The massive erosion along the coastline continues to cause concern to coastal residents and Dangriga is no exception.

The Brothers and Sisters Keepers Group (BSK) have certainly made its mark along the northern beach of beautiful Dangriga right in front of the Garden of Gethsemany (Dangriga Cemetery). Visitors and residence will remember a bushy and eroded area, but now has a new experience of clean and clear coastline thanks to the vision of Clarence “Sarali” Castillo, the leader of BSK.

According to Clarence about a month ago, he started to use his hoe and rake to clean the beach and a few others like Brother Cacho joined and now the beach is community friendly, as seen in the pictures. They erected two sheds with seating accommodation and the clearing continues.

They are asking for any support that can be given -financially or material wise. Their primary goal is to restore the beach. They can always be found at the beach for those wishing to assist the small but vibrant group. People are enjoying the new ambiance and take advantage of it during and after funerals, or just to hang out and cool off. This is a great example of what community members can do when they take ownership of their surroundings.

Patrick Jones