opened with a record attendance, industry and supplier participation and it is great to hear that Belize did a great job. Congratulations to Tiburon Rum and Traveller’s Liquors for proudly representing Belize!!

Catholic Church Kick Starts Youth Group Activities
The San Pedro Roman Catholic Church has organized a youth group on Ambergris Caye, Belize in order to provide island youth an outlet for them not to only learn more about the church, but also become active members of the community, be social and more importantly have fun. The group has started to meet on Fridays at 6p.m. for an hour at the Catholic Church’s Parish Hall where they participate in activities that include chats about topics related to the Church, arts & craft, mentorship chats, among other fun activities. The youth group was organized by Father Scott who envisions the island youth becoming more involved with the Catholic Church and the community and also providing them with positive activities that will keep them busy and away from negative influences. These activities will include community service projects, fundraiser and even participation in retreats organized by the church around the country.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

San Pedro Town Council no longer lending tables, tents
The San Pedro Town Council hereby informs the general public that effective April 15, the SPTC will a longer be lending out tables nor tents with the exception of wakes. Also using beaches and parks should be officially requested at the San Pedro Town Council office where a respective fee will be applied. We advise you use the existing rental services available on the island.

Ministry of Health to Officially Inaugurate the National Vaccine Storage Facility
The Ministry of Health in partnership with the European Union and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) will be conducting a short ceremony on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 3:00 pm to officially inaugurate the National Vaccine Storage Facility at the Western Regional Hospital Compound.

Belize and the EU Hold Second “Article 8” Political Dialogue Session
The Second political dialogue session between the European Union and Belize took place in Belize City on Monday, 13 April 2015. The dialogue offers a platform for consultations over a broad range of issues, as well as an opportunity to take stock of progress made concerning 'essential elements' of the Cotonou Agreement, including respect for human rights, rule of law, democratic principles and good governance. The meeting focused on the current status of the Belize Guatemala Process, Energy, Climate Change, Security, the Post 2015 Development Agenda, Human Rights, Schengen Visa Waiver, Preparations for EU-CELAC Summit in June2015 and Updates on Regional Processes.

U.S. Embassy Town Hall Meeting in San Pedro
Town Hall Meeting - San Pedro Monday, April 20 at 11:00am in UTC-06 Blue Water Grill - San Pedro, Belize

US Ambassador and his wife tour Chiquibul
We were very happy to be able to take the US Ambassador and his wife out on a tour yesterday. Its always a pleasure to share the beauty of our work area, but more importantly, show the work we are able to accomplish for endangered species in Belize.

Warasa Garifuna Drum School
Warasa drummer and singers doing what we were born to do and what we do best . keeping Garifuna culture and music alive.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, April 14, 2015: 56, FANTASY 5: 37 32 4 7 28 N

Corozal: JAMMIN at SCOTTY's BAR & GRILL this Friday!
Come join us this Friday for Roots Rock PayDay on the 17th of this month due to the fact that 15th falls on our day off!! Enjoy all day Happy Hour aka ALL DAY HAPPINESS!!! Selector Skype will be playing music from 6:30 to close

Scenes from the grand opening of the exhibit by Ian Morrison entitled, "CARTS & CARRIERS CYCLES EXHIBITION- Belize in the 20th Century"! Remember the exhibit runs until the end of the month at the Besile Arts Gallery at the Bliss! You are invited to drop in and come see for yourself....

2015 September Theme Competition!
Could you do with a $1000? This will just take a couple minutes...

Channel 7

Maxboro Resident Violently Killed; Decomposes In His House
Last night we told had the breaking news of the murder on the Maxboro Housing Community. Well tonight the grisly details are known about the savage slaying of 31 year old Leon Leslie. As we told you, his throat was cut and he had various stab wounds over his body. Police say he was found on the couch in a state of decomposition. 7News has learned that he was also nude, and his pants were pulled over his head. IT appears that the killer used both a machete and a knife. And then after all that they appeared to have vomited on the victim. Probably worse than all that, the discovery was made by his children after school. That was around 5:00 pm - and this morning, 12 hours later, Dr. Mario Estradabran had to perform a post mortem on site. Leslie was buried immediately after, but the mystery of his gruesome end endures. Today police told the media what they know:.. Supt. Hilberto Romero - OC, CIB Eastern Division "Police responded to a report of a body that was found at Maxboro. Police proceeded to the area, where upon arrival they found the lifeless body of Leon Leslie Sr., 31 years old inside the residence in a seated position on a sofa, apparently dead. The body was partly decomposed. He had stab wounds to the chest and neck area."

Lovely Lane Resident Shot In Front of His House
And while Ladyville police continue to work on solving Leslie's murder, in Belize City, on top of the past 4 recent murders which happened in the past 3 weeks, police must now investigate a shooting which happened last night. The victim, 48 year-old Mark Broaster, was standing on Lovely Lane in front of his house socializing when a gunman approached and fired several shots at him. Police told us today that he was very fortunate to have escaped with only an injury to the right hand and lower back: Supt. Hilberto Romero - OC, CIB Eastern Division "There was a shooting at the corner Pickstock and Lovely Lane, where Mark Broaster was shot to the hand. Information is that he hang around in that area when shots rang out and he received those injuries. He is presently admitted at the KHMH receiving treatment." Mike Rudon, Ch5 "Could you tell us if the shooting in any way connected to the recent spurt of violence?"

Police Brutality Caught On Camera In OW
A man was badly beaten by police in Orange Walk on Sunday night - and it was captured on camera. We warn you the images are intense. We spoke with the victim today - 28 year old driver Andres Rodriguez who told u it was all a mix up. He explained that on Sunday night he was carrying passengers from the Free Zone to Orange Walk. He made his final stop in the Louisiana area, bought some groceries and then sat in the vehicle to listen to music. That was when he saw someone shining a flashlight through his window. He sped off because he thought someone was trying to rob him. But when he got to his house he realized that person had followed him and it turned out to be the police. We also spoke to his wife who was present at the time holding their 1 year old baby while she took this video. She told us the police just stormed in and began to beat her husband. In the background, you can hear her frantically screaming and begging the police to stop beating her husband. She told us today that when she tried to talk to the officers and ask them why they were attacking her husband they simply told her not to interfere. She also told us it lasted for about 8 to 10 minutes while police tried - very unprofessionally - to drag him out of the house using a handcuff.

Chetumal Street Squatters Ask For Leases In Lake I
Last night, we told you about the relief that the Lake Independence Area Rep., Mark King, is offering to the squatters on Lake I Boulevard, right next to the newly built Chetumal Street Bridge. He's trying to help 11 families to relocate after the private owner of the land sent them eviction notices. King has secure land for them in Cotton Tree. They need only apply to the department, and inform him, and he'll try to help them navigate through the process so that they can get an expedited approval. Today, we encountered a group of squatters who aren't included in that list of the 11 families being helped immediately. They have two issues with King's plan. The first is that some want the same consideration from King, and the second, a group of others are refusing to leave the land they are squatting on. They want him to get involved as minister to acquire the private land that they are squatting on, and offer the Chinese land-owners a different piece of land - even their one in Cotton Tree.

Did NTUCB Properly Advise Senator Davis on Petrocaribe Law?
Ray Davis, it's been a tough few weeks for the Labour Senator. He's on the hot seat because he abstained on the senate vote on the Petrocaribe Loan Motion. The National Trade Union Congress says it does not support the piece of legislation and Davis's vote should have been an emphatic "no." Instead, he abstained. Vice President of the Trade Union Congress, Audrey Matura Shepherd told the media on Friday that he either needs to resign or be removed because his vote was not in line with the position of the NTUCB. Two weeks ago, the President of the NTUCB told the media that their position was never directly communicated to Davis - but he should have known. But, perhaps, it's not all that clear-cut because the Unions have been beneficiaries of Petrocaribe funds - in the form of loans from the National Bank. That bank was capitalized with 30 million dollars from Petrocaribe funds - with special priority for teachers and public officers. The trade union congress of Belize also sits on the board of Belize Infrastructure Limited - which is funded by Petrocaribe. That's the contradiction that may have led Davis to abstain in the absence of a clear position from the NTUCB. And, this email sent in November shows that he was awaiting guidance. That is after the first Petrocaribe legislation went to the House in November and Davis voted "yes." That's when Audrey Matura Shepherd questioned him in an email, quote: "In a matter such as this the membership should have a say….how come is it that our Senator voted yes and who gave the mandate?"

Attorney Arthur To Be Criminally Arraigned
Belmopan police say that they will charge Attorney Arthur Saldivar tomorrow. Officer Commanding Howell Gillett says that Saldivar had court obligations today - but has agreed to come in tomorrow. He is expected to be charged for burglary and trespass. His ex-common law - with whom he has two children alleges that Saldivar jumped the fence at her home, grabbed her phone and then went into his vehicle, locked the doors and started reviewing her text messages. He said that he never jumped the fence but that his son brought him the phone which he did review because he was concerned for his children's wellbeing. Now, the allegation and counter-allegation will go to court when he is arraigned tomorrow.

Victoria Street
Police continue special operations on San Pedro where they are trying to root out the source of the recent spate of crime - and that is drugs. Today AT 12:30, they found a group of Belize City men on the island with 88 grams, about three ounces of cocaine. They are 45 year old Cyril Joseph Wade, 34 year old Richard Adderly, 40 year old Edmond Alvarez, 26 year old Edwin Godoy, and 20 year old Joel Young. They were found in a home with 83.8 grams of cocaine, about 3.1 ounces. They will be jointly charged for drug trafficking. Police say they are from the Victoria Street area.

Another Accident At Airport Junction
There was another accident at the dangerous airport junction on Saturday afternoon. 40 year old Edgar Reyes was heading to Belize City from Burrell in his blue Nissan Pickup truck around 3. When he approached the airport junction in Ladyville, he noticed a small gold SUV coming out from the direction of the airport. Reyes began to slow down and also saw the SUV do the same. But Reyes told police that he kept on driving and that is when the driver of the SUV hit Reyes's truck in the right passenger side of the vehicle. Reyes was travelling along with his 11 year old daughter and his girlfriend. Reyes was not hurt but his daughter complained of pain to the head and his girlfriend who was in the front passenger side was complaining of pain to the forehead. Both were served with a notice of intended prosecution but the matter will be settled out of court.

CitCo's Business Improvement Area Workshop
Today the Belize City council held a Business Improvement Area workshop at the Radisson. The main idea of the workshop is to educate members of the private and public sector about the Business Improvement Area and how it can benefit the business community and residents of Belize City. It is a part of the House of Culture's and City Council's rejuvenation project and Mayor Bradley told us how this component will work to enhance the commercial and overall economic performance in the city. Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City "This is an idea that comes from CARILED which is the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project. Which is a project that we're working in collaboration with a Canadian municipal association to really develop the concept which is very vibrant in Canadian cities and the facilitator today is talking about examples that are in Ottawa in Canada. Essentially what it is, is a business improvement area where the stakeholders, particularly business owners and community agents within the community look at areas where they can develop their space for increase economic activity.

Mayor Bradley Welcomes Critics To Downtown Project
Last week Thursday you heard cultural critic Yasser Musa's strong criticism of the Downtown Rejuvenation Project. We asked Mayor Bradley what he thought about Musa's criticism of the project and although he said he was not aware of the entire basis of Musa's argument, he said he welcomes criticism and that this project is just one of many to come. Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City "Well you have to recognize too that this is one project. I mean the City Council, NICH, BTB, we do many different projects. I mean, we had an infrastructure project that looked at streets. Some persons may make a valid criticism that as oppose to spending so much money on streets you could have spent some money on streets and some money on something else. That's a policy political decision which is a fair criticism that when you look at this project, ten million dollars is going to be funded by a loan from the Taiwanese Government. Of course their money is specific to certain things, so that that money has to be spent in accordance with a project plan that they crafted and helped developed. So that there's a certain amount of discretion in that. To say that we could not do something else. It's a criticism, I mean if I wanted to do, like I can think of fifteen different projects that the city possibly can do in the country but the Taiwanese Government is funding a specific aspect of this project."

Murder Trial Aborted: Jehova's Witness Juror Can't Judge Man
For almost 4 years accused murderer 30 year-old Raymond Myers has been waiting behind bars for day in court. He's accused of stabbing 27 year-old Francis Figueroa to death, but tonight, he's back behind bars with a further delay because the Supreme Court had to abort his trial, which started just yesterday. One of the 12 jurors revealed today that he's a member of the Jehova's witness Church told the judge today that he cannot judge anyone. When Justice Troadio Gonzalez questioned him as to why he didn't say something from yesterday when he was selected, the juror told the court that he didn't know and understand his role as a juror. He explained that he just realized that he will be judging the man. The judge tried to explain to him that all he will be doing is to look at the facts of the case as presented to him against the accused and not judging the man. But the juror believed that this is the same as judging the man, which is overstepping into the territory of God. With that he asked permission to be excused. Since the trial was already one day into the trial, Judge Gonzalez was forced to abort the case and dismissed that panel of jurors.

This History of Carts And Carrier Bikes
Young people might not remember them - but for the greater part of the 20th Century, traffic Belize City was populated with wheeled transportation - and we don't mean cars and trucks - powered by internal combustion engines. We're talking about carts and carrier bikes - powered by men! That is the subject of an unusual new exhibit at the Be-lisle art gallery at the Bliss center. It opened yesterday - but the man who put it together is no artist, he's an engineer - one that became fascinated with the culture and craft of cart making. We found out more at the opening yesterday: Courtney Weatherburne reporting Shaved ice, or fresco as it was known is a cultural artifact unto itself. But this exhibit is not about what might latterly be called snow-cones, it's about the cart that carried the ice blocks - those are also artifacts - and one the curator wasn't sure merited its own show:

PM Barrow Says Banking Sector Is Under Threat
Are Belize's banks under threat? Well that's what the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow told the Second CEO Summit of the Americas in Panama last week. He was asked to give an address on Productive Integration for Inclusive Development and he spoke in dire terms of the strict anti-money laundering regulations that the US is putting on banks in the region. Here's what he said, quote: "There is a crisis in my own country and in several others in the Eastern Caribbean, where the big US banks are 'de-risking' by terminating their correspondent relationships with our domestic banks. Indeed, even our Central Banks are being cut off; and our financial and trade architecture cannot survive this phenomenon. ....I do not exaggerate when I say that all our noble goals, all our aspirational imperatives, will be rubbished if this noose continues to be tightened around the necks of our smallest and poorest economies." The PM returned on Monday.

Channel 5

Decomposing Body Found Inside Maxboro Residence; Mechanic Massacred
There is a gruesome murder to report in the community of Maxboro on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, thirty-one year old mechanic Leon [...]

2 Cayo Men Charged for Murder of Coastguard
Two men have been charged in connection with the latest homicide in San Ignacio.  Twenty-one-year-old Wendell Ovando, a construction worker of Kontiki area in San Ignacio, Cayo, and a fifteen-year-old [...]

Cocaine Bust in San Pedro, Belize City Residents to be Arraigned for Drug Trafficking
Police are reporting a significant cocaine bust in San Pedro Town involving known members of the Victoria Street gang. It happened at around 12:30pm today in an apartment in the [...]

Labor Department Meets With Santander Employees, Is Salary Issue Resolved?
On Monday night, we told you about the employees who had gathered at the grounds of Santander because they had issues about salaries. Workers were complaining about payments they received [...]

Squatters Disgruntled Over Omission of Names from Relocation List
On Monday, Lake Independence Area Representative Mark King announced that a total of eleven families that have been settling illegally on a six-acre parcel near the Chetumal Street Bridge will [...]

Lake-I Area Rep Explains His Intervention in Relocation Effort
According to the area representative, the expedited process should be completed by the end of this week.  That was, of course, for the initial list of squatters who needed to [...]

Did Law Enforcement Officers in Sugar City Physically Abuse O.W. Man?
On Monday evening, a video was uploaded to Facebook showing a police officer and two special constables attempting to handcuff a man and hitting him in the process, resulting in [...]

Darrington Lauriano Junior Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison
Twenty-two-year-old Darrington Lauriano Jr. has been sentenced to sixteen years in prison after being busted with a nine millimeter pistol loaded with eight live rounds of ammunition.  During the swoop, [...]

Murder Trial of Raymond Myers Aborted
A man who has been on remand for almost five years will have to wait even longer after the jury in his trial for murder was dismissed by Justice Troadio [...]

Will Petrocaribe Be Affected by U.S. Interest in Regional Energy Investment?
As we reported in Monday’s newscast, an energy summit was held in Washington earlier this year and the U.S. is trying to move its energy influence back into the Caribbean. [...]

CitCo Proposes Business Improvement Area
CARILED, the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project is working in collaboration with the Belize City Council and the Canadian Municipal Association to develop a Business Improvement Area concept. It seeks [...]

…Will It Work in Belize City?
But the implementation of the BIA into the city’s framework comes with its compromises. Particularly for the business owners; while businesses will be given the opportunity to develop a collective [...]

Yasser Musa’s Criticism of Colonial Museum Revisited, Mayor Bradley Responds
But the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project, following its launch last week, was blasted by the former President of National Institute of Culture and History, Yasser [...]

F.F.B. Installs New Financial Management Team
As we reported on Monday, the Football Federation of Belize met in congress over the weekend to discuss a number of issues, including preparations for round two of the 2018 [...]


More Infrastructural Work Done By The Orange Walk Town Council
A little over a month following their victory at the polls, the Orange Walk Town Council continues its work in the town. One of the biggest projects that the council has embarked on is the rehabilitation of streets within the town. Residents have complained constantly of the deplorable conditions of over ninety percent of the streets. Mayor Kevin Bernard says that streets have always been a priority for the council and they have commenced work on several. We caught up with the Mayor this morning along Saint Peter’s Street where work was ongoing. “The people of Orange Walk clamored that they want their streets fixed and so we had already agreed to these streets before it is just that we were unable to get of course resources and all of that and so we waited until after the election to continue with these works so what we have done, we have done we had gone back and we have prepared Mahogany and Sapodilla because that is the first street that we are going to be paving and we have also done both sides of Liberty Avenue that needed attention and we also want to pave those, we have also prepared Trinidad Street and now we are doing St. Peters Street, of course it will see some other materials going in there thereafter we move on to Oleander Street and at some point we want to do Orchid Drive and Munoz Lane because we feel that these are main outlets that people travel and while these are not the only streets that we will be addressing we want to be able to pave these immediately but at the same time we want to ensure that we can put the second coat on some of the streets that we had done for example Muffles Street, Barbados Street and you have the Belize Street that we want to pass the second coat on so that it can stay much better that it is and Westby Alley as well as one of the streets we want to put second coat as well so that these streets can last.”

Thieves Target Concepcion Roman Catholic School
The once quiet and secure village of Concepcion is seeing a rise in thefts and this morning thieves targeted the Roman Catholic School. According to teachers at the Concepcion RC School, with this incident, the school has been targeted twice leaving two students without their mode of transport. Today, we spoke to Teacher, Jose Ramirez via telephone. JOSE RAMIREZ – Teacher, Concepcion RC “A man from Caledonia came around and the idea was that she borrowed a bicycle we believe that from a family member that ha a child there in school and apparently she took the bike and he did not returned the bike, we understand that he is from Caledonia and so the family was contacted and they just mentioned that he ride up to Caledonia without the bicycle and when they asked him about it she just ignore the question and that is what the family says, this is the second time, just before we went on vacation we also had a similar incident by somebody taking a bike from the school compound.”

Another Vicious Dog Attack In The Village Of San Estevan
Another dog attack has been reported in Orange Walk. Following investigations by our news team, CTV3 News spoke with Lorenzo Carrillo, owner of the three Rottweiler dogs that are the center of the controversy. The incident is reported to have occurred sometime after eight last night when Carrillo was having a conversation with his family after dinner in his home in San Estevan Village. According to Carrillo, he and his family heard screams and went outside to investigate and when they went into their yard, they saw a man being attacked by one of their dogs. Carrillo says that he understands that minutes before, members of the church congregation who were attending a mass at the time had come out and were screaming in fear upon seeing that two of his dogs attacked a man who was camping in the back yard of an old building located adjacent Carrillo’s yard. Carrillo, who preferred to comment off camera, says he reacted quickly and jumped over his fence to get one of his dogs off the individual, who we understand in a foreigner who had set up camp next to his yard.

Mayor Bernard Plans To Put Uniformity For Vendors In Market Square
The Orange Walk Town Council has a number of projects on hand and another important one is at the market area. Mayor Kevin Bernard says there is a need to reorganize the vendors at the market square and have begun meeting with them to achieve this. “We want to start with the clothes vendors, those that sell on their tents to bring some type of uniformity in that area because we have some people that have five tents when and then we have some that have huge tents and we also want to create opportunities for others because it is not fair for one set of family to have six, seven business tents out there when you have others that want a business space at the market to be able to provide for their family that is the thing that we are trying to talk about some people might say that we are going after them but it is not that we are trying to bring opportunity for others but at the same time we had to deal with the food first so we relocated them a bit so there are plans as you know, right now we have prepared the written proposal for the market expansion with the EU and to push forward and even if we don’t get that financing through the EU we are going to seek funding other way so the market expansion will get done within this term.”

"We Got Yah Back" Program With The Orange Walk Coalition Committee
One’s safety and that of his family are always a priority, and being properly informed on our rights and the rights of others is an important part of that. To help the public be better informed and to educate the community on various issues affecting our safety, the Orange Walk Coalition Committee along with the Orange Walk Police Formation personnel will be presenting a new show titled “We Gat Yoh Back, Coalition and Police”. The first episode of the show will be aired tonight. We spoke with the Chairman of the Orange Walk Coalition Committee, Armando Valdez who will also be a part of the panel in the first episode of the program tonight. “We’ll have a panel made up of Policemen officers and members of the coalition committee and we are going to be talking about different issues affecting our community right now and how to deal with it, what to do with it and also invite professional people like magistrates, Attorneys, Doctors, Nurses, Pastors, Priests and so on so that they can inform the people of what they can do, so that we can create a safer community in Orange Walk and that is the whole idea behind it.”

Former Security Boss Of A Lottery Charged In The US
An article released by BBC News is indicating that the former security boss of a lottery in the US has been charged with fraud after allegedly hacking the computer that picks the winning numbers. So what does that have to do with Belize? Well according to the report the court filings suggest there was an attempt to claim the prize just hours before it was scheduled to expire by a company incorporated in Belize. Eddie Raymond Tipton was the security director for the Multi-State Lottery Association when he was arrested in January 2015 by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations after he was caught on closed circuit television buying the winning lottery ticket.

Orange Walk Central To Be Inaugurated, Says Mayor Kevin Bernard
The Orange Walk Central Park has seen a complete facelift and over the past weeks, families have been enjoying the new space with their children. The work at the park has not been fully completed but will soon be as the council will soon be installing a playground. And while that part of the project is finalized, the council will officially be inaugurating the park tomorrow and the public is invited to join in on the event. “I know people may say the children slides have not come in as yet we are right now working with our friend in the diaspora getting contribution because what I saw with the garbage bins that were placed it is a collaboration with the Orange Walk people living abroad and they want to participate further by assisting us at the council to bring in the playgrounds so we are working on all of those things but yes the official inauguration is tomorrow at 4pm at the Central Park and I am asking everybody to be part of that.”

US National Promotes Football In Belize
Over the weekend, the Bel Care Football Youth Academy in Orange Walk was launched signalling much needed sport events for the youths of town. The Academy is one being carried out countrywide thanks to Belizean/American Michael Lindo who lives in New York City. According to the organizer, Lindo has always been an avid football fan and while he is away in the US, his home country Belize has always remained in his heart. And in an effort to get the young ones into the football sport, Lindo has made a significant contribution in the form of equipment to schools and teams countrywide. DEAN FLOWERS – Organizer, BelCare OW “Mr. Lindo resides in New York or the past 54 years but he saw the need to do something positive for the children and the thought the best way to do this is through football so he dreamt of an academy and a such he went to one World Play Project and we were able to get 2350 of these balls that I have here in my hand which are funded by Chevrolet, which is the main sponsor of Manchester United and Belize has received 2350 of these balls and we have intentions to requisition more and we go from district to district launching these projects and we realize that there is greater demand for footballs and for the kids to play so the idea is to get the necessary resources put them in the hands of responsible coaches and just allow for children to play we are not concern about elite football at this point in time in our young stage of the academy we are concern about introducing our children to football and allowing them the opportunity to play have fun and recreate.”

San Pedro Charges Five Persons In Possession Of Large Volume Of Cocaine
San Pedro Police have arrested and charged five men for having in their possession a large volume of the highly addictive Cocaine. According to island cops, they conducted a search at an apartment in the San Pedrito Area around 12:30pm today where they were met by five male persons. Upon further inspection, authorities made the discovery of a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine. The men were placed under arrest and escorted to the San Pedro Police Station where they were identified as 45 year old Cyril Wade, 34 year old Richard Adderly, 40 year old Edmond Alvarez, 26 year old Edwin Goody and 20 year old Joel Young. The men were jointly charged for drug trafficking. The drugs weighed a total of 83.8 grams.

25 Year Old Drowns In The New River
A twenty five year old man drowned over the weekend in San Estevan Village in the Orange Walk District. Alejandro Arjona, a Belizean living in Cancun, Mexico was socializing with a group of men near the San Estevan Ferry area on Sunday evening when he jumped in the river. According to one of Arjona’s cousins who was socializing with the group, when Arjona jumped in the river he pulled him out. But Arjona asked to be left alone and shortly after went back into the water, went under and never resurfaced. The men he was with tried to look for him and found his body shortly after. He was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital and pronounced dead at 6:42 Sunday night. Alejandro Aurelio Arjona resides in Cancun and was on a two week visit at his grandmother who lives in San Estevan Village.

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Third Belize City murder in four days, police charge teenager
While Roaring Creek has seen a spate of murders over the past few months,Belize City has seen three incidents of murder in the last six days dating back to the end of the Easter weekendThe latest was brazen and disturbing, but police have solved it rather quickly...

Roaring creek men shot; one dead, other hospitalized
One man is dead and another critical in the hospital after they were both shot early Saturday morning in the village of Roaring Creek.The two men, Allan Garbutt and Jermaine Welcome,were sitting on the verandah of Allan Garbutt’s home, eating fried chicken and socialising just before 1:30 that morni...

Football Federation’s decisions on McCauley and Pelayo
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) met in General Congress over the weekend to discuss its plans and objectives for football in the coming year...

Lake I squatters to move to Cotton Tree
Last week a group of persons squatting on a private piece of property in the area behind the Lake Independence Boulevard reported that they were being given a week to move after receiving formal notice of eviction, some for the third time, as they have been caught previously twice on the Government ...

Man drowns but wife says she believes it is murder
A 58 year old Guatemalan, living in the village of Camalote, Cayo was found floating in the nearby river  on Sunday morning around 11 am apparently dead...

Mexican man drowns in Orange Walk
There was another drowning , this time in Orange Walk.  According to police reports, on April 12, 25-year-old Alejandro Aurelio Arjona of Cancun, Mexico drowned near the ferry at San Estevan Village.  Arjona was reportedly under the influence of alcohol and was accompanied by his cousin of San Es...

Hon. John Briceno back in court today
Back to court news:  Hon Tulio Mendez was not the only Area Representative who went to the Orange Walk court house today.  Hon. John Briceno, Orange Walk Central Area Representative, was also back at court today after his first arraignment  on February 4...

Man sought for carnal knowledge of girl
And speaking of  sexual crimes, a 27 year old man of Belize City is being sought by police for the carnal knowledge of a minor...

Orange Walk East Area Rep back in court
Orange Walk East Representative Marco “Tulio” Mendez was back in court today . This was his second appearance at court after he was criminally charged in February of this year...

Big Falls villager dies after suspected Hit and Run
One person is dead after what appears to be a hit and run accident in Big Falls Toledo. According to reports, the body of Big Falls villager Jose Moralez was found on the  left hand side of the road leading to village of Big Falls, about half a mile from the Big Falls bridge...

Kareem Staine charged with Denver Villafranco’s murder
In January of this year, 23 year old Denver Villafranco  was murdered while walking  on Mahogany Street. He was attacked by three men, one of whom stabbed him  to the right side of the abdomen. Villafranco, a volunteer for the Belize Defence Force, did not survive the attack...

Arrests in murder of Coast Guard found beaten at Welcome Center
Police have also made arrests in connection to the murder of  Coast Guard Aurelio Monterowho was found badly beaten at the Welcome Center in San Ignacio last Saturday and succumbed to his injuries the following Tuesday...


“Ghost,” 40, slain in “Ghost Town”
Tensions were high in the Mayflower Street area of Belize City on Saturday following the shocking broad daylight murder of an individual who was well-known in the area and spent a lot of time there. The incident took place at around 9:20 a.m. on Saturday, April 11, inside a yard that is located at #5 Mayflower Street in the area known as “Ghost Town,” the base of the reputed Ghost Town Crips. Police said that Edward Usher, 40, also known as “Ghost,” a resident of the area, had just entered the property when he was ambushed by a gunman. Upon seeing the assailant, Usher reportedly tried to subdue him, but was blasted with a bullet in the neck.

Iguana Street resident gunned down in Trench Alley
Michael Horace Foreman, 32, better known as “Popeye,” a resident of Iguana Street Extension in the Collet area, and the son of a police superintendent, was shot to death around 10:30 last night, Thursday, April 9, while sitting on a bucket in a yard in Trench Alley. His killer reportedly sneaked up from behind, and shot him in the back of the head. Police transported Foreman to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he was then rushed to the Belize Medical Associates for a CT-scan to examine the extent of the injury he received. The scan revealed that the bullet was lodged in his head. About three hours later, Foreman was returned to the KHMH, but died of his injuries at about 4:30 this morning, Friday.

Percival Pilgrim, 20, charged for Ghost’s murder
Police say that internal gang warfare has erupted in “Ghost Town,” as the Mayflower Street area has come to be known, between factions of the Ghost Town Crips. On Saturday, the war claimed yet another life when Edward “Ghost” Usher, 40, was executed on his own turf. According to reports, Usher had been shot in the neck, head and back. This afternoon, police brought Percival Pilgrim, 20, to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court, where he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who arraigned him on a single count of murder “for intentionally causing the death of Edward Usher by unlawful means.”

Maxboro man found naked and decomposing
Two children who went to visit their father at 32 Maxboro this evening after school were horrified when they opened his house and found him naked and decomposing in a sofa in the hall of the house. Leon Dennis Brodhurst, better known as Leon Leslie, 31, of Maxboro, had been stabbed about 7 times in the chest and his throat had been slashed. His trousers had been thrown over his face. An onsite autopsy will be conducted on Leslie’s body by Dr. Mario Estrada Bran, police coroner, and his team from the National Forensic Unit at about 6:00 tomorrow morning, after which the body will be buried immediately. Leslie’s stepfather, Steven Staine, told Amandala that he was last seen by the family on Saturday, when he had gone to the house to spend time with them and to have lunch with his mother. He was well, but reported that he had been threatened.

CCJ may hear its first criminal appeal from Belize
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), usually based in Port of Spain, Trinidad, is scheduled to hold its first sitting in the country of Belize next Monday, but that visit will be historic for more reasons than one: that is because the CCJ will deliberate on its first application from Belize to hear an appeal for a murder conviction. The CCJ is slated to hear arguments on Monday, April 20, 2015, on whether it should grant special leave for Gregory August, 26, to appeal against the Queen, following a conviction back in 2012 by a jury, after hearings before Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas. The Court of Appeal heard the case last year, and upheld the conviction of life in prison, handed down by the lower court.

Ian Morrison showcases Belize’s cart and carrier cycle culture
In a city abuzz with all sorts of automobiles, including the latest models of SUVs, young Belize City residents may not be able to imagine an era when the popular modes of transportation were manually-built carts and carriers, propelled by a human engine. The most popular vestige of this era in our history is the bicycle carts, since, on a smaller scale, some city vendors still make use of these fuel-free modes of transportation. Some of these carts traditionally sold fresco (crushed ice with syrup) in the streets, and many of them still do! Ian Morrison, an engineer by profession, said that as a child, he loved building things with his hands. His curiosity led him on a search for information to put together a book on these types of vehicles that were used in the past, but when he met with Noel Escalante, the photographer prodded him to take it to the next level and to launch an exhibit instead. Morrison took up the challenge and two and a half years later, he unveiled the Carts & Carrier Cycles Exhibit at the Belisle Art Gallery, at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City.

Judge will rule on Keyren Tzib bail application Wed
On Easter Monday, April 6, a Coast Guard vessel was returning to base after a multi-agency operation around San Pedro, but before the boat docked, there was a shooting on board and Keyren Tzib, 24, who is employed in the Belize Coast Guard as a “seaman,” was arrested and charged for the shooting. Tzib was arraigned on attempted murder and two related criminal charges when she appeared before the Chief Magistrate on Tuesday. She was remanded to prison and has to apply to the Supreme Court for bail. Having completed the necessary paperwork, this morning, Tzib and her attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, appeared before Supreme Court Justice Herbert Lord to argue the bail application.

Bob Lightburn Half-Marathon results
The Bob Lightburn Holy Saturday Half-Marathon, named after the legendary marathon champion of the 1960’s, started off from BTL Park just a few minutes after the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic on the morning of April 4; but on Holy Saturday, everything is Cross Country, so not many fans were around to witness the finish of the foot race, which saw some notable veterans as well as some promising young runners, both male and female, completing the grueling 13.1 mile journey. The man himself, Bob Lightburn, appearing not a pound over his running weight, was on hand to say a few words to the runners before the start, and to present the trophies and medals after the race. A private group, led by Ian Gray and including Darwin Rhaburn and others, organized the race, which was traditionally conducted under the auspices of the Amateur Athletic Association. According to Gray, assistance was also received through the efforts of Belize Olympian Collin Thurton in the U.S.

FFB wants embattled Rawell Pelayo to resign
A senior Football Federation of Belize (FFB) executive, who in June of last year pleaded guilty to conspiring to contravene US narcotics laws, will be given an opportunity to resign, rather than to be booted from his post. That was the decision that was made at the FFB’s 8th Congress which was held this past Saturday, April 11, at its headquarters in Belmopan. After the session, FFB President, Ruperto Vicente, told the media that although Pelayo’s expulsion was on the agenda for the day, it was later struck off to give him an opportunity to meet with the Federation and make a more orderly exit instead. He said, “Mr. Pelayo is a member of the football family, and we want to treat every member of our football family with respect.”

PLB playoffs start Wednesday
The Premier League of Belize Closing Season wrapped up its regular season over the weekend, and with the final games yesterday, the top 4 teams and their seeding have been determined for the playoffs which get under way on Wednesday of this week. In a ruling made on Friday by the Disciplinary Committee, FC Belize, who defaulted to Police United on Wednesday of last week, was suspended from the rest of the tournament, so their scheduled Saturday night game was awarded to Belmopan Bandits with a (3-0) score applied. The last 3 regular season games were played yesterday, Sunday. At the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga, home standing Wagiya defended home turf with a 3-2 win over Placencia Texmar Assassins. Meanwhile, at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio, the home team was not so fortunate, as visiting Police United bombed San Ignacio United by a 6-1 margin.

NEBL first ever All Star Game
he National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) resumed after the Easter break with some key games that had significant playoff implications. Fans are reminded that all games have a live webcast, where the play-by-play, along with box scores, are available for all games. Fans can follow every game live on the internet, as scores are in real time, at Dangriga Warriors get huge win in Orange Walk. The Dangriga Warriors (3-5) got a much needed victory against Orange Walk Running Rebels (2-6) at the Orange Walk Multi-Purpose Complex on Saturday night, maintaining a tie for the fourth and final playoff spot with Belize City No Limit. No Limit gets revenge against city rivals, as Chippy Rudon scored 38. Belize City No Limit (3-5) got a huge win Saturday night at Bird’s Isle, where they narrowly edged the Belize Hurricanes (2-6), after they were trailing by 9 points in the fourth quarter, to come back and secure a 59-56 win. No Limit was led by Gregory “Chippy” Rudon, who had the game high 38 pts, to go with 2 assists and 2 rebs, on 71% shooting from the field.

The fraternity of the law
In February of 1970, more than 45 years ago, the then publisher and editor of this newspaper, Ismail Omar Shabazz and Evan X Hyde, respectively, were arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy. Her Majesty’s Government of British Honduras alleged that Shabazz and X Hyde were attempting to bring the colony’s administration of justice into disrepute by publishing a front page story in Amandala entitled “Games Old People Play.” At the time of the offending article’s publication, there were a couple election petition cases taking place in the Supreme Court of British Honduras. This was in the immediate aftermath of the general election of December 8, 1969, in which the ruling People’s United Party (PUP) had won 17 seats, while the Opposition National Independence Party (NIP) and the People’s Development Movement (PDM) coalition (NIPDM) had won just one seat. The NIPDM candidate for the Freetown constituency, Henry Fairweather, had filed an election petition against the electoral victory of the PUP Freetown candidate, Premier George Price.

From the Publisher
Every now and then you will hear informed people refer to the late Lee Kuan Yew and the economic miracle he accomplished in Singapore, a former British colony, but informed people will not always explain that the foundation of Singapore’s success was and is an extreme and rigid discipline. In Belize, another former British colony, we are blessed with many more natural resources than Singapore, but there is a raging indiscipline in Belize which is evident as soon as you have to enter the streets. The way drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians behave here is in a most disorderly manner. Our societal discipline in Belize is a major obstacle as we try to develop our young nation-state. Perhaps enough has been said about the corruption of elected politicians and other public “servants” in Belize. This column will focus more on the indiscipline of the individual citizen. Those of a colonial mentality will be quick to blame self-rule and the replacement of British supervision as the reason for Belize’s present lawlessness. If this is so, it did not have to be so. Belize could surely have moved from colonialism to self-rule without moving from order to disorder.

Cassandra … the PUP saga
Dear Editor, The current PUP leadership makes the Belizean people feel a bit like Cassandra, the mythological Greek daughter of the king of Troy who could see the future – most famously, her city-state’s doom – but was cursed such that no one would listen to her. This is a bit of an exaggeration some may say, but is it? The current leadership of the PUP can see that with names such as Fonseca, Musa and Julius Espat as its voice and face, the people of Belize will not vote PUP anytime soon, and hence, the party is headed for another resounding defeat at the polls and apparent doom, but they are cursed to the point where they will not listen to reason. The polls, though not scientific, speak clearly to the voters’ fear, fatigue and downright frustration at the names aforementioned. One only needs to walk or talk to the common man, the man on the street, who, incidentally, makes up the majority of our voting population, to understand why, despite the missteps of the ruling administration, the PUP, in the eyes of the majority, with its current leadership constitution, is not an option or a risk the voters are willing to take.

Holy Emmanuel Street residents to be displaced…again
A group of Holy Emmanuel Street residents, who are once again in danger of being displaced by the proposed development of the area near to the Chetumal Street Bridge, are trying to make their voices heard by speaking out against the latest prospect of land eviction. Amandala understands that a few weeks ago, Jia Wei Li, an Asian businessman, sent a representative along with police officers to the area to inform over a dozen families who reside in the vicinity of the strip cleared for access to the bridge that they must vacate their homes by April 15 or face eviction. Today, a few of those affected families decided to alert the media of the situation because they understand that they will eventually have to move because the new land owner reportedly has a legitimate title, but they believe that they are being pushed around by authorities who promised to assist them to find an alternative place to live. We spoke to Consuelo Urbina, who told us that they have been trying to contact their area representative, Hon. Mark King, in order to be relocated and compensated for the properties that they have occupied, but to no avail.

Belize more “liquid” than ever!
Bank savings accounts and shares in the major utility companies are some of the financial investment vehicles that have been traditionally used in Belize; however, in recent years, we have seen new investment vehicles emerge, with the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) launching into debentures to the public and the Belize City Council offering the chance for the public to invest in municipal bonds. For BEL and the Belize City Council, offering these financial options has both ensured that they have been able to raise tens of millions of dollars without paying the double-digit interest rates charged by commercial banks, and enabled persons with extra money to earn more interest than the banks are now offering. Ervin Perez, managing director and partner of Legacy Fund Limited, says that were it not for legislation that imposes a floor on interest rates – a minimum of 2.5% which banks must pay customers who save with them – the rates would probably have plummeted to well below the existing norm, which means that savers would get virtually nothing for putting money in the banks.

Rebellion at Santander sugar mill
Not long after the work week started at Santander’s sugar milling facility today, a group of approximately 75 discontented employees initiated a protest on the premises. The reason, we were told, is that some of the workers believe that they are being underpaid and subjected to unjust working conditions, among other issues. When Amandala arrived at the area just before midday, three truckloads of riot personnel from the Belmopan police were leaving the compound, since tensions had subsided by that time, but we were informed that some six officers remained stationed at the facility, which is presently under construction, in order to keep the peace. A few of the workers who participated in the protest spoke with the media this morning, and they said that they felt cheated by their employer, which allegedly has been paying them much less than had been promised.

Where is Keia?
The Gentle family of Nutmeg Street of the St. Martin De Porres area of the city are trying to determine the whereabouts of Keia Gentle, 16, who disappeared from their home on Wednesday morning, April 8. She is believed to have run away. Police have since begun a search for her and her photo has been posted at the precinct stations in Belize City. Keia’s mother, Ava Belgrave, said that she is so worried about her daughter that she cannot sleep. Ava told Amandala that Keia was well-loved and cared for at home. However, on Wednesday, she saw two girls with her daughter who she believed had run away from the “Children’s Home”. She asked the two girls to leave, she said.

Judge will rule on Keyren Tzib bail application Wed
On Easter Monday, April 6, a Coast Guard vessel was returning to base after a multi-agency operation around San Pedro, but before the boat docked, there was a shooting on board and Keyren Tzib, 24, who is employed in the Belize Coast Guard as a “seaman,” was arrested and charged for the shooting. Tzib was arraigned on attempted murder and two related criminal charges when she appeared before the Chief Magistrate on Tuesday. She was remanded to prison and has to apply to the Supreme Court for bail. Having completed the necessary paperwork, this morning, Tzib and her attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, appeared before Supreme Court Justice Herbert Lord to argue the bail application. After hearing arguments from the applicant’s attorney as to why bail should be granted, the state, which is being represented by Senior Crown Counsel Lindbert Willis, was “not prepared” with an argument opposing bail, because “the time was too short.”

Patrick JonesPJ

Area representative re-states position on squatting
10 Belize City families who were told last week that they had a week to move will be moving to new properties in the area of Cotton Tree, Cayo District. But it has come to light that there are many more families living in the area of the […]

Shooting leaves Belize City man hospitalized
In Belize City, 48 year old Mark Franklin Broaster is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital from injuries sustained when a gunman targeted him around 7:20 Monday night in Belize City. The resident of the Pickstock Street area was standing in front of his house when his […]

Man’s decomposing body found in Maxboro
Police are investigating yet another murder in the Belize District, this one in the residential subdivision of Maxboro. It is not yet clear to police who wanted 31 year old Leon Leslie Sr., residing in house 271 in the subdivision, dead, but it was clear that the deed […]

New Vaccine Storage Facility to be inaugurated
A new Vaccine Storage Facility will be inaugurated on Wednesday at the Western Regional Hospital Compound. This new facility which will primarily be used as storage was constructed after officials from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) carried out several evaluations of the National Vaccine Storage Facility and saw the […]

Escaped convict sought by police
Today, 37 year old Angel Torres who escaped from the police while being transported to the Belize Central Prison remains on the run according to authorities in the north. As we’ve previously reported on Thursday afternoon around 1:45pm as he and other prisoners were being transported to spend day one […]

Murder in the Belize District
Yesterday evening around 5pm, based on information received Belize City police visited the community of Maxboro in Sandhill Village in the Belize District. Upon their arrival at a residence, they observed the lifeless body of 31 year old Leon Leslie Sr on a sofa inside his beige color bungalow house. […]

Mayor Bradley defends Downtown Rejuvenation Project
Last week artist and former director of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) Yasser Musa came out guns blazgrey Mayor Bradley defends Downtown Rejuvenation Projecting against the House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project, calling it a “colonial bomb” designed to blow up in Belizeans’ faces and charging that NICH generally has been neglecting its human resources – artists, artisans and musicians who are working to preserve Belizean culture. grey Mayor Bradley defends Downtown Rejuvenation ProjectToday Mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley offered a rebuttal of sorts, acknowledging that some of Musa’s criticisms are fair, if not completely cognizant of the scale and development of the project. First Bradley addressed the criticism of unfair distribution of resources, challenging Musa to publicly give his input. He said that it is not enough to simply criticize; one must be willing to join in if necessary to make your opinion count.

Belize City to host Business Improvement Areas
In conjunction with the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED), the Belize City Council today hosted a volunteer under the auspices of the Canadian Technical Assistance Program to present the concept of a Business Improvement Area to businessmen and other residents of Belize City, particularly those in the downtown area stretching from Birds’ Isle to Regent Street West including several of the landmarks to be renovated under the $15 million Taiwan-funded Downtown and House of Culture Rejuvenation Project. In simple terms, a BIA, which was first established in the Canadian province of Ontario, brings together local businesspersons and commercial property owners and tenants to work together, along with the local government, to organize and carry out physical improvements and promote economic development in their area, for the cost of a simple membership fee.


A New Visit to The Most Fascinating Property on Ambergris Caye – Essene Way
Fact: There is no property on Ambergris Caye more interesting than Essene Way. (Can facts be based solely on my opinion?) The original owner (back in the early 1980s) was the heir to the Perrier water fortune. He developed the Belizean Hotel – it had six beautiful cabins and a lounge – and the third hotel north of the bridge after El Pescador (1974) and Journey’s End (1984). After his death, the place was sold to some developers who tried and failed at building and selling condo-cabanas (the ones you see now). The bank took it back and sat on it for a while. The current owner bought it during the 90’s and went nuts spending and building. The super-large structure on the property now was to have been his family home. The aim was to have his family live there after the disaster that was to be Y2K. He put up the largest solar-panel installation in Central America, he brought in an array of pairs of animals & a lot of black dirt for growing food. He built a survival dome and stocked it with food. And so…it is in its current state. Here are the pictures of what is there as of yesterday. Fascinating and hauntingly beautiful. I’m glad there are people living there…this huge property on one gorgeous stretch of beachfront might, otherwise, creep me out. On the south end of the property nestled just up against Captain Morgan’s Resort is the only more current development – these condos.

International Sourcesizz

New Canadian Initiatives in the Americas
At the seventh Summit of the Americas (April 10 to 11, 2015) in Panama City, Panama, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the following projects aimed at strengthening health, security and democratic governance, and border management across Latin America and the Caribbean. Health: Canada is a global leader in ending the preventable deaths of mothers, newborns and children in the developing world, including in the Americas. Maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) remains Canada’s top international development priority. To further support this priority in the Americas, our Government is announcing the following projects:

Canadian couple chronicles pirate attack survival story on video
The couple set sail March 27 on the boat they hired from an American captain in Belize, bound for Roatan – one of the idyllic Bay Islands off Honduras. “We met him, our captain, online and we were working as crew members in exchange to learn how to sail,” Reinholdt told Global News in a Skype interview from Mexico, where the couple is now recovering from the ordeal. They were attacked just a day later, and less than a day away from their destination, when they moved to anchor closer to the Honduran shoreline to avoid stormy seas for the night. It was about 5:00 p.m. on March 28. Reinholdt said the four men in a fishing boat came after their vessel as they went to anchor for the night. “It was going at such great speeds that we really thought this was odd,” she said. As a precaution, Wasinger and the captain told her to go down into the cabin. At first the young men said they only wanted gas for their boat. But they continued to tail and circle the vessel even after Wassinger said there was no fuel to spare.

New mesoamerican pine beetle described
A newly-discovered species of tree-killing bark beetle, Dendroctonus mesoamericanus Armendáriz-Toledano and Sullivan, has been described in a paper published online in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America by a group of researchers that includes a U.S. Forest Service scientist. Numerous and diverse studies by a research team that includes members from the U.S., Mexico, and Norway determined the organism to be a species new to science and provided information needed to manage the insect, which may share responsibility with the southern pine beetle for catastrophic damage to pines of Central America in recent years. Researchers have found mesoamerican pine beetles attacking eight species of native Central American pines and have collected the insect from Belize, southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.


  • Careful with boats around manatees, 1min. Belize boasts one the largest population of Antillean manatees - with just over a 1,000 animals. Manatee Conservationists have reported an unprecedented number of manatee deaths for 2015. In just this first quarter of the year, there are over half the number of deaths recorded in 2014; and the majority have been recorded at the Belize River mouth area. Yet, even with clear "No Wake Zone" signs boats continue to speed in the manatee populated area - as was captured in this video.

  • Guatemala and Belize, 7min. Our trip to Guatemala and Belize. We had 2 weeks learing Spanish and staying with a family in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan then on to Antigua city for Semana Santa. We then headed to Belize(3mins 40s) and Long Caye on the Lighthouse Reef for Diving and a slice of luxury and paradise!

  • DJ ZOG EASTERFEST 2015 (San Pedro, Belize), 17sec. Watch 17 seconds of the DJ Zog takeover in San Pedro Island, Belize! Easterfest 2015 on Ammbergris Caye!


  • The Threats of Offshore Drilling to Belize's Marine Biodiversity, 10min.

  • The KKK 'violent' Imperial Wizard on living life in Belize, 5min.

  • Ambergris Caye Belize 2015, 10min.

  • Belize Snorkeling Off Ambergris Caye, 8min. Awesome snorkeling just off Ambergris Caye in Belize. Lots of Rays, Nurse Sharks and a really cute Sea Turtle.

  • NORWEGIAN PEARL CRUISE - BELIZE CITY, BELIZE - WESTERN CARIBBEAN, 3min. Bacab Jungle horseback ride Safari , Aboard the Jewell.

  • Belize In America Tours Belize 2014, 2min.

  • Snorkelling Caye Corker, Belize, 2min. Large sea turtles, sting rays, beautiful coral and sunny weather... what more could you want. Belize has the second largest reef in the world and it doesn't disappoint.

  • Flying to Belize City, 1min.

  • Norwegian Pearl Caribbean cruise 2014/15, 5min. Tour of the Norwegian Pearl on a Caribbean cruise during Christmas-New Years 2014/15.

  • Belize Study Abroad 2015 (HD version), 9min. It was hard to condense such an awesome journey into 9 minutes. This is just a quick run through of the amazing time that my friends and I had in Belize over Spring Break. Enjoy!

  • The Police System In Belize..... [#%!] up and Currupted, 5min. I was a victim myself of a past assult from our beloved police officers... Wish my case was recorded like this one..... I can feel his pain....

  • Crocodile Canyon, Belize, 1min.

  • Belize Yoga Retreat, 1min. Belize Yoga Retreat . . . . . . Ak'bol Yoga Retreat & Eco Resort, San Pedro Town .

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