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The San Pedro Sun

American Airlines takes you from Los Angeles to Belize with no problem at all!
Live in California and want to come to Belize? Well American Airlines is making it easy and convenient to travel from Belize to Los Angeles whenever you desire. Always committed to taking travelers to places that matter most by offering nearly 900 nonstop routes – American Airlines offers the most nonstop routes of any airlines in the world. Beginning June 6, 2015, American Airlines will be launching nonstop service from Belize International (BZE) to Los Angeles, California (LAX). This new route provides travelers with more flexibility when flying from Central America to the United States.

BzSA launches a new logo and puts Belize sailors into the international arena
It is the dawn of a new day for recreational sailing in Belize and hence the Belize Sailing Association’s (BzSA) new board of directors decided to adopt a logo to embody the excitement of momentum. This new logo reflects the fact that BzSA is creating international opportunities for top school-age sailors. Selection regattas decided which sailors BzSA will send to this summer’s international events, one for Optimist dinghies and the other for Olympic class Lasers.

24/7 Medical Service is benefitting our island community greatly
The area designated as the emergency facility contains two beds and equipment for treating trauma, and child delivery among other medical services. In addition, an emergency entrance was opened at the north side of the building to be used when the main entrance is closed after normal working hours. This initially caused much confusion, as patients were not properly informed of the different entrances. “Our regular operating hours are from 7PM to 8PM. We close the main entrance at 8PM, and then open the emergency entrance. There was confusion, because people used to pass the clinic and see the front door closed. But we were not closed. It is just that the other entrance was being used. People failed to see the signs pointing out the direction of the emergency service. We have since been informing all patients about the emergency entrance and are not having that many problems anymore,” Vellos said. The reason the front door is closed is due to safety. The clinic does not have sufficient staff to fully man the clinic both day and night. “We are still not at the level to operate the entire clinic for 24 hours. After the normal working hours, we close down the majority of the clinic and only leave open the area assigned for emergencies. If the front door would be open, we wouldn’t be able to monitor everyone coming in and out since the emergency facility is at the back of the clinic. That’s why we opened the new entrance so that every patient that comes in can be immediately greeted and given the treatment they require,” said Vellos.

Scholarships for Capoeira Classes
Created by the African slaves that were brought to Brazil, Capoeira encompasses dance, music, and acrobatics, along with other martial arts. The Afro-Brazilian discipline has been taking place since the 1600s and is now going to be taught in San Pedro. Instrutora (Instructor) Marisa Tellez, who has been practicing the art for seven and a half years, is offering classes to those interested in learning the art of rhythm and movement that is Capoeira. But that’s not all; lessons will also include learning Samba Dance, Maculele (a warrior dance that involves sticks), playing Capoeira instruments, singing and learning to speak Portuguese. The lessons will be held at Zen Arcade every Thursday of the week, with children’s from 4PM to 5PM and adults classes from 5PM to 6:15PM. Tellez has indicated that while the classes will be open to persons of all ages, she has partnered with Zen Arcade to run a non-profit program to provide scholarships for the Capoeira classes (either free tuition or half tuition) to children ages 9-17.

BWG Monthly Donation Program installs new playground at Central Park

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Ten-day Weather Outlook, Onset of the Rainy Season, 2015
At this time folks are apprehensive about the start of the rains, especially farmers who must plant just before the rains set in. Here is the Ten day Outlook. It can serve as a guide to the start of the rains during this El Nino year. I will be monitoring the model outputs over the next ten days to see how the models are resolving the atmospheric circulation to summer conditions in the Caribbean and Central America. The winter pattern is already disappearing over North America, Gulf of Mexico and the Western Atlantic.

Hands Across the Sands against offshore oil drilling
Sneak peek of Hands Across the Sand!

On 15.05.15 at 6:10p.m., Belmopan Police visited the residence of 59-year-old American teacher Laura Jo Lambert in the Pineapple Hill Area, Teakettle Village, Cayo where they saw the apparent lifeless body of 46-year-old American National Julian Christopher Jones also of Teakettle with chop wounds to the head. Further checks in a room of the same building led to the discovery of the apparent lifeless body of 61-year-old American retiree Paul David Signorino of Valley of Peace Road, Cayo District with two apparent gunshot wounds to the left side of his head. Laura Jo Lambert reported that at about 5:30p.m. on 15.05.15 she arrived home and did not see her ex husband at home. She called out his name but got no response, she then decided to make checks inside a house that is under construction at the back of her property where she found him apparently dead. Her one bedroom houses as well as the two vehicles in her yard were ransacked. Julian Jones' licensed 9mm Beretta pistol and .22 rifle are missing. Police are investigating.

Power interruption 9:00am to 12:00 midday, Sunday, May 17, portion of Lake Independence, Belize City
Electric Avenue, Gordon Street, Stann Avenue, Canondate Drive, Hyde Street, Raleigh Street, Jones Avenue, Diego Street, Balan Street, Riverside Street, Mokay Boulevard, Complex Avenue, Cumberbatch Street, Giles Street, Gladden Street, Brown Street, Lacroix Boulevard and Holy Emmanuel Street. BEL to install equipment on the power distribution system in the area.


PM defends change to special agreement
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Dean Barrow is confronting the spectre of Guatemala again with the news of an amendment to the special agreement allowing Guatemala to proceed on its own with a referendum on taking the unfounded Guatemalan claim to the ICJ...

CEO of Benque FreeZone Shot at
There was a shooting incident in Benque Viejo Del Carmen earlier this morning involving the CEO of the Benque Viejo Free Zone, Al Satler. According to reports, Satler was heading to work sometime around 8:30 am in his private vehicle...

Major Crime down but Murders up?
The Minister of National Security has recently criticized the media for its crime coverage. At a ceremony in Roaring Creek, the Minister said the media focuses on sensationalizing murders when in fact there has been a steady decrease in murders since Minister John Saldivar took office in 2012...

Benque Mayor Served with NIP
Police have served the Mayor of Benque Viejo Town Heraldo Rancharan Jr. with a Notice of Intended Prosecution after a minor accident put two young women in the hospital...

The Reporter

Oceana stages national anti offshore drilling event
On Saturday afternoon Oceana held “Hands Across the Sand,” an event observed internationally in protest of offshore drilling and oil exploration. Seleshia Guy, Oceana Belize district representative said the event has been ovserved anually all over the world for the last six years since the BP Oil spill and has gained much momentum, culminating with the events in Belize on Saturday. According to Guy, Saturday’s observation of the event isn’t the first time it has been held in the country as it was observed several years ago, but it was the first time it has been celebrated in Belize City and organized on a national level. Apart from Belize City, supporters gathered around the same time at noon in San Pedro, Dangriga, Corozal, Punta Gorda, Belmopan, Orange Walk, San Ignacio, Caye Caulker, Placencia and Hopkins. The anti-offshore drilling advocates held hands as a sign of solidarity for 10 minutes and then hoisted their arms in unison signalling the championing of their cause.

The Belize Times

We Noh Di Move! – Mark King Exposed; UDPs First, Belizeans Last Policy in Full Swing
UDP Lake Independence candidate Mark King is one chancey, facey, cold-hearted politician. King has been undermining the hard efforts of over 50 families to fulfil their dreams of owning a piece of the jewel, to satisfy his political agenda and greed. The families have now realised that they are being chanced and have stood up to defend themselves. But King has slammed them with his “UDP First, Belizeans last” rule and promised that he will destroy their dreams. The issue is over a small area of crown land located in the outskirts of Lake Independence. It sits behind the Gungulung area, next to the new development site that flanks the newly opened Chetumal Street. Before the UDP Government announced any plans to develop the area, a group of mostly Belizeans had already settled, built homes and began living on the land.

Barrow Lyaad!! – BNTU President Exposes PM’s Lies and Deception
Fresh of his re-election, the no nonsense President of the Belize National Trade Union Congress, Luke Palacio, has exposed Prime Minister Dean Barrow as a liar and deceiver. The Prime Minister, it appears, has been on a mission to undermine the unity and strength of the social partners in an attempt to get away with his illegal borrowing and spending of Petrocaribe millions. Barrow has concocted all kinds of stories to make it seem that the social partners have been feeding on the Petrocaribe pie, but little by little he is being exposed as speaking with a forked tongue. The BNTU opposes the lack of accountability and abuse shown by this Government in the use of Petrocaribe money. But PM Barrow has tried to make it look like the teachers are content with the Petrocaribe programme, because according to him, GOB is using Petrocaribe monies to give teachers a salary adjustment. Barrow is trying to confuse teachers and muddy the issue. No teacher would oppose a salary raise; therefore, none of them would oppose the spending of Petrocaribe monies, if it were only true. But BNTU President Luke Palacio says that is not the case.

Petrocaribe Not Rolling for Met Office – Key radar equipment not functioning since October 2014
The UDP Government Ministers have been rolling in Petrocaribe millions but the Meteorology Office has been left to fend for itself, begging for funds, to repair the very important radar system which has deteriorated and stopped working. Since October 2014, the Met Office’s vital tool, the Doppler radar, has not been functioning. This equipment provided a live imagery of weather conditions over Belize and helped to analyse the weather and make accurate forecasts. It also provided real-time visual information to online users around the world. Without the radar, the Met Office has had to rely on external support and assistance to carry out its work. This has taken their service a decade or more behind. While getting the Doppler radar back on stream has been a priority for the Met Office, this apparently isn’t the case for the Government who has dragged its feet to approve requests for funds requested by the weather experts.

New Blood in Dangriga – Long-time Educator Anthony Sabal Named PUP’s New Standard Bearer
A surge of energy and interest has preceded the People’s United Party’s announcement and presentation of a new candidate for the Dangriga constituency for the upcoming general elections. Long-time educator Henry Sabal has stepped up to the plate, giving residents of the culture capital another major reason to continue supporting the only Party that has shown them respect. At a press conference held on Wednesday, May 13th, PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca introduced Mr. Sabal to the public, underscoring his distinguished career as a teacher and service to his community. “We are very proud to welcome Mr. Anthony Sabal as the new Standard Bearer for the People’s United Party. He is a man I have tremendous faith and confidence in. He understands the issues and challenges affecting Belize. He has a long distinguished career as an educator. He is a man of great principle. A humble man,” remarked the Party leader.

Think About It
The families in the Gungulung area of Lake Independence, Belize City, who are facing a cold hearted eviction, have now taken a stand. They say to evict them in the circumstances is unfair and unjust and they will fight any effort to evict them. These families entered deep swamp and thick mangroves years ago to chop and fill up a portion of murky, disease infested water to turn into a habitable piece of “land”. This is a long process of years before a family can fully cut thick mangroves, destroy the stump and fill the area with garbage, debris and eventually some clay. There are no roads or streets to carry in any landfill or items. Everything is by buckets and by hand. It is an arduous and painstaking challenge. It is a sign of the desperation involved in their human desire for habitation and somewhere to call their own.
There is a dire shortage of Magistrates. Each morning hundreds of citizens are seen waiting to be called into Court as only three Magistrates are available in Belize City where there are usually six. We understand the situation is worst in the Cayo District. There is no magistrate for Benque Viejo, none for San Ignacio and only one in Belmopan. We cannot understand this terrible shortage in the justice system. Is the treatment of Belizean lawyers so shabby that none wish to work in the Magistrate Courts? There are four attorneys at the family court. There are two magistrates at the “City Council” court upstairs the commercial center. The bulk of overcrowding and back-logs are in the Magistrate Courts behind Brodies.

Adding Fuel to Fire
Mother’s Day has come and gone and for the UDP’s, the day was full of Cheer. In his last Press Conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow proudly and arrogantly proclaimed that all seventeen members on his side of the House would receive fifty thousand dollars each to spend on the mothers in their constituencies. He did not expressly stipulate it but it was no doubt clearly understood that those would be, UDP mothers. His fourteen standard bearers also received hefty sums while members of the Opposition were encouraged to “come beg” for some. Of course, according to the Prime Minister, they could only get half of what those on the UDP side would be receiving. Not one member of the press dared to ask him how he could justify that. Of course, according to his new Petro Caribe Act, he doesn’t have to. He has all authority to borrow at will and spend at will with no obligation to account to anyone or any group. This has got to be considered the most dictatorial and “facey” law ever enacted by any government. The Leader of the Opposition Honorable Francis Fonseca had of course, already announced at a recent House Meeting that representatives of the People’s Unite Party would not be accepting any money from the Petro Caribe Fund. According to Mr. Fonseca, the PUP “will not be accepting a single copper whether it be the Mother’s Day, the X-Mas or any other cheer”. The Leader of the Opposition has gone as far as to label the actions of the Barrow Administration “criminal” and has said that in the face of those actions, “the PUP, cannot and will not be a party to any such criminality”. The PUP has accused the Prime Minister of unlawfully using the money and has filed a lawsuit to that effect; a case which is currently awaiting trial in the Supreme Court. In what was clearly preemptive action and in anticipation of a court ruling against him, Prime Minister Dean Barrow went to the House of Representative last month and rushed through a bill which, as the Leader of the Opposition pointed out, “runs afoul of both the Belize Constitution and the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act 2005”.

A Backward Government
Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s Petrocaribe Law is one of the most backward moves by a political party in Belize’s history. Instead of taking us forward into stricter reforms, strengthening what exists in our laws and systems of oversight, the UDP is reversing. It has reversed the efforts of the Unions, the Chamber, the student movements and concerned citizens who rallied and lobbied for the Finance and Audit Act to cover all aspects of Government borrowing and spending when dealing with $10 million or more. Barrow has done much more things that are backward. Instead of embracing the call for a stronger Senate with the appointment of a 13th Senator, Barrow has rejected it. Instead of recognising the Maya people’s right to communal land, as is their tradition and as affirmed time and time again by our High Courts, Barrow refuses to give our indigenous peoples the respect that they are due. Instead, he snobbishly argues that his Government recognises only recognises a right to land as a human right and not any form of communal land. Instead of ending nepotism and cronyism, Barrow proudly practises it. His sons, daughter, wife, ex-wife and brother have all benefitted from his position as Prime Minister. It is with his consent that they are awarded legal contracts, diplomatic postings, executive position in Government entities and the perks that come with it. Like an emperor who appoints his children as Lords over kingdoms, so has Barrow’s control spread

Brown Bombers lead 2015 Smart Mundialito
The undefeated Brown Bombers are leading the 2015 SMART Mundialito annual football tournament with 3 wins and a draw at the MCC garden last Saturday. In Game 1, the undefeated Collet Strikers posted their 2nd win: 1-0 against the London Strikers, with a strike by Troy Gentle. In Game 2, Heights FC and Carlston FC each picked up a point by a nil-zip draw. In Game 3, the undefeated Young Warriors also posted their 2nd win: 1-0 against the defending champs City Boys; on a strike by Jose Garcia. In Game 4, the Brown Bombers posted their 3rd win to hand the Ladyville Jaguars their 3rd loss, when Eshaq King scored the winning goal; King now leads the tournament with 5 goals.

Hurricanes & Warriors battle for NEBL playoff berth
The Yellow Pages Hurricanes and Dangriga Warriors will battle it out at the Stann Creek Ecumenical auditorium on Saturday night, May 16, for a spot in the National Elite Basketball League playoffs. The Hurricanes are highly confident after defeating the Belmopan Red Taigaz 76-65 at the Belize Elementary auditorium last Friday night. Ty Bradley led the Hurricanes with 22 points, while Brian White added 18 points and 9 rebounds. Red Taigaz’ Travis Lennan scored 16 points and 6 rebounds; while Terrell Eskridge added 12 points. The San Pedro Tigersharks are No.1 after their scheduled game with Belize City No Limit was not played last Saturday night, May 9. No Limit did not make the trip to la Isla Bonita and forfeited the game to the Tigersharks, thereby dropping out of the playoff race.

PUP Chairman Henry C. Usher Remembers Ms. Eloisa Trujeque
Dear Editor, Paradoxical though it is, there is nothing in life worthwhile that is not attained through suffering and conflict. But such a cross is not too great a burden to carry for the enriching privilege of touching other lives with compassion and deep understanding. I am certain that this truly reflects Mrs. Trujeque – how she was and how she lived. Mrs. Trujeque or Ms. T as we all called her was an ardent supporter and humble leader of the PUP and a true servant of the people. She served on the executive committee of the PUP Mesopotamia for many years rising to the post of Chairlady. She never gave up hope in a division that the Party has not done so well in the last few elections. Meetings, fundraisers, voter registration, campaigning, Ms. T was involved in all of them. She always made sure to remember her people. Mrs. Trujeque entered as a candidate of the PUP in the 1999 City Council elections winning back to back, serving with recently departed Mayor David Fonseca and other councillors like Danny Madrid and Yasmin Shoman. She held the massive portfolios of Public Health and Environment, Solid Waste Management, Markets and Unions. Her tenure as a city councillor until 2006 was marked by an avid commitment to enrich the lives of her Southside brothers and sisters. No matter where she went Ms. T never forgot her West Street roots.

Run Di $$ Tracy!
Dear Editor, A new UDP candidate for the Albert Division, I believe her name to be Tracy Taeger Panton, held her political convention and Mother’s Day program with Petrocaribe Funds involved on the 8th of May at the House of Culture. As a single mother of three children and a voter in the division, I attended the event after begging for an invitation. After the speeches, I went for a plate of food but was told “no moh food deh, all done”. I decided to get a soft drink but was told “one dalla for a coke”. I was shocked because I had heard Prime Minister Barrow announcing that every division would be receiving $50,000 from Petrocaribe for their Mother’s Day Cheers. My maths tells me that there is no way that program on Friday cost $50,000. So weh di rest of the money gone? Inna somebody pocket?? I remember last year, when Herman Longsworth was the man in Albert, we mothers received $100. This year, the candidate who is also a mother, gave us $0.00. Nada! Imagine, Tracy noh get into office yet, and she done di chance we. Weh di money deh Tracy?

PUP Secretary General sues The Guardian’s Alfonso Noble
People’s United Party Secretary General Myrtle Palacio has filed a civil suit against the Guardian Newspaper editor, Alfonso Noble, for spurious allegations made against her in the UDP rag sheet. Mrs. Palacio is seeking damages for libel after Noble refused to retract allegations that the Secretary General endorsed the criminal act of with craft in the Sunday, January 4, 2015 newspaper edition. Noble is known for using the UDP print organ to vilify and disrespect women, especially if they are believed to be PUP. He apparently has no ethics and no boundaries. The Secretary General is represented by Senior Counsel and former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa. The matter is now before the Supreme Court.

By Dolores Balderamos Garcia In ancient Greek Mythology there is a fearsome creature, a dog or monster called Cerberus. He has three heads, a mane of serpents, and the claws of a lion. He guards the entrance to Hades, the Underworld, so as to prevent the dead from leaving and the living from entering. And he has, in some renditions of the story, an appetite only for live meat so as to allow just the spirits of the dead to freely enter the underworld but allow none to leave. In other renditions he enjoys honeycakes, and the meat or cakes were used by the ancient heroes to distract Cerberus so that a living person could enter the underworld. The twelfth labour assigned to Greek hero Heracles was capturing Cerberus. A “sop” is a thing given or done to appease or bribe someone. In literature there are many references to the term “a sop to Cerberus,” meaning a concession or bribe to conciliate a person otherwise liable to be troublesome. In Roman literature Aeneas threw a sop to Cerberus in order distract him and slip by. Other meanings are a “bribe or something given to propitiate a potential source of danger or problems” or “to give a gift to a troublesome person” in order to appease or to quiet him/her. You no doubt get the picture!!

Sedi has it wrong once again
Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) heavily condemns and scowls upon the recent comments of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington concerning his intention, with the blessings of the current administration, to travel to Guatemala City in a few weeks to sign an amendment to the infamous Special Agreement, or Compromis, to allow for the Republic of Guatemala to host a referendum on going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ahead of Belize instead of honoring the Agreement’s original intention that both countries should hold the referendum simultaneously. Notwithstanding our dislike towards the Compromis, we stand utterly dismayed at the Foreign Minister’s assertion, via the interview with Channel 5, that the Belizean public should not be consulted on such a critical change to this Agreement. By suggesting that “It is not our obligation to go back to the public every time we are taking an action”, it highlights that the minister is clearly psychologically affected either by his ego or by some sort of academic leaning.

BYM Condemns Statement by Minister of National Security
The Belize Youth Movement condemns the attempts by Acting Prime Minister and Minister of National Security John Saldivar to mistreat the seriousness of the crime situation in the country. The Minister, at an event in Crooked Tree Village on Wednesday, accused the media of “sensationalising crime” and seemingly boasted that major crime has decreased by 30%. The BYM condemns the Minister’s dangerous approach in dealing with the level of crime, in particular gun/gang violence involving mostly young people. While the Minister claims that major crimes have reduced by 30%, official data (see below) provided by the very same Police Department which Saldivar leads, shows that the number of homicides has increased significantly since 2013. It is clear that the Ministry of National Security is clueless about the crime situation. The Minister’s statement is irresponsible and a clear attempt to distract from reality. His Ministry apparently utilises an “ostrich approach” to the issue where they stuck their heads under the ground and pretend that the situation is not so bad and that the media is simply exaggerating the figures.

Gilroy Usher Sr. Conducts Community Cleanup in Port Loyola
On Thursday, May 7th, 2015 both Maurice Dena St. and a portion of Arlington Drive in Port Loyola got a long needed facelift when Gilroy Usher, Sr., members of his Constituency Executive Committee and residents of the division carried out a long overdue cleanup campaign of the area. The drains that were overgrown with grass and clogged with debris were thoroughly cleaned with the aid of a backhoe tractor that was hired by Usher. Heavy duty machine was also used to drain two very large pools of dirty water that were a health concern and major hindrance to residents. For several months, residents have complained about the flies and rats thriving in the unclean areas and the health risks that they are exposed to. Residents say that their cries have gone unheard and ignored by the elected representative, UDP’s Anthony Boots Martinez.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Cayo stands in solidarity against offshore drilling
At midday today, hundreds, if not thousands of Belizeans across the country stood in solidarity with OCEANA against offshore oil drilling in Belize. In San Ignacio Town, members of the community gathered by the wooden bridge to pledge their 100% support to OCEANA against offshore oil drilling […]

Crooked Tree Cashew Festival promotes Humble Cash Cow
Crooked Tree, Belize District- The humble cashew is a fruit of many talents, and a welcome boon to the 1, 000-plus residents of this isolated inland enclave off the Philip Goldson Highway. But it has the potential to be so much more, as will be demonstrated over the […]

Another Belizean on the international spotlight
Whenever Belizeans share the spotlight at an international level, it is of good news for the country. An article published by “In Scope”, a weekly newspaper for faculty and students at the University of Indiana has shed the light on Francis Marshalleck, a born Belizean. The article reads… “From humble […]

2 Americans Murdered in Teakettle Village
Last night around 7 p.m., Belmopan police were alerted to a murder scene in the Pineapple Hill area of Teakettle Village in Cayo District. Upon arrival to the scene, police entered a premise where they discovered the lifeless body of a man lying on a pool of blood with multiple […]

Crime Statistics Show that Murders Are Up in 2015
The Belize Police Department has officially released the crime statistics for the first quarter of 2015. The major crimes are broken down into six categories:murder, rape, robbery, burglary, theft and carnal knowledge. The statistics show that there is a decrease in burglaries, robberies, and thefts in 2015; however, murders, rapes […]

OCEANA invites public to stand in solidarity against offshore drilling
OCEANA is the largest international organization devoted to ocean conservation and here in Belize, they are working tirelessly to protect Belize’s pristine barrier reef from offshore oil drilling. In an effort to bring awareness, Oceana has organized a national campaign titled “Hands Across The Sand against Off Shore Exploration” at […]

Do Not Miss Belize’s Chocolate Festival in May
Cacao is a crop native to the Americas, and the Toledo District is recognized for its superior cacao over the rest of the country. Cacao beans are a significant export crop and within country, are transformed into distinctive and high quality chocolate. Every Commonwealth Day, which is in […]

Life of Alfred Sattler, CEO of Benque Free Zone in Danger
CEO of Benque Free Zone, Alfred Sattler was driving his vehicle around eight thirty on Thursday morning to the Western Border when about a quarter mile before his destination, a shot was fired at his vehicle hitting eighteen year old Guatemalan national Henri Quiroa who was seated in the front […]

Double Murder in Teakettle Village
We have received credible information about a double murder in the village of Teakettle in the Cayo District. The incident occurred a few minutes before 7 p.m. on Friday night and has left the residents of Teakettle in shock.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Leila Novelo graduates!
Hearty congratulations to Caye Caulker native Leila Novelo on her graduation from university with a Masters Degree in Social Services. Well done, Leila!

Two boating mishaps
Have been reported over the last two days -- there is a sail boat grounded in the corals south of the Caye Caulker channel, and some boaters enroute to Belize City yesterday encountered this overturned boat in rough seas.

Congratulations to Caye Caulker native Sophia Diego
And her mother Ellen Armstrong, owner of Cayeboard Connection internet cafe, on Sophia's graduation from high school in Canada. This is Sophia's 2nd high school graduation; she graduated last year from St. Catherine Academy. Canadian education rules means she had to do her last year over again before she could enroll in university there. Well done, ladies!

Hands Across the Sands in Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker students, teachers, tour guides, tourists, Village Council members and community members held hands in a show of solidarity against potential off-shore oil drilling in Belize. Across the nation, other communities also joined hands for 15 minutes today to voice citizen concerns.


Belize’s US Maya Exhibit Is Boon For Tourism
The current May 2015 tour of Maya artefacts throughout the United States has created a surge in interest in an often-overlooked area of Belize’s burgeoning tourism industry, according to The Lodge at Chaa Creek. Roberto Harrison, Chaa Creek’s marketing administrator, said that the interest generated by the May 2015 Tour has translated into greater interest in the many ancient temples, cities, sacred caves and other remnants of the once vibrant Maya civilisation in Belize. A convoy of nine eighteen-wheeler trucks carrying over 250 of Belize’s most prized Maya artefacts left Boston, Massachusetts on May 13 2015 for a three day journey to the next exhibition in San Diego, and Mr Harrison said the coast to coast exposure is a boon for Belize’s growing tourism industry.

Returning from the States: The Things I Brought With Me
I’m back. My Providence, Rhode Island to Baltimore to Cancun to Belize City to San Pedro 28 hour trek is over and left me a bit tired but HAPPY TO BE HOME. Now I’m unpacking my bag. I was on a strict budget and didn’t buy much – just some necessary items. And things that are SO MUCH CHEAPER abroad and worth it (to me) to bring back to Belize. A few years ago, I wrote a post about what to bring to Belize when you are moving here permanently – and I agree with almost all of it today. Bring sheets with you, substitute a Kindle for all the books and DON’T BRING SO MANY CLOTHES! Those 10 pairs of long pants…you are not going to use them and they will just get moldy! I promise. Here’s a photos of what I extracted from my suitcase that wasn’t in it when I left about a week and a half ago. The cats have already taken up residence on my opened bags. Here is my yearly “Target haul”.

Retire in Corozal Belize
More and more, the buzz amongst both expats and native Belizeans is that Corozal is the place to be. With real estate prices lower than many other areas of Belize, Corozal offers an outstanding location to live. Corozal is fortuitously located in the very north of Belize, and receives far less rain than the monsoon-drenched areas in the south. Residents of Corozal enjoy warm tropical days without enduring months of tropical rain. Conveniently, the Mexican border is just nine miles away. Both the Mexican town of Chetumal and the Belizean duty-free zone offer outstanding prices on a wide variety of foods, household goods, and other items. Corozal is blessed with a picturesque and lovely main square, offering residents and visitors alike a delightful Latin ambience. A community swimming pool, karaoke bars and art exhibitions bring together this English-speaking town located on the shore of the gorgeous Corozal Bay. Resisting the rampage of overeager developers, the waterfront along the bay is partially fronted by a delightful green parkland, offering outstanding views.

International Sourcesizz

Solar Sunflower Concentrates Power and Desalinates Water
Swiss company, Airlight Energy is producing a solar sunflower that tracks the sun like a sunflower does and concentrates the sun’s radiation by 2,000 times (and converts 80 percent of that power to useful energy) in a unit that produces 12kW of solar electric power and 20kW of thermal power from 10 hours of sunlight. It cools itself by pumping water through its veins just like a plant. Airlight says that the energy produced is enough energy to power several average homes making the unit perfect for offgrid uses. And that’s not all. The heated water can be used for cooling air or desalinating water. The unit can produce 30 to 40 liters of potable water from salt water, which will be great where water is too salty to drink or the area is an arid one near the sea.

Top 10 Under Rated (and less-crowded) Mayan Archaeological Sites
10. Lamanai, Orange Walk, Belize Lamanai, the Mayan word for “submerged crocodile,” was aptly named. Not only do crocodiles appear in the site’s effigies and decorations, but you are likely to see crocodiles while trying to get there. In order to reach the site, you must take a small boat up the winding New River through the tropical rainforest of central Belize. Lamanai was one of the longest continuously occupied cities, starting in 500 B.C. to 1675 A.D. or even later, probably due to its strategic location on the trade route of the New River. The most notable among this site’s ruins is the Mask Temple at the northern end of the complex.


  • Hands Across the Sand in Caye Caulker., 3.5min. Oceana Belize has promoted holding hands for 15 minutes in different communities across the country on Saturday May 16th for its 'No to Offshore Drilling' initiative at 12 p.m.

  • San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, joins the rest of the country in Hands Across the Sand cause in solidarity against Offshore Oil, 2min.

  • Belize Tree House Resort At Caves Branch, Belmopan, Belize, 4min.

  • Spring Break 2015 - Cozumel and Belize, 5min.

  • Belize Zoo, 3min.

  • Hands Across the Sand - Hopkins Belize., 3min.

  • belize, 10min.

  • Jesus Acosta & The Professionals - Bruckdown Belize Style, 10min. Album : From Belize With Love

  • Tarpon attack. Belize, 22sec.