Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team is a small and newly established Belizean NGO which works in very remote protected areas helping conserve critically endangered species in their habitat, including the beautiful Scarlet Macaw. We are excited to deploy our team this week to the depths of the Maya Mountains as we begin a six month journey to save Scarlet Macaw chicks from poachers who are incessantly after them for the illegal pet trade.

To effectively protect them, we need to deploy our team in distant corners of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve as far as a 4X4 vehicle can take us. In some areas we are able to use a small motorized skiff to deploy our team to active nests in vulnerable areas. All this mobilization takes fuel. Help us raise money to Fuel Scarlet Macaw Conservation and mobilize our team across the project area to protect these beautiful Macaw chicks.

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