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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: A Loyal Man
Dear Doctor Love, I have been married six years. My husband is a wonderful man. I think that sometimes he is a little bit too wonderful for his own good. His sister is three years younger than him and he takes care of her. By this, I mean that he gets her out of trouble when she has problems with the police because of her drugs problem. He always sends money to her and makes excuses for her. Her own family in Belize City wants nothing to do with her because she does not want to go to rehab. Last month she got caught for stealing. It cost him over a thousand dollars to get her out of trouble. I have been on him about this because we could use that money ourselves and I don’t see any reason to throw good money after bad. We are struggling to pay our bills and it takes both of our salaries to get by. I can understand that he wants to help but the cost is ruining our relationship and our lives. I think that when the rest of the family gives up it is time to pay attention. He tells me that no matter what she is his sister and he cannot give up on her. When I pushed it he said that if I cannot understand how he feels maybe I should move on. I do not think it is right for a man to put his sister above his wife. I have lived with this for six years now. What can I do? /s/ Tired Of This

Letter to the Editor: Guantanamo on Ambergris Caye
Dear Editor, We enjoyed reading The San Pedro Sun while there and will continue online. While going through our vacation pictures I thought you might be interested in one specific shot. During our vacation stay we had to pass two ugly towers located right next to the road. We had to pass by over and over every day and often during some late night hours. Both properties were surrounded by high walls with heavy barb wire rolled on top. During nights both these structures were lid up by heavy, bright spot light beams. The overall appearance was plain scary and ugly. We could not see any heavy armed patrol guards out in the open but we assumed the guards were inside looking out of the watch towers and probably pointing heavy guns. Every time when passing we sped up due to some fear. Later we were told these were not prisons as we had long suspected but these properties are used for cell phone transmission. No matter what, these disgusting looking structures were positioned in a completely wrong location right on the road where dozens and dozens of tourists had to pass each and every hour.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Evolution
“Davin and I came over to borrow your saw,” Glen said. “We’re going to do some work on Melody’s art gallery.” “Where is Melody and Baby Grayson?” I asked. “She’s across the street teaching an art class at Crazy Canucks. She has Grayson with her.” “How is that new baby doing?” “He’s fat,” Glen said. “And big.” “He sure is big,” Davin told me. “But I don’t think he’s as big as I was when I was that old.” “You’re nine years old aren’t you?” “Yes.” “When I was your age I was already thirteen years old,” I told him. “Hunh?”

Letter to the Editor: Feed Crocodiles is Illegal
Dear Editor and the Community of Ambergris Caye, When I first came to Ambergris Caye in 2008, crocodiles were illegally being fed at WASA Lagoon, endangering the lives of the local community, tourists, as well as the crocodiles. With the collaboration of multiple people and organizations such as the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES), the Belize Forest Department and Wildlife Officer, the local police, and positive support and interaction with the island community, this illegal act successfully ended. However, it has come to my attention, as well as the attention of ACES and the Belize Wildlife Officer, that a new, young, generation of boys are taking tourists to WASA Lagoon to perform “crocodile feeding shows.” Additionally, we have also become aware that tourists are themselves going out to WASA Lagoon to entice the wild crocodiles with chicken and other bait, believing it is ok to feed the wildlife. It is now time for the community of Ambergris Caye to come together again and continue the education to fellow Belizeans and tourists that it is illegal and dangerous to feed the wildlife on the island, particularly the crocodiles. As the Vice Regional Chair of Latin America for the International Union for Conservation and Nature/Species Survival Commission of the Crocodile Specialist Group, I have encountered throughout Latin America (as well as internationally) the harm feeding crocodiles illegally causes for the local communities.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, May 10, 2015: First: 5022 Second: 4210 Third: 5953 Missing: 6, 7, 8

U.S. Embassy’s 2015 Mother’s Day Message
Belmopan - As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month in Belize we honor the women in our lives and around the globe who are mothers, grandmothers, and those who serve in the role of mothers. Today and every day, we are grateful for the women whose strength and resilience keep our families and communities together. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the health challenges mothers face – challenges that in too many low and middle-income countries make it difficult for women to preserve their own health, safely give birth to healthy babies, or ensure their child lives beyond their fifth birthday. Today, Belize has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in Central America. HIV/AIDS impacts women’s health in Belize – there are approximately 16,000 women living with HIV/AIDS in Belize. Around the world, more than 40 young women are newly infected with the virus every hour, and it is the leading cause of death and disease in women of reproductive age in sub-Saharan Africa. Childbirth takes the lives of 289,000 women each year, robbing them and their child of what should be one of the most joyous moments in their lives. While the statistics are alarming, the U.S. government, in close partnership with the people and Government of Belize, is working to secure a better future for mothers, mothers-to-be, and newborns.

The Reporter

Man plunges to death while working
Emilio Chan, 50, a construction worker, plunged to his death while working on a roof in Patchakan Village, Corozal at around 8:30 Saturday morning. Chan reportedly slipped and fell, and suffered a severe cut to the head and he was rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital but died that same morning.

Man shot to death in Ladyville
Daniel Trapp, 60, a resident of Egbert Quilter Street, Ladyville was shot and killed early Saturday morning. Police discovered Trapp’s body at around 9:20 a.m Saturday on Dawn Road about 15 feet from its intersection with Perez Road. Police say Trapp was found lying on his back with a gunshot wound to the chest. Police have detained a man pending charges.

Belizean manatee researcher featured in WWF magazine
Jamal Galves, a manatee researcher and expert has received international attention through a feature article by the World Wildlife Fund’s magazine. The magazine picked up Galves’ story from he was a child growing up in Gales Point Manatee Village. It states that Galves would frequently “stand on his grandparents’ lawn … and watch the stately beings swim through the lagoon. He spent lazy afternoons sitting on the dock, dreaming of one day being able to work with the gentle herbivores. And before he was a teen, his dream became a reality.” Galves was only 12 years old when he caught the attention of a field research team, led by renowned manatee conservationist, Dr. James Powell. The team visited Belize every summer to tag and track manatees and that year they took the young Galves on their boat “to observe”. That experience helped to mold Galves’ career. He eagerly anticipated the team’s return every year and helped out. Today, he is the coordinator of the Belize Manatee Project Program for the Sea to Shore Alliance, which protects and conserves coastal ecosystems and species.

Man shot dead in Belize City
Belize City police are investigsting the murder of a man on Vernon Street on Sarurday night. Information reaching The Reporter is that Kagel Young was walking on Vernon Street around 10 p.m. when another man approached him and shot him. Young died before he reached the Karl Hrusner Memorial Hospital. The police press office has not yet released any details of this incident.

The Belize Times

Bring on the 13th Senator! – Francis takes Dean Barrow to Court
Opposition Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca is on a mission to restore Belize’s democracy which has come under serious threat and is corroding fast with the United Democratic Party and Dean Barrow at the helm. Hon. Francis has filed a claim before the Supreme Court in which he is seeking an order for Prime Minister Dean Barrow to bring into force Sections 7 and 9 of the Sixth Constitutional Amendment which was passed in 2010. Those sections introduced the legal basis for the appointment of a 13th Senator, which had been promised by Dean Barrow as Opposition/UDP Leader in his 2008 Manifesto, as part of a series of measures offering greater accountability and transparency. But Barrow had a change of mind once he became Prime Minister. His promises turned out to be pure political rhetoric. “It ain't going to happen,” Barrow arrogantly told the media in August 2010, even though the Non-Government Organisations had already elected outspoken Mayan leader Greg Ch’oc as their choice for Senator.

18 Year Old Killed in ‘Suga City’
The murder of 18 year old Derrick Romero on Wednesday April 6th morning is the nation’s 49th murder and the 5th violent homicide for Orange Walk Town. Romero and his friends were socialising in the yard of their residence, an apartment complex located on Sittee River Street in the Louisiana Area, when an armed man turned up riding a bicycle, stood outside the house gate and fired a hail of bullets at them. The gunman then ran away, leaving behind terror. While Romero’s friends scattered away and escaped injury, the teenager was critically wounded and remained motionless on the ground. According to Police officials, Romero was shot four times, in his shoulder, back, abdomen and neck. He was rushed to the hospital but passed away about an hour later. Authorities continue to investigate what could have triggered this violent attack. So far they have not detained anyone for questioning.

Facey Tracey! – Court docs raise questions about her integrity!
Before Tracy Taegar-Panton is endorsed by the United Democratic Party as the UDP’s candidate in the Albert Division, the voters should be aware of certain things. In 2013, Ms. Jonelle Hemmans sued the Belize Tourism Board (BTB). Ms. Hemmans had been put in charge of a European Union (EU) funded tourism project by the BTB. Ms. Hemmans filed a lawsuit against the BTB in which she claimed that she had declined to have the EU project rent a Taegar family-owned building on Regent Street for the project. In her claim, Ms. Hemmans said she had pointed out to Mrs. Tracy Taegar-Panton and the Board that under the EU project guidelines it would have been a conflict of interest to rent Tracy’s mother’s building. Ms. Hemmans was afterwards fired from the project and from the BTB. In her claim, Mrs. Hemmans said that Mrs. Tracy Taegar-Panton shouted that she, Hemmans, was making Mrs. Taegar-Panton “freaking frustrated”. The BTB was obliged to pay out to Ms. Hemmans a whopping $110, 625.76 with interest at $14.24 per day, plus lawyer’s fees.

Boots Gets $100,000 per week for the disabled!!
A major scandal in the Government Ministry headed by Anthony Boots Martinez has been exposed. According to official data from the Budget book, Boots’ Ministry has been getting millions of dollars to directly support disabled persons in our society with financial assistance, but there is no evidence that this has been occurring. The 2014/2015 Budget shows that Boots’ Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation was allotted $5.5 MILLION to be spent as financial grants to persons with disabilities for that year. The data also indicated that $4.5 MILLION was proposed for each of the years 2015, 2016 and 2017. Based on the 2014 budget, Boots’ Ministry would be getting about $100,000 per week to spend on the disabled.

Think about it
Major Lloyd Jones of the Belize Defense Force has taken up a new challenge. He takes an unprecedented step as the standard bearer for the Peoples United Party in the Belize Rural North Constituency. This is a major move. Major for the PUP, major for the people in the Belize River Valley area and major for Belize. It comes on the one year anniversary of the untimely passing of Maxwell Samuels, a former Police Commissioner and three times elected representative for the area. Max would have been beaming with pride to have seen Lloyd, another disciplined son of the soil, offer himself to represent the good people of the constituency. Since retiring from the military (in Belize military officers retire at the early age of 35) Major Jones has distinguished himself in every field of undertaking. Lloyd became the Commissioner of the Port Authority regulating boating and marine activities for the country. The Major is also highly trained in shipping and harbor matters.

Requiem for a hero
News of the death of former mayor of Belize City David Fonseca came as a shock to not only the citizens whom he served for almost two decades in Belize City; but to the entire country and indeed, many in the international diplomatic corp. To say that David Fonseca was a “well-liked politician” would be understating things quite a bit. Born William Henry David Fonseca, the man who was known to many simply as “David” served as mayor of Belize’s largest municipality for a record sixteen years. He was the first mayor to be directly elected and oversaw significant transformation in how the city is governed. Under his watch, the city got its first City Manager, its first Financial Manager and its first fully staffed Traffic Department. He oversaw significant developments and applications in the area of sanitation and left Belize City cleaner and more modern than ever. Unfortunately, David Fonseca was caught up in the political upheaval of 2004/2005 and left City Hall in 2006 under a cloud of controversy. Shortly after the municipal elections of 2006 that saw David finally losing after winning a record three consecutive terms, in-coming Mayor Zenaida Moya embarked on a smear campaign and proceeded to dig up anything that she could find to tarnish her predecessor’s name and legacy. She expended much effort in trying to convince the then Director of Public Prosecutions Kirk Anderson to charge David Fonseca for anything that he possibly could. In November of 2006, the DPP in a letter to the City Council informed Moya that “…no criminal charges or charges are warranted against ex-mayor Fonseca for any offense, vis-à-vis the complaint which has been made against him by your office.” The propaganda was effective however, and many who should have known better, loaned their voices to chorus of condemnation. David Fonseca had always insisted that the money spent under the social assistance program was not for his personal gain but to assist the poor. David was also, never one to turn anyone away because they did not belong to a preferred political party. Unlike the arrogant and pompous ass now serving in that office, David Fonseca was a people’s person and a special kind of politician.

Verdes FC & Bandits – clash in Premier League finals
Verdes FC of Benque Viejo and the defending champs Belmopan Bandits will meet for the Premier League football closing season championship finals at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan on Thursday night, May 7. Verdes FC closed the playoffs with 11 points after submitting the Belize Defence Force to a 5-1 beat-down at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio on Sunday. BDF Carlton “Fubu” Thomas gave teammate Leon Cadle his first break at goal, but Cadle choked; and Osmar Duran did no better on 2 tries from point blank range. Verdes’ Najib Guerra tested BDF’s goalie Tevin Gamboa with a long range shot, and Jamil Cano’s shot drained over the crossbar. The BDF won a free kick and Verdes’ goalie Benito Moreira denied Vallan Symns’ attempt to score off the set piece.

Guydis Canoe wins Happy Cow Canoe Race
The Guydis Canoe, paddled by Chris Guydis, Wilberto and Kenrick Daniels, won the 10th annual Happy Cow canoe race from the Iguana Creek Bridge to the National Agricultural and Trade Show grounds on Saturday. Here are the top ten finishers: 1st overall/1st male – Guydis Canoes – $150 prize 2nd overall/2nd male – Belize Bank Bulldogs (Armin Lopez, Bayron Cruz) – $75 prize 3rd overall/1st Intramural – Guardz (Elvis Sutherland, Dercy Haylock, Glenford Sutherland) – $150 prize 4th overall/1st Mixed Family – (Milenie and Clayton Cabb, Eric Cano) – $150 prize 5th overall/1st Pleasure category – “Weh Dem Deh” (Daniel Harris, Jesus Cruz, Fernando Cruz) – $150 prize 6th overall/1st Juniors – N.I.C.H. (Mark Jimenez, Alex Cruz, Armando Lopez) $150 prize 7th overall/1st Solos – Western Home Supplies (Amado Cruz) – $150 prize

Cattouse Cyclists Dominate Cancun Race
The Cattouse family of the C-Ray Road Addikz team dominated the Cedral Cycling Classic in Cozumel, Quintana Roo on Sunday, May 3. Brandon Cattouse won the Elite category, his sister Kaya Cattouse won the Female race and their father, Ray Cattouse won the Masters B category of the race, while Giovanni Lovell of the Digicell 4G team won the U-23 race. Brandon Cattouse clocked 2:37:07 as he won the 60 mile elite race, edging out Byron Pope of the Benny’s megabytes team who finished second in 2:37:08. Mexican rider Jesus Antonio Frutos was 3rd in 2:37:09; Jose Cuellar Samos was 4th and Belizean Phillip Leslie of the Benny’s Megabytes team was 5th. Luis Avila Balam was 6th and Luis Gonzales Lopez was 7th, Edgar Espinosa finished 8th.

Make land available for the people
Dear Editor, Thousands of residents of Port Loyola are in desperate need of land to build their homes, where they can make a living. The following steps should therefore be taken to address the severe shortage of land for the residents of the division. 1) 1,000 house lots should be made available for the residents of Port Loyola from Belize City to mile 23 on the George Price Highway 2) Private landowners should be compensated for large tracks of undeveloped land in the area undeveloped land, and swamp areas should be filled to make house lots available for the people ** Priority should be given to first time land owners **After 15 years of UDP neglect the people deserve better in Port Loyolaand swamp land should be filled to make house lots available for the people.

PUP Mourns Passing of Stalwart Mrs. Eloisa Trujeque
It is with profound sadness that the People’s United Party records the passing of our dear friend and member of the National Executive, Mrs. Eloisa Trujeque. Mrs. Eloisa was an outstanding and dignified Belizean woman whose life was one of public service. Her contributions in the areas of Education and Unionism will never be forgotten. She touched and changed many lives through her dedicated work as an educator and was a longstanding and leading figure in her much beloved Belize National Teachers Union. We in the PUP will, of course, also miss her tireless love and commitment for her Party and in particular the people of Mesopotamia where she lived and worked for so many years.

The Major Reports to Duty! – PUP introduces Major Lloyd Jones as Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North
The People’s United Party clearly demonstrated why it is offering better leadership and is poised to become the next Government with Monday’s unveiling of Major (Retired) Lloyd Jones as its Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North. Major Jones, a retired high-ranked military officer in the Belize Defense Force, has entered the political race to clear away the failed and embattled UDP candidate Edmond Castro who currently sits as a lame-duck representative in Belize Rural North constituency. Major Jones said that after two terms of the UDP in Belize Rural North, the people have not seen meaningful improvement. He pointed out that communities in the rural division are among the most fertile for agro-production in the country, yet there is no agriculture programme to boost the capacity and potential of farmers. He also mentioned that there has been no infrastructure development, and even proper potable water systems continue to evade the people. “The people of Belize Rural North clearly do not matter to the UDP, but they matter to us in the PUP,” he remarked.

Gapi can’t run nor hide!
UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega hung his head low as he walked out of the Chief Justice’s chambers this morning. Vega didn’t get what he wanted as Chief Justice Honourable Kenneth Benjamin rejected attempts by his attorney, Rodwell Williams, to amend Court documents submitted in their claim against Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes Jr. Reports were that Vega was hoping that the Court’s exempt him from attending the proceedings. The Court ruled however that both parties make themselves present at every Court date. Vega, who is also the UDP area representative for Orange Walk North, claims that he was defamed by “Monchi”, who is the PUP’s representative for Orange Walk North. But Cervantes has denied those claims.

WOMAN IN THE HOUSE – Antonio Soberanis Gomez
In 1988 Cubola Productions of Benque Viejo del Carmen published a seminal text on Belizean history. I still believe that this is one of the very best volumes of Belizean history that has been produced. It is called “Colonialism and Resistance in Belize,” and was written by O. Nigel Bolland, then Professor of Sociology at Colgate University in New York. Chapter 8 is titled “The Labour Movement and the Genesis of Modern Politics in Belize.” I consider this chapter in particular to be essential reading for any student of our modern history. In the early 1930’s labour conditions in the colony of British Honduras were deplorable, leading to horrible living conditions for a great majority of the people countrywide. “Dependancy on rations, inferior food, low wages, the absence of medical attention and the prevalence of medical problems associated with malnutrition, and poor and insanitary accommodations” were the order of the day. And there was no legal recourse. Conditions kept deteriorating, but the Governor rejected proposals to legalize trade unions and to institute a minimum wage and sickness insurance. Bolland tells us that officials only began to change their tune after “labourers had forcefully demonstrated their discontent and determination in a series of meetings, demonstrations, strikes, petitions and riots.”

Eulogy for David W. Fonseca
Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children…to leave the world a better place…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” William David Fonseca, affectionately known as “Dave,” embodied all of this and so much more. He was born in Belize City on May 1st, 1954 to Rafael and Gertrude Fonseca. He attended Holy Redeemer Primary School and graduated from St. John’s College in 1972. He started his working career at Barclay’s Bank shortly after leaving school, a successful career which took him to Antigua at which time he served in a senior supervisory capacity. In 1988, David entered electoral politics as a Belize City Councillor candidate on the People’s United Party slate. He was elected and would eventually serve three terms as Mayor of Belize City, making history as the first directly-elected Mayor. He was responsible for tremendous infrastructure development and social growth throughout Belize City.

Oh, what a wicked act!
The Petrocaribe Loans Act 2015 was rushed through the National Assembly on March 27th 2015. There has been strong opposition to this piece of legislation from the Unions, Churches, Business Community and Activists. The Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party Honorable Francis Fonseca has called the Barrow Law both “scandalous” and “unconstitutional”. He has also given Prime Minister Barrow an ultimatum to have this sordid law abrogated. Short of this, appropriate action will be taken. Senator Mark Lizarraga for the Business Community declared that the Barrow Law will undermine the effect of Transparency and Accountability in the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act of 2005 which its subsequent amendment at 2010 sought to achieve. The Finance and Audit (Reform) Act established with clarity that the Petrocaribe Fund should form a part of the Consolidated Review Fund. Section 3 (1) of the Act states: Pursuant to Section 114 (1) of the Belize Constitution, all revenues or other money raised or received by Belize…shall be paid into and form part of one Consolidated Revenue Fund. Furthermore, there is not an existing law which makes provision that it should or can “be kept in a special account at the Central Bank of Belize…” as the Barrow Administration is doing.

Roaring Creek Village takes a stand against gambling
Roaring Creek Village Council Chairman Jervis Banner and the Village Council have taken swift action against business establishments that engage in gambling as a counter measure to the level of crime in the community. There have been three murders in the village since the year started; all of them the result of gun violence. This is a major concern for the Council and they have committed to deal with the conditions that lead to social deviance. As a result, one of the first decisions by the Council was to prohibit gaming establishments. Two gaming machine establishments have been closed. One of them was found to have been operating improperly in the community for a few days. It had begun operating without the consent of Chairman Banner. The other has been operating for some time, but the Council has taken the decision not to allow the business to continue. “We do not believe that it is in the best interest of the community to have those kinds of businesses operating. There has been too much crime activity and we need to deal with that as a matter of priority,” Banner told the BELIZE TIMES.

Court dismisses case against Albert Vaughan
It won’t be described as a landmark case by any of the so-called “independent” media houses and in fact will be ignored by some, but the Court’s decision on Wednesday to dismiss the criminal trial against media personality Albert Vaughan is a major victory for the fourth estate. Vaughan is a radio show host and contributor to this newspaper. On August 4th Vaughan, equipped with his work tool, a camera, was doing his job at a protest carried out by angry sanitation workers. The Police showed up and told the protesters to clear the way. When they didn’t they detained everyone on site, including Vaughan. It appears the Police, who often times don’t understand their own jobs, don’t fully comprehend the role and rights of members of the media. Or perhaps, there were political motives behind Vaughan’s arrest. We note that when we had asked the Prime Minister, at a press conference a day after, whether his instructions to the Police to release the sanitation workers also included Vaughan, he indicated that he offered no such reprieve.

Hon. Francis Condemns Barrow’s Attack on Father Noel Leslie
Opposition Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca has condemned Prime Minister Dean Barrow for his attacks on Senator Father Noel Leslie who voted against the Petrocaribe Loan Bill at the Senate meeting held on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015. Barrow, in his usual slick style and language, attempted to demean Father Leslie at a press conference on Wednesday, April 29th. Barrow accused Father Leslie of misleading the position of the Church on the Bill. “That seems to have been an individual vote on the part of Father Leslie… [I]was made clear that nobody gave Father Leslie that instruction,” commented Barrow when asked about the Senator’s vote. At the last Senate meeting Father Leslie preceded his vote announcement by lamenting that the Bill had not been presented in a transparent manner and that it was undermining the democratic process by not allowing proper debate and discussion. He also indicated that the Bill, which dealt with the borrowing and spending of $280 million, did not contain a plan of how the money would be spent. Senator Leslie, who represents the Church, voted against the bill, along with the Business Community Senator Mark Lizarraga and Opposition Senators Lisa Shoman, Patrick Andrews and Anthony Sylvestre Jr.

Andy and Shyne
I’ve been thinking about two artists recently Andy Palacio and Moses Michael Levi (born Jamal Barrow) aka Shyne, both Belizean, but that is where the similarity ends. Two days ago Dean the father of Moses announced that he was going to use Petro money to build a church for the church leaders. The Prime Minister’s smile reminded me of his son’s lyric from the Bad Boys song, Bling bling, it’s a Bad Boy thing Bullets heat-seekin, streep sweepin, with an evil grin In late 2007 Andy Palacio walks up the red cliffs of Barranco. International and Belize media trail him. A hyped up pack of friends and fans follow him to where his mother is seated. Palacio is formally conferred UNESCO Artist for Peace by Culture Minister Francis Fonseca. His acceptance speech is short, he decides to sing and then dance in a circle of older women. That same year Stonetree Records from Benque Viejo released Watina, which like a rocket shot up to # 1 on the World Music Charts. Andy and producer Ivan Duran are awarded the World Music Expo Award (WOMEX). In his acceptance speech Andy said,

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Shooting Incident in Ladyville Claims 1 Life
Yesterday morning around 9:20 am, police responded to a shooting incident on Dawn Road about fifteen feet from its intersection with Perez Road in Ladyville Village where they discovered 60-year-old Daniel Alexander Trapp lying on his back with an apparent gunshot wound to the chest. Trapp was immediately rushed to the […]

Man dies after falling off roof in Corozal
Yesterday around 9:00 am in the morning, Corozal Police visited the Corozal Community Hospital where they saw 50 year old Emilio Chan, a construction worker of Patchakan Village with a cut wound to the head. Initial investigation revealed that Chan was working on a roof when he slipped and fell to […]

Body Discovered in Mopan River is of Hispanic Man
At about 1:35 p.m today, police were called to a scene on the Mopan River bank in San Jose Succotz, Cayo District where they discovered the lifeless body of a Hispanic male person. Police are not able to retrieve the body from the river until they receive instructions from the forensic […]

Man’s Body Found Floating in Mopan River in San Jose Succotz Village
We have received reports that the body of a man was discovered floating in the Mopan River in San Jose Succotz Village in the Cayo District. Police have not retrieved the body from the Mopan River and have not ascertained if the man drowned or if it is foul play. We […]

Retired American Soldier Missing in Belize
Information reaching our news desk is that a retired American soldier went missing in San Ignacio on May 1st 2015. According to reports, Kenroy Myvette of Georgeville Village, Cayo reported to police that he dropped his friend, 54-year-old Brian Moliere on Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town and since then, he […]

Murder in Roaring Creek
On May 8th around 7 pm, Belmopan Police discovered the lifeless body of 16 year old Glasford Thomas in the Roaring River area which is located about 3 miles off the George Price Highway in Camalote Village, Cayo District. According to Police report, the body was found about 15 feet […]

1 Dead After Shooting in Belize City
News reaching our news desk is indicating that a man was shot last night in Belize City just before 10 o’clock. According to reports, the shooting happened on a street off Vernon Street in the South Side of Belize City. The shooting has claimed the life of 1 young man […]


An Afternoon At Xunantunich
Xunantunich is my favourite Mayan ruin and it is not because it is one of the most popular archeological sites in Belize or because it is very near to my hometown of San Ignacio. It is because it brings good memories: memories of lonely hikes on Sundays, memories of me taking friends there, memories of how peaceful it is to be on top of El Castillo during early mornings or late afternoons. When I was in Belize in January it was an obligatory trip. It is free for Belizeans to visit on Sundays so of course I did the trip on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Xunantunich is located in San Jose Succotz, one of the villages that neighbours Guatemala and is a 15 minute drive from San Ignacio. The site is not big and it took me a little over an hour to leisurely see it all. It can be done without a tour guide but it’s recommended to hire a guide if you want to hear in-dept facts about its fascinating history. A hand-cranked ferry takes you across to Xunantunich The entrance of Xunantunich. Here you can see the Visitor Center on the right These kids were playing tag, and soon after they started playing soccer with a plastic bottle used as a ball

International Sourcesizz

How Tulum Became the Williamsburg of Mexico
Last month, my friend Juliet flew to Mexico to meet me in Tulum. On the airplane to Cancún, she ran into four Tulum-bound New Yorkers she knew, one of whom was coincidentally seated next to her. (They talked business.) Upon arrival, she split a van with the five New Yorkers she’d intended to meet there, drove the 80 miles from Cancún to Tulum, then unpacked at Papaya Playa, a resort where you can do yoga on a surfboard in the ocean — and ran into four more New Yorkers she knew. She even ran into one New Yorker she didn’t know — but whose purple ombré hair she recognized from her stylist’s Instagram — at the hotel’s breakfast, on the beach, and when she wandered onto the wrong cabana’s porch and intruded on an intimate moment between Purple Ombré and her boyfriend. “I can’t believe we came all the way from New York so you could have awkward run-ins with the same people you run into there,” I marveled. By the end of her stay, she could have drafted multiple football teams with all the New Yorkers she’d hung out with on the beach. Tulum is the last stop in the tourism-friendly region of Mexico known as the Riviera Maya, a stretch of coast that includes beaches, jungles, and Mayan ruins. Driving south along the coast from Cancún, it’s as far as you can go before hitting the Sian Ka’an biosphere, a nature preserve the size of Rhode Island. Tulum is, then, as far from Cancún as you can be while still being in spitting distance on Cancún — the ultimate spot for those seeking an easy, cost-effective trip to Mexico but would rather die than be seen at Señor Frogs. And just as sororities seem to uproot and wholly relocate themselves, every spring, to Cancún, all of Williamsburg seems to have transported itself to Tulum this year. If Williamsburg is the frat house of trend-whore Brooklyn, then Tulum is our Cancún.


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  • Us in Belize, 5min.

  • That feeling you get when you land back in Belize, 3min. I love my sugar city.

  • Snorkeling at barrier reef Belize, 7.5min. Had a great snorkeling excursion in Belize while working on the Carnival Magic as a piano entertainer!