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The San Pedro Sun

No charges laid on local businessman found with large amount of cash
Editors' Note: This story is republished from The San Pedro Sun issue dated April 23rd at the request of Attorney of Law Estevan Perera. On Tuesday, April 7th San Pedro Police carried out a search in the home of 59-year-old American businessman, Scott Harnish. Harnish is the owner of the well-established island business, Palapa Bar. According to police, the search was a request on behalf of the Belize Customs Department. While the search did not lead to the discovery of any goods that would violate the Customs Laws and Regulations, police did find a large amount of cash. Officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit, Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott, stated that at 12PM, police visited the home of Harnish in the northern area of Ambergris Caye. Nothing illegal was found in the home, but police discovered $177,283.BZ stored away in a bucket. As such police detained Harnish and his wife, and took them to the San Pedro Police Station where they were questioned on the origin of the cash. The money amounted to $22,505 in Belizean currency and $77,389 in US currency. After preliminary investigation, police handed the cash over to the Financial Investigation Unit and Harnish and his wife were released on Wednesday, April 8th. Since the incident, police can confirm that there are no illegalities with the money, and as such, no charges were laid. The money was said to be family savings.

Land owners claiming GOB scammed them of beach front property
Foreign buyers of land in Northern Caye Caulker are stunned after finding out that their perceived beach front property is not actually bordered by the seashore. Reports are that at least 25 land owners who allegedly purchased beachfront property were actually scammed, as parcel maps show that there is actually one property in front of their land. The land that is being identified is actually on the beach reserve and seabed. Among those affected by this issue is a retired British couple who have spoken publicly on the incident. British Retiree Sydney Higgins says he decided to purchase land in Caye Caulker back in 2005. "We visited Caye Caulker several times before and like many other people, fell in love with the place," said Higgins. As such Higgins and his wife, Anna Higgins, invested in a beach front property on the Northern portion of Caye Caulker for $120,000US. When purchasing the land Higgins saw the parcel map that indicate the lot as beach front, but later in 2012 when they were prepared to develop the property, they were surprised to find out that their front yard was actually someone's back yard.

Police recover several firearms and ammunition
San Pedro Police have removed two pistols and several round of ammunition from the streets of San Pedro Town. According to an official report, San Pedro Special Branch (SPSB) and Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) received information on a suspicious object hidden in some mangroves in the San Mateo Area. As such, on Tuesday, April 28th at about 5:30PM, SPSB, CIB and Strike Team personnel conducted a search in the area, which led to the discovery of a red and black bag. The bag contained a .9mm pistol with an extended magazine bearing serial number 68444 (brand unknown) and a .45mm pistol with magazine bearing serial number 1733327 (brand unknown).

Bank of America breaks corresponding banking with Belize Bank
The Bank of America has broken its corresponding banking relationship with Belize's largest commercial bank - The Belize Bank. The break came into effect on April 30th and in simple terms, it means that Belize Bank customers will not be able to conduct international banking through Belize Bank. Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, following a meeting with representatives of the Bank of America, indicated that he is prepared to "hold hands" with Belize Bank, since they have done nothing wrong. The break in corresponding banking means that the Belize Bank will no longer be able to conduct international banking transactions such as wire transfers to or from the US. Lyndon Guiseppi, the CEO for BCB Holdings Limited, principals of Belize Bank, is quoted as saying that the issue is "a manageable phenomenon" and that it will not have an effect on 90% of its customers. Guiseppi indicated that the bank is "transitioning smoothly" and is reaching out to its clients. They are giving those requiring international banking a list of alternatives which include holding transactions through Central Bank or other commercial banks that are not being affected. In light of the recent development, PM Barrow met with principals of the Bank of America while on a business trip in Miami, USA. During a press conference held on April 29th, PM Barrow stressed that "Belize Bank has done nothing wrong."

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Faster internet coming to Belize
Sometimes the best solution to a technical problem is social engineering. After a journey of two years, that's exactly how Belize has come to a major milestone in its technological development. The country's Internet service providers (ISPs) have committed to set up Belize's first-ever Internet exchange point (IXP), a piece of critical Internet infrastructure through which they can exchange local Internet traffic between their networks. The process was as simple -- and as difficult -- as getting nine Internet service providers (ISPs), all fierce competitors, to agree to work together for the greater good. Belize Telemedia, Speednet, BroadBand Belize, and Network Solutions signed the historic agreement on April 16 at the University of Belize's (UB) Belize City campus, clearing the way for the establishment of the region's latest IXP, called Belize IX or BIX. "As with all things important and meaningful, it was not an easy task to get to this point. However, the journey of the negotiating the pathway to this agreement for the Belize Internet exchange (BIX) was in indeed rewarding," said Michael Kong, owner and CEO at NetKing Solutions, who spoke at the signing on behalf of the ISPs.

New exhibit of photographs opened tonight at the San Pedro House of Culture
Street scenes of San Pedro shot by Kay Scott, starting in the 1980's. This was the time before tourism became the island's top industry, when fishing was common and boats were simply pulled up on to the beach. The streets were all hard-packed sand. The photos are nostalgic but they also show the rough edges of island living back before golf carts and cable TV ruled the island. If you are in town, check it out.

Urgent power interruption, portion Corozal from 3:40pm to 6:00pm Friday, May 1
Necessary for BEL to restore connection to transformer at Corozal Substation responsible for power interruptions affecting customers in Joseito and Dominguez Layouts in Corozal Town, Pueblo Viejo, Saltillos, Copper Bank, Chunox, Orchid Bay and Sarteneja since Friday, April 30. BEL apologizes to customers for the inconvenience they have been experiencing while our crews worked continuously to conduct repairs and install alternative power supply during the course of works.

National Tapir Day 2015
They celebrated World Tapir Day, and Fuego's 2nd birthday. That's a cute tapir. "National Tapir Day 2015 was nothing short of spectacular! Folks from all over Belize came together to celebrate our country's national animal the "mountain cow." Students from 3 different schools shared some clever tapir conservation slogans, and there were even tapir themed skits and musical tributes to honour this special day. Of course, no Belize Zoo celebration is complete without a birthday party. Fuego the Tapir turned 2 years old, and was eager to accept his gifts: a fabulous cake, and a chin scratch from adoring fans. April the Tapir would have been proud! Thanks to all our friends and colleagues who came out to make this the best Tapir Day yet!"

Call for Cayo Artists
The SISE HoC is inviting all Cayo artists to submit art to display at this year's Cayo Art Collection. For more information call 824-0783, or stop by the HoC.

NATS Starts Today
Agric starts today. Great weather for it too. Happy Labor Day! "NATS events schedule for this weekend. Don't miss out on all the activities and offers we have for you and the family! The grounds will open at 9:00 am on Friday and close at 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. Gates open at 6:00 am on Saturday and Sunday and the show ends at 6:00 pm on Sunday. We urge you to stay hydrated and wear proper protection for the hot weather."

The Reporter

Belize preparing for 104 conference of the ILO
Belize is preparing to send representation to the 104 meeting of the International Labour Organization, according to the Labour Department. Paulette Wagner, deputy labour commissioner, explained that the annual conference is held in Geneva, Switzerland, at either the end of May or the beginning of [�]

Citco labours for Belize
On Friday, the Belize City Council held its fourth annual "Labour for Belize" community service drive, to foster good community relations and give some upliftment to the city. The initiative, which calls on citizens to volunteer their time on Labour Day to collaborate on various [�]

Lake I women train in self-defence
Today, 25 women walk the streets feeling safer, having completed a self-defence training course in collaboration with the Belize Police Department. Members of the Alovera Neighbourhood Watch Committee received certificates of completion kn Friday at a ceremony at the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence, having [�]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Brian Brown injured in explosion
Information to Belize Media Group is that noted underworld figure Brian Brown was the reported target of an attempted murder when an explosion was heard from his vehicle. Brown is receiving medical care for his injuries but his exact condition is not known at this time. Brown has long had ties to the George Street Gang and was twice targeted by police at his residence on Jimmy Dyer Street in the Fabers' Road area of Belize City in 2002 and again ten years later. In the former case Brown later won damages of $20,000 for the tearing down of a fence.

NTUCB hosts Labour Day Rally
Today, May 1st, is the annual holiday recognizing the contributions of workers of Belize, known as Labour Day. Today the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) hosted its second annual Labour Day Rally which according to President Marvin Mora refocuses the true nature of the holiday as a [�]

Shot six-year-old critical in hospital
A six year old boy from the village of Valley Community in the Stann Creek District is in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City following surgery this morning. Travis Polanco continues to fight for his life after being shot once around 5:00 Thursday [�]

Breaking News: Boy,6, wounded after shot by 9 year old minor
Belize Media Group has been reliably informed that a 6 year old minor from mile 18 in the village of Valley Community in Stann Creek District has been shot by another 9 year old minor. According to reports, the kid was shot once with a 16 gauge shotgun, however the [�]

Caribbean Tire Launches Mother's Day Initiative
May is the month dedicated to all the mothers in the world and it is no doubt that everyone has their own way to celebrate the special occasion. Some people give cards, gifts or flowers to their mothers, some prefer to dine out and some prefer to spend the whole [�]

Vector Control Unit undergoes 4 day workshop
June 1st marks the opening of the Hurricane Season or what locals call in Belize, rainy season. And with the recent heat surge, a number of dengue and malaria cases have been reported across the country. But officials say it's nothing to be alarmed of since the figures as compared to [�]

This is How the Weather for the Agric Fair Weekend Looks Like
The much anticipated annual event of the year, the Agriculture and Trade Show is finally here. If you are wondering what the weather will be like, here is a look at this weekend's forecast. The general situation is a weak high pressure influence that will affect the country and maintain [�]


Photograph Exhibit Opens at San Pedro's House of Culture: Kay Scott's "Village Life"
Kay Scott, a busy nurse in Canada, took a vacation to Ambergris Caye in 1982. A high school had just opened�all the homes were made of wood and stood on stilt and tourism was just starting� She fell in love with the tiny fishing village and moved here that very year. She had taken a course in photography in Canada and brought along her camera. But to make ends meet, she picked up all sorts of jobs (as many of us do on the island) - she was a bartender, she did some accounting work and she worked for San Pedro's very first newspaper - the "Coconut Wireless". At that time referring to the telegraph�not Wireless internet. Here is the SUPER interesting article about the History of Newspapers in San Pedro - SO worth a read. I wish the pictures worked! Kay could be seen around town taking pictures of village life. As Minister Heredia said last night - a pretty young girl with a camera. Kay would take the photos and have the film sent to Belize City for developing.

From hot as hell to cold and wet
The weather in Belize has been all over the map lately from high winds keeping divers on land to reports of the hottest day at 102F on Tuesday to incoming cold front and rainy weather Wednesday and yesterday. In spite of the reports, our cruise wasn't rained out and I was glad. Not only did we have Barb and Joe's going away party, toasting the end of another perfect day in paradise on a big @ss boat is something we never grow tired of :) Our bitchin' ride was the beautiful Infinity, a 50-foot long, 37-foot wide catamaran owned and operated by Ecologic Cats. The boat is fully furnished with a built-in bar and kitchen, plus a quality sound system and DJ that kept us grooving.

International Sourcesizz

Nathan Bland: Working hand in hand with the government, people and institutions in Belize
Nathan Bland works on a head-spinning number of political, economic and law enforcement issues at the U.S. embassy in Belize. One day he may be keeping Washington in the loop on the country's border disputes, investment climate and human rights situation. The next, he may be focusing on training for Belizean police, lawyers and judges. "You have to have a good amount of knowledge about a wide range of things," said Bland, the embassy's political, economic and law enforcement section chief. Americans typically think of Belize as a vacation spot, but the country has many pressing societal issues that have the potential to affect the United States. Considered both a Central American and a Caribbean nation, Belize has the third highest murder rate in the world. Bland helps the U.S. counter this menace, overseeing funds from a State Department program called the Central America Regional Security Initiative. It's a coordinated effort with numerous countries, international financial institutions, the private sector and others to supplement strategies and programs Central American countries use to fight crime and make their streets safer.

UA Program Secures Land-Rights Win in Belize
Judgment of the Caribbean Court of Justice in favor of the Maya indigenous people was based on a legal theory developed by UA professor James Anaya. The Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program of the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of of Law has achieved another groundbreaking legal victory, this time before the Caribbean Court of Justice. In a final resolution of the Maya land rights case before the highest court for Belize, the Caribbean Court of Justice affirmed the existence of Maya customary land tenure, significantly advancing the developing worldwide jurisprudence on indigenous peoples' rights to lands and resources. The Caribbean Court of Justice recently announced its judgment affirming the 2013 holding of the Court of Appeal of Belize that the Maya indigenous people of southern Belize have rights to the lands they customarily have used and occupied. In the judgment, the court affirmed that these traditional land rights, belonging to some 38 Maya villages spread out over most of Belize's Toledo District, constitute property within the meaning of the provisions of the Belize Constitution that generally protect property free from discrimination.

Hot Sauce Expo Hall of Famer Chip Hearn Brings Latin Flavors to the U.S
The legendary Johnny Cash knew a lot about fire and its blazing burn, but if he had the chance to attend this year's High River Sauces' Third Annual New York City Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn, he'd most likely pen a new tune for the array of burning flavors that are worthy of a hit song. Newly inducted New York City Hot Sauce Expo Hall of Famer, Chip Hearn, owner of, who hails from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, knows a thing or two -- or a million -- about how to turn up the heat. "A lot of the sauces are coming from Costa Rica and Belize right now," he pointed out. "Most people when they go to Costa Rica, they are on one coast or the other and they don't really see the industrial side of it," he explained.

The economies of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are not doing well. Belize, Guyana and Suriname are the only three countries whose economies are showing any appreciable growth. The major effect of little or no growth has been increasing unemployment and underemployment of young people who constitute three of every five persons across the region. The problem of youth unemployment and underemployment was emphasised at a Commonwealth Caribbean Ministerial Youth Conference in Antigua from 28 to 30 April 2015. Without the prospect of jobs, young people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied and disenchanted. Their discontent manifests itself, in some instances, in gangs, crime and violence. In other cases, where young people have graduated from higher education and cannot find jobs, they have either migrated depriving their countries of qualified persons, or they accept any job they can get, but brood over their circumstances. In any event, the situation of youth unemployment and underemployment is a boiling cauldron in the Caribbean.

V31OK Ambergris Cay Island Belize
Mike Newton, VO1OK will be active from Ambergris Caye Island (IOTA NA-073) , Belize 30 April - 6 May 2015 as V31OK. He will operate on 40, 20, 10m SSB using Elecraft KX3 HF Transceiver. QSL ia home call, LOTW, eQSL.


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