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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Gordon L. Smith on the loss of tranquility on the island
I am here visiting San Pedro again. I am addressing this letter to the people of San Pedro and to the Town Board and the Minister for tourism. I am upset. I was here five years ago and stayed a year. My, how the town has changed. I think it has changed for the worse in one regard. I was not prepared for the many golf carts crowding the downtown streets. As an American tourist from a different country the situation looks dangerous and very non-relaxing. I stepped out of the door at Smart phone and within one foot of their front door a taxi nearly ran me over. Who would have expected a situation that dangerous to be permitted in a town that supposedly wants tourists. Not only are there too many golf carts and taxis, but the streets have as many pedestrians, bicyclists, and tourists who are not used to that conglomeration of vehicles and people. Do you know that you are killing tourism for the future. If tourism has slowed down now, this is one of the reasons in my opinion. When I spoke to one of the policemen, he said that he didn’t think that there was any plan to change things in the future. But more golf cart or taxi permits may be issued. Your children will not be happy with the town five years from now when you have destroyed the major source of foreign funds into the local businesses. Have you thought about your reputation as a tourist destination?

Wolfe’s Woofer: Walking On Water
Dennis-Wolfe-Wolfes-Woofers“I have no complaints about my kids,” I said. “They turned out to be a lot smarter than I ever thought they were.” “That boy of mine is dumb as a rock,” George said. “I can’t see any hope for him.” “Oh, he’s probably not that bad.” “Oh, yeah? I bought him a paddleboard for his birthday today. He’s probably going to take it out and drown himself.” At just that time George’s son, Ronny, came walking slowly up the street. He was wet and looked exhausted. “Where is the board?” George asked. “I lost it.”

Pet of the Week: Henry Wags
Henry Wags the First, royal descendant of the potlicker dynasty is searching for a kingdom to call his own. Being of sound mind, body and extreme swagger, this red beauty will wag his way into your heart. Henry is 2 yrs. old, walks nicely on leash and loves to be scratched behind his ears. Henry Wags the First wishes to be the only king in his castle and in your heart. This Prince is ready to find his Cinderella. Is it you he has been searching for?

Doctor Love: Money Problems
Dear Doctor Love, Me and my wife are from Belize. We have been living in San Pedro for twelve years. I work construction and she has always stayed home and raised the children. The children are now in their teens. I usually work construction. When a job runs out I have to take anything I can get until the next job starts. Sometimes I am out of work for two or three months. These times are hard for us to pay bills with no money coming in. I have been trying to talk my wife into opening a restaurant beneath our house. She is good at cooking for a lot of people because she used to cook for her whole family and there is a lot of them. My landlord told me he would rent the place for only a little amount each month. We don’t have to sell a lot of food to cover the expense and we should make some good money. When I talked to my wife about it she just said no. She does not feel like this is something she should be doing. She says that cooking for other people is like slavery for her. She thinks she is better than that. She would not mind working in a store like a place that sells clothes or something but she only went to grammar school. I don’t think anyone would hire her.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, May 3, 2015: First: 8147 Second: 5446 Third: 3340 Missing: 2, 9

Los Angeles Belizeans came out to a full house to celebrate at the victory celebration for Belize Holy Saturday Cross Country champions, Justin and Corey Williams. The 2015 Belize Cross Country champion, Justin Williams, and his brother, Corey Williams, who placed fifth in the national cycling classic, and who became the incredible pacer of the race with merciless passion to support his brother, Justin's phenomenal sprint to win. Also attending the celebrations were the legendary Miguel brothers and cycling icons, Rudy and John 'Johnito' Miguel. The proud parents of Justin and Corey Williams were also in attendance, as well as family, friends and associates. The Williams brothers are professional cyclists Los Angeles who ride for the outstanding Belizean cycling club ion Los Angeles, BelCal. Belizean Legends, yours truly, Bilal Morris was there and captured for you the viewers, this exciting moment. Enjoy!

Watching the video of the 2015 Belize Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, it was obvious to me that Belizean-American cyclist Corey Williams was the mastermind and strategist in helping his team brother, Justin Williams win the Belize Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic on April 4, 2015. Corey's awesome and passionate riding that he put in, took no prisoners, and held the threatening American cyclist, Scotty Reis, down and under manners. Not only did Corey pinned him down under his spinning wheel, but he sent a clear message to the American rider that "you ain't going no where!". Then in the final stages of the race, when Reis tried to break away, the call from the Williams brothers dad and cycling Legend, Caliman Williams, is that they must keep Reis between them both. When the American powerhouse rider tried to move, Corey followed him, and then Justin took control of the race, and being the sprinter he was, flashed past Reis in grand style to win the race at the tape. It was a fascinating feeling to watch Corey Williams ride in such professional and fearless style. You're bad Corey.That was a 'Dope' ride Belizean!

In my extensive browsing through the archives of the Belize cycling history languished here in the Los Angeles Belizean Community, it is my opinion that Rudy Miguel who was the youngest of the legendary Miguel brothers who dominated Belize Cross Country for a whole decade, rose to become the most phenomenal and iconic Belizean athlete of all times. His incredible story of he and his brothers will be told in an historical documentary soon here on Belizean Legends. It was an incredible weekend of Belizean athletic celebrations that graced the Belizean community in Los Angeles from Friday, May 1, 2015, to Saturday May 2, 2015 in celebrating as well as documenting this incredible piece of Belizean sports history. In respect to the one I call the Daredevil of them all, Rudy Miguel, we cherished the nostalgia and value he brought to Belize's cycling and its world renowned Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. Big time respect champ. It was an honor to hang with you this weekend!

The two legendary Belizean cyclists, Rudy and John 'Johnito' Miguel at the celebration of their two nephews, and cycling powerhouse, Justin and Corey Williams victory in winning the first and fifth place at the National Holy Saturday Belize Cross Country Cycling Classic on Saturday April 5, 2015. The mother of the Williams brothers, Desiree Lewis, is the niece of Johnito and Rudy Miguel. Cycling blood runs deep through the veins of this family clan, all the way down to generations of Belizean cyclist athletes in the Los Angeles Belizean Community.

The Reporter

Ministry of Education launches “Education Month”
The Ministry of Education gathered with other education stakeholders on Sunday at the Ramada Belize City Princess, to officially launch Education Month. The initiative is the first of its kind, having evolved from the traditional Education Week and then the two week celebration called, Education Showcase. Teachers, members from various departments of the ministry, and representatives of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) attended the launch. The month is being observed under the theme, “Our youth: innovators today, change makers tomorrow.” At the launch, Minister of Education Patrick Faber, explained that while the month of May already has several activities being observed, the move to highlight education for the entire month arose out of necessity. “We find that it is difficult to put all the events, all the aspects of education that we want to celebrate, into one week or two weeks,” Faber said.

Family seeks public’s help to find loved one
The family of 27-year-old Denfield Bowen is asking the public’s help in finding him. The family has made an official report and has taken to social media to help find Bowen, a stevedore of Plues Street, Belize City. Reports are that Bowen was last seen on April 30, wearing a white T shirt with the marking “RIP Kareem Lopez” on the front in red and “ROBBERY” on the back, with a yellow 3/4 pants and a pair of green Nike slippers. His common-law wife, Claudine Dawson, reported to police that he left home around 5:20 p.m. after receiving a phone call. He was driving his red two door 1994 Mazda B400 Pickup truck with license plates number BZC-36757 The family has asked that if anyone knows his whereabouts to please contact them at 6609659.There have been over 13 missing persons reports made this year.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Education Showcase 2015 kicks off in Belize City
Under the theme “Our Youth: Innovators Today, Change Makers Tomorrow,” the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports kicked off its annual Education Showcase with a launch at the Princess Hotel and Casino. The Ministry started Education Week some time ago but in recent years it has expanded that […]

5 Arrested in Taxi Driver Murder in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Belize Media Group has received information that 5 persons have been arrested for the murder of Donicio Trujillo, the taxi driver from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye that was murdered last night. According to reports, Trujillo was discovered around 7am this morning by a security officer who noticed that his taxi […]

Another Taxi Driver Found Dead in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Belize Media Group has received reports that another taxi driver from San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye has been found dead. According to reports, the taxi driver is one Dionicio Trujillo and police believe his death was a result of a robbery attempt and can possibly be related to the murder […]


Sneak Preview of the UN’s Post-2015 SDGs
In September 2000, when the leaders of the world adopted the Millennium Declaration, they made a promise to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable to build a “more peaceful, prosperous and just world” based on the “principles of human dignity, equality and equity at the global level.” The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which were subsequently introduced to reaffirm and monitor the implementation of this declaration, have mobilized governments as never before. They have catalyzed dynamic new partnerships and have brought about huge changes at both the national and global levels, helping to set global and national priorities and fuel action on the ground. With the expiration of the MDGs in 2015, the United Nations and its partners have been engaged in consultations at an unprecedented scale at the country, regional, and global levels to define the blueprint of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. After years of international debate, the United Nations is set to launch its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. This 15 year blueprint offers a once in a generation opportunity for transformational change. The United Nations is halfway through the creation of a multi-decade agenda that will guide sustainable development efforts from 2015 to at least 2030. This is a major undertaking and a follow-up to the important but more limited MDGs, which were meant to be in place from 2000 to 2015.

San Pedro’s 8th Lobsterfest IS JUST Around the Corner & The Schedule is Coming Together
et’s talk this year. 2015. June 14th to 21st. Here is the preliminary week of activities that culminates in big block party. Dinner/party/music events and there will be more added during the day. Sunday june 14th Banana Beach Monday june 15th Crazy Canucks Beach Bar Tuesday June 16th Pineapples at Ramon’s Wenesday June 17th Pedro’s Inn Thursday June 18th Amber Beach Bar and Grill at Caribbean Villas Friday June 19th Pirates Treasure Saturday Block party

International Sourcesizz

First Maya City With Grid Design Revealed
A team of scientists excavating the ancient Maya city of Nixtun-Ch’ich have discovered that it was built according to a grid pattern not seen with any other settlements from that period in the region. The city, which is thought to have thrived between 600 and 300 BCE, was probably under the rule of a powerful leader, who ordered the strict city planning design. Nixtun-Ch’ich is in Peten, northern Guatemala, and archaeological work there has been going on since 1995. The lead researcher, Timothy Pugh from New York’s Queens College, told Live Science that the ancient city was marked by a so-called ceremonial route, running from west to east, with only a 3-degree deviation from true east, a remarkable accuracy. This ceremonial route, a perfectly straight line, was lined by as many as 15 flat-topped pyramids which would have stood as tall as 100 feet. Each had a temple on top, which people reached by steps in the pyramids. At the easternmost end of the route there was a structure including three main pyramids along with some other buildings, arranged to face each other. Such triadic structures have been found in other Maya cities as well. In the northern and southern parts of the city were residential areas, again conforming to the overall grid design, Pugh said, and the whole area was encircled by a stone wall for protection. Apparently, Nixtun-Ch’ich was a beautiful, “shiny” city at its height, based on evidence of white plaster that may have been used for the buildings. However, for the people living in it, this design may not have been the most pleasant one due to its strictness, imposing a sense of constant control.

Pulp fact: little known chocolate facts from Mijas’ Mayan Monkey
ONCE upon a time, some 3000 years ago, the ancestors of George – most curious of monkeys – discovered an irresistibly sweet delight hidden inside the colourful fruits of the cacao tree. In their raw state the cacao pod is inedible, as are the cacao seeds – or ‘beans’. What monkeys love to feast on is the fleshy white pulp that surrounds the beans. They spat out the beans because of their unpalatable bitterness. Discerning monkeys spitting out the bitter seeds led to the proliferation of cacao trees throughout the region of Mesoamerica (modern day Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and Mexico). Man soon copied monkey, reveling in the delights of the sweet pulp. Man, however, cannot survive on cacao pulp alone and since the ratio of cacao trees to humans was so high, the Olmecs, Toltecs and the Mayans came to ask: “What else can we do with this fruit?” This question led to inevitable experimentation, ending with the Mayan creation Xocolatl – a bitter, spicy drink… the world’s very first chocolate.

Chiefs draft DT Rakeem Nunez-Roches in sixth round
Congratulations Rakeem...We continue to pray for your emoticon heart emoticon You make Belize Proud...!!!


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