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The San Pedro Sun

Pet of the Week: Meet Sarih!
Sarih is the name and Play Time is the game! I am 11 months old and ready to hit the streets, but not as a stray ever again. When Saga found me I was very skinny and in need of some TLC. Ms. Ingrid cleaned me up and gave me a soft place to sleep. I pass my time playing with my pals at Ft. Dog. What I really need is a family to call my own. How can you resist my smile?

Wolfe's Woofer: Marriage Secret
"Hey, Tom," I said. "What are you doing all dressed up?" "I'm going to an anniversary party," Tom Vidrine said. "A friend of mine from Louisiana is celebrating his twenty-fifth year of marriage with a Belize vacation." "Twenty-five years!" I said. "That is amazing. What do you suppose is the secret of staying married for that long?" "I know exactly what Robert's secret is," Tom said. "I was there at the wedding." He told me the story. The wedding took place in Baton Rouge, deep in the heart of southern Louisiana. It was a very glamorous affair with the bride and groom arriving in a horse drawn carriage. After the ceremony the couple climbed aboard the carriage to head off to the honeymoon.

Letter to the Editor: Consider the 'older' tourist
Letters-to-the-EditorWe have been keeping updated back home by reading the San Pedro Sun online. Thank you for great service. We feel strong about representing our age group. This is due to my past employment and long experience in hotel management, planning and marketing. We are now retired and looking for a senior friendly travel destination. For tourism organizations all over the world, the age group 60 and above represents the demographic of high priority. Why? Believe it or not, this age group (60 and above) spends the most money of all age groups during a vacation stay. Numerous surveys show we "oldies" spend in average US$666 (=$1332BZ) per person during our vacation, all on location. That is for restaurants, shopping, souvenirs, gifts and tours; not including travel and housing. On location, we oldies spend double the money than the very budget conscious travel group age 18 to 29 and still a quarter more than the age groups 30 to 59. Yes, we oldies have the most money saved, and therefore the most money on hand and ready for spending while on vacation :)

Doctor Love: Working Relationships and Bad Driving
Dear Doctor Love, Me and my wife have been arguing since Valentine's day. She came home with a rose that her boss at work gave her. I don't think that something like this is the right thing for a boss to give to his employee. People will start thinking that something is going on between them. She says that he bought one for her and the other two women in the office to show his appreciation for them. I don't care about the other two women because I am not married to them. I don't want my wife bringing things like this home and making people talk. She knows I don't like this kind of stuff because the same thing happened at Christmas. How can I get her to stop this kind of thing? /s/ Hard Worker

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Volleball is great, it teaches us positivity, sportsmanship and cooperation
Just met these guys in Punta Gorda Town and they had some interesting thoughts to share: "Punta Gorda is a peaceful and traditional town, we don't see a lot of violence around here. It would be great if guys our age in other parts of the country stopped acting violent and found something positive to do. Like playing sports! We come here every day, actually. The older generation used to come here and they encouraged us to start playing. Now we've been playing every day since 8 years - unless there's rain - or a big hurricane. smile emoticon Volleball is great, it teaches us positivity, sportsmanship and cooperation - and we just won the district national championships!" Nathaniel Castillo, 15 Jonah Supaul, 18 Anfernii Archer, 19 Simon Sedassey, 16

LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, April 19, 2015: First: 1491 Second: 9001 Third: 2076 Missing: 3, 5, 8

BEL Completes Major Reliability Improvements to its Belize City Power Distribution System
On Sunday, April 19, Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) completed major works to improve the Company's ability to maintain, upgrade or relocate key infrastructure in the Belize City Load Center with minimal power interruptions and respond to a catastrophic equipment failure that could result in the disruption of supply to Belize City for weeks. The works included the use of a mobile substation at BEL's West Lake Facility and commissioning of the newly constructed Banak and Palloti substations located on Banak Street in Belize City and Mile 1 on the Philip Goldson Highway, respectively. This work was a part of BEL's Power Six Project funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The works proved timely, as BEL was asked to relocate two 115KV transmission structures on Mopan Street and Lake Independence Boulevard in Belize City to facilitate construction of major roadways under the Ministry of Works' Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Project. Ordinarily, carrying out these works would have resulted in an 11 hour power interruption affecting all of Belize City. However, the Company chose to use this opportunity to test and commission the two new substations in order to limit the outage to one hour - 30 minutes each at the start and completion of works.

Global Youth Service Day 2015
The Mopan River Cleanup, a community service project backed by many local clubs, went really well. And remember, don't litter. "To commemmorate Global Youth Service Day 2015 celebrated from April 17-18, 2015, volunteer groups including the FCD Environmental Youth Group, UB Environmental Club, JADE, Benque Youth Cadets & our club took part in Mopan River Day today in Succotz, Benque Viejo, Arenal & Melchor. The US Ambassador to Belize & staff from the US Embassy were also present. Mopan River Day was carried out to create awareness about the importance if preserving our rivers, and properly disposing of garbage."

NEBL All Star Night
The NEBL had their All Star game last night, and Kenny Lamb was there to capture all the incredible moments. Did he say he got 868 photos from the game?!?!? The game winning dunk by Jarel "Bird" Velasquez was bad ass! Fun time...mission accomplished! Game pics Pt 1. Game pics Pt 2. Slam Dunk Contest. Kenny Lamb. NEBL


Belize's Number One Striker Is Back Home
Football fans rejoice! That is because the country's premier striker, Deon McCaulay has returned to Belizean soil after a grand effort to fundraise for his return ticket was made possible by generous Belizeans home and abroad. For context, on Monday the Football Federation of Belize announced their position as it pertained to McCaulay playing for the National Team. The federation said that if McCaulay wanted to play with the team he would need to pay for his own transportation to get back from the US since he is ineligible by the rules to be brought using the federation's money. And while Deon is not signed with any international football club and is seriously cash strapped as an aspiring athlete, a group of people who form the Associations of Belize Concerned with Getting Deon Home banded together to start a dollar drive to get him in Belize. Well, their efforts worked and today Deon flew back to Belize from the US and was greeted by his family, friends and the media the PGIA.

Police Constable Charged For Extortion
While the public scrutiny on police mistreatment is still the topic of discussion in many households across the nation, in Caye Caulker, a rogue cop found himself in trouble after extorting money from a visiting tourist. According to the authorities, 25-year-old Stephanie Essiambre, a Canadian tourist reported that last Saturday at about 11:00 p.m., she was at an establishment located on Crocodile Street, Caye Caulker along with some friends in possession of a small quantity of Marijuana. A police officer saw this and approached her. Upon request, she showed it to him and he told her that she was going to jail unless she could provide him with $800. The tourist visited the station and made a report. Police have since arrested and charged Police Constable 621 Daniel Requena for extortion and was granted bail at $3000 and one surety. Requena is scheduled to reappear in court on June 30th.

Another Black Eye For The Jewel
Belize was named again in the international news and it is nothing good. An article published by Scunthorpe Telegraph, indicates that twelve persons have been detained, some of whom will serve time for a selling counterfeit Viagra under the cover of a mail-order fishing tackle business and had made well over ten million pounds. The conspiracy was carried out in the United Kingdom where the ring sold the pills online and in person to customers across the world. By claiming to sell jewelry, fishing tackle and cosmetics, the group received payments electronically and laundered the proceeds through more than one hundred bank accounts. The article states quote, "The court heard the conspiracy lasted eight years from 2004 and continued even after the gang was arrested on September 20, 2011, following an investigation by the drugs regulatory body, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory. When banks started to ask questions, the group opened accounts offshore in Belize and Panama. Some days back we had reported on a fraud by an individual who attempted to rig a lottery game. Reports said that filings suggest there was an attempt to claim the prize just hours before it was scheduled to expire by a company incorporated in Belize. These are only recent reports in which criminals use fake companies in Belize to channel drugs or launder money. Numerous reports have surfaced before these and only serve to mar the image of our beloved Jewel.

The Reporter

Pastor in Orange Walk charged with child pornography
Gerardo Lopez, 60, a pastor of Boca de Poder Evangelical Church in Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk, is facing a slew of child pornography offenses after an anonymous woman handed over pictures of the pastor and two little girls, taken in the nude. Based on the pictures provided, along with information from an official at the Trial Farm Government School that one of the girls, a 10 year-old, had been missing classes, police raided Lopez' home Friday morning. Lopez has confessed to taking the pictures of the little girls, the second of whom is only three years old, and their mother. When police searched Lopez' cell phone it also contained nude pictures of the mother and children.

Jaguars National Football Team begins training camp Monday with Deon McCauley onboard
The Jaguars National Football Team members, Deon McCauley included, are expected to report to camp on Monday to begin their training in preparation for the next round of eliminations in the World Cup games, when they face the Dominican Republic in a few months. McCauley, Belize's star striker, had become the main topic of discussion when he did not appear for the first two games against the Cayman Islands in March, arrived in Belize on Friday, at the invitation of a group of young civilians who went on a $1 drive to raise $5,000 to cover the cost of McCauley's plane ticket and his stipend for the duration of the camp. That effort was deemed necessary after the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) said it couldn't provide McCauley with a plane ticket to travel from the U.S., where he had been playing for almost a year. McCauley, however, was one of several members on the Atlanta Silverbacks team who were relieved for financial reasons. On Saturday April 15th, Football Federation of Belize (FFB) President, Ruperto Vicente explained that McCaulay was ineligible by FFB rules to be brought home using Federation money. Later within the week the group of fans that refer to themselves as the Association of Belizeans Concerned with getting Deon Home (ABCD) raised the funds within two days.

The Belize Times

U.S. Banks Blacklist Belize - PM Barrow cries into the wind, claims "damnation by innuendo"
Belize's economy which is already on life-support and barely kept alive by the slew of loans made by the Barrow Administration has received another heavy blow with the announcement that United States' banks could soon end their correspondent banking arrangement with our local banks. This arrangement, which has existed since the early years of Belize's economy, has allowed a customer of a bank in one country to send money to someone in another country, even if the bank in question does not have a branch there. U.S. Banks are at the center of the global financial system and Belize's banks are strategically linked to them. The threat by U.S. banks to cut off Belize is believed to be a direct result of the country's designation by the U.S. 2015 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) as a "Major Illicit Drug Producing, Major Drug-Transit, Major Money Laundering" state [see page 07 of April 5, 2015 edition of the BELIZE TIMES]. The United States Government, in a move to enforce rules at preventing money-laundering and starving terrorists of funds, has toughened up on big international banks in America for lapses in their controls relating to money-laundering, sanctions and the financing of terrorism. In response, the banks have imposed stricter controls and those on clients that resist end up suffering consequences. This could lead to a very serious dilemma for Belize.

Bring Back Deon!!
The Government of Belize has been put to shame! It has taken a campaign launched by a group of Belizean youth to raise funds to pay for Deon McCauley's travel to Belize so he could join the Belize National Football team as it prepares for its upcoming World Cup 2nd round qualifier match against the Dominican Republic on June 8th. This campaign came about because neither the Minister of Sports John Saldivar nor the Football Federation of Belize has offered to find the resources to bring Belize's number 1 striker to play for Belize. It appears that Saldivar and the FFB Executives have a personal and petty beef against McCauley and are placing their vendetta above the interest of the country.

36 Murders ALREADY!!!
Despite Belize already having the reputation of a dangerous and crime-filled country, the Barrow Administration refuses to fight crime by tackling the root causes seriously. The result has been more gun violence and killing. This year is turning out to be a very deadly one. Bullets are flying as angry and armed youth living in poverty and lured by gangs and broken down turfs turn at eat each other, while the Government turns a blind eye. There are already 36 murders since the year began. But more frightening is that the first 13 days of April have been filled with murders. There have been 8 murders and we are only in the middle of the month. The whole of April in 2014 had 12 murders.

Senator Andrews Condemns Firing at Belmopan City Hall
The grand puppet master John Saldivar is already pulling the strings attached to his puppet, Mayor Khalid Belisle, at the Belmopan City Council. Last week Thursday, April 9th, 2015 Javier Novelo, who was employed as the Head of Engineering Section at the Council and who has worked at the Municipal Government body for over 10 years, was suddenly given the boot. In a statement released on Thursday, PUP Area Representative Senator Patrick Andrews described the move as an "example of the political arrogance". There has been no rational explanation for the firing by Mayor Belisle, but indications are that it was a political decision to get rid of someone who does not conform to the UDP's orders.

The Diaspora Debate
I visited the United States for the first time at the tail end of 1968. I remember disembarking after the first leg of my journey and thinking how misled my father had been about America. "You will need this", the ole man warned me, as he handed me an old heavy overcoat which he had hustled off a friend who had returned after a visit. I imagine I must have looked pretty silly getting off in Miami all bundled up like an Eskimo; heck, States was almost as warm as Belize. I made a mental note not to be caught like that again and made space in the old gray valise to stash away the coat. First chance that I got I would ditch that old useless relic and the ole man would be no wiser. I made the connecting flight, exchanging space on the old Tan/Taca double engine plane for a seat on the modern jet that would take me to my final destination. The New Year met me in the skies half way between Florida and Maryland and I was amazed at the fuss that was made over that event. Champagne was passed around and everyone was all happy and greeting each other. Growing up in Belize, we celebrated Christmas with much gusto and fanfare but New Years was not such a big deal. In recent times, as we have with many other customs of the north, we have adopted the celebration of the New Year and it has grown even bigger than Christmas.

Think About It
Friday morning around ten thirty there was stirring on Albert Street. People were turning their heads, some were inquiring, and others were hasting their walk to go greet him. Said Musa strolling casually on Albert Street by Hofius Store. For younger Belizeans the two-terms Prime Minister is little known. Said Musa comes from humble parents who like most of us were themselves humble folks. Said grew up selling tamales in the streets of the city. He graduated from that famous Anglican institution known as St. Michael's College which has produced the Governor General, the present Prime Minister, the current Attorney General and many other illustrious citizens. Said won a scholarship and studied law in Britain. Returning to Belize he worked in the Public Service as a Magistrate. He became a leader in the Public Service Union. He also started getting involved in social and political activities.

A Nation in Crisis
The newscast Monday night was a stark and disheartening reminder of where we are as a society under the present government. It is the worst possible indictment of the incompetence and heartless nature of the Dean Barrow-led government. The television news reported the sickening array of weekend murders. These included a man found stabbed to death inside his house at Maxboro. This murder followed the fatal shooting of an unarmed man at the reported hands of a member of his own neighborhood. Then two youth were shot and one killed in Roaring Creek. The past weekend was not one for unusual news events. It is the weekly diet of a cracked and tattered social structure reeling under a burden too heavy for our people to bear. We live in despair. Our society is in crisis. And it is getting worst. For eight years the country has been experiencing a visible and rapid decline where the failure of leadership, lack of commitment and neglect of the society and its citizens are pronounced.

Moen Stars, Jaguars & Rebels win volleyball matches
The Moen Stars outshined the Belmopan Mystics 3-1, the Jaguars mauled the S.Q. Dragons 3-1 and the Rebels went the full 5 sets for the 3-2 win over the Scorpions in the Belize District Volleyball Association's senior competition at the BES auditorium on Saturday night. Stars' Kelsey Balderamos, Sherika Burton, Nelissa Ramirez, Leandra Betson and Jahshema Saunders scored hits at the net on plays set by Karen Bevans to dominate the Mystics: 25-17, 25-27, 25-15 and 25-9. The Mystics had to go to extra points to win the 2nd set: 27-25 as Kori Diego, Krystal Jones, Kaylani Reid and Kayla Dawson scored points on plays set by Daniela Gibson and Kimanie Flowers, and Loren Henry and Jhonique Anderson came off the bench to reinforce their attack.

Team Digicell 4G dominates Weekend Warriors Cross Country Cycling Classic
Team Digicell 4G's Robert Mariano won the annual Weekend Warriors' Cross Country Cycling Classic, a 68-mile ride from the Loma Luz clinic in Santa Elena to the finish at CISCO construction on the George Price Highway on Sunday. Team Digicell 4G dominated with 4 cyclists in the top 10. 1st Robert Mariano - 3:33:00 - $100 prize & a trophy 2nd Kent "Bob" Gabourel - Team Benny's Megabytes - $75 prize & a trophy 3rd Calman Williams - Team Bel-Cal - 3:33:15 - $50 prize & a trophy 4th Warren Coye - Team Santino's - $25 prize & a trophy 5th Douglas Lamb - Team Digicell 4G - $25 prize & a trophy

Latrell Solis wins Don Omario's Cup
Latrell Solis won the 3rd Annual Don Omario's Cup table tennis tournament for under-19 players organized by the Belize Table Tennis Association at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium on Saturday. The top 32 best players competed in a double elimination format, which included the back-to-back defending champ Fabio Carballo; the No.1 ranked junior - Gian Lisbey; the 2014 Junior Player of the Year - Latrell Solis; and the 2015 Primary Schools champ Bjarne Gabourel. Two-time winner Fabio Carballo looked to make it a 3-some to keep the cup, but many other juniors challenged him for those bragging rights. Carballo made it to the semi-finals by wins over Kevin Chen, Taye Parkinson, Trevon Brown, and Latrell Solis, before falling to Bjarne Gabourel. He then sought to fight his way back out of the losers' bracket when he faced a rematch with Latrell Solis, but Solis won the rematch, relegating Carballo to 3rd place.

Chamber says Barrow's Law undermines accountability and transparency
After careful review and research of the Alba Petro Caribe Bill passed in the House of Representatives on March 27th 2015, the Chamber believes that this bill undermines the spirit and intent of the revised Finance and Audit Act of 2005. In 2005 the Chamber, in conjunction with the unions, fully recognized the importance of reforming the Finance and Audit Act to provide for greater accountability and transparency in the handling of public funds. Subsequently, Part II Section 7(2) of the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act, 2005 was amended to state that "Any agreement, contract or other instrument effecting any such borrowing or loan to the Government of or above the equivalent of ten million dollars shall only be validly entered into pursuant to a resolution of the National Assembly authorizing the Government to raise the loan or borrow the money:" This means that any loan to the government exceeding ten million dollars would have to go to the National Assembly and be the subject of public debate prior to approval, thereby achieving greater transparency for the Belizean people.

WOMAN IN THE HOUSE - A Tyrant here lingers!!
"O Land of the Free by the Carib Sea; Our Manhood [and Womanhood] we Pledge to Thy Liberty! No Tyrants here linger, Despots must flee; This tranquil haven of democracy". No need to say where these lyrics come from. Every Belizean schoolgirl and boy can sing these lines. The last time I helped to sing our National Anthem was at the opening of the One Hundred Year Anniversary Extravaganza for the Salvation Army at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts last Friday night. These words are powerful, and are packed with meaning and with the aspirations of all Belizeans. I have written already about the experiences in the House of Representatives as they pertain to the Leader of Government and Prime Minister of Belize. They have mostly been unpleasant to use a polite understatement. To say that there has been downright rude, uncouth, bullying conduct by the Prime Minister towards his colleagues, those of us across the aisle, would be more forthright. Those who have witnessed his behavior shake their heads at his penchant for quarrelling, hectoring, and personal casting of aspersions at those who oppose him.

Belize's Voter's List LEAKED to Guatemala?
The electoral list which contains very sensitive information about voters in Belize has been leaked to Guatemalan authorities, according to credible sources. Reports are that several weeks ago, Guatemalan authorities requested the data from Elections and Boundaries officials. The request was reportedly denied "officially", but the list containing name, age, date of birth, birthplace, nationality, registration number and constituency registered for each voter ended up being leaked to Guatemala officials, our sources say. Guatemalan officials are making preparations to hold a referendum exercise in November of this year. This referendum will put to their citizens the question whether their territorial claim (UNFOUNDED CLAIM!) should be taken before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), as required by the Compromis Special Agreement signed by Guatemala and Sedi Elrington in 2008.

Maya Communities await CCJ hearing of land rights
The Toledo Alcaldes Association's (TAA) General Assembly met on Saturday April 11th to discuss the upcoming land rights appeal before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The Alcaldes, who are the traditional leaders of the Maya communities in Toledo, strongly endorsed their continued support of the land rights struggle and the case before Belize's highest court. This position of the Alcaldes is echoed in the words of the deputy Alcalde of Indian Creek, "we started the long journey to defend our lands and lives together. Today we gather to agree that we will see it to the very end together". Cristina Coc, spokesperson for the MLA, said, "We are honoured that the CCJ is coming to Belize to hear this case of monumental importance to the Maya people and Belize. We are confident that the outcome will be positive and believe that the concessions made by the government bode well for reconciliation between the parties. We are cautiously optimistic that the government will do what is necessary to implement our land rights".

Dem Fraid Fu Albert Vaughan
For the umpteenth time, the Magistrate's Court adjourned the trial in which outspoken Vibes Radio Morning Co-host Albert Vaughan is accused of "loitering". With all the time the lower court is spending on this case, you would not think that it's a misdemeanour charge. But Vaughan apparently is a threat to the UDP and they are trying their best to punish him. The charge stems from Vaughan's coverage of the August 2014 protest held by sanitation workers in front of City Hall. Vaughan was working for BELIZE TIMES and Vibes radio, but to the Police he was "loitering". This week, Vaughan's attorney Kareem Musa entered a no case submission against the Police's so called evidence. Musa indicated that the Police's case is riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions and shouldn't even be entertained by the Court.

Patrick JonesPJ

Chopping in Esperanza Village in Cayo
Tonight, a 27year old woman is hospitalized at the KHMH under stable condition after receiving a chop wound to the back of her head. According to police, early Saturday morning they visited Mendoza Street in Esperanza Village where they observed the 27 year old, later identified as Shannel Robinson with [�]

Graham Creek: A Hidden Paradise in Southern Belize
Graham Creek is a small quaint village located about 48 miles away from Crique Sarco Village in the Toledo District. To get there, you have to walk 2 hours on a picado road in the middle of the jungle and the only means of transportation is by walking [�]

Toledo Activist Hosts Successful Basketball Tournament
he basketball tournament for kids between the ages of 7 and 13 that activist Frederick Halliday organized a few weeks ago ended yesterday in Punta Gorda. The tournament played every Saturday with 6 participating teams each coached by Mr. Halliday who was also the referee for the games. Mr. Halliday [�]

Toledo Christian Academy Inaugurates New Tilapia Farm
A short ceremony was held yesterday afternoon to inaugurate a Tilapia farm at the Toledo Christian Academy (TCA) in the Toledo District. TCA is one of the first Schools in the Toledo District to own and manage a Tilapia farm, and according to Principal Mr. Emerson Mangar, the [�]

Cross Country Blues
I visited the United States for the first time at the tail end of 1968. I remember disembarking after the first leg of my journey and thinking how misled my father had been about America. "You will need this", the ole man warned me, as he handed me an old heavy [�]

Home Invasion in Santa Elena Cayo
Belize Media Group has received reports about a home invasion in Santa Elena Town on Saturday night. According to reports, a resident of Santa Elena was assaulted and his home invaded by intruders. Our attempt to get more information from San Ignacio Police has been futile since Officer in Command [�]


Thinking Like a Watershed for Belize Sustainability
You have probably heard "it is a watershed event" or "it is a watershed moment". The dictionary describes watershed in this context as a defining moment or turning point while others think in terms of an event or moment that is all inclusive and comprises the gamut of all things. From a geologic and water resources perspective a watershed represents the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place, down to a single exit point. Watersheds are those land areas that catch rain or snow and drain to specific marshes, streams, rivers, lakes, or to groundwater. John Wesley Powell, scientist geographer, put it best when he said that a watershed is: "that area of land, a bounded hydrologic system, within which all living things are inextricably linked (in intricate, complex ways) by their common water course and where, as humans settled, simple logic demanded that they become part of a community" (bounded by the watershed). The continual cycle of erosive water flowing over uplifting and weathering land has sculpted all landscapes into distinct cradle-like entities known as watersheds, basins, drainages, or catchments. Everyone on the planet lives in a watershed somewhere. Watersheds at all scales are evolved living entities. Their state of health provides a comprehensive benchmark for judging the wisdom of our past and future land and water use. Watersheds literally underlie all human endeavors and form the foundation for all future human aspirations and survival. Belize has a total of 35 major and minor river catchments or watersheds which drain into the Caribbean Sea.

Saturday Night: 50 Shades of Not That Bad At San Pedro's Paradise Movie Theater
I think, by now, everyone has heard of the book "50 Shades of Grey" (actually�shockingly�it's a trilogy) that was a worldwide sensation. It is a series that left you wondering if English is the author's first language. But perhaps I shouldn't judge, I only read the first one. Genre? Not romance. Advertisement for Audi and Apple? There was quite a bit of product placement in the movie but no. Soft porn�I guess. Don't make me explain it! You absolutely know what I'm talking about. Well�last night, I went to see the film version of 50 Shades. Starring�no stars really. Does the daughter of stars count? The female lead was played by Dakota Johnson - the daughter of Melanie Griffiths and Don Johnson.

May You Shine As Stardust
"We are all writing the story of our life. We want to know what its "about", what are its themes and what theme is on the rise. We demand of it something deeper, or richer, or more substantive. We want to know where we're headed - not to spoil our own ending by ruining the surprise, but we want to ensure that when the ending comes, it won't be shallow. We will have done something. We will not have squandered our time here". (Po Bronson (2003) What should I do with my life) When you read this piece of writing, it will be one of a thousand tributes. Just one of a thousand online. There will be thousands more who will in many quiet ways sing praises of Don Pietro, as I personally called him. His familiar Don Jose still resounds within me today, especially today and every day hereafter. The day I met Peter it was only to be for three minutes. The universe did not design it that way. I did. What the universe did was align the path which on that day would attach me to Peter Tonti for the next 14 years. "How can we help you be the best guide?" I smiled and I stared him in the face.


  • Belize Mission Trip 2015, 3min.

  • Feed the People - Belize February 2015, 5min. This video is about Feed the People - Belize February 2015. We solicit your help in providing food, shoes and helping with children's education needs for those less fortunate in Belize. This was my first missionary trip and I was so moved by the stories of the local people. There truly is a need for food and shoes. We also met several families who could not afford to have their children attend school. I hope that those watching this video will become inspired to help us in this ministry. I plan on going back again and again to do what I can to help. Will you help us?

  • fishing line caught on ray, Gut hooked, fish video, ambergris cay, freediving film group, 1/4min. Diving with Keaton off the Water Mouse in Ambergris Cay, Belize we dove on a sunken sailboat and then this guy passed us by on the outer reef. Fishermen left a gut shot line draw in his abdomen and now he is trailing 50 ft of line around the Carribbean Sea.

  • Hair Braiding in Belize, 15min.

  • boaz gross - diving in belize, 3min. halfmoon atoll turnoff atoll san pedro- local reef blue hole.

  • Total Travel Addicts - Swimming with Whale Sharks in Belize, 1min. Best first day on a job EVER getting to swim with this beautiful creature in the Sapodilla Cayes in Southern Belize with ReefCI.

  • portuguese man o' war (Physalia physalis), belize, 3min. Agua Mala a.k.a Portuguese Man-of-War Rocky Point Mexico. they usually show up at the end of June or early July and their highly venomous tenacles can deliver a painful sting even several.

  • The Green Iguana Project, Belize, 3min. San Ignacio Belize. The project aim is to raise awareness among Belizeans regarding the endangered Green Iguana.

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  • Bill cliff jumping, Barton Creek, Belize, 1min. Bill climbed the cliff next to the pool outside Barton Creek Cave and jumped off. There was a lot of testosterone flowing in the area so of course he had to join in!

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  • Shark Selfies Belize, 1min. My attempts at taking shark selfies in Belize... with guest appearances by a turtle and an eel!

  • Rental Car Swim (ATM Caves) Belize, 1/2min. November Belize trip on the way to the famous ATM Caves.

  • Succotz (Caya, Belize) 2015, 1min. Greased pole climbing

  • Belize Snorkel, 4min. Placencia. Nice start to the week with a nice easy snorkel trip to get our feet wet before we ventured out later in the week to look for Whale Sharks

  • Inside Barton Creek Cave, Belize, 6min.

  • Belize (vlog) Part 2, 18min. Alright everyone, so here is part two of our trip to Belize! We had such a good time and these last couple of days was just amazing! If you missed part one, check out the link below to watch the first part. Enjoy!

  • Mexico Rocks Ambergris Caye Belize. Snorkeling EEL Rays and Green Sea Turtle, 13min. First cut for our friends to enjoy, there's gold at the end for your patience.

  • Mexico Rocks Ambergris Caye Belize Snorkeling Honeymoon, 11min. Final Cut. 4/19/2015 Mexico Rocks north of San Pedro. We spent just over an hour in the water and completely enjoyed the experience. You will see a few Nurse Sharks and Rays many kinds of fish, A LOT of 1 Moray Eel and 1 Green Sea Turtle.

  • Jim Hecht Belize 2015, 3min. Sunday, April 12, 2015, steady wind, good sun, two permit on an outside flat. Guide Alex spotted them and stopped the boat to wade. Nine weight, fly tied by Jim Hecht. A few casts later .