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The San Pedro Sun

Happy Mother's Day!
Congratulations to San Pedro's Mother of the Year 2015-16, Mrs. Graciela Vasquez!

Letter to the Editor: D. Crumpton responds to our April 30th Editorial
Over 5 years ago we visited and fell in love with the island. In 2 days of landing on the island I purchased my first beach front property. Within 4 months purchased my condo. Since then the island beauty has gone downhill. Crime has more than gotten worse. Property values have not really increased. In 5 years I purchased another condo. I’ve told all my friends. Bragged about my piece of paradise. Couldn’t wait to retire there. 5 years later with the trash, crime, murders, traffic. We have started looking at other islands. Just visited Roatan. It was beautiful, had real grocery stores with decent prices. No trash, low crime (on the island), friendly locals and beautiful beaches. I looked at several properties. I will buy there. I now have to consider if San Pedro is where I want to retire to. I love the island, the people, the culture, but if the elected officials don’t get ahold of the problems on the island I want be alone in looking elsewhere. Is it time to sell and move on? I sure hope not. Like I said, I love the island. But I have to look at my family and future first. At the rate the island is going, it better get its act together. It’s almost as if no one cares. Throwing trash everywhere. How about adopt a recycling project. Put bins out everywhere to collect glass, cans, plastic. Stop importing new cars. There are too many cars. Cars are rusted out hunks of junk. The taxis are junk. I won’t ride in one unless it’s new.

Letter to the Editor: Island impressions from a Danish tourist
Dear Editor, We stayed 2010 first and came back again in winter for another time. Earlier we had found The San Pedro Sun online and started to read it from back home. We were not sure if our impression about the downward trend of the island was just our European taste but now we see that also many Americans see it the same way. This letter is to support a better San Pedro and a better Ambergris Caye. We are very concerned! A new flight connection made it much easier the second time, without overnight from Europe and we were already thinking about the possibility of returning more often. Our Dutch run and owned small resort was nearly unchanged and still as clean and charming. It had also kept its beautiful island style we tourists like so much. We had a great time there. The rest was rather disappointing the second time. In town, we were in noise, heavy and often dangerous traffic, car and taxi drivers paying attention to their cell phones while driving plus often stinking, load vehicles, many were without mufflers. It felt like Little Saigon, Vietnam rather than a charming fishing and tourist town on a Caribbean island. On our first visit we had never used the road and only the boat service but now the road was made new to the North. Now you drive through polluted mangrove areas, filled with old refrigerators, bicycles and other trash deposits in the swamps. So sad to see this.

Students sit second part of PSE
The second part of the National Primary School Examination (PSE) took place on May 14th, and once again thousands of students countrywide made their way to their respective examination centers to sit the exam. In San Pedro Town, a total of 298 students from seven schools on Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker partook in the exams. The examination took place at the San Pedro High School, and this second phase of the examination challenged students in Mathematics and Social Studies. “Some of the questions were a bit tricky, but I managed to answer all of them. So I am pretty sure that I will do well,” said Christian Contreras of New Horizon Seventh Day Adventists School (SDA). Charlie Edwards looked very confident about his performance on the exam and he explained his views. “I prepared myself for the exam by studying hard and getting help from my teachers on revision week. The Social Studies exam was the one I was most familiar with as I recognize the content of the questions right away as I went through the test.”

Letter to the Editor: Blair Exall give suggestions for traffic problems
Dear Editor, The streets of downtown San Pedro are unsafe for pedestrians. I have been a San Pedro property owner since 1995, and have recently seen high increases in golf carts, cars, and motorbikes, using the main streets. I ride my bicycle through town almost every day when I am on the island. I am witness daily, to many pedestrians (tourists) upset and in fear of crossing your downtown streets. I don’t know if there is a final remedy to the problem, but I have a suggestion. Require all motorized vehicles using Front Street, to have a special (costly) permit. Delivery vehicles, taxicabs, and those with children being dropped off/picked up from the elementary school, could be excluded. Back street is wide, and can accommodate parking (the soccer field), and a larger traffic flow. Front Street should be used primarily for pedestrians enjoying our downtown. Please think about the future of San Pedro. Everyone wants safe streets, and a healthy tourist trade.

GOB highlights Petro Caribe Expenditure
The topic regarding the Petro Caribe funds has indeed been a controversial one and the present government has been under attack, mainly by the Opposition. While Senator Mark Lizarraga, president of the Christian Workers Union Audrey Matura-Shepherd and other stakeholders have been very vocal against the loan-act, the rest of the county will soon be seeing the results of how these funds are to be spent. Prime Minister Barrow was given a 21-day ultimatum from the Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, to repeal the PetroCaribe Loan Act. In response to this the Prime Minister stated, “I am not going to let that happen because I am absolutely positive that the Belizean people are with me on this.” Barrow added. “It’s unprecedented for you to get monies for development purposes, for upliftment of the people, to be repaid over 25 years at 1 percent,” he continued, “who can be against that? Except those that are thinking along purely political selfish lines.” On April 29th, Prime Minister Barrow addressed the Opposition’s ultimatum in more details at a press conference which was scheduled to start at 10am, live on Wave Radio and through other media houses. However prior to the press conference he made it clear that the Petro- Caribe program will remain as it is. “I see right through them [the Opposition] and I know the Belizean people do as well,” Prime Minister Barrow continued, “it is only after we went to the house and passed the Supplementary Appropriations Act that details the spending, legitimizes the spending, offers full transparency, that the Opposition made it clear that it would not stop – it would still continue to try and derail PetroCaribe.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Fixed or floating exchange rates: Which would serve the Caribbean better?
Is the fixed currency exchange rate between the United States and some Caribbean countries affecting the latter's international competitiveness? This is a question that deserves review as Caribbean countries struggle with difficult economic conditions caused, in part, by the rapid change in their terms of trade and the value of currencies in which such trade occurs. Nine of the 14 independent Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries have currencies whose values are tied to a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar. These countries are: The Bahamas, Belize, Barbados, and the member states of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts-Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines). There is no evidence to suggest that these nine countries are performing more competitively than other countries in Caricom that have a floating exchange rate. Indeed, based on economic performance over the last decade, particularly as guaranteed markets for exports have disappeared and trade rules have changed significantly, the economies whose currencies are not fixed to the US dollar have done better. Small states face real difficulty in competing with other countries across the world in the free trade environment that has developed since the 1960s. While it was possible in previous decades to prop up economies through import substitution protected by high tariff walls, those days are over. Businesses now have to stand on their own, competing with foreign businesses in their own market, and for a place in export markets. The issue of competitiveness is now central to the success of any small state in finding work for its people, including its annual school leavers.

Cats and Kittens!!!
Saga Humane Society has the most adorable cats and kittens available for adoption. Here are some pictures but we have plenty more. Please pass by to visit the cats and hang out at our catery. Foster or adopt and we promise you will have unconditional love.

The legendary Belizean cyclist of the 1960's and 1970's, Rudy Miguel, proudly displays his trophies that he had won in cycling competitions in Belize and Mexico, where he had dominated many cycling classics in the 1960's and 70's.

The expose highlights the greatness of the Miguel cycling family, and the roots of the legendary Belizean cyclists that now includes the names, Justin Wlliams and Corey Williams. These two additional Belizean cyclists are now an addititon to the long line of the Miguel cycling family, and we shall see more wins by these two newest rivals to have come to dominate Belize's Annaul Holy Saturday Cross Country this year, 2015. The two brothers are connected to the Miguel family of cyclists through their mother, Desiree Lewis, who is the niece of Arthur, Edward, Johinto and Rudy Miguel. Their father, Caliman Willaims is also a renowmed Belizean cyclist. It has been a historical feat as Justin and Corey Williams joins their ucles, John 'Johnito' and Rudy Miguel in Belize's cycling Hall of Fame. Belizean Legends honors these champions.

It is most amazing to see the historical relationship that Belize and Mexico has built in sports since the 1950's. Two bordering countries that shared a healthy diplomatic relationship fostered particularly through the sport of cycling. And it reveals how important sports play in the development of a country. Belizean athletes has been invited to participate in many of Mexico's classic sports meets and has won many of them, and Belize likewise has been inviting Mexcian athletes to their renowned Annual Cross Country Cycling Classic, and Mexican cyclists has also won a few of Belize's Cross Country Cycling Classics. The outstanding Pablo Calderon is testament of that. It has been a a relationship that has worked out for the benefit of both countries in terms of diplomacy, trade, and exchange of ideas for development. We here at Belizean Legends honor this magnificent relationship that Belize and Mexico has shared, and want to share with you the viewers, a historical photo of Belize's cycling legend, Rudy Miguel, as he is embraced by Mexican fans and officials, in his winning of the 1972 Merrida Cycling Classic in Mexico. This is an important piece of Belizean sports history that is to be cherished for all times. Sub umbra floreo ( under the tree we flourish).

The Reporter

Woman, man shot in separate incidents
Two people were reportedly shot in the Belize district on Saturday - one of which was fatal. While the police have not released any details, The Reporter has recrived credible information that at 10:15 a.m. on Saturday, Daniel Trapp, 60, of 46 Egbert Quilter Street, Ladyville was shot in the chest. Quilter died while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial’s emergency ward. Meanwhile, Brendalee Arnold, 52 yrs of 44 Gibnut Street, Belize City was shot to the back with a pellet gun. She was treated and released from the hospital.

Red Cross Society introduces first aid App
There is now an App we can download to apply first aid resuscitation to someone in the event of an emergency. On Friday the Belize Red Cross Society introduced the software tool at the Battlefield Park in Belize City on the occasion of World Red Cross Day. The App complements the society’s first aid practical lessons and offers a guide on what to do in emergency situations if a doctor, ambulance or hospital is out of reach. It offers a guide on what to do in cases of burns, if someone is unconscious, how to help someone choking or bleeding, or what to do if someone is having a heart attack or seizure. The guide comes with videos and graphics that are easy to follow. The App can be downloaded free of cost on Google Play Store on your data-ready cellular device by typing in First Aid by Belize Red Cross. There is a second App which the Red Cross will release next week which will be a guide to hurricane hazzards and do’s and dont’s during a storm.

Belize gets award for promoting traffic safety
Belize has won the “Find a Way Award” at the 4th International Road (IRF) Federation Caribbean Regional Congress for promoting good road safety measures in schools and the wider public. The award, given at the Hilton Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica on Wednesday, is part of an IRF program set up to recognise countries and projects that place road traffic safety at the forefront of social and economic development. It took effect after the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 was launched in more than 100 countries in May of 2011 – its goal being to prevent five million road traffic deaths globally by 2020. The IRF saw that the Belize Government promotes good road safety measures using mediums such as schools, the media, government bodies, civil society, religious denominations and the private sector. Locally, the road safety program, launched in March of 2013, serves as the first phase of what is expected to be a long-term initiative by the government to improve road safety in the country, with the Ministry of Economic Development as the lead agency and with components involving the Ministries of Works, Transport, Education, Health, Youth, and National Security.

Police try to solve murder of Roaring Creek teen
Belmopan police are conducting interviews with several persons to try and solve its latest murder – that of Grasford Thomas, a 16 year-old of Roaring Creek Village. Thomas left his house on Thursday evening and told his family that he was going to bring back groceries after he had completed a job he was doing. He was last seen around 8 p.m., riding a bicycle towards Camalote Village, which is about two miles west of Roaring Creek. When he didn’t return home by Friday, his mother, Minelva Baiza, said she knew something was wrong. She got confirmation to her fears around 6 p.m. Friday when the police summoned her to a scene where they had been informed a body was found bearing a tattoo “Minelva”.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Tears … Chaos … Responsibilities
By Marisa Alamilla. I was listening to the talk shows and I will say this and please understand that Belize is at a very bad place and so I believe we need to keep things real. People die everyday and sometimes it seems that one life is recognized more than the other and that is part and parcel of the problem we have in Belize. A great cyclist died and yes the country lost a great cycling ambassador by all accounts. There are those who want to blame the media, there are others blaming the gangs and there are others blaming the GOB and the lack of justice. I think the blame falls squarely on us. We have lost our way. We have lost our root values and principles. We have lost our children….and we lost them because the truth is that many of our men are “sperm donors” and as mothers we find excuses, blame the sperm donors and never realized that we could make the problem much worse if we did not realize our importance and role and did it no matter what. I am a single mom and I will not tell you its easy.

Western Ballaz Defeat Orange Walk Running Rebels 63-61
After 40 minutes of intense semi-pro basketball at the Sacred Heart Auditorium in San Ignacio, the Cayo Western Ballers emerged victorious in what can be considered their most important game of the season. The team, having lost their previous 3 games and members of its committee resigning just a week ago, needed this victory to stop the bleeding and re-gain their momentum. As time winded down, the Western Ballaz came out with the scores of 63-61 over the Orange Walk Running Rebels. Many people in Cayo believe that if the team had lost the game, its fan base would have dissolved but that was definitely not the case. Because the team impressed a packed auditorium of fans last night and got back on the right track, it is now tied with the San Pedro Tiger Sharks for first place in the NEBL.

BMG hosts staff retreat at Cahal Pech Resort in Cayo
Today’s top story is what we, Belize Media Group, are doing to help more Belizeans at home and abroad get their news in real time, the instant it happens. Correspondents and members of staff met at beautiful and scenic Cahal Pech Village Resort overlooking downtown San Ignacio to discuss past accomplishments and look ahead to future objectives. Acting CEO Hugh O’Brien reminded that at the top of our vision and strategy is to be the number one online news source for Belizeans. BMG was the brainstorm of a group of pioneers including late CEO Peter Tonti-fondly remembered at the start of this morning’s event-and journalist and former website namesake Patrick Jones. Founded in 2013, BMG already has thousands of dedicated followers from North America, the Caribbean, and as far as Europe and even India reading and commenting on our news stories! According to Editorial Director and Chief Technology Officer Larry Waight, there have been more than 1.3 million visitors to and more than 4.9 million page views. Many are reading our crime reports but they also follow us for politics, sports and even weather.


A Plea for Continued Round-the-Clock Veterinary Care in San Pedro + Elsie’s Story
We currently have two important veterinary clinics in San Pedro, Belize. And one of them is in trouble. One is the wonderful SAGA Humane Society which was founded in 1999 when there was NO care for animals on Ambergris Caye. They work tirelessly on a myriad of issues. From affordable pet care, education at the school, spay & neutering free clinics, dog & cat sheltering and adoptions, rounding up strays…the list goes on. All on fundraising by the board and donations from supporters. An amazing AMAZING crew but one that is seriously stretched. They work with Dr. Baptiste, a fantastic Belizean veterinary doctor, but he has a ton going on. He has his own clinic outside of Belmopan, he works with the Hopkins Humane Society and others around the country. We also have the San Pedro Animal Hospital – which has been in existence for about 6 years. It is a “private clinic” with the current vet – Dr. Trish from Canada. SPAH is open 5 days a week and available (when possible) 24 hours a day for emergencies. They are an animal hospital, not a shelter and do some different things than SAGA – like bathing and grooming and in-house lab work (with blood or skin scrapings). SPAH also has some different types of medication and ways of giving & monitoring anesthesia. BOTH CLINICS PERFORM IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS ON THE ISLAND.


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