Julius Espat

And from Petrocaribe to P.U.P. politics… Reports have circulated of high-level changes in the party following the devastating loss in municipal elections. Espat wouldn’t offer details, since he says those would have to come from Party Leader Francis Fonseca, but he did confirm that indeed there will be a shakeup in the grand old party sooner, rather than later.

Julius Espat, Deputy Leader, P.U.P.

“This is a political party so change is inevitable. This is a part of life. The Prime Minister is going about doing his changes and I think we will do some also. There is discussion…I can’t get into the details. The Party Leader is the only person that can give you a definite timeframe and as to what changes will come, but definitely there will be changes…not only in people, but in policies. And that is the one that I am spending a lot of time on. I have been personally tasked and I am concentrating on the changes with good governance because that is one of the main things that I think is lacking in our society. We are an independent country since 1981. We are a young country, some people say we are a country in diapers yet…but if we make positive changes I believe that we will be fine. The problem that I see is that we depend on personalities to make good and I think that time is over. We have to set guidelines. We have to…it’s like a path and you have to be able to penalize people, including politicians, who do negative things. They shouldn’t be above the people, and the way the laws are set up, politicians are above the people and that is where the error lies. If they are not accountable and they have no consequences for doing the negative things then they will continue to do it. It doesn’t matter which Party. If you put human beings in that situation it will happen. So I believe one of the changes you will see coming out very soon is our policy papers holding us accountable to make sure that happens.”

According to Espat, with the expectation of very early general elections, campaign teams are already being mobilized across the country.

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