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2 lbs. white fish (snapper, grouper, jewfish, snook , etc.)
4 green plantains
3 cups water
2 ozs. fat from pork
3 cloves garlic salt to taste
3 cups coconut milk
2 tbsps. cooking oil
1 med. onion
1 habanero pepper

METHOD: Brown fish slightly in cooking oil. Dice fat from pork an fry on low heat; add onion and brown slightly. In a separate contain( grate plantains, mix with a little coconut cream and salt and form into small dumplings. In a large pot, bring coconut milk and water to boil, add oil from fried diced pork fat, onion, pepper and garlic. Add fish and then drop in plantain dumplings one at a time. Cook for 15 minutes longer. Serve hot with white rice.