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Today's Belize News: May 6, 2015 #504012
05/06/15 05:44 AM
05/06/15 05:44 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Three men charged for the murder of Jose Rigoberto Beltran

Ambergris Today

Three men arrested for murder of Jose Rigoberto Beltran
Three men have been formally arraigned in San Pedro’s Magistrate’s Court for the murder of San Pedro Taximan Jose Rigoberto Beltran who was murdered in his vehicle on April 28, 2015. Luis Campos (23yrs), Mark Arzu (19yrs) and Santos Garcia (18yrs) have been charged with Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until their court date of June 13, 2015.

Phase Two of Paving North Ambergris Road Commences
Work has commenced on the second phase of paving of the road on North Ambergris Caye which, when complete, will see a total of seven miles of paved road from the Boca del Rio Bridge northward. Phase two of the work will constitute paving a three-mile stretch of road from Belizean Shores Resort up to Mile 6 by Portofino/Canary Coves and expected to be completed in three months. The first part of Phase Two includes the widening, elevating and leveling of the road that will run parallel to the electrical high-tension wire. This part of the phase (supplying and placing of hardcore material on the road) is being jointly funded by the San Pedro Town Council and the Government of Belize (GOB), but the cost of paving the road will be covered by the GOB.

Ministry of Health Contributes to Ongoing Discussion on Suicides
The Ministry of Health notes the widespread discussion in the media on the recent alleged suicides involving well-known Belizeans. As the country’s ministry responsible for mental health information and treatment, we would like to offer this press release as our contribution to the discussions on this very important issue. Firstly, we would like to express our sincere condolences to the families and all others that have been affected by suicides in Belize. Every person lost by suicide is a life filled with potential and possibility cut short.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Cycling Federation of Belize

Galen University Offering Online Courses
Galen University has some new business programs - International Business and Entrepreneurship - and 4 of the programs will have online courses. They are offering grants of up to 20% if you apply by July 18th. "Education Changes Situations!!! Don't MISS out on great career OPPORTUNITIES at Galen University!!"

Belize opposition party seeks support to repeal PetroCaribe legislation
The main opposition People’s United Party (PUP) is calling on the business community here to support its move to have the Dean barrow government repeal the PetroCaribe Loans Act that makes special provisions for borrowing money from Alba Petrocaribe (Belize Energy) Limited. PUP leader Francis Fonseca said that a letter was being circulated to the business as well as the general community, seeking support for the initiative. “We want as many people, as many of our partners, as many of the social partners, the businesses, the Chamber of Commerce to sign on to this letter. We are seeking their support in sending this letter. If we have to go at it alone we will,” Fonseca told reporters. “ So the first step is to circulate it to them, that is where we are now, to get, to have them look at it, to have them review it, get their input, perhaps they want to make amendments to the letter.

Saturday Night Madness with NEBL
9th of May, 9pm. At the San Pedro High School

Peace Rally at Central Park Thursday May 7th
The members of the Mama Vilma Family Home Organization will be in attendance for the candle lit walk and Peace Rally at Central Park Thursday May 7th at 6pm and invite everyone to stand in solidarity with the family and friends of victims to the increase of violence on our island! We believe if we stand up together we will stand strong!

BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, May 5, 2015: 65. FANTASY 5: 20 30 10 26 39 U

Education Week at the SIPL
The San Ignacio Public LIbrary is celebrating Education Week, and they had Sacred Heart's infant 1 class over for some story telling. Thanks, SIPL! The students sang a song for Ms. Teresita. "Education Week 2015 kicks off with Sacred Heart Primary School Infant 1. They had a blast of fun. Libraries: Valuing Literacy, Fostering Change & Shaping Minds"

How many Belizeans remember this incredible victory by Belize most celebrated cyclist of all times, Rudy Miguel, also a two time Cross Country champion? What was the name of the cycling classic, and which part of Mexico did the race took place?

Channel 7

Six Year Old Dies After 11 Year Old Neighbor Shot Him to Head
6 year old Travis Polanco died this afternoon after his 11 year old neighbor shot him in the head with a 16 gauge shotgun. It happened on Saturday evening around 5:00 in the Valley Community - at miles 18 on the Hummingbird Highway. Little Travis was playing near a palm tree about 45 feet away from his house when his 11 year old neighbor shot him through his window. Travis' father told us today that he saw Travis jumping and running wildly about and that is when he realized his son was shot. Travis was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital then to the KHMH where he died today at around 12. We spoke to Travis' parents today after they made the hardest decision of their lives. Gurly Bahadur, Mother "They told me that my baby brains is dead and only the life support machine is keeping him alive." Courtney Weatherburne "Was it a situation where the family decided that it was time to pull the plug and you couldn't see your son suffer anymore?"

BDF Stole From B-SAG
23 year-old BDF Private James Webster is out on bail tonight after he was taken to Magistrate's Court for burglary today. His superiors allege that he broke into the BDF's Special Assignment Group's weapon's storehouse and stole a pistol. The theft happened on last week Thursday. Webster's accuser say that he went on the Price Barracks compound, broke into the BSAG's building and stole a service Beretta Pistol, valued at $2,000. According to police they recovered the weapon and connected the theft to him. He was arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, where he pleaded not guilty. He was granted bail of $2,000, which he was able to meet, and he will have to return to court on July 31.

Father Says Son Was Stabbed In Head For No Reason
As we reported last night, 24 year old Dernell Brown was fatally injured on Saturday night at the National Agriculture and Trade Show. Brown was stabbed in his head - so deep that the knife was left projecting from his skull. He never regained consciousness and died yesterday morning at 9. Police told us he got into a fight with a group of men because of a dispute over a female. But when we spoke to Brown's father today, he had a very different account: Horace Brown, Father "The young man told me that they were heading home. They say that my son was walking to the back and the guys just attacked them. They say that they had my son and he turned back to help, but the other two guys that were with them ran away. The x-ray shows that the knife went through his head. The doctor said that it was an inch away from popping through the other side of the head. On the x-ray, it shows that the knife went across the two eyes. I don't know if he was a trouble person.

Jack Gets Justice From GST In Benchmark Judgment
6 Weeks ago, Importer Jack Charles made the news when he challenged local rice producers and accused them of gouging the general public with high the high price of rice. Well tonight, Charles, is back in the news tonight after he challenged the government and won a victory against the Sales Tax Department. His grievance with the GST office goes back to February 2013 when the Sales Tax Commissioner sent Xtra House, a letter saying that he owed 5 years of arrears - a total of 1.1 million dollars. Of course, Charles disputed that assessment as arbitrary, but due to Sections 42 and 45 of the law, to get an appeal or review of that decision, he would have had to pay 50% of the figure assessed - a cool half a million dollars - or to be precise, just over 550 thousand dollars. Charles's position at the time was that he couldn't come up with that money within 15 days. So, he filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court in which he claimed that the way the GST Act is designed, it violates his constitutional right to access the Supreme Court or the GST tribunal - because he'd first have to pay half of the taxes upfront.

Teacher Preyed On Male Students Through Facebook Chats
Last night we told you the about the Mopan Technical high school teacher accused of sending sexually explicit messages to a male student. Well, today the Education Officer from the Ministry of Education, Yma Casey confirmed that the Teaching Services Commission has dismissed teacher Elito Puc from the school and that the Chief Education Officer has revoked his teacher's license. This is following an investigation by the TSC's Board of Directors. Now, the details of the case have not been disclosed - what we know is based on streams of Facebook messages which we have received - and they show a pattern of highly disturbing beahviour. Some of the messages we have seen show the teacher trying to bribe or solicit, nude pictures and sexual favors from the male student in exchange for lunch money as seen in these screen shots.

Plues Street Problems
Five days after he left home to go meet a friend, Plues Street resident Denfield Bowen has still not re-appeared. His family carries the grim expectation that he is dead - but they have not been able to find him. And while there is anxious worry on Plues Street - this morning at dawn -residents say there was also police brutality and widespread panic. According to residents at around 5 this morning they were awakened by loud banging on their doors and noise coming from the street as at leats five police trucks police rolled in. They said the officers told them they were looking for guns and ammunition. But in the process, the residents claim that they were assaulted and harassed by the cops. One child who is only 7 years old claimed that he was slapped by a police officer. Today 7news spoke with his mother.

New PUP Candidate Jones Got 182K From GOB Via Judgment
Lloyd Jones was yesterday introduced as a new, high profile candidate for the PUP in Belize Rural North. He has trumpeted himself as a man of unbending principle who is independent minded, and true to his convictions. But, he "kinda" dodged when the media asked him about a court case he had with the Government of Belize. Here's how that went:.. Reporter "Last week we had an interview with Mr. Castro and we ask him about your standard bearer for the PUP in BRN and we ask him what he thought about your candidacy and he said that he is not at all moved and that you were actually a disgruntled UDP turned PUP and that you actually has some sort of legal matter before the courts with the United Democratic Party or with the Barrow administration. How do you respond to that sir?" Lloyd Jones, PUP Candidate - BRN "Well I am unfamiliar. You should have ask him that, what he was referring to, because I don't know."

Tourist From Washington Drowns
A tourist drowned at Silk Caye near Placencia Village yesterday. 64-year-old David Rowley from the USA was on a diving tour of the North Wall area of Silk Caye. About 10 minutes into the dive - at a depth of 35 - 40 feet, Rowley grabbed one of his legs in pain. The dive instructor tried to communicate with Rowley but got no response and took him back to the surface. He had no response when he got up to the boat, and CPR was performed for 15 minutes, but the tourist did not respond. He was pronounced dead shortly after being rushed to the Robert's Grove dock at noon.

Motivated Enough To Walk On Glass
Last night, we told you how the international motivational speaker, Bert Oliva, and his crew have returned to Belize for a 4th Year. They are on a mission to inspire and motivate 50,000 persons, mostly children and youth, to reach their full potential to become successful in both their private and professional lives. They are here for 10 days, and on each they, they will be speaking to several hundred children countrywide. This year, however, instead of focusing on the high schoolers, they will be speaking exclusively to students from standards 5 and 6. That tour started today where several hundred students from Holy Redeemer, St. Ignatius, and Grace Primary Schools all sat in at the Bliss Center for 2 and a half hour session with Bert and his speakers. 7News was there and we spoke with one of the brave student from St. Ignatius, who made sure to sign up for the activity which requires the volunteers to walk on glass with their bare feet. Here's what she told us about the experience:

Mark Medina's Funeral
And the background to this Plues street event is the rift that's happening in the George Street Gang - Plus Street falls within that turf. As a result of it Denfield Bowen is missing and Brian Brown is in the hospital with burn injuries. It all started one week ago Mark Medina was executed in an area on Iguana Street known as Crenshaw. Since then no one has been charged for his murder. Today the notorious George Street gang figure was laid to rest. Belize City police were on high alert today after strong information this week indicated a deepening rivalry between members of the George Street Gang. While Brian Brown is still hospitalized for burns at the KHMH, and Denfield Bowen is still missing from off Plues Street, there was just no telling what could have happened today.

3k For An Essay?
If you are between the age of 12 and 16 and are an avid writer you could win $3,000 US dollars, of course you have to earn it by submitting a 500 word essay in English to the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association's Children's Essay Contest. The theme is "How the cruise industry has improved your country". The contest is separated in two categories including the Junior Division which caters to children ages 12 and under and the Senior Division which incorporates children ages 13 to 16 years. The deadline for submission is June 12th. If you are interested you can email the Cruise Coordinator Maria Guerra at [email protected] for more information or visit the BTB office.

Taiwan Masters The Art Of Giving
The Taiwanese government is known for so many assistance programs to the country of Belize - from budgetary support to installing an air conditioner at the Museum of Belize. And they're also staunch advocates of art education at the primary school level. Last year the donated 17 thousand US dollars to buy art materials for students and today they donated another 47 thousand US dollars for the second phase of the project: first, to train teachers, and second to develop a curriculum. The handover over was held today at the House of Culture and Taiwanese Ambassador David Wu told us more:...

Channel 5

Travis Polanco Taken Off Life Support
The family of six year old Travis Polanco from Pomona Valley, Stann Creek District, is tonight grieving his death, five days after he was shot to the head by another [...]

11 Year Old Shooter in Human Services Custody
The shooting of Travis occurred last Thursday and it was until this afternoon that police sent out a release on what transpired.  Contrary to the family’s report that the two [...]

George Street Affiliate ‘LL’ Still Missing
As the family of Travis Polanco grieves his death, the family of twenty-seven-year-old Denfield Bowen Junior fears the worst. Bowen Junior, known to family and friends simply as LL, has [...]

Intensive Search by Family and Friends Continues
The stevedore was last seen wearing a white tee shirt with R.I.P. Kareem Lopez emblazoned on the front and Robbery on the back.  Bowen was also clad in a pair [...]

Two Men Still Detained for Trujillo Murder
Tonight San Pedro Police have released three of the five persons detained for the murder of taxi-man Donicio Trujillo on Sunday. Trujillo was found early that morning on the side [...]

Second Suspect Detained for Agric Murder
A second suspect has been detained by police in connection with the murder at the National Agricultural and Trade Show Grounds. Shariff Anderson Andrewin of Cotton Tree was taken into [...]

Former Vital Stats Building Abandoned…With Files Inside
In April, 2013, the Vital Statistics Department was relocated from Gabourel Lane to the corner of Hyde’s Lane and New Road in Belize City. The official rationale for the move [...]

P.U.P. Says NO to ICJ
The People’s United Party has finally, though not yet officially, established some sort of concrete position on going to the International Court of Justice to settle the unfounded territorial dispute [...]

Opposition Wants 13th Senator Appointed…Will File Claim
Last week, the People’s United Party took to the streets, and this week they’re taking the fight back to the Court. It’s not about Petrocaribe…well, not directly. This time, the [...]

Elrington Says Maritime Borders Not Defined
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington came under heavy fire some time ago for comments made on Belize’s terrestrial boundaries. His technical definition of the western border with Guatemala, which he described [...]

B.D.F. Soldier Charged for Stealing Beretta at Price Barracks
A B.D.F. soldier, who was living at Price Barracks, Ladyville, the head quarters of the B.D.F. has been charged for a burglary at his work place based on allegations that [...]

Skeet Remanded for Firearm Offences
A well-known street figure of Mayflower Street, Belize City was taken to court this morning for a shooting that occurred on Banak Street two weeks ago.  Art Skeet appeared before [...]

Regional Project Seeks Strengthening of Fisheries Regulations
A regional project inclusive of CARICOM member states seeks to strengthen fisheries food safety regulations. The purpose is for the Caribbean to be able to access the international markets for [...]

Motivational Speaker Bert Oliva Back in Belize
Motivational speaker Bert Oliva is back in Belize. Today, he started a tour in Belize City meeting with primary school students where, through words and activities, he demonstrated the power [...]

Belizean Makes it to the NFL
Belizean born athlete Rakeem Nunez-Roches has been drafted to the National Football League as a sixth round pick and defensive line for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He is the first [...]

Taiwan Assists NICH Arts Program
In July 2014 NICH received around seventeen thousand US dollars for the start of the Primary School Art Skills Training Project.  Seventy-eight students from standard two through six participated in [...]


Police Investigate Murders In San Pedro
Authorities in San Pedro Town are making some headway with their investigations into the murders of Jose Riogoberto Beltran and Dionicio Trujillo, both taxi operators who were slain on separate incidents five days of each other. 23-year-old Luis Campos, 19-year-old Mark Arzu and 18-year-old Santos Garcia were jointly charged on Thursday, April 30th with one count of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. Officer in Charge of Police, Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott indicated that police had sufficient grounds to charge the men, as there were both witness reports as well as incriminating evidence to pin them to the murder. Jemmott also confirmed that the motive of the murder was to use Beltran’s cab as a getaway vehicle in the planning of a robbery. All three men have been arraigned at the San Pedro Magistrate Court and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until June 2015 for their first court hearing. Due to the nature of the offence, no plea was taken, and they were denied bail. Meanwhile, investigators are yet to formally charge anyone on the murder of 42 year old Dionicio Trujillo, who was stabbed to death, his throat cut, and his body left right beside his taxi van early Sunday morning. Police say they are still taking statements from the men they have detained and are following several leads. Both murders cases are being attributed to robbery.

PUP Moving Forward To Repeal Petro Caribe Law
Last week we told you about a letter that was drafted by the People’s United Party and directed to the Government of Belize demanding that the Petrocaribe act be repealed. The opposition has gone on record to state that if it is not done within 21 days of the submission, that their next move would be mobilizing Belizeans in support of the issue. And while there has been much scrutiny and debate over the process of the way the law was forcedly passed in the National Assembly, Fonseca says the law is aimed at protecting the Prime Minister and insulating him from criminal penalties. Yesterday, when the issue was brought up by Belize City media, Fonseca went on to invite the general populace to jump into their band wagon, creating an undeniable opposition stance against the Petrocribe Law ……Here is that clip…. “Sending this letter but we want as many people, as many of our partners, as many of the social partners, the businesses, the Chamber of Commerce to sign on to this letter. We are seeking their support in sending this letter. If we have to go at it alone we will. So the first step is to circulate it to them, that is where we are now, to get, to have them look at it, to have them review it, get their input, perhaps they want to make amendments to the letter. So that is the stage that we are at, once we’ve gotten that back and we’ve gotten some consensus and we know who will sign on and who won’t then we will proceed from there and the twenty-one days will start running from then.”

Trip Advisor Names Maracas Bar And Grill #1 Restaurant
Good food, great ambiance and fabulous music has contributed to the success of Orange Walk’s riverside Maracas Bar and Grill being named number one restaurant in Town, according to a public survey from Trip Advisor, an American travel website company. The establishment is a great option for dining on the riverside banks of the New River and they offer daily tours to the Lamanai Ruin. Maracas Bar and Grill was rated with 5 stars in their food, customer service, and atmosphere and in value of the experience. The establishment has garnered over twenty five positive reviews. It is note that a close second as best restaurant on the Trip Advisor site was Nahil Mayab followed by Cocina Sabor.

The Florida Carribbean Cruise Association Invites Belizeans For Annual Essay Competition
The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association today announced that it is once again inviting Belizean students to participate in their annual essay competition. This year’s competition is centered on the theme “How has the cruise industry improved my country?”. Participants are being asked to submit a 500 word essay will be judged on its content, creativity, style and grammar. The contest will be conducted in two age categories; junior division for children ages 12 and under and senior division for children ages 13 to 16. Prizes for each category stand at a handsome cash prize of $3000 US for the student and $3000 for the winning school. Deadlines for submissions are Friday, June 12th, 2015. More information of the contest can be obtained from Cruise Coordinator Maria Guerra at the Belize Tourism Board.

Social Wrasse Becomes Endangered Species
Belize is home to a portion of the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Hundreds of species of fish including the invasive LionFish inhabit this diverse coral reef system, many of them unique to the region. And recently, scientists have revealed that after examining the stomach contents of invasive lionfish caught on the inner barrier reef of Belize, they have discovered that nearly half of the diet of these aggressive fish consist of a critically endangered fish known as the social wrasse. The social wrasse is one of five coral reef fishes listed at the highest risk of extinction on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Found only on clear water reefs around inshore mangrove islands in Belize, “its combination of traits, small size, schooling, and low, hovering behavior—make it an easy target for the lionfish,” says Smithsonian scientist Carole Baldwin of the Division of Fishes at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Social wrasses represented 46 percent of the fishes found in lionfish stomachs, making them the primary prey item of the lionfish. One lionfish had 18 social wrasses in its stomach.

Re: Today's Belize News: May 6, 2015 [Re: Marty] #504013
05/06/15 05:44 AM
05/06/15 05:44 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 73,302
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Six year old shot by nine year old neighbor
A Valley Community, Stann Creek District boy, only six years old, spent the entire Labour Day weekend fighting for his life in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize City after his close friend unexpectedly turned a 16-gauge shotgun on him...

Women arrested for firearm say they were in wrong place at wrong time
An Iranian man and three women were formerly arrested and charged earlier today for firearm offences. This was after police intercepted a vehicle on Saturday May 2nd on the Humming Bird Highway in the St. Margaret’s Area, Cayo...

Trade unions clarify stance on Petrocaribe Act versus program
Also at the Labour Day Rally in Belize City we spoke to President of the NTUCB Marvin Mora for a response to the statements of Prime Minister Dean Barrow during Wednesday’s press conference in which he pointed out that the trade unions were and are part and parcel of the continued rollout of program...

NTUCB rallies workers in Belize City
They were few in number but their message was clear: May 1, Labour Day, is a day for the workers and a day to remember their struggles and sacrifices in the name of freedom...

St. Anne’s Church burglarized
The St. Anne’s Anglican Church in Belmopan was ransacked sometime between the evening of Sunday April 3rd and the morning of Monday April 4th...

Ministry of Education begins annual showcase in Belize City
The Ministry of Education launched its annual Education Showcase in Belize City...

Major Lloyd Jones to run for PUP in Belize Rural North
The People’s United Party (PUP) has named its candidate to challenge the winner of the UDP’s convention in Belize Rural North. He is former soldier and Ports Commissioner Major Lloyd Jones, who served in the Belize Defence Force (BDF) before joining the Port Authority...

Fatal Stabbing at National Agriculture and Trade Show
The National Agriculture and Trade Show, one of the most anticipated events of the year, took place over the weekend. This year’s agric show saw thousands of people from across the country visit the show grounds. But with such a high turnout  of people, security is always a concern...

Teacher’s license revoked after accusations of soliciting students
In March of this year, we reported on the allegations made against a teacher of Mopan technical highschool. Pictures of the male teacher’s nude body were plastered over facebook after he allegedly sent them to two male highschool students via an inbox conversation with the students on facebook...

American Pedophile attempts to enter Belize
Today another American pedophile is behind bars in the United States after attempting to enter Belize to meet with a 16 year old girl he met online. Troy Anthony Pertuset, 27, of St...


Internal George Street gang war?
At press time tonight, relatives and friends of Denfield “LL” Bowen, Jr., 26, who has been missing since last Thursday, April 30, remain puzzled about his whereabouts. Frantic searches which have been launched by those relatives and companions in the wake of his disappearance have yielded no trace of him, and his friends and family have reached the point where they fear the worst. Today, Amandala spoke to Bowen’s common-law wife, Claudine Dawson, 32, who told us that the stevedore, who resides with her at #69 Plues Street, Belize City, received a phone call and left home at about 5:20 p.m. last Thursday, and unfortunately, has not been seen or heard from since.

Salvadoran taxi driver, 26, charged for sex with girl, 9
A Salvadoran man has become the latest person to be remanded to prison on charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and wounding of a minor. Yesterday, Wednesday, Daniel Rios, 26, a resident of Star Fish Crescent in the Belama area of Belize City, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who arraigned him on the two charges. No plea was taken from Rios, as the offenses will be heard on indictment after a preliminary inquiry is held in the Magistrate’s Court that will determine if there is a prima facie case against him. Smith, however, remanded Rios to the Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance date on August 5.

Another taxi driver murdered in San Pedro
Another taxi driver has been murdered in San Pedro — less than five days after taxi driver Jose Rigoberto Beltran, 41, of the Escalante area in San Pedro, was found dead with a gunshot to the head in his abandoned taxi van near a lagoon in the San Juan area in San Pedro at about 10:00 Tuesday morning. At about 7:30 Sunday morning, Dionicio Trujillo, 42, originally of Alta Vista, Stann Creek District but who was working in San Pedro as a taxi car driver, was found dead on A Street in the South End area of San Pedro. Trujillo, who lived on Sea Grape Drive, was lying face-down in about 12 inches of water in the drain near the edge of the main road in the Marina area, where his taxi van was parked. His throat had been slashed, and there were multiple stab wounds in his chest and abdomen. People in the area who were walking on the road at about 7:30 Sunday morning saw the body in the drain and called police.

Boy, 6, shotgunned by neighbor, 9
The parents of Travis Polanco, 6, of the Valley community in the Stann Creek District, have been in severe distress since last Thursday, April 30, when he was tragically shot in the head, allegedly by a 9-year-old neighbor. The shocking incident reportedly happened at around 4:30 p.m. that day after both minors had come home from school. According to police, preliminary investigations have revealed that the boys were playing with each other at the time when the 9-year-old went into his parents’ house and picked up his father’s 16-gauge shotgun. He then allegedly pointed the weapon through a window at Polanco, who was still outside near the roadside, after which it reportedly went off and five of the pellets hit Polanco — three in the head, one in the nose and one in the cheek.

Unions and Chamber resolute on demand for repeal of PetroCaribe Loans Act
Last Wednesday, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow issued a public statement on the PetroCaribe program. The statement was released in light of concerns expressed by the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) that the recently passed PetroCaribe Loans Act is in contravention of the country’s finance reform laws which were introduced under public pressure a decade ago. In his summary last week, Barrow noted that roughly $286 million has been received via PetroCaribe, and $160 million, more than half, remains unspent. He said that of the $126 million spent to date, $30 million has been used to capitalize the National Bank of Belize. Neither the borrowing nor the spending was done with the requisite prior approval of Parliament, and last month, the Barrow administration introduced the PetroCaribe Loans Act to validate all the borrowing and spending since 2012.

Central Bank to be alternate route for wire transfers from Belize Bank customers
Bank of America principals who met with a high-level team of Government officials, including Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow; Central Bank Governor Glenford Ysaguirre and Economic Advisor, Ambassador Mark Espat, have given their assurance that the bank is severing relations only with the Belize Bank, and not with any other domestic bank in Belize which has correspondent banking relations with the second largest bank in the USA. Barrow said that based on their conversation with the bank executives, “…there is no question of any kind of wrongdoing on the part of the Belize Bank.” He added that, “…nobody needs to feel that he or she has to stop doing business with the Belize Bank.”

Henry Gill Boys & Girls Boxing Club opens May 5 at top floor of Body 2000 building
–A dream has finally become reality for veteran Belizean boxer Henry “Boxer” Gill, who announced this afternoon that his gym, the Henry Gill Boys & Girls Boxing Club, will open its doors tomorrow, Tuesday, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the top floor of the Body 2000 building on Coney Drive. “We’re a non-profit organization,” advised Gill, “and boys and girls from 7 to 17 years old are welcome, free of charge, to join the boxing club. We deliberately set the time so that the youths can attend the gym after school in the evenings, and the gym will be open daily from Monday to Friday, and continue through the school holidays and when school reopens.” Gill said his club is presently being sponsored by Mr. Tom Tillett, who is involved in the tourism business. Interested youths, or parents who want their kids to get involved in a positive and disciplined outlet should contact Henry “Boxer” Gill at 666-8091.

1st Belizean born player drafted in the NFL
Rakeem Nunez-Roches was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs last Saturday… Nice to have another Belizean excelling abroad. Let’s hope he makes the team now. The Chiefs used the 217th overall pick of the draft on former Southern Mississippi defensive tackle Rakeem Nunez-Roches, a 6’2″, 307-pound Belize-born defender. Nunez-Roches decided to skip his senior as a Southern Miss Golden Eagle and entered his name in the NFL Draft. Nunez-Roches who is from Dangriga Belize, was at Southern Miss for four seasons, but only got serious playing time in 2012 and 2014 (he was limited in 2013 due to injury). This most recent season, he recorded 58 total tackles and had 3 sacks. The general consensus among the folks that follow the NFL Draft is that he will either be a pick in the late rounds or will be picked up as an undrafted free agent. Rakeem Nunez-Roches is a talented prospect however, he is still very raw. That being said, given the right situation, I could see him being a solid contributor in the NFL. He may not be a player that will play every down in the pros, but still gets enough reps to make a difference. It’ll be interesting to watch his career pan out.

2 weeks left in NEBL reg. season, as playoff race heats up
This coming weekend will witness some huge games, as three teams have already clinched a playoff spot and are now battling for home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs, while three other teams are fighting to make the playoffs. Playoffs will kick off on Friday, May 22, with 2 semifinal games, followed by 2 games on Saturday, May 23. Both the semifinals and the finals will be a best-of-three series. Fans are reminded that all games have a live webcast with the game scores, play-by-play analyses and the box scores. Fans can follow every game live on our webpage, as scores are in real time. The NEBL webpage also contains news, team standings and player statistics, and it can be found at

Mass parties and individual conscience
Mr. Goldson walked away from the People’s United Party (PUP) in 1956 and he walked away from the United Democratic Party (UDP) in 1991. Belizean history has looked favorably on him because he could not be intimidated and he would not be compromised. During his political career, however, Mr. Goldson went through long periods when he appeared to be an overall political failure, when he appeared to be going nowhere. It seems, however, that Mr. Goldson always ended up following his individual conscience, and that conscience of his led him to positions of which the masses of the Belizean people approved, if not always in the short run, certainly over the long course of history. A couple weeks ago we remarked on how important our two mass political parties were/are for Belize, because they are national, indigenous, and authentic institutions, as opposed to the churches. The Belizean people built the PUP and the UDP in Belize: our churches were sent here from foreign headquarters. If you can’t see and understand this difference, there must be something wrong with you.

From the Publisher
Each week I do a lot of reading. I will process material from local and foreign newspapers, magazines, Internet websites, and also full length books. In so doing, I run into material that I think is important for you readers to consider and assess. Most times, such important material is included in this newspaper, with a simple heading. My sense is, however, that only serious readers take on such articles. It makes me sad to realize that not all the readers who would benefit from such material, are willing to do the work involved with serious articles. I understand. Most readers of this newspaper have grown to enjoy this column, and they are willing to fight their way through it even if I tackle heavy, complicated matters. I try to package my column in such a way that you are entertained while I am making my points. Food should have flavoring, we all agree. After all the years, I still have stories to tell, but some of these stories would be best told in a fictional framework. There were so many times when I was running the streets that I had experiences which I’ve never shared with you. I still dream of doing creative work, but time is no longer on my side.

Mennonite corporation seems to menace the forests of Belize
Dear Editor, While deforestation rates in Brazil have slowed of late in response to improved governance and commodity sector efforts, forests in Belize are falling faster than ever. I awoke in the middle of the night with a vision of the huge road I recently saw being constructed by Mennonites in the Yalbac area. That road seems to aim to connect their extensive and growing land holdings near Spanish Lookout to the George Price Highway. Their huge investments in that road are clearly related to large scale forest clearing by them and others for chemically intensive monocultures of crops for export. I wonder just how much more deforestation will be needed to justify their investments in that road? Shaken as I was by these thoughts, I fired up my computer to access publicly available satellite imagery to get a bigger picture. Sorry to say, the pictures on Google’s Earth Engine are distressing. Standing out prominently are the swaths of destruction in the Corozal District in the new Mennonite community of Neulands.

Retired Major Lloyd Jones is PUP’s new man in Belize Rural North
Last year August, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) suspended the attorney Arthur Saldivar as its Belize Rural North standard bearer, creating something of a vacuum in the sprawling constituency which has 27 villages spread out over a vast amount of space. At its Independence Hall headquarters this morning, the PUP moved to fill the vacant Belize Rural North standard-bearer slot with a political newcomer – the retired Belize Defence Force Major Lloyd Jones has stepped into the political fray and was introduced as standard-bearer for the division. Prior to his move in the political arena, Jones has been quite outspoken on national issues, particularly the defence of Belize and the unfounded Guatemalan claim.

Maya land title “not indigenous…” claims PM Barrow
Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced at a press conference today that he will appoint Senator Lisel Alamilla, Minister of Forestry and Fisheries, to chair a new secretariat that is to be established under her ministry to lead the way forward in giving effect to a recently formulated consent order from the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), affirming Maya land rights in Toledo. While the Maya continue to maintain their stance that those rights emanate from their indigenous heritage, Barrow argues that the title is not indigenous, and that the Government only agreed to the terms of the consent order on the understanding that the land rights exist on the basis of human rights. He said that he would take a proposal to Cabinet next Tuesday to have the new secretariat established under Alamilla’s ministry.

Belize’s first elected Mayor, David Fonseca, commits suicide
Sometime after 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 30, police visited the Stuart’s Alley home of former Belize City Mayor David Fonseca, located near the Tourism Village, as word began to spread that Fonseca, the first person to be elected outright as mayor, was dead. One day before his 61st birthday, Fonseca was found in the bathroom of the upstairs of the two-storey house with an apparent gunshot wound to the head and his .9mm pistol in his hand. Even though police pathologist Dr. Mario Estradabran was summoned to the scene, so far, police have not issued a report on the suicide death of the businessman and retired People’s United Party (PUP) politician. In life, David Fonseca was a quiet man, whose humility had enabled him to serve a full 16 years in City Hall, the last 6 as mayor. Fellow city councilors who served under his stewardship described him as “the people’s mayor,” because of his willingness to give an audience to anyone and everyone who visited his office.

Under an agreement due to expire in 2028, the Fort Street Tourism Village (FSTV) has been designated as the exclusive port of entry for cruise ship passengers for the Belize District. The contract will thus remain in effect for thirteen more years, and although Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that there are questions as to the legality of the agreement, the Government of Belize is committed to working with the parties to help break the logjam, in the interest of seeing a new state-of-the art docking facility and cruise port, to be owned and operated by Mike Feinstein, a former partner in FSTV, come to fruition. Barrow said that Feinstein already has financing for the US$100 million port at Stake Bank from a consortium of domestic lenders. On Tuesday, Barrow met in Miami with Carnival Cruise Lines, which was also granted a subsequent concession for a cruise port at the Port of Belize in Belize City, in breach of the Government’s prior exclusive arrangement with FSTV – a breach for which the Government in 2004 entered into an agreement with FSTV to compensate them for lost revenues from head tax earnings.

Consumer prices fall for fourth consecutive month
A substantial fall in the price of fuel products continues to drive down the inflation rate, which fell again from 1.4% last March to -1% this March. “This indicated that, on average, the goods and services typically purchased by Belizean households, were 1 percent cheaper than they were one year ago,” explained a release issued by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) on Wednesday. In fact, Belize’s inflation rate has been below zero since last December. The last time the country saw sustained price dips was back in 2009. The price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) used for cooking, as well as the prices of gasoline and diesel were down by nearly 30% over the same period last year. For example, the average price for LPG was down by about $33, from $126 last March to $93 this March, the SIB said. The institute added that international airfares, also within this category, were about 11 percent lower than during the same month last year.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Western Ballaz Committee Members Resign
Reports reaching our news room are that some members of the Western Ballaz committee have resigned from their posts. According to reports, three committee members handed over their resignation letters just a few minutes ago. The committee members that resigned are: President Shalu Butcher, Treasurer Lisa Usher and Nadene […]

BDF Private accused of stealing weapon
Police have recovered a Beretta pistol alleged to have been stolen from the headquarters of the Belize Special Assignment Group (BSAG) located on the compound of the Belize Defence Force at Price Barracks, Ladyville on April 30. Today private in the Belize Defence Force (BDF), 23 year old […]

Police charge Rudolph Ramsey over murder
After 5 months of investigation, police have made an arrest for the murder of 25 year old kenroy Parham. The accused, Rudolph Ramsey, was arraigned on the charge today in the court of the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. He was remanded into custody until August 20. Parham, […]

Raymond Myers acquitted of murder of Francis Figueroa
After a delay of a few weeks to select a new jury, 31 year old Raymond Myers was on Monday evening acquitted of murder charges in the death of 27 year old Francis Figueroa. Nearly five years ago on May 14, 2010, Figueroa was stabbed as many as […]

PUC wants significant rate cut for electricity
After a cut of 5% across the board in electricity rates earlier this year, Belizean consumers can expect even further cuts, resulting in the lowest power rates in Belize in decades. State-run power provider Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has applied to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) as of […]

Family confirms death of Travis Polanco
Belize Media Group has confirmed with the father of six year old Travis Polanco, Thomas Polanco, this afternoon that his son died after being taken off life support around ten thirty this morning. Thomas Polanco told us briefly that the family considered Travis to have died from as […]

PUP is re-appealing Petrocaribe Legislation
According to the legislation, Alba Petrocaribe (Belize Energy) Limited” or “APBEL” is a joint venture company owned by the Venezuelan State Enterprise, PDV Caribe and the Government of Belize company, Belize Petroleum and Energy Limited. The funds being attained from petrocaribe has been of great concern for the PUP and […]

Travis Polanco Passes Away
We have received reports that Travis Polanco, the 6 year old that was shot with a 16-gauge shotgun by his 9 year old neighbor in the village of Valley Community, Stann Creek died this afternoon at KHMH. According to reports, Polanco was on life support and the doctors were unable to […]

Trio charged for murder of Taxi Operator, Rigo Beltran
18 year old Santos Garcia, 19 year old Mark Arzu and 23 year old Luis Campos were slap with one count of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder on 42-year-old Jose Rigoberto Beltran. Officer in Charge of Police, Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott says that there are sufficient […]

Protest in Georgeville
Belize Media Group currently has one of its reporter in the village of Georgeville in the Cayo District who is reporting to our news desk that there is about 50 people specifically women who are protesting on the streets. According to our reporter, the protesters are discontented with the new […]

Nelson Claros, ” El Wicho” charged for robbery
A joint operation between the Corozal and San Ignacio Police has led to the detention of a wanted fugitive of the Corozal District. On Friday May 1st, 2015 San Ignacio police were informed on the whereabouts of Nelson Claros aka Wicho. Claros was wanted in Corozal for the crime of […]

Rotaract Brings Best Country of District 4250 Award to Belize
Every year Rotaract celebrates a bi-district conference that is district 4240 and 4250 where all the Central American Countries clubs attend. This year, Belize had participation from San Ignacio, Benque Viejo, Belize City, Orange Walk, and Belmopan in Guatemala where the conference was held. The conference was geared […]


Can’t Decide What to See in Belize this Summer? We’ve Got Your Back!
No wonder you’re conflicted! Trying to figure out which places in Belize belong at the top of your must-see list can be frustrating—particularly if you’ve a finite amount of time to get yourself to a representative sampling of attractions, sites and events before the real world and stress intercedes. Relax. Breathe deeply. Consider this blog post your Cliff’s Notes, only there won’t be a quiz on the content down the road. We promise. If it’s June, it’s Lobsterfest and Belize tourism folks know a thing or two about kick-starting the lobster season in style. Side shows associated with this tribute to the king of crustaceans include a Miss Lobsterfest beauty pageant made up of teens who are not shy about dressing in weird costumes to win the crown. Need a place to stay when you’re not dipping lobster morsels into butter or watching pageant contestants strut their stuff? Make it the Chabil Mar in Placencia. You’ll need the peace and quiet once you’ve had a taste of Lobsterfest!

10 Reasons to Relocate to Belize
More and more, people are realizing just how fabulous it is to retire in the pleasant Central American country of Belize. But what does Belize have to offer that has so many people coming back for more? Everyone Speaks English Not only do the locals in Belize speak very good English, it’s actually the national language. Although many residents do speak Spanish with their neighbors, the print and television media, street signs, menus and other items of daily life are in English. Boost Your Health Health-conscious people around the world are discovering the health benefits of refreshing coconut water, available in ample abundance in Belize. Instead of being trapped indoors, retirees in Belize enjoy a low-stress, natural life enjoying the sunshine in the great outdoors.

Belizeans should reject Major Lloyd Jones if he runs for office
By: Wellington C. Ramos. Every person who was born in Belize should have the right to run for political office in Belize like Retired Major Lloyd Jones. However, under this current Belize Constitution Belizeans who became citizens as adults and swore allegiance to the United States and other countries cannot run unless they revoke their citizenship. This is because there is a clause in the Belize Constitution disqualifying people who swore allegiance to another country like thousands of Belizeans who now reside in the United States and possess dual citizenship. The People’s United Party (PUP) and Retired Major Lloyd Jones support this inhumane policy. They have and are doing everything to stop this United Democratic Party (U.D.P. ) government, from introducing Article-7 to amend the constitution to rectify this injustice. In fact Retired Major Lloyd Jones have written several articles in the media stating where he stands with this issue. They claim that we should give up our American and foreign citizenship, to show how loyal, trustworthy, patriotic and dedicated we are to our country of birth. Then at the same time, there are reports coming out of Belize that they are constantly bringing people from Guatemala who are not citizens to vote in our elections. This is a country that has been claiming our land for centuries now, that he was prepared to fight against if we were attacked by them. Also, people who are naturalized citizens of Belize, can vote and run for any office in their country and our country without giving up their citizenship from their countries of birth.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo 2015!
It’s that time of year again when perpetually vibrant Mexico comes even more alive with colours, fireworks, dancing and that justly famous great food and drink as Mexicans and people of Mexican descent celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Just as with Belize’s own Battle of St George’s Caye Day, Cinco de Mayo is a precursor to the lavish Independence celebrations held later in the year – in Mexico’s case the 16th of September. That’s close to Belize’s 21st of September Independence Day, and along with the geographic proximity, a strong national identity, and a love of democracy, Cinco de Mayo represents some the things both countries share that bind us together. So visitors shouldn’t be surprised to see and hear some jubilant partying going on in Belize on the 5th of May.

A Few Pictures From Yesterday and I’m Heading Out – Mexico Bound
Yesterday was a beautiful day. Blue skies, billowy clouds and I took a walk to town in the morning to do some errands. (Enthralling stuff, right?) I stopped in this beauty salon for a pedicure. Don’t even think of just coming in without an appointment! This lady is booked solid…and for $25bzd does a thorough job on my slightly dirty feet not ready for United States consumption. I walked out of there a new woman (at least from the ankle down) – ready for my week in the US. Well…first $3bzd pork tacos at La Hora Taco. Fitting since I am traveling to the Cancun airport – to take advantage of a $300 Southwest ticket to Providence, Rhode Island the very CHEAPEST way possible. Short of hitchhiking.

International Sourcesizz

Design for Her Daughter: One Mother's Journey
On a 2012 medical mission trip to Belize City, Belize, Alden Ramsey of the eponymous Alden Skirts looked at the over 100 families crowding the city hospital and found herself wondering. Many of these families had traveled days and nights to receive treatment from doctors who volunteered with nonprofit World Pediatric Project (WPP), an organization that provides medical care to critically ill children in developing countries. The majority of the mothers Alden saw in the hospital were single parents. She asked herself, "Can these women both financially support their families and be caregivers to their sick children?" It seemed like an impossible task, and the answer for many was no. After contacting WPP's local coordinator and asking if any of these single mothers had sewing skills, she was introduced to Ana Vasquez.

As the tropics heat up early, how unusual is it for storms to develop in May?
A low pressure system is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean that might turn into a tropical storm later this week. Is this unusual so early in the year? The Atlantic hurricane season doesn't officially begin until June 1, but May storms are not all that unusual. In the past 10 years, there have been a total of four named storms that developed during the month of May. In 2012, two storms developed in May: Alberto and Beryl. Both were tropical storms and developed just off the southeast coast, close to the area we're watching tonight. In 2008, Tropical Storm Arthur developed on May 31 just before making landfall in Belize.

Caribbean Nations Prepare for Coconut Industry Revitalization
A $US3.9 million program aims to revive the once-thriving industry and tap into markets for coconuts and sought after coconut by-products. From 1950 to 1980, the coconut industry was a vital agricultural subsector in the Caribbean. However, from 1980 onward, production sharply declined due to pest and disease issues, competition from soybean oil, which resulted in the collapse of the copra industry. But coconut has made a big comeback and demand for products such as coconut water, milk and oil has seen a boom. Now, nine Caribbean countries stand to benefit from a US$3.9 million program to rejuvenate the industry. “We recognise that the coconut subsector plays a very important role in our efforts to ensure that we have food and nutrition security very high on our list of priority areas for the development of agriculture in Saint Lucia … we want to continue to encourage the planting of acres and acres of fresh nuts and we do recognise that there is an opportunity there for employment and also for nutrition,” said Saint Lucia’s Agriculture Minister Moses Jn Baptiste.

Vietnam, Belize boost bilateral relations
Governor-General of Belize Colville Norbert Young agreed to foster cooperation between Belize and Vietnam while receiving the first Vietnamese Ambassador to the country, Le Linh Lan on May 4. The leader expressed his admiration for Vietnamese people during their past struggle for national liberation and reunification, while speaking highly of the country’s economic achievements in its reform process. He also pledged to back bilateral coordination at multilateral forums. Later, the Vietnamese diplomat met with Belizean Prime Minister Dean O.Barrow and Minister of Public Service, Elections and Boundaries Charles Gibson. Both sides discussed potential and opportunities for economic and trade cooperation. Ambassador Lan said that Belize’s recognition of Vietnam’s market economy status in 2015 will help consolidate and expand bilateral ties. PM Barrow agreed to consider the proposal within this year as the two countries are celebrating the 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties.-

Honduran lobster groups look for solutions after Red Lobster, others turn away
Project aims to adjust Honduran fishers to more sustainable method, away from dangerous scuba diving. We try to show them this isn't a new idea, this fishery has worked in many other places, like Mexico and Belize, where they have large successful fisheries.”


  • St. John Neumann 2014 Belize Mission, 4min. Saint John Neumann Catholic Church 2014 Mission trip to Punta Gorda, Belize.

  • Belize | A Little bit of Everything, 5.5min. A small Film about life in Belize, shot on Caye Caulker, in Orange Walk and at Lamanai.


    Primary school students today convened at the Orange Walk Multi-Purpose Complex for a full day of song, drama, poetry and music. This was all part of this year’s Primary School Festival of Arts in which some forty eight performances were staged.
  • FAMILY IN LOUISIANA AREA ACCUSE ORANGE WALK POLICE OF EXCESSIVE FORCE, 8min. There is another report against police officers in Orange Walk Town. Today an Orange Walk family sought the media’s assistance in shedding light into a situation that has been ongoing for several months. The family, along with neighbors spoke with our news team but wished to comment off camera and told us of a shooting that happened last night in their neighborhood and say that the incident is about a personal vendetta of one police corporal against a male minor. The family of the teen mentions the name of the officer but since no official police report has been issued we have refrained from airing his identity.

  • EXPORTBelize’s Made in Belize Catalogue and BelizeINVEST’s Belize Outsourcing Service Provider Directory, 5min. BELTRAIDE making business happen.

  • Rise and Shine Belize May 5th, 2015 Patrick Andrews & Dr Francis Smith, 78min. Senator Patrick Andrews & Dr Francis Smith discuss Ministry of health and the condition of the KHMH and Western Regional Hospitals.

  • Carnival Dream Day 3 And 4 (Honduras/Belize) 2015, 8min. I didn't get a chance to film much in Honduras, because didn't do much there. I stayed in the tourist section and just visited a couple of gift shops briefly that's why I put day 3 and 4 together. Enjoy!

  • TechnoSurf: Somewhere in Belize, on a random Island., 2min.

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