From time to time hear about simmering tensions in the hospital waiting room - matter of fact, the other day we reported on a patient breaking through a glass door at the KHMH. But two doctors fighting in the ER? Now that's something we don't hear about every day! But, it did happen. According to reports, at around 7:30 yesterday morning, two Doctors got in a fight at the nurses station in the emergency unit at the San Ignacio Community Hospital. Apparently, one of the Doctors sent the other Doctor's patient home without consulting him. That is what led to a physical confrontation and a nurse had to intervene to break up the fight and the police were also called in. One of the doctors walked away from the fight with a swollen face and the other with a swollen wrist. According to our sources, it happened in front of patients. We also understand that the physician accused of sending the patient home without his colleague's consultation has had workplace difficulties before. Today when we spoke to the Deputy Health Manager she told us that it was only a minor disagreement and that she couldn't say if there was any altercation between the two doctors.

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